ok ik these are lame

hi i just wanted to say that ily all thank u for following me and putting up with me thank u to everyone who’s ever messaged me on here when i’ve posted something upsetting and u were checking up on me or just messaged me to say hi or something simple like that ik it seems small but it means so much that u took the time out of whatever u were doing at that moment to message me if u messaged me on earlier in the year and we don’t really talk anymore i still love u and i hope ur doing great i hope ur having a great day and ur having a blast rn whether ur out with friends, ur with family, or ur alone it’s ok!! ik it’s lame to be like “my internet friend!!” but a lot of u have helped me through some things and i don’t really ever express my feelings or emotions and i’m absolute shit at saying thank u and getting sentimental but yeah that’s all i wanted to say thank u and i hope u have a great new year’s and 2018 brings u happiness!!! 💞💞💞💞