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I wanted to thank you guys for this evening, and apologize for the spam as well. I’ve been working non stop for months and I’ve only done a few paintings for studies, and I can’t seem to manage to draw much for myself lately so this had been a very nice stress relief. You guys are reaally funny and cute and I just loved interacting like this tonight. <3

Much kisses to you sweeties / //v// /

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Listen, kid.  The patriarchy is the worst goddamn thing you’ll ever have to confront and I don’t need to tell you that you’ve been confronting it every day since you were born.  But you don’t have to go it alone, ok?  Especially not when ninety percent of the time…been there.  Done that.  Let’s be a coven of bitches together, okay?

Happy Birthday Kayla ❤❤❤❤❤

Hugs! — Park Woojin Fic

not requested!

genre: fluff!

#protect woojin project!

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  • Walking happily into the library where you promised Woojin to meet up at, you notice the latter sitting with his head down
  • ‘What happened to him?’ You thought, bc usually he’d be reading a comic as he waits for “ur slow ass” as he puts it
  • Disregarding this, you stride up to him and give him a good ol’ pat on the back and bring him into a headlock expecting him to fight back
  • Nope. He sits there, motionlessly.
  • “Yah, Park Woojin, what’s up with you?”
  • Silence… a sniff… another sniff. Lifting his head you see tears welling up in his eyes
  • “H-hey, what’s wrong Woojin? What happened?”
  • “I-i didn’t pass my, my SM audition-n. I don’t know what to dooo” he moans pitifully.
  • Feeling bad, you try to cheer him up. “It’s ok Woojin-ie, there are still plenty of other companies you can audition to out there, hm? Don’t cry over the one company who is sleeping over your talents.”
  • Pulling him into a hug, “Is there anything I can do to make your day all better?”
  • “Yes. Promise me something.” 
  • “What?” 
  • “You have to hug me,” ‘Aren’t I already doing that??’
  • “Everyday. Whenever I want.” ‘Ok, what. Pink sausage say what.’
  • But you couldn’t help to agree after he gives you those puppy eyes. ‘Freaking Woojin and his freaking irresistible cuteness.’

  • Current date and time: September 9, 2017 3:00 AM
  • You wake up to buzzing noises near your ear. Looking at your phone, you see messages and missed calls from the one, and only, Park Woojin.
  • Smh woojin its late
  • His messages consists of, “Is u awake?”
  • “Y/N. My best friend, the only person who cares about me, wAkE uP”
  • “Yo. wake up….pls”
  • shookEDT, there were 10 missed calls and 4 voicemails. Not even giving you a chance to listen to them, Woojin’s caller ID pops up
  • ‘Sexy baby oh my lady’ plays on repeat until you accept the call
  • “What do you want Park.”
  • “Open your window.”
  • “What?”
  • “OpEn YoUR WINDOW.”
  • Wtf? Heading to your window, you open it to see Woojin squatting on a big tree branch.
  • PARK WOOJIN,” startling him a little bit, “ARE YOU CRAZY? DO YOU KNOW HOW DANGEROUS THAT IS? Get the heck inside, now.”
  • “Okaay, geez mom.”
  • “Wanna tell me why you’re here? At-” looking at the clock, “THREE IN THE FRICKFRACK MORNING???!1?”
  • “I wanted my daily hugs..”
  • “And you couldn’t have waited ‘till a decent time? Like, when people are usually awake? For example, 8 in the morning??”
  • “Nope. You promised me, whenever I want.”
  • “I’m supposed to be sleeping right now???”
  • “Well then why’re you awake?”

  • “Sorry,” he mutters dejectedly and slight frowns. “…Can I still get that hug though?”
  • Your heart aches at the sight and you sigh exasperatedly, “Ok fine, but never wake me up at an ungodly hour again.”
  • Pulling him into a hug, you whisper into his ear, “Never stop smiling, it hurts me.”
  • He whispers back with a slight grin, “I won’t, so long as you’re here, giving me my daily hugs.”

  • Current date and time: September 10, 2017 3:00 AM
  • Rocks were being thrown at your window. Getting up, you open it only to be hit smack dab in the middle of your face by a muddy rock. ‘Stupid rain. Stupid rock. Who the heck is annoying me at -looking at your clock- 3 in the morning again.’
  • “Hey! Y/N, IT ME. WOOJIN.” hopping into your room, he screams right into your face.
  • “You’re screaming too…”
  • “Oh my god, Woojin. What do you want this time?”
  • “My hug.” whipping your head towards his direction, you give him a deadpan expression. ‘Say what now?’
  • Let’s just say, the hug you gave him then was suffocatingly sweet.

  • “Shut up and sleep, you’re my teddy bear’s replacement for tonight (today?)”


just a short drabble! ((: im late;;;

now i need to shower and do homework oh god

hope y’all like it! ♡

@whatever your name is and all your friends

i know youll see this cus you love stalking my blog so much ill start off by saying if you and your friends’ incredibly immature actions over the past day are any indication of how you all typically behave then i dont see why in the world you would expect me to acknowledge any of you. youre all truly awful and hypocritical people with nasty personalities who apparently have nothing better to do then gang up on a stranger on the internet for something that not only happened 4 years ago, but did not directly involve him at all. i literally have not even heard about ANY of this until today. maybe thats just how youve always acted, or maybe youve all spent too much time on the internet and now you think its ok to harass someone youve never met just for kicks. who knows. and i honestly cannot believe any of you have the audacity to call me a coward when your clique is spamming me, trying to suicide bait me, and sending me the very type of hateful anons you apparently got from my followers. like im sorry that shit happened to you when you were 10 but im also sorry your maturity hasnt grown at all since then. i Really implore you all to stop acting so entitled and take this to heart. and while youre at it maybe perhaps stop @ing me and telling me to kill myself for literally nothing. take care

So last week I mentioned how I contacted tech support for something and the agent who helped me was named “princess keith”

And I said I’d write something on this if no one stopped me……..well no one stopped me and a few of you actually encouraged me so, here goes

  • the chat window says ‘Princess is assisting you’
  • “Princess, huh?” Lance turns on the charm via chat
  • On the other end Keith is ??? but ok he has a job to do: fix this idiot’s browser problem
  • so he starts working and Lance gets the notification ‘Princess Keith is now accessing your computer’
  • and Lance decides Keith is a nice name
  • he’s spamming the chat window with inane banter
  • and keith is getting irritated like dude just minimize this window so I can see what’s wrong with your computer
  • keith finally gets to open lance’s start menu, and there’s a profile pic there. now keith has one of those generic pics that come with the computer (of course he has the motorcycle one) but this lance guy has a selfie and he’s cute what the heck??? keith did not sign up for this
  • he takes a deep breath when he finally resolves the issue and ends the chat session. talkative clients are not uncommon but this guy seemed especially annoying. keith does not get paid enough for this.
  • but when Lance has trouble again, he contacts tech support again. and this time he specifically asks for princess keith. he’s not totally sure why himself.
  • keith is surprised at first but he feels like he’s getting to know lance a bit better, and he doesn’t really mind it?? much.
  • he’s really guarded at first for obvious reasons, but lance gets him to open up slowly, revealing things about himself bit by bit
  • like why “princess” keith. (it’s because allura - keith’s boss - is a total princess and when he called her that as a joke she made it his username as a joke, and it sort of stuck)
  • they can’t exchange personal contact info because keith would lose his job but they find themselves wishing they could
  • maybe the irony is that they live in the same city, and eventually bump into each other
  • awkward crushes ensue

She: “If my powers are truly so great, sir, then such a kiss should have turned you from beast to man”

Him: “Ah, but you’re forgetting that it was I who kissed you. To free me from my dark enchantment, you would have to kiss me”.

Me: OMG 

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(The Bride and the Beast, Teresa Medeiros)

Ok some people on here need to stop bombarding Taylor with posts, I mean, you don’t continuously ask your favourite blog to follow you and spam them constantly with posts right??? I understand you want her to follow you but you need to be patient? As they say, good things come to those who wait…not those who harrass someone to do something for them. It’s getting pretty a bit out of hand now.

I’m calling all the P!nk fans here right now! Yes, all of the 7 people out there, come on. Stop reading dumb fanfics and watching porn, let’s spam everybody with good music. Don’t let this flop like the video of True Love, ha! 

Ok, so this is the “challenge”, is actually very simple. Don’t forget the “rules” (yeah, all the bullshit I wrote) and… well, that’s it. 

Day 01 - Your favorite song in this moment.
Day 02 - A song that you dislike.
Day 03 - A song that makes you happy.
Day 04 - A song that makes you sad .
Day 05 - A song that reminds you of someone.
Day 06 - A song that reminds you of somewhere. 
Day 07 - A song that makes you dance.
Day 08 - A song that makes you fall asleep.
Day 09 - A song with the same title of its album.
Day 10 - A song that was never played live.
Day 11 - A song that describes you right now.
Day 12 - A song that you used to love but now hate.
Day 13 - A song from your favorite album.
Day 14 - A song that you listen to when you’re angry .
Day 15 - A song that you listen to when you’re driving or walking .
Day 16 - A song you want to play at your wedding.
Day 17 - A song you want to play at your funeral.
Day 18 - A song that makes you laugh.
Day 19 - A song that sounds better in live version.
Day 20 - A song that sounds better in acoustic version.

Ok so I just watched the most racist porn on xnxx. It was a young white woman and an African American guy. So boom! He's eating her out and shit and this bitch sayssss: Ouu yeah f*ck yeah eat that pussy like a nigger should. Ight? Ok boom so here I am I got one hand in my panties completely turned off I continued watch to see what they say next. As I knew this bitch then goessss: Yeah baby eat my Pussy like you eat your watermelons and chicken. Pause. Idgaf how much porn is paying but this man stops eating her pussy & stares at her. Now I'm thinking: oh shit he bouta fuck her up. NAW! This nigga says: i eat my chicken to the bone. Now Barbie just chillin on her back exaggerating her moans. I spammed that sh*t. Now I'm not even horny anymore.


You guys, please help me, and these kids. So there is a page up on Facebook where high school kids can post pictures of people and basically bully them and spread lies and rumors about them. One of these girls is my friends little sister who not only gets bullied at school, but now when she comes home, she can’t even go on social sites without being flooded with messages from people bullying her because of this page. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do me a favor and post of this page with spam and report it. I am mobile so I can’t link it but please. Bullying is never ok,and right now, you have an active chance to stop it.