ok idek i just love this

tfc characters as things my roommate has done/said
  • dan: listen - i'm trying to be encouraging and kick ass here but halfway through my speech i realized that i also have important and kick ass things to do so i have to leave but i love you and support you
  • matt: -comes into my room with four things of doughnuts and places them on the desk and kisses me on the top of my head- when you want to cry just eat a doughnut and come get a hug from me
  • allison: i bought four loofahs so i can use four different types of body wash with them
  • renee: sometimes i lay in my bed and think 'i'm soft but deadly' y'know?
  • kevin: no YOU LISTEN - stop it LISTEN - cmon i'm trying to talk. i can talk? ok what i was trying to say is you annoy me
  • nicky: -literally comes busting through the door unannounced- I JUST ATE THREE HOT POCKETS IN A ROW AND I'M FAILING TWO CLASSES BUT GUESS WHO'S SMASHING TONIGHT??
  • aaron: by the way i'm putting an alarm system on my door so when you try to come in without knocking you get kicked in the nuts -says this right after coming into my room... without knocking-
  • andrew: -purposefully leaves the shower curtain open even after being reminded several times to keep it closed and also uses up all of the body wash in spite-
  • neil: honestly, i'm kinda hurting really bad. where? oh, everywhere but i'm ok i think, i just can't really move that much so do you think you can drag me to my bed

so like

why isn’t keith x pidge called forestfire

and hunk x pidge called earthbound

and lance x pidge called plant growth



keith x lance called smoke (i thought about calling it steam but that would be too real winks at smut fanfics

keith x hunk called volcanic eruption

keith x shiro called suns and stars

hunk x lance called beach

hunk x shiro (i’ve never seen fanfic for them but whateva) called space debris

allura x shiro called black-hole (cause shiro always disappears and allura feels like a part of her missing without him there haha im so funny)

allura x lance called ice (allura is always cold towards him when he flirts ie. water freezes when it’s cold)

keith x allura called fossil fuels [allura had hated keith, but now she’s grown closer to him; both (presumably?) having lost their fathers or remnants of them from reality and they’re both aliens so]

i haven’t come up with one for shiro x pidge, allura x pidge, and lance x shiro yet

ALSO I DON’T REALLY THINK CORRAN WOULD BE SHIPPED WITH ANYONE NO OFFENSE BUT LIKE HE’S THEIR UNCLE/GRANDPA FIGURE (if someone makes an uncle grandpa joke im deleting my blog oh my god i hate that show im sorry)

but hypothetically, i think corran and hunk would have a platonic/friendly relationship with their shared love of cooking and it would just be called fossils bc ya corran is supposed to be ded n shit

but ok lance is corran’s favorite no one fight me on this also their platonic ship would be called crystal idk that’s all i got



they’re called handmaiden ;))) one giv the succ the other givs teh fucc

idek what that means im like half awake

infp secret #36

i love figuring out my friends’ personality types. i love typing them, and then going and reading up on the quirks, weaknesses and strengths of their types. i love doing research, so i’ll heavily research their type, and then research relationships between them and infps and then make them take the enneagram AND OMG I JUST MBTI AND UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE AND HOW THEIR MINDS WORK AND THEIR LOVE LANGUAGES AND HOW THEY PROCESS AND SEE THE WORLD AND HOW THEY FEEL MOST LOVED AND HOW I CAN CHANGE THE WAY I RELATE TO THEM AND JUST EVERYTHING OK BYE

just acting, right?

pairing: lin x reader

prompt: au !highschool where you get cast as sandy and lin gets cast as danny and you guys have to kiss lol cooties

warnings: lots of fluff, i don’t think i swore ??

words: 2,269

a/n: !!! i love drama kids so much and i’m sorry if this like offends any of you!! i really hope you like this one bc i’m super very really extra proud of this and idek why but okay i love u all pls lemme know what you think ok goodnight xo

You and Maria were standing up against you locker. Maria was telling you about some new jeans she had bought and you were “listening.” Honestly, you were just looking at him. Not creepily - just, you know. It was Lin

Lin was talking to his friend Anthony, eyes flashing towards you every few moments. You blushed when your eyes made contact, looking down to your feet. 

“Are you listening to me?” Maria sighed, her words drenched in sarcasm.  

You scrambled for an excuse but sighed, “’M sorry. I just -”

“Hey, Y/N,” Lin said, interrupting you with easy grace. 

You took a breath, Maria quickly filling your void, “Hey, Lin. Are you auditioning for the play?" 

Lin smiled, nodding, "How about you?”

Maria put a sweet grin on her face, “Yeah. Y/N is going out for Sandy,” she put her hand to her mouth like she was telling a secret, “But she’ll deny it if you ask." 

Lin laughed when you scoffed, "I’m sure you’ll get it, what about you Maria? Rizzo?”

“You you suggesting something, Mr. Miranda?” She teased easily. 

Lin laughed and put his hands up in surrender, “I’ll see you ladies in there,” his eyes were bright, “Bye, Y/N.”

You forced a smile, groaning as he walked away. 

“I’m such an idiot,” you sighed, banging your head on the locker next to yours.  

“You’re not an idiot,” Maria said, pulling your shoulder back, “You just need a little more confidence around him.”

“And how does that happen?”

Maria giggled, “I don’t know! He’s a senior. In drama. It’s not like he’s that intimidating.”

“He’s popular,” you shrugged, slamming your locker and started walking to homeroom. 

“See you for auditions!” Maria winked, tossing some hair over her shoulder before walking the other way. 

What the hell did you get yourself into?

Auditions came quicker than you expected, and casting even sooner. So when Maria came over, eyes bright and smile big, you almost didn’t comprehend what she was saying. 

“You got Sandy!”

Well, you understood that. What you missed was, “And Lin is Danny!”

You felt comfortable, excited even. Maybe a little guilty towards the few senior girls who didn’t get the lead. And here you were as a junior playing Sandy. Still, that guilt faded when Lin gave you a hug on the first day of rehearsals, telling you how proud he was of you. 

The first day of practice was just a script run through. You hadn’t seen Grease in a while, so it was a much needed refresher. 

However, you reached some of the last few pages, and you saw the words: 

They kiss.

Then a few lines down?

Danny kisses Sandy more passionately.

You coughed awkwardly, blushing when Lin shot you a sheepish smile. In place of it for now, Lin blew you a kiss from three seats down. 

You let out an airy laugh, embarrassed a little. You should be happy about this, right? You crush is going to kiss you - twice. You should be happy. You are happy. Right?

Rehearsals continued for about a month before Alex came up at the end of a Friday. 

“Hey, Y/N, can you hold up a minute after?" 

"Ugh, yeah,” you said, putting your bag down. You wrapped a gray sweater around your body. 

“Hey,” a voice said, making you jump. Lin.

“Sorry,” he said, scratching the back of his neck, “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“No it’s, it’s fine.” At the sight of him, a smile rose on your face without permission. 

Lin opened his mouth to say something more, taking a step closer to you when he was interrupted. 

“Good, both of you are here.” Alex said, clasping his hands together, “So, I want to run the kiss on Tuesday, okay?”

You and Lin exchanged a look, both of your cheeks tinted pink. 

Lin raised his eyebrows at you, as if asking for permission. 

“Sure,” you said as confidently as possible. Still, you’re nearly positive your voice broke.

Monday night, Maria came over. She had gotten Rizzo and told her mom she was “running lines” wth you. In reality, she was trying to calm your anxiety. 

“Maria, I’ve never kissed a guy - what am I going to do? What if I’m a bad kisser? What if my breath smells bad? What if he never wants to kiss me again? Oh my gosh. I’m gonna kiss Lin - oh shit. Oh my gosh. I can’t kiss Lin! I - ”

“Y/N! Stop! You need to chill out. You’re making a track.”

You looked down to see where you were pacing, and sure enough, you had created a flat in the carpet. You sighed and flopped down on the bed. 

“What am I going to do?”

Maria looked to you on her side, “Didn’t you kiss that guy Jack? Just do the same thing!”

You let out an exasperated sigh, “We were like, eleven. It doesn’t count.”

Maria shrugged, “You’re gonna be fine. You just have to chill out.”

Tuesday morning rolled around and you were a zombie through all of your classes. Maria was a little nervous, but she was nothing compared to you. You were constantly replaying all the times you had run this scene and Lin would dip you and Eskimo kiss you or raspberry your cheek and just make you laugh. And now the thought of being near him made you as sick as it did a month ago at your locker.

Lin came up to you before rehearsal, biting his lips and practically bouncing.

“You sure you’re okay with this? I can talk to Alex and see if -”

“Yeah, it’s totally cool.” No, I’m a mess, you thought. “It’s just acting, right?” Wrong, I’ve had a crush on your for three years, you thought.

Something flashed across Lin’s face at that, but it was gone before you could recognize it.

“Cool,” he nodded before skidding away.

The kiss wasn’t until the very end of rehearsal, and for a moment, you thought he was going to postpone it until tomorrow. You checked your watch: 4:09. Practice ended at 4:30, so all you had to do was stall for -

“Y/N! We’re gonna run the kiss scene dry first, okay?” Alex called over. You sighed but nodded feebly. 

Lin was still bouncy, a little smirk on his lip though. 

“Start at the beginning of Act II, scene four, okay?” Alex said, but words were mushed together at this point. Lin was looking at you with bright eyes. Still, you couldn’t avoid the snickers you heard from the senior girls across the room, watching you with beady eyes.

You felt Lin - well, Danny - put his arm around you, signally your cue.

Is this okay?” You tried to sound innocent, like Sandy would.

You dialogue continued for a few more lines.

I should’ve given this to you a long time ago,” Lin said.

Now, you thought. Lin took in a small breath and everything was suddenly in slow motion. His gaze flashed to your lips then back up to your eyes. You flushed your eyes shut, leaning ever so slightly to feel his lips graze yours. You could feel his smile ever so lightly on your mouth, pulling him closer by the back of his neck. It was short and sweet, how the script directed. 

Danny fixes himself before saying, “I really like you Sandy.” Then, with more confidence this time, his lips found yours again. His lips moved like a melody over your own harmony. His hands were on your waist, pulling you closer to him in the prop car. You savored the kiss for a second longer before pulling away.

Take it easy, Danny! What are you trying to -” you paused when you heard the giggles of the girls in the black box, your cheeks immediately flushing red. Lin took notice of this, picking up where you had left off.

What’s the matter?” You couldn’t tell if it was Danny asking or Lin, so you rolled with the script despite the break in your heart. 

Why would he ever like you? He’s a senior. A popular senior. Lin wants a girl like them - popular, pretty, good at acting. Not you. Besides, it’s not like this was anything more than acting. 

So that night, before you left, when Lin asked if everything was alright?

You ignored him.

You only ran the kiss once more before the show during dress rehearsals. Lin was calm and collected through the entire thing, while you nearly got sick every time someone mentioned the show at all. 

The girls had gotten worse. You could feel their glare during every scene you had onstage. Still, you tried to block it out. One more week, and then this is all over.

It was around seven o’clock the day before opening night, and you were the last one in the theater. You were walking yourself through some choreography that you already knew by heart - you practically did it in your sleep. Humming along to the songs, you marked your dance. 

A crash made you stop. Turning to see who was there, Lin emerged slyly, a pint tint on his cheeks. 

“Hey,” he started. You offered a small wave but went back to marking your choreography.

“Hey,” Lin said again, this time grabbing your arm gently to stop your movements. 

“I’m practicing,” you tried.

“You’ve been practicing for two and a half months. You need to sleep now,” he tried.

You sighed, but nodded and started to pack your bag up.

Walking out of the theater, Lin ran to catch up to you. You were impatient, angry that you let your feelings get in the way and now you couldn’t focus and you were probably going to mess up the show and -

“Y/N?” Lin interrupted your thoughts, worry etched across his face.

You shook your head but started to walk away. Seamlessly, he grabbed your hand and pulled you back to him. You gasped when his hand went from his side to your cheek to push some hair behind your ear. 

His eyes flashed to your lips, the same way they did over a month ago on that Friday. You shut your eyes when you felt him close the distance, his soft lips gracing easily over yours, burning like a flame before sharply pulling away. You pointed at him, frustrated.

“Y/N, I -” you held up a hand.

“Just,” you paused, “Ugh!” 

You speed walked back to your car, not even turning on your lights as you skidded out of the parking lot. 

Opening night. 

It was going perfectly. You were beyond excited and even made small talk with a few of the senior girls. Lin tried to talk to you twice, but you would make up lame excuses as to why you had to go; each time leaving Lin sulking.

You had made it halfway through Act II, everything going off without a hitch, when it happened.

It was (obviously) the kiss scene, and Lin was an amazing performer. His lines were sharp and crisp, his attitude perfected, and his everything. He was ridiculously talented, and no one could take that away from him. So when he screwed up a line, you were not expecting it.

The first kiss was sweet, simple. And then it happened.

I really like you, Y/N,” he said, kissing you before he realized what he said. His lips touched yours with the same passion he was directed to but this time with a fire so bright it could burn. This kiss was different; it didn’t feel staged. You pulled away breathless, almost forgetting your line.

Take it easy, Danny! What are you trying to do?” You played, snapping him back into reality. Some of your lipstick had gotten on his mouth. You bit back a smile.

Your heart soared for another five minutes before you caught a senior glaring at you again. Annoyed, you fixed your lipstick and changed into your next costume.

The rest of the play continued, smooth sailing until the final bow. 

Lin held your hand tightly, squeezing before giving leading you forward for one more bow. 

You practically sprinted out of the theater, makeup half off and a pair of sweats thrown on with a teeshirt. You had nearly made it out of the school when he called out.

“Y/N, wait!” He was dressed similarly to you, wearing the Grease shirt you had gotten. 

You turned on your heel to face him, brushing a stray curl off your forehead. 

“You did really well out there,” he smiled.

“Thanks, you too.” You said as you pushed down any feelings you had for him, even ignoring his ‘I really like you, Y/N,’ slip. “See you tomorrow,” you tried, starting to leave.

“Wait!” Lin said, grabbing your hand like he had done just a day before.

“Lin,” you huffed, “I don’t know what you want me to tell you!”

“Tell me you felt something too,” he said immediately. “Tell me that, that - that wasn’t acting. That couldn’t be just acting, right?”

You took in a sharp breath, “But all the girls -”

“Y/N,” Lin laughed. His eyes were wide. He wet his lips before continuing, “You’re the only one I like.”

Your head shot up, “Wait, you like me?”

He took a step forward, a giggle bubbling out of him, “I’ve been flirting with your for months, but thanks for noticing.”

Your surprise was short lived when he took another step forward, lifting your chin with his finger before pressing his lips to yours. 


good vibes only - listen

13 kpop songs that give off an ambient, dance-y feeling

did anyone else go through a phase where they read too much john green or some shit and started acting like the annoying white male lead who thinks everyone else is intellectually inferior and does shit like start a grammar club to be away from all the “dumb normies” or was that just me

ok but i think out of the frogs nursey is the one who keeps like,, a really up to date calendar

except it doesnt really have anything that revolves around him? 

its just a detailed list of dates that are important to his family and friends

like of course there’s birthdays and anniversaries and stuff 

but then there is also the day of chowder’s first shutout, and when his ma’s first book was published and when dex first fixed betsy 

just derek nurse is a sentimental selfless person who really loves the people he loves

anabundance-of-words  asked:

Hey maybe one where Phil's really horny all the time and so they end up doing it in a bunch of different places, some public? With semi apprehensive!dan and dom!phil (all consensual)

okay so idek where i was going with this but here you go , also omg i love this idea sm

sorry ik this is shit but its ok shh

Phil knows he’s hopeless. He has a problem, okay? But his excuse is, with a boyfriend like Dan Howell, how could you not be horny all the time?

Dan sitting on his lap at the park, and Phil gently trailing kisses down the nape of his neck, just soft pecks. Which of course made Dan squirm, which led to Phil sliding his hand into the boys boxers, pinching his ass despite Dan’s whines of “Phil, please, not here, we’ll get caught I know it, oh god.” Phil knew he loved it though, he said so often, and if he didn’t want it he could always use their safeword.

Phil flinching while they make a video when Dan pats him on the leg for a joke, clenching his jaw, Dan noticing and raising his eyebrows. Dan running his fingertips up the hem of Phil’s jeans to his crotch, leading to Phil pinning Dan down and fucking him on the couch behind them, cracking up when the wooden slats crack and fall apart below them with a loud crash.

Phil getting inexplicably hard on the very public train, Dan noticing and grinding back on him subtly, smirking at him and muttering, “Really, Phil? Now?”  Phil playing with the hem of Dan’s shirt, silently threatening to pull it off while Dan shifted away, trying to escape his cold hands and the shivers that came along with them. Phil leaning forward, resting his chin on Dan’s shoulder as a cover up to whisper how hard he’s going to fuck him when they get home, how loud he’ll make him moan.

Dan being completely used to Phil dragging him away from things and public events to fuck him in the bathroom stall with Dan’s legs wrapped around his waist and his thighs shaking from holding himself up, or locking the door and bending Dan over the counter so he can watch himself in the mirror.

Phil getting horny while Dan’s laying in his lap on the couch playing with the strings of his sweater, soft music playing in the background as Dan notices and sits up, straddling him with a loving whisper of “Finally, a situation where I can properly deal with this.”

Dan riding him on their couch with quiet music playing, the lights dimmed and their clothes tossed on the floor, rolling his hips and biting down on Phil’s neck with quiet whimpers of “I love you, oh fuck, I love you so much.”

409 words dudes


Feng Jiu x Dong Hua [9/?]: 三生三世十里桃花 Eternal Love ep.09

“Who are you?”


The Ultimate Loves throughout History (inspired by x)

Mark Antony and Cleopatra (41BC - 30BC) - famous for defying the Emperor Augustus and for their passionate affair

Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castille (1475 - 1504) - famous for joining what can now be called ‘modern’ Spain together

Henry VII and Elizabeth of York (1486 - 1503) - famous for uniting the two warring factions in England: York and Lancaster

Mary, Queen of Scots and Henry Stuart (1565 - 1567) - famous for producing Mary’s only son and their rare ‘love’ marriage

Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal (1612- 1631) - famous for the most beautiful building, the Taj Mahal, being built in Mumtaz’s memory

Jahangir and Anarkali (1621 - unknown) - famous for the romance that blossomed between the crown prince and a slave girl

NT MEETINGS I saw this cat picture with captions on Pinterest and this was all I could think about. ENTP starting the argument, ENTJ the group spokesman, INTJ the resident evil and INTP thinking really hard about how to build the real life Millennium Falcon prior to the release of the next Star Wars movie. (Credit for the cat picture & the captions goes to a crazy cat lady/gentleman probably. I just added the types.)

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ok so for some reason i fucking loved the part in the new vid where they were talking to phils mum?? like idek why but it was so great?? and dan being like hi by the way how are you it was. just so good? i feel like you could articulate this better than i can hahaha

yes yes yes. it felt special because it was. honestly i’ve wavered back and forth about answering this ask because i don’t feel totally comfortable with rambling at length about dan’s relationship w phil’s family, and i don’t want them to look on tumblr and see an onslaught of people fainting about dan’s 30 second interaction with kath and then decide to never do that again, ever. i understand why they keep certain things private. it’s probs not normal for all of us to collectively freak out about dan just objectively being kind and respectful to the mother of the person who has become his literal life partner. um ,,, but,,,,,, that being said ….,, . iawejroaiwer it deserves a bit of freaking out?!?!?! it’s not even that he was so courteous and polite and whatnot. it’s the smaller softer things about the interaction that really struck me. the way his face lights up when he’s talking to her. the way he says *we’re* good because of course he speaks for both of them. the way he doesn’t have to introduce himself and the way he laughs at her jokes. the way he clearly wants to say more at the end but hesitates and settles on just a good-bye, then waves to the phone because he’s an adorable piece of shit. the way that he kind of is apparently holding back from addressing her directly as mrs. lester or kathryn or mum or whatever the hell he calls her, bc it’s PRIVATE, we don’t deserve to know what he calls phil’s mum. there were so many things about the exchange that i feel like we don’t deserve but then i consider that they consciously decided to do this and then leave it in the vid, despite the implications, and my heart just soars. it was such a beautiful little thing and we’re so lucky to have been able to see it :’)

musical sirius
  • so sirius black is the too-cool-for-you-totally-punk-rock hogwarts heartthrob right? 
  • but sirius has a secret 
  • he fucking loves classical music 
  • he can sit for hours listening to soft violins and melodic pianos, eyes closed, letting every note wash over him 
  • he blames it on his strict ‘there will be none of that noise that you call music playing in my house’ upbringing (but he knows that he’d still love it even if it weren’t for his stuck-up family) 
  • he walks around the school grounds with beethoven and bach playing in his headphones, and everyone just assumes that he’s listening to the killers or something because he’s sirius black
  • when the other marauders find out it’s by accident 
  • james pulls out one of sirius’ earbuds with a ‘what you listening to, mate?’ and puts it in his own ear 
  • and of course sirius is all  ’for fuck’s sake james im trying to finish this essay. james, it’s due tomorrow fuck off’ because even though he loves james to bits, he has a way of making sirius abandon his school work in favour of a ridiculous prank he has in mind (which usually results in detention for one or both of them)
  • it’s safe to say jamie wasn’t expecting to hear canon in d major (not that he knew that that’s what it was) 
  • he gives sirius the weirdest look and sirius just shrugs (‘did you expect me to be listening to death metal while im trying to finish this fucking essay, prongs?’) 
  • of course james is still confused because this is sirius, the boy with a pretty substantial record collection that consists only of punk rock albums 
  • and of course he runs off to tell the other marauders (guys, sirius is listening to classical music! he’s not as punk rock as he says he is!)
  • they’re all pretty shocked at first because that’s definitely not what they expected of the boy with long black hair, a leather jacket and a permanent almost-over-confident smirk on his face
  • but after that they’re all happy to let sirius play his music out loud, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere that it brings 
  • but remus enjoys it the most 
  • he’ll sit with sirius for hours, sirius’ head resting in his lap, fingers running through his friend’s hair almost instinctively
  • it’s a day like this that they finally kiss for the first time, beethoven playing quietly in the background, and it’s soft and slow and fucking perfect 
  • and yeah, sirius fucking loves classical music

G (@ifheartscouldfly) said anyone could do this so I’m gonna, ok so 6 movies I can watch anytime…I’m doing this on the fly …these are not really my FAVE MOVIES just ones I can watch over and over

1) You’ve Got Mail (idek know why I love this movie so much but literally I do)
2) Mad Max: Fury Road, every time I say, this is the best movie ever made
3) The Day After Tomorrow, ok listen do not judge me but legit every time this is on TV I randomly stop what I’m doing and watch it lmfao also Jakey G
4) Pride & Prejudice the Keira Knightly one, yeah
5) The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, idk maybe it’s the music, the cinematography, the vibe? I just love it!
6) Alien and Aliens. The best. They count as one.

Anyone who wants to do this do it!