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i can give you a̹̩ͥ̀̿̋͐͑́ņ̝͍̭͙̣̼͍͐̒͛̎ÿ̫̯̯́͑͑ͬ͌̀̋͢t͔̬͈̜͘h̴̩͓ͦi͖̅̊̿ͥn͖̪̩g̦̥͓̬͇͍̘͗ͪ͂̆ͬ | darkiplier aesthetic

I got really inspired by an aesthetic that was made by @markired so I decided to make this. I’m reeeeeeeeeeally proud of it 

considering how little time was spent on this lol

in regard to the Finn discourse, i just wanna say one last thing before i leave it alone. being a fan is about more than simply liking an actor.  it’s about more than admiring them or thinking they’re cute or funny or whatever.  it’s about respecting that actor as a person.  i have no doubt that the fans who are giving finn a hard time on social media aren’t trying to come across as rude or negative– they do it because they love him and they love the show, and they’re invested in it.  but you have to understand that asking invasive questions about people’s personal lives and holding them up to ridiculous standards and crossing lines that ultimately embarrass that actor is not respectful no matter what your intentions are.

im a serious sora blog guys i swear

Please reblog if you’re interested in writing with an indie Sora! Crossover friendly, multiverse, with a delightful balance of angst, fluff, crack and comedy.

Mighty need for DISNEY && FINAL FANTASY characters to interact with!

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imagine his tear stained cheeks after you said you weren’t going to help him and his frustration of not being able to come after doing you wow im fucking dying rn sorry about my hoe ass

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Describe your wife's beauty without naming any facial features.

She was beautiful, and one could call her a miracle, with how she shined and lit up the room. Her very being seemed as though it had no parallel, and looking at her beauty, I ask myself, so very often, how she could have chosen me for her friendship– as it is something I do not deserve, I know this for fact– the way her laughter can bubble out of her mouth and the way my heart soars every time she does, yes, she is beautiful, and I am blessed to know her.

  • Yurio: Dad, can you pass the salt?
  • Otabek, Yuri, Victor, Yakov: *reaches for the salt*
  • Yuri: What.
  • Victor: What.
  • Yakov: What.
  • Otabek: *passes the salt*