ok ill stop

Honestly it’s so dumb to say to a mentally ill person that they shouldn’t label themselves like when someone tells you they have cancer you’re not going to be like “you shouldn’t label yourself” or such a thing, both are legitimate illnesses so shut up maybe???

Even though I’m disappointed to the animated version of my fave scene,
I’m actually very thankful that they added new scenes for the anime!
They gave us some glimpse of Viktor’s perspective!
- Like he’s actually observing his son as he work in the cafe…

- His perspective that shows he DID visit the sick Licht but the problem is he always arrive late so Licht has no idea that his dad visited him. 

ALSO! MORE hints about Viktor and Heine’s relationship! 

daichi just wants to watch the movie in peace

“So, you’re not into casual sex? Fine, I’ll put on a tux and we’ll call it formal sex.”

said Jungkook as he pinned Jimin to the wall.