ok i'm gunna

Why am I so easy to manipulate?
No one even has to try to control me, I’m just fucking ready for it.
No fucking wonder everyone controls me, I don’t even try to stop them, hell, I’m fucking begging for it half the time.
Years of people manipulating me to be whatever they please, and I don’t even mind.
How fucked up is that?

howdy everyone!!

just reminding u all tht im ok!! im fine!! im just taking a break right now!!

i sort of forgot to make tht more clear here, i did make a post bt it was easy to miss it i guess, haha,,,

bt!!! im fine!! im alive!!! domt worry!!!!


Yuca “let me put my little sociopathic, immortal hands on your face” Collabel

Yes this shawl is too big for me (im only 5ft and the shawl is waaaaaaay more, maybe it’s 8ft) also this is a weird face. I’m in a car. That’s a seat belt. I’m pretty sure this shawl is from mardan, so I’m kinda bias.

me: if I killed myself my mom wouldn’t be disappointed in me anymore..
my friend: uhh you doing okay buddy?
me: oh yeah im fine :)

Anyone else have nightmares about stuff that never happened to them but otherwise would classify it as a trauma dream? Cuz I keep having nightmares of things that aren’t actually about what traumatized me? It’s weird…


David Tennant in the first trailer for ‘Postman Pat: The Movie’! (0:55 and 1:16)


this moment is so v important to me because kageyama is trying to ask oikawa for advice on what he should do in regards to his predicament with hinata; when he does this, he beats around the bush, and uses iwaizumi in his example.

so, in this moment, to kags,

hinata is to him as iwaizumi is to oikawa.

and if you know anything about iwaizumi and oikawa, and how kageyama understands their dynamic, you know that’s a pretty big deal.