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mamasynth  asked:

So, this might be a silly question, and idk if you can actually do this or if I can afford it, but I figured I'd ask. Is there anywhere to buy a print of the 11th hour movie poster deal? Because I would hang that shit on my wall.

You’re not the first to ask, don’t worry!

The McElroys have said that selling fanart of any of their properties, including TAZ should be refrained. So even if there’s interest, unfortunately I can’t sell the print ;v; 

they didn’t understand how you could sustain polyamory
yet a week later you asked if we could just be monogamous already
I would have to be okay without you for a month
yet six days later, you called—“okay, I give up”
you didn’t enjoy cuddling
yet hours later you had learned to like it
most girls can’t keep up
yet I keep you
on your toes
I don’t think these preferences were your natural tendency
I just think you hadn’t yet found an appropriate counterpart




“I can see a man’s purpose, Abraham. It is my gift. I can see it as clearly as I see you standing before me now. Your purpose is to fight tyranny … and mine is to see that you win.”


#tfw your fave talks about one of your other faves #and you just die #rip me


Ten being a puppy in Born Again

honestly tho “this is what an [insert group here] looks like” campaigns are not super helpful in a lot of cases anyways. like, they’re good to make the point that (a) you probably know more people who fall into [insert category here] than you thought, and (b) that most groups aren’t totally homogenous, but in a lot of cases you just end up demonizing people who do fit the stereotype of x group and missing the point of whatever group you’re trying to promote instead of normalizing it.

case in point: “this is what a feminist looks like.” ok, yes, you have made the point that all feminists are not, in fact, hairy lesbians, and some of them may even be *dramatic pause* conventionally attractive straight girls !!!!! but like, (1) there is nothing wrong in the first place with being a hairy lesbian so why are we implying that there is and (2) even if hairy lesbians were literally the only people in the entire world who supported feminism, they still wouldn’t be wrong, because dismantling the patriarchy is an inherently good goal, and it would still be a good thing even if not one single conventionally attractive straight girl supported it.


September 5 - Happy Birthday Hanji~!

A titan-sized cake for a titan-sized personality!