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a / age: 18
b / biggest fear: getting kidnapped 
c / current time: 10:30 am
d / drink you had last: dr. pepper
e / everyday starts with: wkaing up, laying in bed for like an hour, finally getting up and eating breakfast, then I start my school work for the day
f / favourite song: i really like atm, Good Die Young - Molly Kate Kestner
g / ghosts are real?: maybe..? who really knows
h / hometown: Salem, Oregon
i / in love with: jung hoseok.. and writing
j / jealous of: people who know what they wanna do with their life .-.
k / killed someone: noo
l / last time you cried: been awhile actually
m / movie genre: my favorite? probs romance and comedy
n / number of siblings: 2 older sisters
o / one wish: be able to go see my fave bands/groups live c’: (one day)
p / person you last called/texted: my best friend Tiffany :DD
q / questions you’re always asked: “what are your plans after high school?” “how’s your online school going?” “when are you getting your license?” “are you going to college?” “well what do you wanna do after you graduate?” IDK OK PEOPLE >.<
r / reasons to smile:
 memes tbh XD but also min yoongi annnnd my friends
s / song last sang: Let Me Love You - Mario such a classic c:
t / Tattoos: yes, i have one. i got it on my 18th birthday. it’s just a heart on my shoulder, kinda anticlimactic XD
u / underwear colour: floral print hahah
v / vacation destination: Japan, South Korea, New York, and Hawaii
w / worst habit: i bite the inside of my cheeks when i’m nervous (or bored), sometimes to the point that it bleeds… lmao that’s why i chew gum all the time 
x / xrays you have had: none actually
y / your favourite food: fettuccine alfredo!! annnd red lobster BISCUITS :’D 
z / zodiac sign: Aquarius ^-^

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Why else youre like tony stark: he gets so excited and happy when he talks about things or people he cares about and youre so excitable and its adorable and ahhh it warms my heart

Haha he’s kinda like a puppy. I love Tony! He’s one of my favourite avengers!


Yuca “let me put my little sociopathic, immortal hands on your face” Collabel

Yes this shawl is too big for me (im only 5ft and the shawl is waaaaaaay more, maybe it’s 8ft) also this is a weird face. I’m in a car. That’s a seat belt. I’m pretty sure this shawl is from mardan, so I’m kinda bias.