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i'm curious, do you have warrior cats self insert / sona?

I DONT ACTUALLY WTF…how could i let this happen. im all about self indulgent things like this, i must make this right.

ok idk what to call him but here he is..? he ran away from the clans to become a gross roadkill eating bone collecting loner. he often comes across as aloof even if he doesn’t mean to. very wary.

 ok thats all i have for now \o/ the deed has been done

Don't Let Jack Near The Internet
  • Jack: *sees a troll comment directed towards him*
  • Jack:
  • Jack:
  • Jack: What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.
  • Ralph: ok jack
  • Jack: *pulls out rifle* so I think I can start tracking him from here and
  • Ralph:
  • Ralph: wait

Brooklyn Nine-Nine rewatch + best quotes per episode, as decided by my followers

1x01, “Pilot”

Special mention:
“Okay, two points to make here. First: Rihanna? You…and then, *:・゚✧ Rihanna ✧ ・゚ :* .”

VLD Headcanons

Keith is half Galra and no one’s stoppin me on this. And this boy, theres like no stopping him, but what if, big what if, this purple fluff monster gets sick? @atrailof-whispers came up with some of these too

  • the poor guys cant handle his forms, and its just a hot mess
  • each sneeze, those fluffy ears of his come out of nowhere. No ones complain because let’s face it theyre cute. PLus he turns purple.
  • and we know Keith can be considered anti-social, but when hes sick? Cuddly af. and he will cuddle just about anyone, but really prefers lance
  • And he purrs. Loudly. like those big cat chuff kinda purrs. happens most of the time when hes cuddling someone. Lance gets super jealous, because damn he only purred for lance when they were cuddling during the night
  • dammnn does Kieth get needy. he clings to just about anyone. and yall thought Lance was dramatic? if shiro found him you bet Keith would cling to him like some koala bear and shiro would have no choice but to deal with it. like the kid weighs anything anyways. 
  • you could just see shiro walking through the castle with keith either on his back or being carried like a princess. at that point, if shiro sees anyone else, keith is immediately their problem. cough cough lance cough
  • the coughing tho, sounds like hes hacking a hairball
  • ok back to the ears. if its a really serious head cold, those ears of his arent going away. plus hes like super expressive with them everyone can tell what hes feeling without him saying a word
  • you know how pidge will sleep anywhere? Keith will do the same thing and usually hes not going anywhere unless someone picks him up and carries him to bed. usually lance or shiro.
  • ofc when he finally gets better, cuz theyre just all praying for that day to come, he vehemently denies any of the stuff he does. him cuddly? please, thats the last thing keith is. and no he doesnt purr! Who said that? lance i bet it was you
  • And everyone is just like….ok, he’s normal again.

Fire Emblem: Fates Request

Requesters: Takumi Anons

Prompts: idk if you have done this before but can you do romantic headcanons for takumi from fire emblem? | can you do romantic headcanons for Takumi if thats okay       

Notes: Idk if I’ve done it either my bro so here you guys go

○ He blushes and gets all stiff when his crush stands too close to him - honestly does it with his partner for a while too. It’s not that he doesn’t like it, but he’s a nervous bean ok

○ He’s not experienced with romance and love and he actually goes to Sakura for girl advice even though he knows she doesn’t have any more experience than him

○ Stares. He really doesn’t mean to, he doesn’t even always realize he’s doing it, but when he has feelings for someone Takumi tends to stare at them when they’re in the same area

○ Whenever Takumi messes up (even if he hasn’t really messed up and just thinks he did) he’ll bring his lover flowers - or chocolates if they’re allergic

○ He actually has a really good memory for things his lover tells him

○ Takumi loves to cuddle but is usually to timid to ask. When he’s more comfortable he’ll ‘ask’ by wrapping his arms around his lover and giving them puppy eyes

○ Not a fan of PDA at all but he’s easily jealous and if someone is paying you a little too much attention Takumi will get a tiny bit more physical, usually holding your hand or standing too close to you to be just friendly

○ Chastises you for the smallest cuts. You show up with a paper cut and he frets over you, asking you where you got it and lecturing you to be more careful. He just doesn’t want to see anything happen to you, but he’s a bit of a mother hen about it

○ He’s a great listener and likes to be able to take some of the weight off of his partner’s shoulder by letting the rant to him when they feel they need to

○ Watching his partner sleep helps calm him down after he’s woken up by his nightmares, and often helps lull him back to sleep as he tries to imitate their breathing and reassure himself that they’re ok

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Idk if this's been asked before, but do you have any headcanons for your timelords au?

ok let’s give this a go (I have no idea what I’m doing here)

The Time Lords

  • Allura is known as the ‘The Princess’ and Coran ‘The Mechanic’ or ‘Mech for short in this au
  • Allura has a sonic umbrella with purple light and Coran has the classic sonic screwdriver with green/blue light.
  • Coran has regenerated a couple of times and Allura has only done once.
  • Coran has been a red head in every form, but the moustache he had to regrow back each time.
  • Coran escaped with a young Allura when their home world was destroyed.
  • They’re searching for any other survivors and helping out when they run across trouble (like the usual dw junk).
  • Their favourite alias are Kimberly Smith for Allura and Rhys Smith for Coran.
  • Allura does not have an official license to pilot a Tardis and Coran’s license expired centuries ago.
  • Coran is Allura’s guardian and is like a father to her (u know what I’m reminded suddenly of, tenth’s daughter Jenny)
  • Coran goes undercover as the substitute physics engineer teacher of Lance, Hunk, Pidge and Keith’s class when investigating some mystery stuff in their school.

The Companions

  • Shiro’s intro is similar as in Voltron, but gets rescued by Allura and Coran and ends up back on Earth.
  • Shiro is Keith’s older foster bro.
  • Lance suspects their sub teacher is an alien at first as a joke (cause the guy is too happy to teach) but then witnesses Coran getting cut by some broken glass and the wound heals itself.
  • Lance fails to convince the others that their sub is an alien.
  • Lance accidentally becomes one of the most wanted creatures in the universe, cause he helped defeating a baddie and decided to do a victory pose and declare himself a defender of the universe which got caught on an alien camera. He gets a bounty on is head.
  • Shiro is also has a bounty, cause escaped prisoner from the Garla empire.
  • Same as Pidge, Shiro hopes to find Matt and dad Holt who were also captured by the Garla.

We have also come, cause there’s no way you’re are leaving us behind Gang

  • Keith is actually an Alien in this au
  • There’s a bit I imagine where they go back in time to the point when Keith ended up in an orphanage (you know that scene in Meet the Robinsons, yeah like that)
  • Keith and Pidge are both presidents of the conspiracy club at their school.
  • Pidge has many times has tried to log in/hack into the Tardis but has failed so far.
  • The whole Gang is given a quick intro to piloting the Tardis together (Tardis needs 6 pilots to fly it) 
  • Out of the Gang, Hunk does it the best and the one who mostly understand how the Tardis work (it doesn’t make sense, but it does at the same time)

That’s off top of my head, I got more, but that’s for later >;3C

*coughs* I made a bendy-



okay flatmates AU where roderich is from Austria and Gilbert is German but grew up in the US and since his parents didn’t teach him the language (lawls JEN) he has zilch skills and SHENANIGANS ENSUE idk. They’re not dating yet here (BUT OBV THEY WILL BE)

shoot me

@cherylrising​  ——  teen chris sc.

             The corridor seems empty as Chris shoves books inside of his locker, with a sullen expression fixed on his face. It’s later than he’d like to be, and frankly he wants nothing else but to go home  ——  but as they’re stuck in this hole of a town with his brother, that seems to be impossible. So instead, he swiftly closes the locker’s door, to reveal a girl standing by it. Chris blinks a few times, and hooks one of his backpack’s straps on his shoulder.  ❛  …  ——  Can I help you?  ❜

Tango: hey whiskey what does idk mean?

Whiskey: I don’t know

Tango: oh ok i’ll see if bitty knows


Tango: what does brb mean

Whiskey: be right back

Tango: oh ok I’ll wait here!! 


Whiskey: tony.

imagine your ot3 sharing their bathroom in the morning. Who is the grumpy one? Who is the one that always trips? And who is the one that nearly falls asleep on the toilet every time?

  • some nights izzy stays over at the hotel du mort because it’s been a long day and she just wants to stay with her boys and deal with the clave’s drama of the week in the morning
  • she loves the hotel because let’s face it. raphael goes all out (for her and simon) and the hotel has some of the BEST luxuries and tech she’s ever seen in her life (raph installed a 3d plasma tv because simon asked him. the rest of the clan were so shocked because they’ve been asking raphael for years. YEARS)
  • it’s just the mornings……the mornings she needs a little bit of adjustment to
  • raphael had a king-sized bed with egyptian cotton sheets with the finest, silkiest threads and the fluffiest pillows with the most softest feathers custom made for her and it’s so comfortable. and so not what she’s used to.
  • as soon she rests her head on a pillow it’s lights out for her. she literally cannot get up. so you can imagine in the mornings how groggy she is. she’s already not a morning person.
  • (she almost used her eyeliner as her lipliner. the izzy lightwood she knew would NEVER do that)
  • raphael thought there would be no harm in inviting izzy  to use his personal bathroom with him and simon.
  • he thought wrong. he was so so wrong
  • usually he and simon can manage in the bathroom in the mornings. two people aren’t really a squeeze in his luxurious bathroom despite the many products raphael has laid around (like raphael can actually look that good naturally. it’s a hoax people. no one looks that good without a lot of work. ok he still looks amazing without the grooming but he spends A LOT of time on his appearance.)
  • but oh boy. three people plus the beauty stores izzy and raphael have are NOT a good fit.
  • izzy already can barely function in the mornings because of that damn (amazing) bed. so of course raphael and simon have an ongoing bet on how izzy will fall asleep (so far simon’s a point ahead with his bet on izzy falling asleep on the toilet waiting for raphael to finish his 20 minute makeout session with his own reflection. simon still whines about the shove raphael gave him after he heard simon’s reasoning)
  • once she almost poked her eye out after she fell asleep in the middle of applying her mascara. thank god for raphael’s fast vampire reflexes.
  • simon’s reflexes… not so good.
  • despite being a fully-fledged vampire, he still manages to find himself tripping all over the bathroom.
  • (“its because of all these products in the way! i feel like i’m in a beauty salon here!”)
  • (he barely manages to dodge raphael’s hair gel and izzy’s tube of foundation)
  • so far he’s managed to face plant on the floor 7 times, trip 11 times and almost dunks his head in the toilet had izzy not been sitting on the lid, sleeping while raphael finished up at the sink.
  • (“i don’t think she’s quite in the mood,” raphael slyly remarks once he sees simon’s head on izzy’s lap. izzy wakes up from all the loud spluttering simon does once he catches on to raphael’s innuendo)
  • between izzy’s bouts of sleepiness and simon’s constant tripping, you can imagine how grumpy raphael gets.
  • he just wants to get ready!!! he wants to look good!!! why is simon incapable of staying vertical for one minute??? how does izzy still manage to look amazing despite sleeping for half of her beauty regime???
  • every time raphael feels like he’s had enough and is about to kick them out he looks at izzy’s peaceful face (and her unbelievably loud snoring holy crap) and simon’s dazed, confused face as he picks himself off the floor for the 13th time this morning he just
  • he just softens. he can’t do that to these two adorable people (“you’ve gone soft!!!!” magnus gleefully points out when raphael grudgingly admits this.)
  • he has a reputation to keep up though (he can’t have the rest of his clan thinking he’s not their big bad leader anymore. he’s not worried about mutiny though. he’s worried about the smirks and the teasing remarks he’ll get. that CANNOT happen.)
  • so he snarks at them and tells them to get their act together (“come on simon, you’re not that attractive that gravity can’t seem to let go of you,” raphael snorts as simon just lies on the floor after falling for the 10th time today. “please, that’s not what you said last night,” simon shoots back and smirks when raphael flips him the bird. somehow, izzy hears this exchange and lets out a soft, breathy laugh and flops out her hand for simon to high five)
  • both of them see right through his act though. like they weren’t even fooled for one second. izzy knows it’s safe to fall asleep on raphael’s shoulder while he’s trying to get his hair just right and simon knows it’s cool if he accidentally knocks over raphael’s multiple cologne bottles trying to reach his toothbrush
  • “it’s the thought that counts,” he thinks to himself as he gently helps simon off the floor and guides a dozing izzy to the dining room.
  • (“you’re totally whipped!!!! you’re raphael “whipped” santiago!!!” magnus cheers as he dodges raphael's’ swats at him. “you’re not fooling anyone!!! even that blondie jack knows!!! fucking valentine knows!!!! i thought i would die before someone managed to get past that, frankly weak, asshole front you always have but that day is finally here!!!”)
  • he regrets nothing, he thinks, as he notes simon’s sigh of relief as he firmly plants himself on the stable chair and smirks at izzy, whose hair is sprawled all over the table, some strands finding their way into her cereal bowl. he wouldn’t give up these mornings for anything in the world.

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Okay but headcanons with Pete feeling a familial connection with his fellow arachnids? Him screaming as other Avengers move to kill his brother Charlie, who lives behind the TV screen. "No nOT VAL, SHE'S ONLY A BABY!!!" "WAIT STOP THAT'S MY LITTLE COUSIN DAISY, SHE'S MY FAVOURITE no offence to Charlie but he's an asshole brother BUT HOLD ON DON'T KILL HER!!!" Eventually he has to gather them all and put them somewhere safe in his own room. He's overprotective of his Spider family.

When I was like 5/6 I lived in this tiny desert town in Australia. Place was full of Oz wildlife - likegiant lizards liked living under our veranda, but that’s a story for another time - and so many spiders. To stop my fear of spiders, my parents dubbed a spider ‘Sam’ and told me he was my friend (as long as I didn’t, y’know, touch him). So every time someone around me tried to smush any random ass spider in front of me, I would shriek and make me them stop because, “What if it’s Sam!!!”

I can see this applying to Peter. When he was little, he was PETRIFIED of spiders. Aunt May and Uncle Ben did everything they could to get him over his fear - I’m talking gifting him arachnid textbooks, taking him to the zoo to see them, naming random ass spiders and telling him they’re his friends. And then Peter grows up and hey. Uncle Ben was actually half right. Spiders really are like family.

So it’s only natural that he would move to the Tower and start naming all the spiders around them. The distinct ones are his favourite - the pale one hanging up in the corner of the gym that doesn’t move, that’s Val, she’s quiet. The one in the kitchen is Henry. Daisy is in his bathroom. She’s sweet. He talks to her, sometimes.

And the day someone figures out there are actually bugs/arachnids in the Tower and whips out the bug spray is the day Peter gets all protective. (Spiders are friends, not food enemies!) They shouting draws the team, who are very confused to say the least. But Peter won’t back down. Just. Peter is such a weird kid, I can kind of see him getting all worked up over these random spiders he’s lived with and named and had one-sided conversations with. Peter crouched on the wall by the balls of his feet, flapping his hands, talking about this spider like a person: “Her name’s Joanna, she’s mellow and SMALL and she’s only a baby, she won’t hurt you! She’s not even venomous! Come on, guys, she has a family, she starts arachnid kindergarten soon!!!” He pulls the, “Natasha, help a fellow spider out!” but she’s too busy quietly laughing 

So Peter is like “FINE THEN” and gets a bunch of containers and goes around collecting these little guys. Tony puts the bug spray down and gives up, Natasha thinks it’s the sweetest thing, but the others don’t even realise what’s happened. Until two days later, when Sam goes into Peter’s room to re-steal his own shirt (that the teenager had ‘borrowed’) and finds… a bunch of spiders. Hanging out. Chilling. In a makeshift habitat made out of food containers and dirt and Sam’s borrowed shirt. 

A few days later, Peter is gifted an actual spider habitat by someone (probably Natasha and Tony, honestly). And from then on, if someone finds a spider in the Tower, they don’t rush to bug spray, they just shout, “PETER, TINY FRIEND IN THE ENTRYWAY!” and Peter will come and happily collect it, like the Tower’s one-man animal shelter.

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Lilac Petals - rubberdoop

Barry walks into the Grump Space, rubbing his hands together. It’s a little colder than usual today, which gave him an excuse to wear one of his particularly thick flannels. He loves the feeling of the fabric on his chest, his arms.

Unfortunately, the heat is on and he starts to feel the precursors of sweat. He sighs, wishing he could keep it on but reluctantly takes it off, leaving him only in his white undershirt. He untucks it from his jeans, wishing he had done laundry so he could have worn a Starbomb or at least something besides a plain white shirt.

“Hey Bear, can you help me with something real quick?”

Barry looks up in surprise, finding Ross standing there in the kitchen area of the Space, back turned to him, reaching into the freezer. He’s wearing a black hoodie with the sleeves rolled up. Barry walks over to him, standing a few feet back.

“What’s the problem, buddy? Problem with the ice maker or something?”

Ross hums a response, not turning around. Barry walks closer, trying to see what the problem is. He leans in, trying to look past Ross to see the ice maker. Ross turns around suddenly, his mouth open, obviously about to say something, and their faces are less than an inch apart. Barry blinks, taking a moment to look at Ross’ face. He must be flustered, because his face is fairly red. Upon further examination, he realized that Ross is wearing a hoodie, even though the heat is on.

“Hey, Ross. What’s up with the hoodie? It’s like a hundred degrees in here.”

Ross stutters, trying to squeeze passed Barry without answering. As he does so, he grazes up against him, and Barry feels something peculiar, something familiar. Before jumping to conclusions, he turns around and grabs Ross by the arm. He pulls him back to him, meeting Ross’ piercing blue gaze with his own. He puts a strong hand on Ross’ back, running his hand along the tell-tale strap that he finds there. Barry cocks an eyebrow and smirks knowingly.

“Hey Ross, buddy…are you wearing a bra?”

Ross’ face turns an even deeper shade of red and he stutters again. Barry brushes a few stray strands of hair out of Ross’ face, an look of interest on his face. Ross takes a few breath before finally responding, his voice meek.

“I just…I like the way it looks on me. It makes me look pretty. I didn’t know we were gonna turn the heat on today so I thought I’d be able to wear it under my hoodie without anyone noticing but Vernon turned on the heat and I -”

Barry raises his hand, motioning for Ross to stop rambling. He sighs, trying to stop himself from imagining Ross this morning, standing in front of a mirror, putting on a cute little bra, struggling to get all the tiny clasps in place, adjusting it so that it’s straight. Maybe he poses in front of the mirror for a bit, trying to find an angle that gives even the slightest impression of cleavage.

Before he realizes what he’s doing, he puts his hands on Ross’ hips, closing the small amount of space that remained between them. He slides his hands up, the fabric of Ross’ hoodie riding up with them. His fingertips graze the bottom of the bra and he runs the pad of his thumb over the soft fabric. Barry hears Ross catch his breath in his throat, and he suppresses a moan. His heartbeat quickens. He’s never gotten this worked up over something so trivial as touching a bra. But there’s something about the fact that it’s Ross that just drives him up the wall.

Barry spins Ross around, backing him up to the fridge. He pushes him against the door, leaning in close, hesitating for a moment before leaning in and kissing him, his hands still wandering. He pulls back, pulling the hoodie up and over Ross’ head, leaving him shirtless in only the bra and his jeans.

The bra is lilac, the top made of silk and the bottom decorated with lace petals. Ross’ arms shoot up to his chest, trying desperately to cover himself up. He tries to protest, but Barry won’t hear any of it. He grabs his wrists, pulling them down to his side. He takes a step back, taking in the gorgeous view in front of him.

“You’re right, Ross. You look so beautiful.”

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eren tying levi's shoelaces together while giving him head

“You…” there’s a breathy quality to Levi’s voice as he grasps Eren’s hair tightly, fingers and nails scraping roughly against scalp, “were supposed to tie my shoelaces, Eren.”

He had offered, after all. Oh, Mr. Ackerman, your shoelaces are untied. Let me get that for you.

Which somehow led to Levi’s student on his knees, Levi’s cock in his mouth. Eren glances up at him through heated eyes; would have said something cheeky if not for the prior mentioned cock in his mouth, and instead starts to suck hard, hard enough that Levi didn’t notice the tightening of his shoes as Eren laces them, fingers moving from memory.

When he’s done, Eren pulls his head back with a pop, tongue flicking out one last time. Levi doesn’t understand what’s happening. He’s still hard, still hasn’t cum, and here is this shitty brat standing up whilst running a hand through those wild locks.

“There you go, Mr. Ackerman,” Eren says with a grin.

He barely gets the classroom door open before he’s slammed against it, cock hard against his ass, warm breath against his ear. 

“Who says we’re done here, Eren?”

 happy birthday to a very special person ♔ #selcakingday

okay so I have seen a lot about the fact that dan shouldn’t be involved in the app because it was phil’s idea and dan is taking credit for it
1. every single opportunity dan has gotten to talk about the app, he has credited phil - even in Tyler’s video for christ’s sake
2. the reason why dan is involved in that app is because dan and phil are a brand, by their names being together, they are selling something - it’s all marketing
3. they play the 7 second challenge on the radio every single show they do
4. have you seen phil get salty at all about any of this? no? so don’t get salty yourself about ‘dan being involved in his best friend’s app because it wasn’t his idea’

moving onto a next point: if dan is allowed to be in the app, why isn’t phil involved in the gaming documentary, and why wasn’t he involved in Internet takeover
1. the gaming documentary is part of the BBC - they can’t argue with the BBC bc they employ them
2. I was at Internet takeover, and dan did involve phil, because I remember dan saying something along the lines of 'Phil, you have some questions that you prepared for us in that hamster ball’ and phil asked the other youtubers those questions - (there was also an accidental ball joke made by Louise that was v funny but was cut out of the radio edit - but that’s besides the point)
3. when dan was on the breakfast show the morning of Internet takeover, Grimmy asked 'where’s phil?’ bc obviously they are known on the radio as a duo, to which dan said 'phil was in bed and I asked him if he wanted to come and he said 'nah it’s your thing, I’ll stay here’ (if that doesn’t prove my point idk what does)
4. the videos that were made behind the scenes of Internet takeover, aka the newsbeat one, dan and phil did together, they didn’t do them separately - aka, phil wasn’t left out

Oh god this is gonna be a long ass post


i don’t know how i started shipping them

i don’t know when

don’t know why

i hate them both with black hair

oh wait.. look what i found

now i remembered why i ship them

you don’t understand the feels im having with these two my insides hurt and my stomach does this flip sth like several triple back flips leading ovaries to explode

it’s a mess





this is really painful im not even started yet wtf


okay first of all this is not ok

chanyeol should stop hugging baek


just idk.. he is such a caring boyfriend it just-

brb crying a lil’ ;A; 



k im back

what was i saying.. oh yeah


haahhha okay check this out

that sudden turn after seeing them do aegyo


the creepyeol is back bitchez

look at his muderous face and baek feels the tension 

jelaous chanyeol is hot.. just sayin

he looks so done with errthing

i want to slap baekhyun 

i get so scared yet so turned on it’s weird

sometimes it’s baek who gets jelly


just keep ignoring it

poor soul

he’s always watching

…and here are some important things you must know

1) Beagle line a.k.a third-wheel jongdae

2) Chanyeol trying to kiss Baek- Baek pushes him away

3) Chanyeol trying to whisper- Baek pushes him away

(tsundere lil'shit)

4) Baek being all submissive around Chanyeol






also flight mates ;;

i hate this one specially

also this

oh let’s not forget about thisoh … it’s not like i promised anything but…

have some sexy baekyeol with black hair …