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i know…im supposed to be working but i felt guilty for not having contributed to the yoi fandom before this :0


rip yurios 700th phone 

Don’t leave me here alone. Don’t go where I can’t follow.

so @watson-sighs-and-tuts made this gifset and the tags are everything I need in season 3

Favorite person: sorry I kinda disappeared there for a while, I was busy

Me: haha its okay I only panicked for about twenty minutes before dissociating for the entire four hours you were gone :))

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Perhaps Jack is in no condition to be talking smack to the first person to find him. But he couldn’t help it– it’s almost second nature for him. Trained into his psyche by years of self-inflicted solitude.

Plus he was still well enough to spout a rude quip or two. It’s not like he’s dying. The blooming crimson about his side and hip should say otherwise, and yet here he is– casually insulting some lady’s name as if nothing ails him.

But the wit is stolen from his mouth as quick as the Vis from his brow. Reflex has him pull back, but moments too late. He’s left to stare into utter blackness, the pallor evident on the corners of his cheeks, and pray that this woman won’t simply leave with it.

Oh, but wonderful. She does lame puns, too. But how did she know with just one look?

Ehheh… He feigns a weak laugh, fighting to repress his body’s will to shiver (for he cannot stand that dread which comes when a stranger gets hold of his vision). …Right. Good one. So then– are you gonna give that back? A hand extends vaguely ahead of him, and he and waits.

03/30 - MakoHaru