ok i will stop spamming you now

Madness is over ok yes

Well I’m gonna stop here because I have a very bad headache now haha.

I wanted to thank you guys for this evening, and apologize for the spam as well. I’ve been working non stop for months and I’ve only done a few paintings for studies, and I can’t seem to manage to draw much for myself lately so this had been a very nice stress relief. You guys are reaally funny and cute and I just loved interacting like this tonight. <3

Much kisses to you sweeties / //v// /

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So last week I mentioned how I contacted tech support for something and the agent who helped me was named “princess keith”

And I said I’d write something on this if no one stopped me……..well no one stopped me and a few of you actually encouraged me so, here goes

  • the chat window says ‘Princess is assisting you’
  • “Princess, huh?” Lance turns on the charm via chat
  • On the other end Keith is ??? but ok he has a job to do: fix this idiot’s browser problem
  • so he starts working and Lance gets the notification ‘Princess Keith is now accessing your computer’
  • and Lance decides Keith is a nice name
  • he’s spamming the chat window with inane banter
  • and keith is getting irritated like dude just minimize this window so I can see what’s wrong with your computer
  • keith finally gets to open lance’s start menu, and there’s a profile pic there. now keith has one of those generic pics that come with the computer (of course he has the motorcycle one) but this lance guy has a selfie and he’s cute what the heck??? keith did not sign up for this
  • he takes a deep breath when he finally resolves the issue and ends the chat session. talkative clients are not uncommon but this guy seemed especially annoying. keith does not get paid enough for this.
  • but when Lance has trouble again, he contacts tech support again. and this time he specifically asks for princess keith. he’s not totally sure why himself.
  • keith is surprised at first but he feels like he’s getting to know lance a bit better, and he doesn’t really mind it?? much.
  • he’s really guarded at first for obvious reasons, but lance gets him to open up slowly, revealing things about himself bit by bit
  • like why “princess” keith. (it’s because allura - keith’s boss - is a total princess and when he called her that as a joke she made it his username as a joke, and it sort of stuck)
  • they can’t exchange personal contact info because keith would lose his job but they find themselves wishing they could
  • maybe the irony is that they live in the same city, and eventually bump into each other
  • awkward crushes ensue

excerpts from block b’s group chat pt 2

aka I got bored in my tutorial

Jiho: I say we conduct an experiment because I’m not buying the fact
that my ass is bony
Jaehyo: I want in
Taeil: I leave the chat for five minutes and come back to this what
the fuck
Taeil: Minhyuk’s ass is nice though

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I’m calling all the P!nk fans here right now! Yes, all of the 7 people out there, come on. Stop reading dumb fanfics and watching porn, let’s spam everybody with good music. Don’t let this flop like the video of True Love, ha! 

Ok, so this is the “challenge”, is actually very simple. Don’t forget the “rules” (yeah, all the bullshit I wrote) and… well, that’s it. 

Day 01 - Your favorite song in this moment.
Day 02 - A song that you dislike.
Day 03 - A song that makes you happy.
Day 04 - A song that makes you sad .
Day 05 - A song that reminds you of someone.
Day 06 - A song that reminds you of somewhere. 
Day 07 - A song that makes you dance.
Day 08 - A song that makes you fall asleep.
Day 09 - A song with the same title of its album.
Day 10 - A song that was never played live.
Day 11 - A song that describes you right now.
Day 12 - A song that you used to love but now hate.
Day 13 - A song from your favorite album.
Day 14 - A song that you listen to when you’re angry .
Day 15 - A song that you listen to when you’re driving or walking .
Day 16 - A song you want to play at your wedding.
Day 17 - A song you want to play at your funeral.
Day 18 - A song that makes you laugh.
Day 19 - A song that sounds better in live version.
Day 20 - A song that sounds better in acoustic version.

You guys, please help me, and these kids. So there is a page up on Facebook where high school kids can post pictures of people and basically bully them and spread lies and rumors about them. One of these girls is my friends little sister who not only gets bullied at school, but now when she comes home, she can’t even go on social sites without being flooded with messages from people bullying her because of this page. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do me a favor and post of this page with spam and report it. I am mobile so I can’t link it but please. Bullying is never ok,and right now, you have an active chance to stop it.

Ok so I just watched the most racist porn on xnxx. It was a young white woman and an African American guy. So boom! He's eating her out and shit and this bitch sayssss: Ouu yeah f*ck yeah eat that pussy like a nigger should. Ight? Ok boom so here I am I got one hand in my panties completely turned off I continued watch to see what they say next. As I knew this bitch then goessss: Yeah baby eat my Pussy like you eat your watermelons and chicken. Pause. Idgaf how much porn is paying but this man stops eating her pussy & stares at her. Now I'm thinking: oh shit he bouta fuck her up. NAW! This nigga says: i eat my chicken to the bone. Now Barbie just chillin on her back exaggerating her moans. I spammed that sh*t. Now I'm not even horny anymore.


I was going back and forth about making a post (especially when I’ve been so tired and haven’t made IR posts recently, sorry!  just posting silly small things either editing old posts or thanking people) because I was getting exasperated by anti-IR followers trying to follow me almost every day that now gaining new followers, which used to be exciting and fun, is now just “ok are you a porn/spam blog or an anti-IR?”

At first I thought it was better to ignore it and not let them see that they got to me, which they haven’t overall since I’m not going to stop shipping IR and I’m not at all deterred from making IR posts, but I have to admit they are being rather annoying.  The ones following me hasn’t done anything actively and some anti-IRs have probably slipped through the cracks in my purging, but it’s still obvious there is nothing but ill intentions in their reasons to follow an obviously exclusive IR blog. Why else would they be following my blog? (If you’re a multishipper I have to say I haven’t  seen evidence supporting IR on your blogs so apologies if you’re blocked but you obviously made me uncomfortable enough).

And if these blogs are going so far as to hide they are anti-IR or in fact made additional blogs just to stalk IR blogs I have to say:

They are pathetic.
You are pathetic.

I try to be upbeat and positive and try my best not to cross over the lines of civility.  I basically stay in my camp and if I have criticisms or gripes I try to leave it either untagged or tag it as anti (posts older than a year might be an exception because I was still new to tumblr, I still am figuring things out tbh lol).  I didn’t try to start fights or participate in the “war” actively in the sense of fighting with others on it, but I’ll defend my OTP to the last if people start things with me.

But really the bottom line comes to this to the anti-IR blogs stalking IR fans:

What in the world are [you] doing??

They tote around 686 as their ultimate and canonical evidence.  They try to rub in our faces that it’s over, they won, they were right, we were wrong, we didn’t read the manga right, they knew it was endgame, etc.  I have so many criticisms that I won’t get into here, but let’s be honest.  They weren’t endgame, there is 600+ chapters! color spreads! movies! interviews!, and other works to counter that claim.  The last arc was terribly slow and awful in pacing, plot holes were left gaping open and 686 was nothing but a joke that a majority of fans, shippers and non-shippers alike, do not accept and treat it as useless garbage.  

Whether they think they “won” or not, they sure aren’t acting as if they had “won.”  If we, IR, had “won” in this silly “war,” do you know what I would and wouldn’t be doing?

I wouldn’t be trying to find anti-IR blogs to stalk.  I couldn’t give two shits about your underdeveloped and extremely unhealthy, toxic couples.  They literally make me sick so why would I bother trying to seek them out and willing expose myself to something I clearly despise?  Am I going to sit in raw sewage that will make me gag and vomit while trying to eat lunch?  No, I wouldn’t force myself to be near or do something disgusting when I could avoid it altogether!  Why do I need that negative garbage in my life??
I would stay out of their tag and not bother with them as long as they stayed civil and stayed away from me, otherwise, immediately blocking because I do not want to waste my precious time and energy on something that is worthless to me.
I would be celebrating IR without abandon by following IR blogs, reblogging, liking, and creating my own posts to share and support the community focused around our love for IR!
I would be thanking and appreciating all the wonderful fans being supportive of each other on the community while being so kind to share their works, beliefs, and love of IR that brought us together.

I apologize that this post has a definitively different tone compared to my other ones, to be honest I am actually quite short-tempered, cynical and grumpy 24/7 but I try to be more positive and upbeat because negativity brings out only more negativity, but I’m sorry I just had to get this off my chest!

But really I apologize to be so crude but can these stalkers please GTFO. Yes, I’ll block you.  I’ll ignore you.  I don’t need you on my blog, thank you very much.  One day I will not care but today is not that day.  Today I don’t need this and I doubt I ever will but until I can ignore it without effort I’ll help myself do it more efficiently by blocking your existence from my notice, thank you very much!

In conclusion, if IR had become canon and we “won,” I wouldn’t give a flying fuck about any detractors and anti fans who supported opposing couples, let alone go out of my way to stalk them just to harass them or mock them because it

All things considered in my list of things that I would and wouldn’t do, I have to say since a lot of the IR community is basically doing the above by ignoring anti-IR fans and not stalking them while continuing to support each other and share their love for IR in likes, reblogs, edits, posts with fan art, fan fics, and any other creations in our community, I think it’s easy to see who really “won,” don’t you think?

Kubo threw away everything and wasted his time and our own.  He’s ruined his future but he doesn’t have to ruin ours.