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Favorite relationships: Isak og Eskild
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on my way home
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A subtle reminder that Rob is the father in real life [for added effect]

  • Phichit: I have no love life.
  • Yuuri: what are you talking about? You have more of a love life than me
  • Phichit: are you really sure about that?
  • Yuuri: *looking down at engagement ring* oh yeah
  • Phichit: yeah.

What are girlfriends for ? ♥

Galra Week day 04 - Understanding

“Nothing’s changed.”

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I got ambitious and made this insanely high res for some reason or another so that made it take thrice as long to get through.

But it was worth it because this is more fanart for @themarydragon, who I think I’ve previously mentioned is a writing wizard, but it’s worth saying again, especially in case I haven’t. This is from Chapter 8 of her fic Calm Waters Run Deep, at some interim point of the night. Good stuff.

Also, Mary, if you happen to want the 18x12 in, 300 dpi version to print, just message me. It’s the least I could do for ya!

@ghost-wants-murder congrats on gettin old ilu


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Tell us your theories for the cabin trip 😛

My theories are basically my headcanons for both squads in a cabin on the holiday. (I’m sorry if that’s not what you want):

• There aren’t many rooms so people would have to split into pairs to share a bed. Isak demands the biggest bedroom farthest from other rooms for him and Even because they’re using their The Only Couple Privileges™ (they get it of course once Even once again starts bragging about their loud sex life.)

• Also, another thing I want to happen is parallel to S1 with Isak and Even about it get it on in the morning and Jonas walks in and storms out just as quickly with an ‘ohhh! sorry sorry!’ and both of the squads are heard laughing. ( @skam-addiction for you ;) ) Isak is so annoyed. Even is grinning.

• The boys try to make the girls play some FIFA (I don’t know if it would work in the cabin but let’s pretend).

• Sana and Mahdi are really competitive and insanely good against each other. 

• The squads are so entertained looking at them playing so intensely. Also, Sana and Mahdi have a lot in common. 

• They’re the quiet observers. When they notice something they look at each other with that knowing smile.

• Vilde quickly learns and is awesome at it and even beats Magnus. 

• Magus cannot believe it

• Even plays against him then and Isak knows that he loses on purpose so Magnus would be a little happier. 

• Isak is constantly melting at Even’s selfless actions.

• They mention the Ouija board accident and Isak cannot believe that a fucking Ouija board outed him. 

• (The boys and girls, especially Magnus and Eva, are laughing their asses off. 

• Even just grins and wraps his arms around Isak’s waist and stares at him fondly because grumpy!Isak, come on?)

• Chris is with Isak on this one. She still can’t believe her previous man now has a boyfriend and the spirits™ were actually right. (’I wasn’t your man Chris, what the fuck’)

• Basically, both squads bond more and more and it’s insanely nice.

• Eva coos every time Even comments something sweet about Isak or when Isak has that droopy smile while looking at him.

• Sana rolls her eyes at Eva’s antics but has that knowing smirk when she looks at Isak because let’s face it she’s happy for her biology partner and friend.

• Vilde and Noora make dinner (yep, S2 throwback to these two girls) while Jonas pipes up to help with incredible cooking skills (everyone’s surprised except Isak. He’s his BFF, of course, he knows. Plus, I headcanon Jonas as a man that can really cook OK).

• Jonas and Noora discuss social matters of the world and find many things in common ;)

• With Even’s encouragement, the squads have a movie marathon. 

• Jonas and Even and Sana have a surprisingly well-informed discussion about the films and Isak sometimes throws in some obscure cinematography terms just to see that surprised face of Even’s which turns into the fondest expression ever as he kisses Isak on the temple, all proud.

• Everyone is groaning. (’Yeah just rub it in’ -Noora and Eva smile while trying to act offended.)

‘Get a room’ -Mahdi chuckles. 

• ‘We already have one’ - Isak smiles slyly which earns him another kiss from Even.

• Magnus throws a pillow at them. 

• Jonas chuckles but smiles at Isak because he’s really really happy for his friend.

• Everyone is absolutely disgusted by them. (They’re really not.)

• Also, the girls wanna throw a prank on the boys and mention Sana’s magic hijab. No one believes it and actually finds it ridiculous though Magnus is a bit more careful with Sana now.

• (Sana secretly finds it endearing. Magnus can be really adorable, ok).

• I have so much in my head now but the clips is gonna drop soon and I have to mentally prepare myself so…