ok idk if he's done but here

Tango: hey whiskey what does idk mean?

Whiskey: I don’t know

Tango: oh ok i’ll see if bitty knows


Tango: what does brb mean

Whiskey: be right back

Tango: oh ok I’ll wait here!! 


Whiskey: tony.

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Idk if this's been asked before, but do you have any headcanons for your timelords au?

ok let’s give this a go (I have no idea what I’m doing here)

The Time Lords

  • Allura is known as the ‘The Princess’ and Coran ‘The Mechanic’ or ‘Mech for short in this au
  • Allura has a sonic umbrella with purple light and Coran has the classic sonic screwdriver with green/blue light.
  • Coran has regenerated a couple of times and Allura has only done once.
  • Coran has been a red head in every form, but the moustache he had to regrow back each time.
  • Coran escaped with a young Allura when their home world was destroyed.
  • They’re searching for any other survivors and helping out when they run across trouble (like the usual dw junk).
  • Their favourite alias are Kimberly Smith for Allura and Rhys Smith for Coran.
  • Allura does not have an official license to pilot a Tardis and Coran’s license expired centuries ago.
  • Coran is Allura’s guardian and is like a father to her (u know what I’m reminded suddenly of, tenth’s daughter Jenny)
  • Coran goes undercover as the substitute physics engineer teacher of Lance, Hunk, Pidge and Keith’s class when investigating some mystery stuff in their school.

The Companions

  • Shiro’s intro is similar as in Voltron, but gets rescued by Allura and Coran and ends up back on Earth.
  • Shiro is Keith’s older foster bro.
  • Lance suspects their sub teacher is an alien at first as a joke (cause the guy is too happy to teach) but then witnesses Coran getting cut by some broken glass and the wound heals itself.
  • Lance fails to convince the others that their sub is an alien.
  • Lance accidentally becomes one of the most wanted creatures in the universe, cause he helped defeating a baddie and decided to do a victory pose and declare himself a defender of the universe which got caught on an alien camera. He gets a bounty on is head.
  • Shiro is also has a bounty, cause escaped prisoner from the Garla empire.
  • Same as Pidge, Shiro hopes to find Matt and dad Holt who were also captured by the Garla.

We have also come, cause there’s no way you’re are leaving us behind Gang

  • Keith is actually an Alien in this au
  • There’s a bit I imagine where they go back in time to the point when Keith ended up in an orphanage (you know that scene in Meet the Robinsons, yeah like that)
  • Keith and Pidge are both presidents of the conspiracy club at their school.
  • Pidge has many times has tried to log in/hack into the Tardis but has failed so far.
  • The whole Gang is given a quick intro to piloting the Tardis together (Tardis needs 6 pilots to fly it) 
  • Out of the Gang, Hunk does it the best and the one who mostly understand how the Tardis work (it doesn’t make sense, but it does at the same time)

That’s off top of my head, I got more, but that’s for later >;3C


Brooklyn Nine-Nine rewatch + best quotes per episode, as decided by my followers

1x01, “Pilot”

Special mention:
“Okay, two points to make here. First: Rihanna? You…and then, *:・゚✧ Rihanna ✧ ・゚ :* .”

. csa possibly in tags


ok u guys been doing this kind of things i just thought id do some and like ive been obsessed with vampire these days idk but here’s vampire!mingyu bye:

  • ok but can u imagine mingyu being a vampire that’d be total hot
  • having a giant stock of blood in the refrigerator bc duh
  • him trying to control himself from biting you bc he said you smell really good i quit
  • “its ok man u can bite me”
  • “no no nonoonononono ILL NEVER IM GONNA HRUT U NONONO”
  • but ended up biting u one time when he runs out of blood to drink
  • regretting it later and said ur blood tastes like heaven
  • offering him ur blood but he refused even tho inside he is like YES GIVE IT TO ME
  • lets be real here mingyu will be the type to tease u with his sharp teeths sending shiver thru ur body and smirk against ur skin IM ODNE WIHT THIS KID
  • dressing u as a vampire too on halloween
  • having him draw you as a vampire
  • “youd be super hot as a vampire”
  • HE WOULD SCARE U A LOT WITH HIS RED EYES AND FANGS im not even joking this is so real
  • having to bear with him sleep talking about blood ofc
  • sharing his drink with vampire!wonwoo isnt that obvious
  • making breakfast for urself only bc dUH
  • he’d be jealous one time and accidentally bite u again and itd be so hot OH YM GOHDSUDO
  • but lets not forget that mingyu is a giant dork thats 185cm tall who likes to be a small spoon (a lot) and kiss ur nose and hold ur hands and kiss it after. he would smile at u with loving eyes and OMFG NO MAN ILL KICK THAT STUPID SMILE FROM UR FACE
  • “im so lucky to have u”
  • and he’d be all cheesy making u all blushy and no dude why
  • oh and did i mention that u have to take care of him and wonwoo

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OK TEDDY LUPIN prompt. Idk I'm bad at prompts but here u go anyway. When asked by a muggle where he got his glorious hair done, he smiles sadly and says "My mum"

This is so short forgive me Willa lmao


His hair was both a blessing and a curse. Though it was a reminder of who he was and where he came from, it was also a direct way for people to tell whatever he was feeling. It wasn’t exactly fun, especially if he was around a muggle and it suddenly changed. He would always have to think up some stupid excuse.

“It’s the sunlight, it makes the dye look weird,” he would tell them.

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Fancy date

So I texted this Tronnor headcanon to a friend and they asked me to post it on here. It’s not very well written for this reason, but I hope you enjoy it:

Troye’s the happiest he’s ever been. Yesterday, after that double date, he and Connor had the best night ever. They put music on and it all went from there. It was kind of a celebration that Troyes album was almost ready and the filming was done and troye was so excited he could have screamed for hours.
Today is the perfect day though. It has been sunny and not very cold and now the sun is starting to set. They ordered lunch earlier but now they really want to go out to a really nice restaurant, just by themselves. No Laurelle, no Emma, just them. They’re nervous as they’ve only done this a handful of times and they always bump into people and asking for pictures, so if they dress too nice and go to a nice restaurant, people could ask questions, so instead they decide to dress normal and they finally ask Emma to go with them as always.
But Emma cant go this time. As they’re getting ready, Troye tries on this really nice shirt Connor bought for him in LA that he hadn’t worn yet and he loves it so much he wants to wear it to the restaurant. Connor then tries on this fancy jacket of troye’s that he bought last week and decides to wear it as well. They both end up dressing really fancy.
While Connor is putting on his shoes, troye kisses the back of his neck and it reminds Connor of the night before so he turns around and kisses Troye and they both end up laying on the bed singing Technicolor Beat by Oh Wonder linking their hands together. When the song ends, they decide its getting late so they leave the hotel room and go to the hall of the hotel. Before leaving the hotel through the door:

“Con I don’t care anymore”

‘’What do you mean’’

“I mean this is a date to celebrate, I don’t want to just walk with my hands inside my pockets”

Connor holds Troye’s right hand with his left one “okay”

“Okay?” Troye asks softly as they walk through the hotel door.

“Yes. Lets do it.”