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gal pals™

  • in another life, inej and nina would be roommates in the university district
  • there’s this elusive air about them, secretive glances in each other’s direction, wordless conversations across opposite ends of the classrooms
  • and on campus, they’re always seen huddling close to each other, whispering even when no one is close enough to hear them
  • they’re the type of girls you’d inevitably spend too much time trying to figure out. and when you spot them at the cafe you can’t help stare because you want to see if they’d run out of things to say or jokes to laugh at and if it’s just the lighting or are they really glowing as they look at each other
  • it’s also a mystery how they work when they couldn’t be more different
  • inej walks around with her hood drawn up, passing through campus like a shadow, unknowable and unapproachable
  • meanwhile nina smiles at everyone in passing and would even strike up a full conversation with an inanimate object. she’s also the loudest person at any party, parties inej has never shown interest in attending
  • but the girls don’t care if no one gets them because in the safe confines of their own room no one exists but the two of them
  • they often pull all nighters reminiscing about ravka
  • and when nina is stressed out, inej always has the right proverb to encourage her
  • and somehow nina always has the right song, even if she performs it terribly
  • inej animatedly tells nina about the books she finishes when nina had been out and nina looks forward to these times more than anything
  • inej will never forget the time when she read about slave trading in ketterdam and instead of waiting up for nina she retired to bed with the blankets pulled over her head, hoping her cries were silent enough
  • in the morning she woke to tea and nina insisting they take a mental health day from classes. this memory is forever ingrained in both of them—the sound of the rain against the window, the way nina’s arms folded around inej and inej rested her head against nina’s chest for the first time. inej’s tears seeping into her shirt as she told nina she had to make a difference somehow and nina cupping her face in her hands as she promised to help her however she could
  • nina notices inej’s smiles have been shyer since. and she catches the way her face would flush when they bump into each other as they try to maneuver around the furniture in their cramped room
  • and as they’re counting out their coins to see if they have enough for their next waffle splurge, their hands brush and nina doesn’t know why she giggles but she does and inej thinks it’s the sweetest sound
  • sometimes nina trades in a night of partying for quiet walks with inej. one time they snuck into the library after hours because inej had to show nina lines from a novel that reminded her of them
  • nina couldn’t help herself after. she stole the book. they laughed the whole way back to their place and nina read the entirety of it aloud that same night with inej dozing on her shoulder
  • but these girls…they’re also those figures ambling in the the foggy haze at 2 am when the rest of the district is silent. that hint of fabric, crimson in the moonlight, is in fact the too loud girl from class that answers every question with confidence even when she’s wrong, and the small hooded figure moving as one with the billows of smoke beside her is the quiet girl from the back of the room
  • no one can wrap their heads around why they’d willingly go into the barrel. and they’re too intimidated to ask. someone once said nina had a gang tattoo, but everyone had laughed it off as a joke…

ted tonks hcs bc why not:

  • was going to be a rugby player when he grew up
  • like. his dad used to love it and had that kinda build anyway and would coach ted as he grew up
  • ted goes to a little league after school and his family would crowd around the tv on weekends and watch the game
  • comes from a family of woodcutters. i’m serious
  • grows up watching his dad chop wood and swinging a lil tiny axe of his own and working with like. miniature pieces of wood
  • never had very much?? but had like. the ideal childhood
  • i’m talking living in a cottage in the woods and going to a tiny state school, getting real muddy from trainings and running through bluebell-scattered meadows until his lungs were raw
  • one day he’s working in the yard w his dad when he’s like ten and he stops chopping wood and his dad’s like ‘what’s wrong ted?’ and he sighs and is like ‘dad. i just don’t understand’
  • ‘don’t understand what buddy??’
  • ‘why we have to chop wood when we can just do this’
  • and he makes a really sharp chopping movement with his arm
  • and five feet away the massive hunk of oak his dad’s been hacking away at for the past two hours just. splits clean in half
  • his dad’s mouth is agape and he calls into the cottage like ‘sweetheart! come out here, would you??’
  • and they puzzle around ted for a while and try to work out the kinks but within five minutes of looking at him with really quizzical expressions theyr just like. holy fuck our kid is amazing.
  • and by this time ted is not only smart enough but humble enough to keep it under wraps and he doesn’t even have to do it for very long anyway
  • bc a year a later they get the letter from mcgongall and ted’s dad calls him out to the living room of the cottage and they all start screaming and hugging and crying bc. their little teddy is going to magic school
  • heads straight off to scotland and starts at hogwarts and he fucking loves it
  • like care of magical creatures and herbology and anything v outdoors-y. it reminds him of home
  • he does get v homesick ngl
  • esp for his mum
  • and coming from such a tiny, well-knit community as well?? he really struggled to leave behind all the friends he’d grown up with. his rugby team in particular.
  • but the lie was easy to get around considering that his parents just say that they’re sending him off to a larger boarding school near london where he can pursue rugby
  • and ted was kinda a primary school heartthrob anyway and like. it doesn’t help when he comes back during the holidays looking gorgeous and cheeky and several feet taller than the last time
  • he is. well. he’s gorgeous
  • he grows up before he grows out so there are a few years around the 14-year-old mark when he’s v tall and v lanky but only a few people can tell that he’s set to be one of the most broad-shouldered fucks in the grade
  • and by the time he’s sixteen. well.
  • he gives andromeda black a fucking heart attack
  • bc he waltzes into school on the first day of sixth year and he’s all 6ft and broad, broad shoulders and sandy-coloured hair, these really cheeky bright green eyes and a roguish grin that’s so shit-eating it’s no wonder half the school go into cardiac arrest
  • he practically lives in flannel shirts ngl
  • and it’s not really a surprise that he’s a hufflepuff?? bc like
  • he practically lives in the kitchens and thrives off the warmth and light of it
  • gave quidditch a shot on the recommendation of the school considering the fact that he’d make a great keeper but?? doesn’t really get into it
  • it’s not the same as rugby and he can respect that but it’s not enough for him to get on a broom
  • he’s kinda traditional and straight-laced?? idk it’s just the way his mum raised him
  • courts girls v ceremoniously and has a thing abt flowers and where to buy the best ones in season
  • but yes. holds the door opens, pulls out the chair for them to sit down on, offers to take their coat, etc.
  • classic 1950’s gentlemen ok
  • patronus is probably some kind of terrier let’s be honest
  • struggles w andromeda bc. here he has the most amazing, beautiful woman and he’s just. so enamoured w her but he can’t do anything abt it??
  • he wants to give her all the best things in life and everything that she deserves but he can’t
  • he can’t take her out on dates, he can’t leave her flowers, he can’t tell her he loves her
  • and he respects her boundaries and waits for her every day but it still hurts
  • it hurts not to be with her
  • and that’s how he knows he’s in love with her
  • it’s probably like when they’re sitting at their respective house tables and she’s w her sisters and he’s w his mates and they lock eyes and he’s grinning at her but she can’t smile back
  • and it kills him and the fact that it hurts him so bad just makes him go ‘fuck it’
  • and that’s when he knows
  • goes home as often as he can to visit his parents
  • really wanted a little sister when he was younger and was like?? probably really close to getting one
  • but his mum got sick when he was in hogwarts, when ted’s around the 16/17 mark
  • and she dies and the most lost he’s ever felt is when he’s back in the house w his dad and she’s not there
  • it’s so empty and cold and quiet. like. so fucking quiet
  • his mum probably only met andy once before she died and even though she never got to see them get married she like. fucking knew
  • she fucking knew it and ted tears his whole room apart bc she knew. she knew even when he didn’t. even when none of them knew
  • and he stands in the church yard on the day of the funeral
  • and the grass is incredibly green and the day is incredibly bleak and grey and his dad has never looked so old in his life
  • but across the graveyard he can see this really dark, muddied figure
  • and she makes her way towards him and her hair is braided out of her face and her eyes are red and her face is ashen and tight
  • she’s dressed all in black and moves v softly
  • and then andromeda black is standing right in front of him and ted can’t breathe
  • but she reaches out to him and even though she’s several feet shorter than him she doesn’t waver as she holds him and he sobs raggedly into her shoulder
  • she was always the strongest out of the two of them. the most unbreakable. and she holds him and holds him and holds him in that sea of green and grey and doesn’t let go
  • he gets out of the grief of it the only way he knows how. out and through.
  • and with andy holding his hand and several hundred cups of tea he’s like. not ok but he knows that he will be, one day.
  • he was probably a really good photographer?? like he gets v invested in the world of film photography and fucking loves it
  • has no idea what he wants to do when he grows up but again. loves the idea of photography
  • probably that fucker who loves camping in the countryside i’m not even joking
  • revels in his v simple lifestyle and wants nothing more for himself
  • nor does he want anything more for andromeda
  • ted represents everything she could ever want, simplicity and safety and freedom
  • i think one of the first dates he ever takes her on once they’re out of hogwarts would probably be horseback riding and i mean. come on
  • she’s like ‘is this fucker for real’
  • they’re both like. nineteen when baby tonks is born and she’s sleeping rlly soundly in andy’s arms and her hair is just changing softly, pink, blue, pink, blush, purple, mint, and back to pink again
  • and they both wondered how they managed to make something so little, so perfect
  • and she’s the closest thing to the little sister he always wanted but she’s not. she’s his. and she’s better. and he loves her.
  • i mean. loves her. adores her. adores watching her grow up, takes such good care of her, encourages her idiosyncrasies and teaches her to ride a bike and plays rugby with her, watches her climb trees and buys her a scooter for her fifth birthday
  • and one day they’re all together in that little cottage on the edge of the woods and like.
  • they’re all there
  • and they’re all together
  • and it’s the happiest he’s ever been in his life
  • basically hot af broad-shouldered ted tonks with his roguish grin and steady hands and a heart of gold

“Do it slowly, I want to watch you” I said to her, sitting in the sofa in front of the bed, where she was. We were in a hotel room, it was unusually fancy and I was bored. I wanted her to entertain me.

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ppl who value their own individuality/need to be special over how comfortable everyone else feels are…the most annoying


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photography major!ashton aka im really obsessed with this picture

It was always the same, every day since you met him, but sometimes, consistency is good.  

The familiar three knocks against your dorm door would echo throughout the tiny room every morning just about an hour before your first class at 9am.  The person who stood on the other side was always the same and even after dating for two years and giving him a key to your room at the beginning of the semester, there was still a knock.  Soft tousled curls matched with a sleepy smile met you on the other side of the wooden door, just like every other morning, the black framing of his camera extended in front of his eyes as he leaned against the off-white wall.  Although things become a routine, that doesn’t necessarily mean you get used to them, even if they are repeated on such a frequent basis.  The sudden and sharp click of a photo being captured and the low, sleep-filled voice emitting a soft “morning, darling” was enough to raise a rose color to your cheeks, just like yesterday and the day prior, even though it was almost expected at this point.  The shutter of the camera snapping a memory shouldn’t have caught you off guard in the least bit, but you weren’t able to suppress your eyebrows from furrowing for a split second of time before a stupid lopsided grin broke through the short lived façade of confusion.  “Working on your next project?” your body turned to close the door behind you as you went to wrap your jacket closer to your frame, the brisk chill of any March morning prominent the second you walked into the hallway.

The sight of the camera hung around Ashton’s neck was anything but foreign and something you grew accustomed to after just about the second week of knowing his name.  Boxes of polaroids and canvases stained with scattered paint filled the dorm room he’s called home for some time now, but that’s something you would expect of a photography major with a minor and passion in studio arts. With an ambition in art came a lifestyle of what felt like constant change and maybe that’s why Ashton prided himself on a routine, because if life around him continued to move at the speed of light, what you two had needed to be surrounded by a sense of comfort and home.

“Mmmh, you just look pretty is all,” his eyes fluttered closed for a mere second as he tried to rid himself of the last lingering bit of sleep still present, a subtle grin tugging away at the corners of his lips and his hand almost blindly feeling for your waist.

Walking to the coffee shop on the corner of 1st and Meadows felt like second natural and with every step you took, the distinctive scent of freshly ground coffee beans and the little cranberry scones the store was famous for became more prominent.  As each morning came and passed, everything among your surroundings seemed to change; flowers would bloom on the cherry blossom trees one day and the next, there were snowflakes falling from the clouded over skies.  The seasons came and left in the blink on an eye, but somehow, Ashton didn’t. Regardless of the weather outside, his eyes still gleamed a hazel color with golden embers that veered on the line of breathtakingly impossible and his body remained warm, reflecting the heat of the fire burning away within the mixture of greens and golds.  

Your usual table towards the back corner of the patio seating was open like the previous mornings that came before this one, almost as though new faces, regulars, and waiters alike knew and reserved the two chairs, expecting your arrival and having your orders set to brew away in the coffee machine.  The light grey hues that danced along the clouds made everything about Ashton more noticeably beautiful.  The rays of sunlight struggling to peak through the hazy blanket engulfing them made the golden sparks scattered about his earthy green eyes look as though they were embers from a bonfire dancing along a summer night’s sky.  The rather dull yet still prevalent chill hanging along the fresh spring air brought a light dusting of various pinks onto his cheeks and the steam emitting from the top of the fragile cappuccino cup surfaced a new warmth into the atmosphere of the delicate shop.  Everything about the moment felt too right for it to come and go within a matter of passing seconds, just a memory left to fade among the countless others.  Your hand slipped carefully across the wooden paneling of the table top, fingers extending to grasp at the camera Ashton had set down when you arrived and before he could comprehend what was unfolding in front of him, the sharp click of the camera was heard.

“What was that for?” The crease of confusing along Ashton’s eyebrows began to release, a subtle smirk pulling at a corner of his mouth and he placed the brewed drink back on the table. Your eyelashes fluttered just the slightest as your head raised from admiring the photograph on the small camera screen. The camera found its spot once again on the newly stained wood, the warmth of your latte seeping through the ceramic confinements and bringing a tingling feeling to your fingertips.  You spoke over the red striped rim, a smile obviously laced in every word that tumbled out of your mouth.  “Mmmh, you just look pretty is all.”