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okAY I’ve literally had this in my inbox for months i’m so sorry (it’s from my old blog lmao that’s how old it is hence the screenshot) buT if it’s any consolation this is actually massively long (just under 5k lmao whoops whats a short fic i’ve never heard of that). also, while i’m pretty satisfied with the job i’ve done, i would like to disclaim that i literally know NOTHIGN about porn like i don’t think anyone expects me to be a porn expert but literally if there’s ANY accurate knowledge about filming porn in here whatsoever that’s entirely a coincidence. i made this shit up. all of it. okay. on with the fic.

           Zayn doesn’t think he’s been this nervous since his A levels. Maybe not even then. This may actually be the most nerve-wracking moment of his life, excluding the time he went on a plane for the first time and fucking Louis told him it was going to do loops in the air. Come to think of it, Louis’ been involved in all his worst moments in one way or another. It’s certainly his fault that Zayn’s here now. Well, his and Harry’s fault, if Zayn’s being completely fair, but he prefers to blame Louis for everything because he knows that if the positions were reversed, Louis would do the same.

           Anyway, today is Zayn’s first day on a new job.

           He’s going to be doing porn.

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46 and 94!

46. whats your go to hair style?

messy bun! Messy as in my hair is dirty and I have no time to focus on doing my hair so I’m just gonna twist my hair into a ball and tie it together with a hair tie and hope for the best.

94. favorite lyrics right now

Over and over
Many setting suns
I have run
I have waited for the rain to come
When through that mist
I see the shape of you
And I know, and I know
That I’m in love with you

It’s from Sun by Two Door Cinema Club! We listened to this a lot with my fiancé on a road trip many many years ago and there’s so many memories attached to this song and these lyrics.

i used to be a decent fan but star wars took over my life and so did funko.

I have managed to do the 25lbs. seated press (the one I mentioned that I was struggling to do here) today

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I do believe that if this were an RPG I just got enough experience to gain a level (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

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Caleb only went to the "fuckboy dark side" because HE LOVES HANNA and SPENCER WOULD NOT GIVE UP EVEN THOUGH HE DID NOT TELL HER HE LOVES HER BACK!!! Lol she's pathetic fuck her

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got his calling card. i literally couldn’t help it my fingers moved by themselves 😫

like imma just be real I had to do something to combat the COSMIC ENNUI of Jumin’s route I get that some people LOVE Jumin but I just can’t get over the level of pretention required of me I get that its only a game and I’m only pretending to be bougie as fuck but I just CANNot DO IT like when seven asks oooo what kind of celebrity is your taste RICH or FUNNY AND QUIRKY

bruh do you honestly think I’m gonna be like 😍😍😍😍😍😍 rich guys o m g take me to my 24k gold cage jumin feed me fancy A grade steak and finely aged wine older than your dead great great great grandma

FFFFFFFFfUCk nO flying fuck in a firetruck no no no I’d never

like i just wanna go to seven’s house and be ignored by him for like 5 straight hours like you’d think that’s awful but tbh it’s paradise idk if I’m making sense but u know wot i mean

So p much everybody is cool with Adrien being the sun child, which obviously makes Marinette the moon child, but I don’t think LB and Chat follow the same pattern

Ladybug is the sun in that she is confident and strong and shining

Chat Noir is the moon because he is a creature of the night, a trickster

While it makes the Adrinette and Ladynoir sides of the love square complete, it adds something lovely to Ladrien and Marichat

Ladrien is two suns, dancing together as their planets revolve around them, pulling each other closer into a steady but beautiful demise in which they are perfectly content to unite even in death

Marichat is two moons, orbiting in tandem, never quite reaching each other but finding comfort in the presence they share, waxing and waning in perfect unison, guiding the tides and glittering quietly in the blackness of the witching hours

Marinette is the moon, but Ladybug is the day; Adrien is the sun, but Chat Noir is the night.


“It’s OK to have dreams, it’s OK to have goals, in my opinion. But I really think it’s much more about the climb and the work you do on the way up. The climb is really hard and really rough, but it’s also the best part because there are still places to climb up to.”
                                         Happy 34th Birthday, Sebastian Stan!
                                                        (August 13, 1982).

The answer to the great question of life, the universe and everything, is forty-two.

-Deep Thought, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Happy 42nd Birthday Misha!


the calendar // panic! at the disco