ok i'm just going to hide now bye

richonnelandfill  asked:

Ash, do you think Danai has ever stumbled across any Richonne fanfiction?. I'm pretty sure Gimps has but what about Danai? It's been proven that reads Richonne tweets, so fanfiction isn't too far off right? Either way, don't freak out but I tweeted her a link to Palm Trees and I am just hoping she randomly decides to read it 😂 it's so freaking good! (Just like all your work) ok bye.

Girl, I did an entire double take when I read the end of this, lmao. I mean, thank you! 😘I think? But I have to go hide now, because if she ever did read my work, I would die. 

To answer your question, though, she said a couple of years ago that she hadn’t. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s read a snippet here or there. Josh said he has, so it’s not far-fetched. And Danai’s sister (not sure which one) seems to keep her abreast of some fandom stuff, so it’s possible she’s told her about a story or two. But idk, maybe I’ll ask her when I (hopefully) see her in October. 👀