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infp secret #36

i love figuring out my friends’ personality types. i love typing them, and then going and reading up on the quirks, weaknesses and strengths of their types. i love doing research, so i’ll heavily research their type, and then research relationships between them and infps and then make them take the enneagram AND OMG I JUST MBTI AND UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE AND HOW THEIR MINDS WORK AND THEIR LOVE LANGUAGES AND HOW THEY PROCESS AND SEE THE WORLD AND HOW THEY FEEL MOST LOVED AND HOW I CAN CHANGE THE WAY I RELATE TO THEM AND JUST EVERYTHING OK BYE

A RichJake Fanfic

‘Ow.’ was the first thing Rich thought when he woke up. ‘Fucking shit, that hurts.’ Was the next.

The next thing he thought was ‘What the fuck?’ when he saw the tubes connecting him to an oxygen bag. Then he saw the scars. The scars etched into his skin, reminding him of what happened. The scars that, he knew from the moment he saw them, would taunt him forever.

He expected a shock. One that would make him stand up straighter, make him open his eyes up more, make him smile. It never came.
He expected the voice in his head telling him ‘No Richard, that’s wrong.’ and ‘Do that Richard, not that.’ It wasn’t there anymore. All that was left was the occasional glitch.

He sat up. That was all he could do, lying in a hospital bed with no TV nearby, or phone. He blinked. It became apparent that no, the fire wasn’t a dream.

‘Oh fuck, what did I do?’ Was the last distinguishable thought that popped into his head. Then, they became a blur. ‘How much damage did I do?’ ‘Is everyone ok?’ ‘IS JAKE OK?’

“Oh my god, Rich is awake!” The voice broke him out of his approaching anxiety attack. Whipping his head around, (which he realised was a bad idea after feeling the pain from his settling scars) Rich realised that it was Jeremy Heere’s friend… he couldn’t remember the kid’s name, who was standing in the doorway.

“Hello? Rich? RICH?” The boy said as he ran over to him, flailing his arms infront of Rich’s face.

Rich came to his senses and slapped the boy’s hands away. “WHAT?!”

The boy rolled his eyes. There was a distinct pause as the boy silently scanned him. He then sighed. “You have no idea who I am, do you?”

“No fucking clue.”

Another slightly sad sigh. “Michael Mell. Jeremy’s best friend.”

“Nithe to meet you.” Rich said, reaching out a heavily bandaged arm. ‘Oh shit.’ He then thought. ‘Oh holy fucking shit shrine.’

‘Oh god please no.’
“Have a lisp?”

Rich closed his eyes in exasperation. He had forgotten about that.

“No, I jutht like thaying eth'th like that.” He grunted, sarcasm dripping from his every word.

“Jeez, dude, stop getting so defensive.” Michael raised his eyebrows, put his hands up and stepped back in defeat.

“Jutht don’t… talk about it. Pleathe?” Rich stared Michael in the eye, almost threatening him to keep going. 

“Sure bro.” Michael replied casually, probably not even noticing the baleful glance.
“So…” Michael looked down, not wanting to ask the question that was lingering on his tongue, “why’d you do what you did?” He inquired tentatively.

“Don’t,” was the answer. Rich wasn’t even sure himself.

— a month later –

The TV was on. Rich had been moved to a more open room when the doctor’s found out that he was awake. They had told him that he was “Lucky to be alive,” and that they thought he was dead. He almost wished that were true.

He wasn’t paying attention the screen. Lights flickered from it onto the bromidic, white wall as some inaudible noise hummed in the background. Rich had no idea what the yelling woman was angry about, nor did he really care. He didn’t care about much these days.

Most of his friends had come to see him. He had found out, over the past month, that they were real friends.
He and Christine had become fast friends, geeking over the newest Broadway musicals. He had discovered that he had a certain soft spot for musical theatre.  
Chloe was one of his closest friends, which was a surprise to both of the two. They had never really liked each other before, by association. She was his best friend’s ex, he was her ex’s best friend. However, it had all been resolved and she had helped him to paint his nails (which was double as difficult, because they had to convince the doctors that no, Dr. Beck, it’s not secretly alcohol and no, Dr. Duke, we’re not going to stain the bedsheets) and he helped her through her Physics homework, which he had always had an affinity for.
Brooke was forever kind, constantly telling him that he’s not a crusty nerd that deserves to be in the gutter.
Jenna was constantly filling him in with the latest gossip (which he didn’t care much about but he humoured her anyway) and never failed to make him laugh with her own, slightly untrue, details.
Rich could share experiences with Jeremy, about Squips. They were each others’ support for things they knew no one else would understand.
Michael was his friend. There was nothing specific they had in common, but they were the comedic relief in the time that everyone needed it.

There was only one person that wasn’t there. Everyone knew it, but no one said a thing. It would just make their absence more prominent.

'Where are you, Jake? Why haven’t you come by?’

It was a thought that ran through Rich’s head everyday. That day, it was one of the only thoughts that was there.

'Do you hate me? I know I deserve it but I need to see you. Will you hate me even more if you see the mess I really am? Will you ever forgive me?’

His face was ever there in Rich’s mind. Every time he laughed, every time he broke down. Jake was constantly haunting him.

— two months later —

He was being let out soon. At least, that’s what he had overheard when he passed their table. All of them seemed so happy, so overjoyed. So… why wasn’t he?

Jake distanced himself as much as he could. He had tried to stick to normal life. To pretend that it never happened, to pretend that people like Jeremy, Christine, Chloe and Rich had never existed. It was just Jake Dillinger against the world, and he was fine with that. Of course, he wasn’t.
He wanted nothing but to be sitting there with them, celebrating the fact that his best frie- ex best friend was almost back from hospital. He had to keep reminding himself that Rich was his ex best friend. He had incinerated his entire house, for god’s sake! But as hard as he tried, he couldn’t be mad. Rich’s face kept popping up into his head. It wouldn’t go. Whenever he pretended to laugh with his popular friends, at something that wasn’t even funny, he would start to reminisce the times when that laugh wasn’t fake, when he would be cackling like a witch at something stupid Rich had said. Then he’d mentally slap himself for being stupid, and go back to daily life.

He wished it would be different. He wished he could muster up the courage to just go to the damn hospital. But he was too scared.

'Jake Dillinger, scared?’ A voice he knew all too well said in his head. 'Now that doesn’t sound the Jakey-D I know! C'mon bro, go get 'em!’ Rich’s words from his first football game as captain echoed in his ears.
They were fake. That wasn’t Rich. That was his Squip. He had never even known Rich. At least, that’s what a tiny, vexatious voice kept whispering every single time he was close to getting in his car and driving straight up to the hospital. But Jake knew. Jake knew that the real Rich was always there, that he did know the real Rich. He had to have known him, because he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he didn’t.

He was going to do it. Definitely. He just needed to… figure out how to not fuck up.

'God, this is much harder than I thought it would be.’ He thought.
'Let’s just fucking do it.’

And so Jake Dillinger cracked open the stiff, hospital door with his crutch, and saw him. He saw Richard Goranski, sitting on his creaky, $50 hospital mattress playing Mario Kart with Michael Mell. His grin was wider than Jake had ever seen it, and his hair was pushed back with sweat. He looked almost… hot. Jake then swiftly drew his crutch back, closing the door.

He took a deep breath. 'I can’t fucking do this. I should just… leave forever.’ He peered through the window of the door. Could he break such a happy, serene moment? Could he fucking buck up enough to do this?
'Yeah I fucking can!’ Jake thought, and so he slammed open the door with his crutch.

“I’ll fucking beat your ath, Michael!” Rich yelled as he revved his engine.
“Fucking try me hoe,” Michael challenged. They flashed each other grins as the race began. They were abruptly stopped however, when the ward’s door was slammed open, possibly scuffing the plain walls behind. The pair jumped in surprise, and swivelled their heads around until they could’ve been likened to owls. Standing in the doorway, with a nervous smile on his face, was the last person they could’ve expected.

Silence. For almost a solid minute, there was silence.

Then, it was broken. “Jake?”


So…. I did this? Just to be clear; I’m not a writer in any way. I did this at 12am on my phone and only wrote this because I ran out of richjake content and needed something, ANYTHING about richjake.

I don’t know if I’ll continue this. I probably will because I have no life, but I honestly have no clue. Also sorry about not having a cut…. ahahaha yeahhh I don’t know how to put one in. If anyone could tell me that would be great thanks!

If you want to get tagged in the next one then just ask! (Like anyone will want to read more of this trash but oh well I tried)

If you also have any ideas for a name that would be greeeaaat because I’m even worse at naming than I am at writing and that’s saying something also im accidentally taunting all of u expensive headphones shippers and im really sorry oops ahaha updated ao3 version: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11494200/chapters/25784262

Zijun Li, Le diable matou || 2016 Cup of Russia (x)

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Okay but logically speaking, if we're meant to take s4 as it is, what tf are they going to do next season? Moriarty & Mary is dead. Sherlock is a "good" man. Everything is resolved except the damn romantic entanglement plot, so if not Johnlock, are they just going to introduce new love interests for a recently widowed man and his "high functioning sociopath" bf? The cases at this point will become tedious, and idek how J&S can possibly be any closer platonically! So frustrating!🙄

Ok so. If we take s4 as it is, s5 looks like this.

  • Mary has secret stash of dvds somewhere which she will continue sending from beyond the grave with no mention of her daughter anywhere lmao.
  • Moriarty is dead. Eurus is secured. Now only of Mary or Moriarty’s ghosts starts to haunt them, that might work. Or you know, they can introduce another villain..Look how good that turned out in s4.

  • Now Sherlock is a “good man” he needs to be a “better man” so he maybe will get religious or smth idk man I don’t write that show.

  • Romantic entanglement. Don’t even start on that. If not Johnlock, who is the love interest for a gay man then? Molly? Irene? both? Random female character who will show up for 5 minutes on screen? Again..no idea man… Some random guy? Even proposing these sounds lame af.

  • Let’s be honest, John is scarred for life. The last girl he flirted with turned out to be Sherlock’s psychopath sister..He is not gonna date anymore lmao.

  • You know same. I don’t have any idea either. I mean to be any closer platonically now they have to start sharing clothes or bed. 
Even writing this made me tired god. You are right. This is frustrating.
day four - fireflies

??look im kind of not late???kind of?? im sure its still the fourth in some part of the world??

anyway here is a pointless fluffy drabble (?) of eren and cat!levi enjoying life in the countryside~~ as usual a thank u for ieatkitcat for putting up w my fluff and editing thru this ((u better be sleeping rn u butt))

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What if the Weasley twins and Peter Maximoff Met

-they would kinda hate each other tbh

-like they’re so similar but don’t see it

-they constantly prank each other and when they see their pranks they’re like “Pshh tacky”

-everyone would be annoyed at them because their prank wars can get out of hand

-constantly ganging up on Peter tho😭

-but he always comes out on top(my bae)

-I just really feel like this idea could work ok bye


im sleepy and my rinto model glitched an issue that i think might be pretty super common amongst editors/modellers so i did a quick sleep-deprived tutorial to teach u how to fix this dumb glitch 

this hack is 100% real trust me, i know it sounds bizarre and incredibly stupid and silly and idek how i managed to solve it but don’t kill me until u try it bc i can guarantee that in 9/10 instances it works (trust me i have conducted a survey with myself as the only surveyee)

edit: perhaps i am the only person that gets this issue but who knows

i used to love everything about you:

the stars glowing in your eyes,
the gold covering your heart,
the bright smile on your lips,
the silky sound of your laugh…

now that time has passed i know

fire when liquid still burns,
pure metals are icy cold,
lips can make your stomach churn,
silk can cut you to the bone.

the softness of your skin, 
the lightness of your touch
-imaginary hints of presence,
blurred border between real and not.

i used to love everything about you
but you are not the ‘you’ i thought i knew

—  i made you up; d.m

honestly my biggest qualm with leto isn’t just the “gift” thing, although that is pretty disgusting, it’s his entitlement that i hate so much and how the media seems to think all of this is normal. imagine if jay hernandez, viola davis, adewale akinnuoye-agbaje or any of the POC or LGBTQ cast members pulled this shit, they would be crucified by the media. there would be entire articles about how they stepped over the line. not leto though, because he is a rich white man who won an oscar for his transphobic and insensitive portrayal of a trans woman, then refused to listen to transgender activists and fans who criticized him. he’s been accused of sexual abuse in the past, and somehow thought it was appropriate to send sex toys and a porn magazine to karen fukuhara after addressing her as “hi pretty” the first time they met? both viola davis and joel kinnaman said they felt intimidated, unnerved and creeped out by the “gifts” which included a dead pig, bullets, condoms and anal beads which is just….idek how people can defend it honestly. 

before people jump on this post trying to defend him because some of the cast seem ok with his antics: 1) they’re obviously not going to start bringing bad publicity to a movie that could be really great for their careers, 2) they probably won’t want to trash leto because they might have to work with him in sequels or future movies and 3) even if they think it’s okay and normal it’s not!!!! it’s not ok or professional to send fucking anal beads to your coworkers even if you’re a method actor!!!!!! it’s just gross and there’s no excuse for it.

It’s 4am and I can’t sleep and I’m bored because Evan’s working night shift so I can’t even force him to play video games with me. I ended up on that place on the internet where things are weird and scary and DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE IS A CRYSTAL PYRAMID ON THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE? WHAT DOES THIS MEEEEEAN?

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Do you still write requests or do you just recommend fanfics?? If you still take requests, can I ask you, if it doesn't talk to much of your time to write head cannons or something about married vminkook with or without kids???

do you just recommend fanfics  –> actually I’ll give you music recs too if you ask heh 

So I’ve got like 4.2k of the actual fic so far that needs heavy editing but here are some headcanons anyway that are kinda related? background info ish?

~ok so they do have a kid–Miseon is six years old and in her first year at school! she doesn’t dislike it but just finds it kind of boring because the stuff they teach is already too easy for her 

~Jimin’s the one who spends the most time with her because he’s a writer working on a manuscript at home and well, maybe that’s why she’s so smart bc idek what Taekook’s influence would do to her

~Miseon is also most obedient when it comes to Jimin? so Tae and Jungkook are often wondering how he does it, like how is he so good with kids? and caring for everyone?

~Taehyung and Jungkook have 9-5 jobs so they’re not around too much but on weekends they all go on outings, like to the park! and whenever Tae sees other kids on the playground, he would try to convince them to adopt another kid. a boy this time, so he can protect Miseon and she’d never get bullied, plus they would have each other so it’d never get too lonely

~and Jimin would say that it’s like he’s already taking care of three kids (but agrees eventually nonetheless)

~the three of them don’t fight much but when they do it’s subtle so that Miseon isn’t affected, and they talk it out so that no one goes to bed angry. though with their sleeping arrangement, it’s impossible not to be comfortably squished on a bed that supposedly isn’t designed for three but y’know, more cuddling. it’s secure and cozy, and something that is just theirs

~vminkook also have a group chat but it’s really just mostly for memes

DC/Tri-state Area Gothic
  • no one ever sees anyone on the yachts docked on the river. no one ever will.
  • one night, you swear you saw a deer with three eyes grazing in your garden. it hissed at you, its mouth full of flowers.
  • on a trip south, you never make it to you destination. you drive the winding mountain roads, being consumed by the fog. The only other vehicles you see are trucks from faraway places.
  • countless hawks circle something just behind the walls on the highway
  • teens that make the mistake of swimming in the potomac never stop feeling the imprints of the ghost hands on their bodies
  • you have been to the museums a thousand times before. you never remember what you saw. you don’t really want to.
  • Helicopters circle the elementary school you went to. You used to think the president was in them. 
  • There is a forest next to your house. There are never any animals in it, but there are always deer walking around in the neighborhood. There is one path you never take.
  • You find an arrowhead by the stream and put it in your pocket. When you get home, it’s gone. You find it months later under your bed.
  • they are always working on the metro. in 2012, they said it would be over in 2013. in 2013 they said it would be over in 2014. you don’t remember when it began. 

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Ano po starter pack for journalling? Sighhh help ples

Ok ok journaling starter pack

1. A notebook

This is going to be your journal. When choosing a notebook, consider what you’re going to use it for. For example, if you’re going to use a journal for art journaling, then you may want to consider getting something durable that will last for years (you’re going to keep memories in it after all). Also consider the thickness of the paper. Are you going to use fountain pen on the paper? If yes, consider paper 90gsm up.

2. A system

This is more suited for bullet journaling, but it also works for casual journaling. Color-coding entries would help you to look for, say, events when you’re 40 weeks into journaling the year. I use this system (w/c somehow makes sense to me idek):

3. Supplies 

You don’t need 100 different colors of markers to start a journal. Start with things you already have (3 reliable writing materials are ok). Check your pencil case or your study desk for things you can use. Take out those old magazines: you’ll probably find quality images there. If you want to buy pretty stuff, ONLY GET SUPPLIES WITHIN YOUR BUDGET. I can’t stress this enough.

4. Creativity 

It can be challenging to design your first journal spread. (My first spread sucked.) Thankfully, the internetz is full of journal layout  & inspiration. But I think at the end of the day, your journal should be you. It should reflect your state of mind (or the state of mind you want to achieve) when you make entries. Make it personal. It’s yours.

Oop ok that’s it I think. Good luck ✌🏾️ ✌🏾 ✌🏾