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it’s been a long day without you, my friend
           and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again 

exo as shit i've said
  • minseok: (while looking down from a window on the second floor of the school building) you think a fall from this height would be enough to kill me?
  • chanyeol: who the fuck doesn't play with the bubble wrap?? are you even human???
  • yixing: (while looking over math homework) why does god torment me so
  • jongdae: (after getting one question wrong) you might as well throw me out of this class now
  • sehun: i'm too gay for this
  • kyungsoo: can i stab him? is that a thing i'm allowed do?
  • junmyeon: (on the first day of school) ok i'm ready for school to be out again
  • jongin: (after falling down a flight of stairs) the gravity seems to be working perfectly
  • baekhyun: i respond to the name park chanyeol faster than i do my own and i don't know if that's good or bad someone help

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Do you think that Jungkook was really following Yeri? I mean, I just watched the video and it seems kinda ridiculous. I gotta force myself into seeing that he was following her. Like why would people start a fuss over that video? It just might be the angles. But if they're really dating I'm all for it lol XD I want my baby boy to be happy. And Yeri is a great girl. But I doubt like 80% that they are dating forreal . Again, it's a lame proof. And we've never seen any interaction between them.

ok, obviously jikook is married bc satellite jeon, excuse you, so jungkook following her means jungkook cheated on jimin, they are having their papers for divorce ready, their kid, tae, is to be decided whether he stays with jimin or with jungkook, jungkook doesnt want to divorce cos that was a mistake, but jimin is adamant, he is gonna get jungkook’s ass smacked up for breaking his heart for following a different person. Jungkook hires a person to knock jimin off before their court, so Jimin is kidnapped, hence he misses the court. As he wakes up, he sees Jungkook smoking a cigarette, Jungkook chained Jimin to the bed in an unknown place. Will Jimin be able to escape? Will he be able to forgive Jungkook? You will see in the next episode next week. (well, even if he followed her, it means kinda nothing to me…if he followed her as he followed jimin, i’d see something suspicios, here I see that people are making an elephant out of a fly, that’s how dating rumors are born)

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hello friend do you know which part of the stream mark and ethan were touching each other's hair and calling each other nicknames like you mentioned?? I like to go through them and try to find all the crankiplier moments bc I'm trash lmao but I've only found the ethan laying in marks lap and the "hey daddy can you check out this edit I made" parts (which have blessed me). thank you!!!

Ok I’ll try to find “you ready boo?” (mark said to Eth) Because that happened but here’s the strokes:

02:26:56 - Mark strokes Eth for the first time then pretends to play it cool

02:28:16 - Mark does it again because he can’t help himself then half-heartedly apologizes

02:49:11 is mutual stroking

03:04:32 - Ethan wins a game by unfair means and tries to stroke Mark n get cuddly but Mark is pissed

Another cute moment is when Mark baby-talks Ethan and then says “no attitude!”

Which is at 01:10:12

And for those of you wondering when Mark pulls Eth onto his lap and Ethan refuses to get up:


The daddy talk is at 03:42:18 but I’d recommend watching a few minutes before to get context (if you want) because it’s funny


At 02:57:10 Eth is getting kinda worried and Mark is comforting him by saying “it’s okay, it’s alright” and I know in the context it’s a kind of joking manner but it’s really easy to visualize Mark doing that when Eth’s stressed and it’s sooo cute

[if any of these time codes become wrong let me know, the stream is all sorts of screwed up so I had to find the correct time codes to the cute moments I had scribbled down. For me, the accurate time codes were about twenty minutes before the ones I had written down so if the stream screws up again try that]

Ok, but imagine:
  • *After Infinity War*
  • Wanda: Will he remember??
  • Tony: I'm not sure, we saved as much as we could.
  • Bruce: It's ready now.
  • Thor: *comes in with lightning and perfect hair*
  • The room falls quiet, everyone waiting.
  • Vision: *starts to open eyes*
  • Wanda: Vizh?
  • Vision: *stares blankly at her for a couple seconds* Hello again my love.
  • The end.

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hi! your story seems very intriguing, so could you give a summary of what has happened so far? thanks if you can

OH wow no one’s ever asked me to do this before UMM lmao let’s see…so um there’s my 3 bbys, rooney, gianni and santi…they’re bffs and gianni and santi met in boarding school. gianni and rooney (girooni lmao) met in gianni’s hometown in italy. umm i’m continuing this under the cut because it’s A Lot

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youve heard of the captain america challenge, sleeping for seventy years. now get ready for the winter soldier challenge, repressing your memories and trying to live your life before giving up and asking to be frozen for ???? until the world seems ok again i guess, when u can start all over

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(Part1/2) Ok. I'm back. Ready for sads. Blame the other anon. "Oh! It's the nice man, you know the one who shows up if I'm having a nightmare! And he brings that little fox thing with him! And if it's a really bad nightmare we go to a festival, what's it called again?And when we go there he'll give me balloons, and we go on gondola rides!And we play games and eat desserts!But that's only when the nightmares are so bad I wanna wake up and cry.He says it's the only thing he can do to help mama?-

(2/2) - If they aren’t that bad, sometimes we just are sitting in this huge building! And sometimes we go for car ride. Other times we are here! Down on the docks, he says he wants to fish but doesn’t know if he’ll catch anything. Sometimes he asks how mama is doing. And other times he asks how My Uncles and Aunt Iris are.And he asked one time if Uncle Ignis ever got his sight back? But I told him I didn’t know he could see before. And then we just talk about random- why are you crying?“

Bye I’m weeping

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If Sasha got a little bit of a backstory in the manga, why can't Jean? Her's wasn't any more tragic than his would be, and she's not any more ~mysterious~ than he is. But then again, I'm actually glad we haven't gotten a canon flashback for Jean, since that's oftentimes a major death flag for a character in snk. Even Sasha was supposed to die after hers, so unless an editor is ready to cry in the bathroom again to save Jean from Isayama's evil hand, I'm ok with no backstory. It would be nice tho

Hi there, anon! I’m not sure Sasha necessarily needed a backstory anymore than Jean or a bunch of other characters, but I am glad we got it because it elucidated some aspects of her character and did a bit of world-building to boot! And I think I am overall glad that she lived, although I wish Isayama would do more with her character–and not the anime’s idea of “more”, which amounts to “cute girl obsessed with food” fanservice … anyway …

If I was Isayama’s editor, I’d cry in a bathroom if Isayama killed Jean! I believe his tears weren’t just due to Isayama killing Sasha, however; her death was supposedly very gruesome. o.0 So I’m glad the editor spared us from reading the horrible death of a female character that surely could have only existed within the narrative for shock value. Hopefully when/if Jean dies (*knocks on wood*), it’s more meaningful. 

I really would like a backstory for Jean! But there are some other characters who are missing this kind of development as well, who perhaps should come before him in the “desperately seeking backstory” line. (Also I think Isayama counts the OVA as Jean’s backstory, even though it doesn’t make sense … but I still deny it, until he draws it out panel for panel in his manga!) Here’s a list of characters who desperately need some pasts:

  1. Hange Zoe. Why are they so into titans? Who was their family? Do they still have family? Why are they into the Survey Corps? How did they first meet their squad members? Hange is such a great character, it’s so odd to me that they’re missing an origin story … especially when Erwin and Levi have them and especially now that they’re commander of the Survey Corps.
  2. Armin Arlert. Who even are his family? Why do they have heretical books about the outside world??? There should be more here. All we know is that he had a grandfather and parents, who all (according to the info laid out in the manga!) seem to have died in the operation to retake Wall Maria. I find it odd that a curious kid like Armin isn’t asking a lot of questions about where his family got these banned books … does he already know? He certainly doesn’t talk about it!
  3. Mikasa Ackerman. We have bits and pieces of it (hence why I’m putting it in third place), but there are still questions about the brand on her arm and the “East Sea Clan” which need to be answered. 
  4. This is where I’d put Jean, just because it seems like his motivations could be further clarified by providing him with a backstory, even it is just “he’s a pretty average person from Trost at this time period”. It would certainly help with world building!

Will we get any of these stories? I think we’re likely to get Mikasa’s, perhaps Armin’s as well (why, for instance, do Armin’s books not mention the other peoples outside the walls? Are they just nature books?). I think Jean and Hange’s pasts will remain opaque, unfortunately :( And you’re right that if Isayama does start exploring their pasts, it will mostly likely mean their impending doom. But a girl can hope!

Thanks for the note, anon! I share your thirst for more Jean intel!

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Hello! In regards to your YOI Mer!AU, if you're comfortable enough with answering, who (in the couples we have seen) do you think would be the one(s) to carry the children if they decided to? I'm quite curious as to who you think... (again, you don't have to answer this ask at all. If you think this is a touchy thing or outright kinda nasty, that's totally ok.)

Hmmm…that’s a bit hard to answer, because none of them (aside from obvious ones like Yuuko and Takeshi) are ready to have children. Yuuri and Viktor’s relationship may be advanced but there’s still a long way to go before thinking about having babies–

Pregancy + Ships related stuff under the cut!

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@akaanonymouth replied to your posthonestly i’m yelling serena is so ready to get…

Honestly Serena Campbell and her life (ok, sex life. Mainly sex life) are one of the only things that get me through the minutes sometimes. She is absolutely just sensuality personified. How half the hospital aren’t climbing the walls to get to her, I’ll never know.

honestly i would kill at least 10 men and cross the entire universe just to get my gay little hands on her for a second. i mean LOOK AT HER

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Cartman trying to win Kyle a stuffed animal at the fair.
  • Cartman: Kahl, trust me. I'm a pro at these games. I seriously win every single time.
  • Kyle: Ok, prove it.
  • Cartman: gonna fucking kick ass....*throws the first ball, and it misses*
  • Kyle: hah, I thought you said you were a pro.
  • Cartman: Fuck you, I am....I was just warming up...*takes second ball, strikes a pose in his aim, then throws and misses again.*
  • Kyle: *rolls eyes* here Cartman, just let me do it-
  • Cartman: WAIT WAIT WAIT! KAHL! I know EXACTLY what I'm doing! I was just getting ready on those first two! Trust me, I WILL get you that stuffed animal with this ball, Goddammit!
  • Kyle: *sighs* ok....go ahead.
  • Cartman: *smirks, takes the last ball, aims at the carnie's head, and throws it, knocking him out.*
  • Ok Kahl, take your pick.~
  • Kyle: *isn't sure whether to be angry or amused*
  • Cartman: told you so.
  • Kyle: I love you.

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46 and 94!

46. whats your go to hair style?

messy bun! Messy as in my hair is dirty and I have no time to focus on doing my hair so I’m just gonna twist my hair into a ball and tie it together with a hair tie and hope for the best.

94. favorite lyrics right now

Over and over
Many setting suns
I have run
I have waited for the rain to come
When through that mist
I see the shape of you
And I know, and I know
That I’m in love with you

It’s from Sun by Two Door Cinema Club! We listened to this a lot with my fiancé on a road trip many many years ago and there’s so many memories attached to this song and these lyrics.

okay life update: i went on a date with a guy last friday and tbh i had no expectations bc we had been texting on and off for like 3 weeks but he’s terrible at texting so i barely knew anything about him but i was like ok i have nothing better to do anyway + he seemed really cute in his pics so we finally went for a cup of coffee and he is SO attractive in person + i think we really hit it off although he seemed a little bored at times so i was like ok it was nice but that’s that… but when we got home we texted for a bit and he said he liked me and that we should go out again and now i don’t know how to handle this bc ofc i liked him a lot but i’m so traumatized by past relationships that even after a first date i can already imagine him abandoning me lol. it’s like a combination of excitement and terror and i hate it ;((