ok i'll stop but seriously though

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This happens waayy more than it should: Me: Hi, how are you? :) Customer: *puts products on counter*blankly stares at me* I'll take those *already inserting card while I'm in the middle of ringing up the goods* Me: Not what I asked but ok, Fuck you too. Would it hurt you to answer a simple question? Even if it's just "I'm good" (hell I'll even take just a smile, a nod) and to wait until I'm actually done processing your order before you shove your card where it doesn't belong? Seriously.

If they don’t talk to me I stop talking to them. If they want their total they will have to look at the screen.

I did have one get nasty about it though.
C: WELL! How much?
Me: I’m fine thanks for asking
C: don’t be a smart ass how much is it.
Me: *walks to their side and looks at their screen* the total is *points to it* $3.99
C: *slides card* you’re an asshole.
Me: thank you. You have an excellent day too.

Another example of getting reported to management for being rude but not getting into trouble because I spoke polite the whole time. Kill them with kindness guys. ;)