ok ik these are lame

C’est moi à la table du petit-déjeuner avec ma tête endormie

I’ll never be over Demon!Dean stopping to fix his hair.

He gets lose of restrains, escapes a devil’s trap, breaks down a door then takes 2 steps & wait, hold up, how’s the hair? Ok, ready for homicide now.

Ik this is a lame ass thing to fixate on, but I’d fucking love to know if this was scripted or if it was 1 of Jensen’s inputs.


Ok I’m sorry. This was originally suppose to be a little drawing but became a v lame short comic. It was made bc I couldn’t stop watching the cheerleader video and picturing Avi trying to be a flirt but is actually a GIANT DORK bc I live for that. There will be a Mavi alternative version of this comic.