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Why did you give up on your dream? You could ride and continue to dream of designing motorcycles.

Here’s a nonbinary/just really fuckin cute America sugar daddy au, because I’m a sucker for both this AU and Al with a daddy kink. I still can’t quite draw, but it fulfills a purpose, eh? @imagine-nsfw-hetalia inspired me, whatcanisaybuti’msorry

  • evil twin au
  • resentful/ crazy muse comes back in time to try  &  kill their former self
  • ( or just comes back in time to mess up/ corrupt/ torture/ have fun with their younger self )
  • or one going forwards in time to try and get information from the other
  • or canon version faces dark!version
  • basically twin threads where one is more evil than the other  grabby hands ]

the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura


Anonymous asked: “Yooo jk!! What do you like to do for fun???”

jk: i’m a serious guy!

~ M

ps: excuse my handwriting. i tried to draw on paper and i like it bc of my pens (and paint’s annoying). how did it turn out?

Because I Don’t Sleep At All Without You Pressed Up Against Me

HI so this is a kinda sorry-i-haven’t-been-posting-that-much-but-here-have-this-while-u-wait-for-bwybms kinda thing aLso what is UP with the title how long do i have to make it smh im sorry ANYWAY i decided to write a lil more of the more-than-bestfriends-less-than-boyfriends kinda thing because imo it’s so underrated and CUTE so thsi is kinda written on those grounds i hope it ok anyway BYE

words: 3.3k


dan and phil are tired teenage art students who nap together a lot


Dan doesn’t think it should be legal to wake up before nine am.

He yawns, throwing his bag up to his bed on the top bunk, leaning against the metal ladder, and fighting the urge to throw himself up there along with his luggage. They have to be out of the hotel by six pm, something about visiting a seaside museum, bring your sketchbooks, don’t be late, blah blah blah – Dan had stopped listening after the first two minutes.

He hasn’t slept in what has to be over thirty-six hours; he’d lost last night’s sleep to cramming in some last-minute packing at four in the morning after having forgotten about it all night, and by the time he’d finished, it had been time to leave for the trip. He hadn’t been able to sleep on the coach – in his opinion; noisy, clumsy, uncomfortable and dirty vehicles aren’t exactly the best napping environments; especially considering he’d often be described as one of those annoying ‘fussy sleepers’ who literally cannot get to sleep unless they’re in absolute pitch darkness and silence. Which, considering he’s sharing a room with five others for a week, is probably going to cost him another couple of nights’ sleep, so he’ll be sure to look forward to that.

He doesn’t quite know why he’s even going on this stupid art trip. He’d only used it as an excuse to skip school for a week, but now he isn’t too sure where he’d rather be.

He yawns again, squeezing his eyes shut and scratching his head. Fuck, he doesn’t want to go out tonight. He doesn’t think he can manage it; he’ll get half an hour into the museum before passing out on the floor.

The en-suite bathroom door shuts, and his black-haired classmate emerges, drying his damp face with a flannel. If Dan didn’t know any better, he’d assume Phil is just as tired as he is and had just splashed cold water on his face in an attempt at staying awake.

That doesn’t seem like a bad idea, actually. Maybe he should try it.

“You alright?” Dan raises his eyebrows, eyeing the boy up and down.

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Stop bashing rookie groups. Its an ugly look for you

@anyone who finds this post triggering….

It was for you.🙂

080817 | seokjin

“Are we dating?”
485 words

“Hey Y/N,” begins Seokjin one Sunday afternoon. The tea shop is hidden away in one of the back alleys of the shopping complex, pots of herbs adorning the display shelf outside. The two of you are tucked away in a back corner, the store surprisingly empty except for the tea sommelier tending to the air plants that hang across the ceiling. It’s like a tiny jungle, white walls locked away in the heart of the urban district, a proud finding of Seokjin’s.

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Eiffel’s favorite book is James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.

He’s never been quite sure why. He never liked to read much, his ADHD made it hard for him to sit down and concentrate long enough for him to really get into a book, but something about Dahl’s work made it easy.

Sure, James and the Giant Peach funny and has magic and giant bugs, what 10 year wouldn’t like that?

Or maybe it was just that it was his first real book. It had been a gift from an aunt, and Eiffel had almost forgotten about into he picked it up one day and decided to read it out of boredom.

He finished it in two days.

And maybe, in fact most likely, though Eiffel hasn’t really though about it himself, he wanted to be James,who didn’t have any friends, who got away from his shitty guardians and had magical adventures and who become a hero.

And Eiffel always wanted that.

He found more by Dahl and loved it all, practically Fantastic Mr. Fox and George’s Marvelous Medicine.

Of course he brought James and the Giant Peach with him on the Hephaestus, the same copy he got in 1992, primarily held together by duct tape.

Minkowski laughed when he told her.

“So.. uh, what’s your favorite book…?” had been an awkward ice-breaker type question posed by Eiffel.

“To Kill a Mockingbird” said Minkowski, “what’s yours?”

She wasn’t sure what she was expecting, maybe Lord of the Rings or maybe a comic book or something. She was not expecting

“James and the Giant Peach”

and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Really, Eiffel? Isn’t that a children’s book?”

She did feel a little bad when she saw the hurt look on his face. 

Later, she assumes it’s because Anne loves it, and she’s not entirely wrong, Eiffel did plan to read all of Roald Dahl’s books to her.

They only made it halfway through The Witches.

He brought that one with him, too.

About a year into the mission, Eiffel decided to read it again, late one night when he couldn’t sleep.

“Officer Eiffel…?” asked Hera.

“What’s up, Hera?” 

“This is stupid… but will you… read me your book…?”

He was a little taken back by the question.

(He thinks of Anne, climbing into his lap, insisting “Read to me, Daddy!”)

“Yeah, of course.” he said, flipping back to the beginning of the book.

Every night before he went to sleep, he read her couple chapters. He did voices too, even though he’s terrible at it.

Hera loved it anyway.

(Anne always loved it, too)

Kepler, Maxwell and Lovelace laughed too when they found out. (who even knows how the topic had come up) They weren’t expecting his answer, either. They weren’t sure what to expect, but it was not that.

Jacobi, on the other hand, scoffed.

“Please, Eiffel. Matilda is way better.”

Eiffel just looked at him for a moment.

“Figures,” he said.

Jacobi has yet to figure out what that means.

Eiffel has read James and the Giant Peach several times since the mission started. It helps to fight off the homesickness, the paranoia, and the anxiety. He’s got it practically memorized by now, but he doesn’t care.

It’s his favorite book.


Inside this place is warm, outside it starts to pour


“I’m sorry…”

Happy belated birthday, @ka-zu-ya​! IMOUTO IS HELLA LATE BUT YEah ok I have no excuse

Based on this (x)

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He jolts in his seat, and squeezes the steering wheel. Cor reminds himself painfully that he is going 70km down the road, and he doesn’t want to be crashing and killing the Oracle any time soon. Cor quietly slips his hand out of her own, and returns his hands to the proper position. “Excuse me.” He remarked. “Perhaps… I should rest somewhere for a moment.” He glanced up to the sign they were approaching. Taelpar Rest Area. “Do you think you’re ready?” He slows the car down into the park, reminding himself to get gasoline. He has no idea what’s running through her mind, and he’s sure she may be thinking of leaving him behind – but he had every intention of helping her awaken Titan and Ramuh, so long as he could be at her side, at someone’s side, he wouldn’t mind what they had to do.

fault lines of the heart

a/n: wut are dis?? not smut?? ummmmmmmmm, not exactly one-sided but kind of is??????? sugapark lol sorry i tried ;u; at least it’s kind of angsty?????


yoongi’s thoughts may still be thick and muddled by drowsiness, but he has a very clear idea of who might be knocking on his front door at three in the goddamn morning. he rolls over under his sheets, hoping that if he ignores it, it might go away. out of sight, out of mind.

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Rin & Akira’s Story

The RinAki story from the 5th Anniversary Chiral Night.

Other Togainu no Chi Clips:
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For the anon who wanted Rin’s clip too. I wish you all the best in finding more fellow Rin fans.

Translation below the cut. Yet again, apologies if it’s somewhat dodgy. Please don’t look at if if you can read Japanese.

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