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Rhythm of Love

An AU where Danny’s a singer and Jack is a drummer, and they just happen to be in the same band. Also, in love. What can you do, though?

None of these pictures are mine (except the screenshots lmao) and credit goes to the rightful owners.

  • Wildcat: If you dab, you're automatically gay *dabs*
  • Vanoss: Wait you just-
  • Delirious: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: What Del-
  • Moo: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: Why is thi-
  • Basically: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: What does-
  • Mini: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: Is this-
  • Ohm: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: Huh?? Wh-
  • Cartoonz: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: Seriously, wh-
  • Terroriser: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: ...I knew that one
  • Pablo: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: O H S H I-
  • Delirium: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: Wh-
  • Nogla: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: Real-
  • Lui: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: Ok, yeah, but like, y

ok this is hard actually

like..really hard

ive been thinking abt on how to answer this for weeks..and FINALLY

lemme tell you one thing, im combining the similarities between the bsd characters and the paladins traits (so probably a bit of the characters like lance, keith etc. but not whole??) bc when i combine them w the charas, for example; dazai as lance- lance is too open and Dazai. D a z a i. were supposed to think him as mysterious and all (psst thank you for reminding me brynna ;)) hence its really hard to match their personalities altogether?? not jsut w lance but w other characthers to smh though i know thats not the thing here but, i tried to make it as relevant as possible so i hope you anons r satisfied w my answer:0

but here we go, anon

(though i prefer aku as the red paladin more?? and sushi as blue paladin???)

this one is indeedo hard my amigo

(i actually had this thought just a week ago before this ask came, liek tanizaki as pidge cuz hes searching for his lost sister naomimatt or the other way around )

t h i s. i was actually thinking like psst king alfor as natsume???

shuttup rue

 oh ya i just realized i forgot to add the galras so…mori as zarkon probs and i legit think kou as haggar idk

anywho…so this is my answer so far?? if you have any other thoughts just dont be shy to let me know and ill probably draw them, mash them up togetherrrwhatever 

and that reminds me…somebody in discord said ‘altean prince dazai’ so whoop

he’s reffereing to the lions dont worry

oda, somewhere in the bg:  coughyoure dazzling..cough

To all the salty ones out there

Let me clear up a few things real quick - 

Firstly, I don’t always put their @ on the tags or on the picture you know why because there are koreaboos lurking who will go to their insta and start commenting some real weird shit like ‘oppa’ ‘come to …’ like please no - I don’t have to give you their names. Also the koreaboo thing I’ve seen it happen before so if you want a certain persons one I have no problem messaging it to you personally - ok  

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Second - I know I tag alot of kpop in my tags that’s literally so that more people see it thats all nothing too special. If it bothers you just scroll past it, it isn’t hard, there could be worse on the tag. I name like  a few groups that I like that’s all everyone relax. 

That’s all enjoy my blog and all the pretty/ handsome people in it woop!!

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hello ! i hit 1,500 followers the other day and i decided i would do a follow forever :0 idk why tbh it just seemed fun. this is basically a list of all my mutuals (+ one nonmutual but i consider her a good friend so i wanted to add her anyway… im lookin at u kota. ily.) those in bold are also on my friends page ! anyway here we go !


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ok honestly ima rant because although tumblr dot com is literally satan or whatever the way things work around here is (mostly) great. everyone is just so nice and they’re so willing to help you out, you know ? because i know when i see someone post ‘hey almost at 5k !’ i immediately follow their blog, and i know i can’t be the only one who does that. or even mutuals that you’ve never talked to can send you an ask or mention you in a post talking abt how much they love you/ your blog and that makes me so happy ?? like ik not everyone is a good person on here but if you put the right ppl on ur dash it’s really worth it.

ok this is so weird but for my whole life basically ive had this weird speech pattern where i drop “a” or “an” in front of words so sometimes ill just say something like “I saw dog on my way to school this morning!” and no one else i know talks like that so i didn’t pick it up from anyone??? and then i learned that there is no “a” or “an” equivalent in gàidhlig and you just say the word?????? like what a bizarre coincidence lmao

ok kids for future reference, all TAZ related personal posts will be under the tag #talks about taz

just so yall can blacklist it if you don’t care or don’t want to risk spoilers or whatever

(fyi, all my personal posts, inc the TAZ ones, are under the tag #moo mutters - in case you wanna block that too and mute the disaster that is me)

Actually, I Do Make the Rules” series by @jenroses (Tumblr didn’t let me tag but her blog should be linked)

I read the first four parts of this six part series as they were published but the summary of part 5 scared me off. I’m not a fan of angst and it seemed to plotted around the angst. But when part six was published and promised a comfort for the hurt/comfort that I needed, I read the last two parts. 

…and then within the same week I reread them. (and have since read them again…)

They definitely deal with some tough subject matters but it’s all handled with grace and respect. The entire series is emotionally fulfilling and puts Jack and Bitty in situations that we haven’t seen before (both in fic and canon) and consequentially reveals parts of their characters we haven’t seen. 

(more after the cut, linked here for android mobile users)

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actually lemme talk about that for a sec

why tf do NTs love to equate literally Every stigmatized mental illness with being dangerous?? being psychotic doesnt mean im a serial killer or w/e, having bpd doesnt mean im abusive, having intrusive thoughts about violent things doesnt mean im gonna literally murder someone (like, the very nature of intrusive thoughts is that they are completely out of my control. they pop into my head against my will and theyre generally pretty distressing to me and the exact opposite of what im consciously thinking) so like???????????? just sayin but fuck off if youre NT and immediately feel less safe around me when i so much as mention my mental illnesses/symptoms