ok i'm going to rant now

to everyone that sent me messages during the day, I want to say thank you for your support, I really can’t begin to explain how much that helped me
But I’m sorry I had an outburst, I was bottling my emotions which I shouldn’t have been doing because I knew I was going to lose it eventually
And to the people that unfollowed me, I’m not mad or angry, I’m sorry, we come here to escape the negatively of the real world and we don’t want to see more negativity here in our safe place
But seriously I love all of you so much


So that’s my entry for the @tokyoghoulbook contest

I don’t know if combining sketchy art and line art was a good idea haha

oh and also this is my favourite part of this

I'm getting this off my fucking chest right fucking now.

Genderqueer and androgynous people have been frowned upon and shunned for a very long time, and often rejected from the trans community. We’ve been disregarded and invalidated on a day to day basis.
I love Ruby Rose as she had helped me so much through coming out. She is very physically attractive. But now that she’s out there, she’s been immediately turned into sex object, and her actual gender identity (GENDER FLUID) has been swept under the rug as a bunch a straight teenage girls run around shrieking that “Ruby Rose made me GAY!!!”
2 things are wrong with this.

1) Ruby is not a girl, so you wouldn’t be gay. You’d literally have to say that you’re bi/pan for Ruby.
2) It insinuates that being gay is a choice. It just does.

And I’m fucking sick of how andro/nb people are being brought into the limelight as sexual objects.
How about we learn more about their identities? Their stories? How about we say “holy fuck, these people exist, let’s get some understanding up in here!” instead of “look at this sex thing that u can misgender constantly because we didn’t care to FUCKING EDUCATE YOU ON WHO THEY ACTUALLY ARE.”
How about we turn androgyny/being non binary into an understood thing rather than a fucking fetish.


ok so i have a bunch of asks rn but i’m going to bed because my eyes actually hurt, so here’s a list of what i have and i’ll answer tomorrow! m sorry, i hope that’s okay 😫

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OK i need to fucking rant about Onision/Greg for a minute. There are so many wrong and manipulative and gross and graphic things he said in his recent video that I can’t even begin to describe all of them. So, I’m going to talk about the one that has stuck with me since I watched the video.

Greg said, “Now, 5 months ago, Lainey came out with a video openly saying to everyone that she’s bi. I was there to support her. I even encouraged her to get a girlfriend. My stated reason being…I work a lot…and there are things that a woman can give to another woman…that a man cannot give to a woman.” OK. Greg’s “I even encouraged her to get a girlfriend” after she came out as being bi just shows that Greg immediately thought that being bi means you want to date two different genders at the same time? And he thought that encouraging her to get a girlfriend meant he was supporting her?? Also: his “stated” reason being “[he] works a lot and there are things that a woman can give to another woman that a man cannot give to a woman.” Guys, his stated reason. He 100% chose that wording for a reason. He had other intentions that he didn’t tell her about, which becomes fucking clear the next few minutes of the video in which he says, “I mean, I felt like it was a dream come true being married to someone who was bisexual…because I personally have always felt that women are superior to men. Being a heterosexual, I have a significant interest in women…and I’m just being bluntly honest. Seeing two women make love to each other is absolutely beautiful to me.” LMAO ok so he was excited his wife was bi because it would stimulate HIM. It would make HIM horny. (This is so fucking creepy i can’t fucking deal with it.) He said he supported her being bi, and encouraged her to get a girlfriend SO HE COULD HAVE A THREESOME GUYS. AND THEN he went as far as to say he was disappointed in her for saying she was uncomfortable with it, even though she never agreed to that. Literally ever. He said, “So for some reason, I felt that Lainey had let me down…even though she had never promised anything would happen.” WHAT THE FUCK. WHO THE HELL STILL SUPPORTS HIM? i’m so fucking tired. i’m so tired of this shit. 

Everything he says is said to manipulate you. He helped Lainey pack so he could get her out of the house to fucking “”””cuddle”””” with her girlfriend. He cheated on his wife and posted a video “explaining” it all in hope to garner sympathy. Every “woe-is-me” post is made to make YOU say “NO, Greg! You’re overreacting! You’re not a bad person!!” EVERYTHING he is doing is done to manipulate everyone involved and I feel simultaneously mad at and bad for Billie because she’s a fucking brat, but she’s also his next victim. She’s only 18. He’s 30. There’s no excuse for his behavior. 

Another submissions slipped past me without the correct text (the Gendered Peppers post should have said “TODAY’S Gender of the Day IS” and then it got 10000 notes….before i could fix it……

dont mind me, just sobbing here in the corner… people will think my workmanship is shoddy! people all over tumblr will point and laugh that I’m no longer the on-top-of-it-all gender collector i once was! Bears will become hyper-intelligent and attack humans and steal our genders with laser weapons! Don’t believe me? It’s happened before!

make sure your submissions have the right text, folks!

I love Kilgrave (as a character concept) so much, man. He lives in a delusion he’s fabricated for himself as a result of the circumstances he is surrounded by. He is as much a product of himself and his abilities as he is a product of how those independent of his influence (either before or after he inherited his ‘Gift’) act around him and create (or fail to create) demonstrable distinctions between right and wrong. There is a dangerous certainty in the way that he acts because for him this false reality is perpetuated by his abilities; he need not care for others because they are not truly individuals, only actors on a stage awaiting instruction in a great game of cat-and-mouse, and those free of his influence are the rare other Gods literally made for him, if only they would see.

He could have been so much more. If these powers had been brought to him in some other light, if he had been a different person, if the people he knew had not been who they were (he reached out for help from Jessica and was subsequently drugged and tortured; he tried to reconnect with his parents and told to his face that he was a burden and one best dealt with through murder; he was never talked to about the reasons for the experimentations on him as a child, if any, or offered a choice in the matter). There’s so much failed potential in this man who is clever, calculating, emotionally intelligent (a man lacking emotional intelligence would not be quite so manipulative), powerful (though perhaps not in a very morally correct way), addicted to the high-life (tell me you wouldn’t watch a show about a superhero not about saving lives, who’s only in it for the money). 

But as well as all of those things he is deluded, impersonal, the creator of an autonomous power elite, and fails to even recognise others as truly other, as more than the dolls they are to him. He does horrible things because he is not able to does not recognise them as quite as horrible as they are, and those things are not excused by this, only explained. But the explanation is beautiful. The explanation of who he is is beautiful and brilliantly executed by David Tennant. He is not a good man gone wrong but a selfish man gone self-righteous. 

A psychopath by circumstance. 

I am not excusing his actions. Rape, murder and mind control are all terrible things to do. He should be imprisoned permanently, he’s a madman and a danger to others and obviously, obviously condemnable. But as a character, purely as an example of literary prowess in fiction, he’s brilliant – and obviously, obviously commendable. 


So I was just going through official KnB art and I noticed something- Kagami and Aomine are almost always next to each other, talking, fighting or playing.

See, if you viewed someone as just a rival, you wouldn’t laugh around or with them, you wouldn’t be yourself with them, you wouldn’t indulge them. But that’s clearly not the case here. Obviously the two of them are volatile and can’t stand each other but at the same time they are so much more than just rivals.

I feel like they’re actually great friends and to every person out there who questions or can’t understand Aokaga - this is one of the many reasons we ship them.

If you don’t ship them or have another otp, that’s your choice and it’s totally cool but don’t give me this bull that Aomine and Kagami hate each other and that’s the only thing between them.

There’s an intense, passionate rivalry there and at the end of the day they both need each other- one to improve and one to keep him away from the darkness.

It’s really important to me that y'all know that Shadowhunters is not gonna be like the books, ok? IT IS NOT GOING TO BE LIKE THE BOOKS!
So it is gonna be really different than the books and you should expect nothing.
So now that we have clear that IT IS NOT GOING TO BE LIKE THE BOOKS I think we can all enjoy and let people enjoy the show for being its own thing.

So if I see people complain about how this is not like the book I’ll report you, ok I won’t but I’ll block you

Since nycc is near and i’m sure I’ll see complaints 🙄🙄

Ok, I feel the need to rant for sth a bit.. 

I have been seeing people getting upset for how “everything is about double b” and how they send only them in variety shows and don’t let others promote as well. Ok, so here’s the deal guys:

To go on Running Man you have to be popular enough. Like it or not, that’s true. Double B are gonna be there on their x-man special. Now, let’s be real, do you really think the producers of the show would let all ikon members to appear? no. A full group rarely appears on RM. It has to be either their ep or a special occasion. I know bc it’s my favorite show. When they have guests, they pick few members from few  groups and film the episode. that’s about it. double b are popular among the members because of smtm3. so they got to be picked. And went. 

Same thing applies for Happy Together too. I’ve rarely seen a group go there as a whole. Usually it’s just few members and most of the times it has to be the ones that are already popular. Not sure if you know but both RM and HT have Yoo Jae Suk as “a main mc”. I bet that after the rm ep, he suggested for them to go on happy together too. And so it happened.

Now, about Mari & I, this is a new show about pets. It’s not a normal variety that a new group will go to be promoted. Hanbin and Jinhwan are there as actual fixed members, not guests. We couldn’t send all the members there like seriously lol. I think this is a way to promote the group via two members in a new variety show. It’s good we will have them there. They will get to interact with the Korean Industry and people more. The group will get at least a little bit of more attention. It’s good. 

Now if you noticed as a group they only got to get promoted after debut on Tablo’s Dreaming radio. They don’t have their own show yet (ikon tv). They also didn’t have the chance yet to go a normal variety that new groups usually go. Like Weekly Idol or ASC. But I doubt they will ever go to asc because I’ve never seen YG artists go there before.

The thing is guys, Hanbin Jinhwan and Bobby are not going to these varieties as individuals. They are going as iKON. To promote iKON. This is good for their group. They have debuted 3 months now and they haven’t had enough promotions in music shows bc of their schedule and fanmeets. They need to be promoted somehow. All groups in industry does that. They promote a group via few members. Don’t you remember how Jackson was everywhere at first? How Hani and Seolhyun are usually the ones that go to varieties? So I don’t get why so much drama and whine. Why so bitter? But wait, I know why.

Because you just want a reason to hate iKON. You don’t actually care. You just want to hate them in general and that’s pathetic. Get a life.

Ok I was going to choose to ignore it but now I’m choosing to #rant about it but like I’m just shocked at the behavior in the queer community rn esp towards aces
This underlying sentiment regarding some fucked up grading scale of queer like “you must have at least three of these shared experiences” is bullshit like of course everyone in community is going to have different experiences regardless of their identity
Like its doing no good for anyone it’s unhealthy and literally all it’s doing is invalidating asexual people and making them feel like they don’t belong anywhere

I am never going to believe that “Freddie Tomlinson” exists. I am never going to believe that Louis Tomlinson had a biological child with Briana Jungwirth. There’s nothing they can do now that would convince me of that. This is never going to reach a point where I will “draw the line” and accept that it’s real, because this has been shady every step of the way. They can’t go back into the past and change that, so no, I am not ever going to be convinced that Louis has a baby.

I can see him with a baby in a stroller walking by paparazzi. I can see that there are pictures of a baby on his extremely public Instagram. That doesn’t change the fact that he refused to talk about the baby before it was born and it doesn’t change the fact that the birth announcement was a mess, and it doesn’t change the fact that neither his family nor his band mates ever publicly congratulated him. It doesn’t change the fact that Briana would not have been walking around in skinny jeans and heels two days after giving birth and it definitely doesn’t change the most obvious fact, which is that if this pregnancy was real then it never would have been publicized in the first place.

And I could go on. There’s a whole list of reasons that the story doesn’t add up, and there’s nothing anyone can do about that. It happened. It’s over. I already saw what I needed to see to convince me that this story is not true. (I can’t unsee that fake picture Ashley posted of Briana. I’m never going to choose to ignore that and pretend it never happened.)

For me, it was over way back in July when Louis said “I’m buzzin” on GMA and looked like he would rather be anywhere else. It’s been over. There is no point at which I’m going to change my mind because they can’t do anything to change the fact that they already fucked up and made it obvious to anyone paying attention that this is, at best, a PR stunt, and at worst an extreme tactic to closet someone who has consistently expressed a desire to be out over the last five years.

So, to the anon in my inbox and to the posts floating around asking when we’re going to accept that “Freddie” is real, stop wasting your time. Feel free to believe the narrative you’re being fed, but don’t send me hate just because I refuse to act like the last 9+ months never happened and because I won’t blindly accept a story that has never made any sense at all.

If they wanted me to believe it, they missed their opportunity. There’s nothing they can do now to change my mind.

Ereri Rant Part 3

Ok. I’m going to be getting into A LOT about their relationshiop and all that shit here, so be prepared.

  • Now first, Eren is a minor in OUR WORLD. And I may sound like a broken record when I say this, but A BUNCH of you still can’t seem to get it through your bullheaded heads, so I’ll say it again:
  • AGE DIDN’T MATTER. I mean, it seriously didn’t. We see it wrong because we are in a different time and society has evolved, but looking at all the things people did and didn’t give a shit about back then, I’m pretty sure this was like an ant under a boot for them. They could really care less about it. 
  • Also, Eren is almost an adult btw. Manga :)
  • Alright. For those of you who say that shipping these two is only in the fantasy of them having sex, and it looking hot, and I will admit, that’s true, but there are many of us here who ship it for an ENTIRELY different reason (like me) and actually think more into it. Yah, I will say, sex between those two would be fucking hot, but that’s not what I’m into it for. They are both similar in the sense that they want to protect those they love, and that the Corps means A LOT to them. And they both carry a lot of responsibility. So let me show you now how they “complete” each other. Yes. I said complete.
  • Eren and Levi both have big responsibilities. Levi is humanity’s strongest, and Eren is humanity’s last hope. They are both being counted on by countless lives. And sometimes, Eren needs a little reminder that BECAUSE he’s humanity’s last hope, he can’t give up when he feels like he’s letting everyone down because innocents were killed. and he needs to be reminded that he has to keep fighting or else things will just get worse than they already seem. And he needs someone with the same kind of pressure feeling to remind him this and actually mean it and feel it by heart. And the only one who can ACTUALLY do this is Levi. Levi, and Levi alone. Not Mikasa. Not Armin. Not anyone. He needs someone who is going through the same kind of situation as him to support him, and would ya look at that?! Levi provides it. That’s a damn big connection in itself, and I still have more shit to tell you all
  • Eren is strong, yes, but still a bit inexperienced, and he has much to learn, and much to experience before he truly becomes strong. And that’s where Levi comes in. There is a certain saying I like, and it goes like this: The difference between a master and a beginner is that the master has failed more times than the beginner. Levi has been through so much pain, mistakes, and learning experiences, and that has made him strong and skilled beyond belief. And Eren, who sees this strength, just can’t help but admire him for it (hence, his deep respect and admiration for Levi) and as it would be explained in an anime as: “I just fall more and more in love with him.” Don’t get pissy at me for saying that you Ereri haters! It’s true. No, you can’t see Eren saying or thinking that, but that’s what the feeling would be explained as if it were to be put into an anime. Eren would see Levi’s skill, and just learn so much from him. Levi could (and fucking does) bring out potential and strength in Eren, and brings Eren the experience. Their bond tightens in this way, in the way that they each have something to learn from each other, expanding their respect and admiration for each other.
  • And for GODS SAKE PEOPLE just fucking THINK about what would happen if one of these two died. If Levi died while Eren was around, Eren would be distraught. He lost one he so deeply respected and admired. Yah, he’s gonna be pissed, horrified, depressed, and just fucking all over the place. He’d be pissed because the world just killed off someone he so much admired and (yes I’m saying it) loved. They just took his beloved mentor away from him. He’d be horrified and depressed because he’d blame himself for not being able to save him, for not being able to be there and put a stop to his death. I mean, seriously. Everyone, let’s get over our fucking stubborness and think. You could see this happening, you really could, whether you ship them or not. And that right there should just prove their close and tight relationship. 
  • And if Eren died while Levi was around? Well of course Levi wouldn’t show a damn thing on the surface, but it’d be like losing Farlan and Isabel, but worse. This “kid,” this person was put under his wing, was put under his watch, and he failed to protect him. This boy that he’s been teaching was killed. Levi would be horrified inside as well, shocked, and I’m pretty fucking sure that he will soon find that he does, in fact, regret losing him, and will realize that he is sad, and his disappearance does affect him. He’ll be horrified and shocked that he let Eren get killed, and that wasn’t even able to do anything. He’d realize that this boy who waltzed into his life did matter to him, and did have an impact on him. Levi had taken him under his wing, he was under his watch, and Levi would be pretty distraught at the fact that he let Eren become killed. His student, the one he took under his wing, killed, gone. That’d definitely be a blow on Levi, no doubt.