ok ignore most of the lyrics

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I still dont see how people think T is straight. I was also kind of skeptical, but when I saw the joke Taylor wrote on Diannas door I was convinced. The line in Holy Group about the note on the door always seemed kind of weird to me but once I saw that I was like "ok. Swiftgron, real. Kaylor, real" 😂 How can people overlook that?? To me thats the most telling song lyric ever

The antis love to overlook and ignore a lot of straight up facts… Like things that cannot be disputed. For example, the 10 months sober line in Clean. That lyric doesn’t fit Harry OR Conor at all. From when we think Taylor and Di broke up (April 2013) to when Taylor wrote that song was exactly 10 months. But what do the antis do? They put their hands over their ears, and go “la la la,” and ignore it. We’ve got plenty of lyrical evidence that can be drawn back to Di on 1989 (and Red), but they refuse to acknowledge it because that means coming to terms with the fact that Taylor is not straight and we are right.

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23, 21, and 1!

23: (truth) What are your three biggest turn ons, and your three biggest turn offs? (dare) Put your music player on shuffle. Without actually listening to it, write the lyrics to the chorus of the first song.

ok i pick truth. three turn-ons for me are someone who can dance (ahem bts’ dance line), when someone is llike mega cute and mega sexy at the same time (ahem bts’ dance line), and if someone is a girl….that’s it. (these are lame i’m sorry)

EDIT: forgot to add turn offs. 1. straight men, 2. selfishness, 3. ignorance 

21: (truth) What three fictional characters would you most like to meet? (dare) Write your name down on a piece of paper and draw a quick picture of yourself. Take a photo of it and post it.

1: (truth) Who was your first major celebrity crush? (dare) Put your music player on shuffle and post the first five songs.

  • Pristin - Running
  • BTS - I Need U
  • BTS - Cypher 4
  • SNSD - Holiday
  • Ariana Grande - Break Free