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ohmygosh how about MC forcing the RFA + saeran to do a couple cosplay with them !


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  • “MC, whatchya watchin?”
  • MC pauses their show to greet Yoosung, who just returned from his classes for the day
  • “hello, cutie! i missed you!”
  • MC wraps their arms around Yoosung and gives him an eskimo kiss
  • “i was just watching my favorite anime, Free!”
  • “oh, sounds cool. whats it about?”
  • “boys who form a swim team together. it’s so cute!”
  • “maybe i can watch it with you! do you have a favorite character?”
  • “of course! he’s this adorable little blonde boy named Na-”
  • WAIT
  • “MC…? everything okay…?”
  • MC had stopped talking and just stared at Yoosung, eyes wide
  • “YOU’RE HIM”
  • Yoosung just tilts his head, still very confused
  • MC grabs their laptop and pulls up pictures of Nagisa
  • “he’s a young, cute blonde boy! Yoosung, you and Nagisa are like, one in the same!!!”
  • “hey, i’m not cute-”
  • “do you know what this means!?”
  • “MC-”
  • they grab Yoosung shirt and start shaking him
  • “you have to do a Nagisa cosplay! YOU HAVE TO!”
  • Yoosung giggles at how dramatic MC is being, and places his hands on theirs
  • “okay, okay! i’ll cosplay Nagisa if you really want me to”
  • MC lets go of his shirt and holds up a peace sign, making a cute pose
  • “and i can be your smart boy crush, Rei!”
  • “we’ll be the most incredible dynamic duo!”
  • Yoosung puts one arm around MC and gestures to the sky with the other
  • “yea! Reigisa forever!”
  • Yoosung nods and kisses MC on the cheek
  • “forever!”


  • when Zen came home from work that day, he seemed pissed
  • “MC! i need to talk to you!”
  • they run into the front room
  • “whats wrong, Zen? did you have a bad day?”
  • “do you know who Viktor is?!”
  • “Viktor?”
  • “all day at rehearsal i hear people talking about some guy named Viktor! everyone was all ‘oh isnt Viktor so beautiful’ and ‘I wish i knew someone as pretty as Viktor’ so i’m like, who the hell is this guy? some other actor?!”
  • Zen turned bright red
  • MC, who figured out by now that Zen’s coworkers were fangirling over an anime character, cracked a smile
  • “Zen, Viktor’s from an ice skating anime”
  • “what the hell?! what kind of anime character generates this much attention?”
  • MC pulls up a picture of Viktor Nikiforov from Yuri!!! On Ice on their phone
  • Zen snatches the phone out of their hand to get a closer look
  • his face turns even more red
  • “w-whatever. i’m more handsome than this guy…”
  • MC takes their phone back and wraps their arms around Zen’s neck
  • “of course you are, Zenny. you’re the most handsome man in the world!”
  • “MC, is Viktor a super popular character?”
  • “yea. yuri on ice is like, the shit right now. even i’m kind of obsessed with it”
  • Zen stares past MC for a moment, thinking
  • “i’ll be right back”
  • Zen leaves the house and returns around two hours later
  • he knocks on the door saying “MC, i’m back! and i have a surprise for you!”
  • they answer the door 
  • Zen stands in the door way with his silver hair tied up into a high ponytail and a big blue flower crown on his head
  • he holds out his hand to MC, beaming
  • “this was the only thing i could think of to surprise you more than you’ve surprised me”
  • MC gasps and brings their hands up to cover their nose
  • Zen giggles and steps inside
  • “i told you i’m just as good looking as that Viktor guy!”
  • “Zen can i please be Yuuri”
  • they’re still covering their nose
  • “of course! how could i be Viktor without my Yuuri?”
  • Zen leans in close to MC, placing a hand on their cheek
  • “ok thanks well i’m gonna go work on that right now actually bYE ZEN”
  • he laughs again
  • MC was the perfect Yuuri! 
  • adorable, innocent, and all his


  • Jaehee knows that MC loves anime
  • she just could never really get into it
  • she was at work sifting through some papers when her phone lights up with a snapchat from MC
  • they snapchat Jaehee all the time when she was at work, usually just selfies and pictures of what they made for breakfast/lunch
  • Jaehee pushes the purple box with her thumb
  • she recognizes MC even though they’re wearing a black wig tied into pigtails with two red bows and red circle lenses
  • “hope you’re having a good day, Jaehee! Niko Niko Ni!”
  • the snapchat ends and Jaehee instantly feels her whole face get warm
  • was MC dressed like one of those anime girls just then?
  • that was….so cute
  • Jaehee takes a picture of her desk, messy with papers
  • she adds the caption “well, i’m having a good day now ^^”
  • she sends the snapchat and receives another video from MC a few seconds later
  • “will you be my Maki-chan, Jaehee?”
  • Jaehee has no idea what that means but the answer is YES
  • when she gets home, MC is waiting for her with a love live cosplay outfit, still dressed like Niko
  • “you promised!”
  • Jaehee takes the clothes and wig, going into the bathroom to put them on
  • “do i…look okay?”
  • she emerges from the bathroom minutes later, cheeks bright red
  • MC gasps loudly and gives her two thumbs up
  • “you look spectacular!”
  • they hug Jaehee, nuzzling her cheek
  • “i never knew you were so cute!”


  • “Jumin, you know how to ride a bike, right?”
  • Jumin and MC were sitting in bed together, him reading a book and MC watching anime on their laptop
  • he puts his book down
  • “i havent in awhile but i think i still remember how. why do you ask, darling?”
  • MC shows Jumin their laptop screen, which was playing an episode of Yowamushi Pedal
  • the bicycle anime
  • “is that one of your favorite shows? i can watch it with you if you’d like”
  • without answering Jumin, MC points at a character on screen with black hair and a blue helmet
  • “this is Imaizumi. he is you”
  • Jumin tilts his head
  • “me…?”
  • “yea. he doesnt say a lot like you, but when he does talk…”
  • MC points to another boy on screen who’s wearing big glasses
  • “…he’s usually talking about how much he loves this character”
  • Jumin smiles
  • “so these two are kind of like you and me?”
  • MC nods
  • “they’re just like us. that’s why we have to cosplay them”
  • “cosplay?”
  • “yea! you’ll dress like Imaizumi and i’ll dress like his tiny boy crush, Onoda”
  • Jumin looks closer at the screen, still smiling
  • “i suppose you might look cute in those big glasses, MC”
  • “yay!”
  • they lean onto Jumins shoulder, lacing their arm with his
  • “thank you so much, Jumin! we can take cute pictures on bikes and it will be so much fun!”
  • Jumin had never cosplayed before, but if it was something he could do with MC and it made them happy, he was sure he would like it


  • lets be honest, MC doesnt even have to force Seven into anything
  • MC’s favorite anime is Kaichou Wa Maid Sama
  • which Seven took a liking to when he saw MC watching it in passing
  • he just barley glanced at the screen and was like WHAT IS THIS SHOW IT’S SO CUTE COUNT ME THE FUCK IN
  • for those of you needing an explanation, Kaichou Wa Maid Sama is about a girl who works at a maid cafe but she’s also the student body president and this boy she doesnt like has a crush on her but he’s the only one who knows she’s working in a maid cafe so she has to be nice to him and tHEY FALL IN LOVE
  • anyway
  • when Seven and MC finish the show together they make a HUGE deal out of it
  • im talkin like popcorn and turning all the lights off like some home theater ass shit
  • “i cant believe its over…”
  • Seven wants MORE Maid Sama content
  • “it doesnt have to be over! i was planning on doing a cosplay from this show for the anime con next month. you can join me if you want!”
  • “ooohhhh sounds fun! who are you planning on being?”
  • “Misaki, the adorable yet independent main character, of course”
  • “but i wanna be Misaki”
  • “no way!!! you’re the annoying boy Usui who always gets on her nerves!”
  • MC sticks their tongue out at Seven
  •  “who’s the one here who already has a maid costume? oh thats right, ME! i’m the perfect Misaki!”
  • “bull crap! i’d make a way better Misaki than you!”
  • “how about we let fate decide?”
  • Seven holds up one hand into a fist and places his other hand underneath
  • a rock-paper-scissors challenge
  • “rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT!”
  • MC pulls scissors. Seven chooses paper.
  • dammit
  • “rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT!”
  • MC pulls rock. Seven chooses rock.
  • “rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT!”
  • Seven jumps up and down in victory
  • “yes! i get to be the cute maid girl!”
  • and even better, MC was going to dress as his hot high school love interest


  • “hey Saeran, can you come in here for a second?”
  • Saeran was watching TV when MC called him into their bedroom
  • when Saeran came into the room, MC jumped out of bed
  • “how tall are you?”
  • “173 centimeters….why?”
  • “can you lift up your arms, please?”
  • Saeran obeys, though he’s kind of confused
  • MC takes a tape measure from their pocket and measures around his waist, then around his hips
  • what the hell?
  • when MC is finished, they back away from him, as if they needed to get a better look so they could assess him in some way
  • they squint a little
  • “yep. you’d make the perfect Sasuke”
  • “Sasuke…? who the hell…?”
  • MC pulls out they phone and shows him a picture of Sasuke, a character from the anime Naruto who’s known for being mega emo
  • “you’ll do a cosplay of him with me, right?”
  • MC grabs Saerans hands and sticks their bottom lip out
  • “pleeeaasseee?”
  • “since when do you cosplay? where is all this coming from??”
  • “weeell i really want to cosplay Sakura but theres no way i’ll be Sakura without my Sasuke!”
  • they pull on Saerans hands, forcing him to step closer
  • “we will be so CUTE! please Saeran you have to!”
  • Saeran doesnt really like cosplay but MC seems like they really want to…
  • “show me that picture again…?”
  • MC shows Saeran the picture of Sasuke from their phone again
  • Saeran rubs the back of his neck and sighs
  • “i guess…that guy looks pretty cool”
  • MC jumps for joy and throws their arms around Saeran
  • “thank you thank you thank you!”
  • he smiles and hugs them back
  • “just as long as you do all the…sewing”

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Heartbeats - Chapter 9

Hello! It’s still morning here and I’m hungover so if some typos slips… well. As usual beta’ed by excellent hartfic. I sure hope you’ll enjoy this chapter a bit more than the last two ;) 

((N))SFW, (N)SFF, 2990 words

“We’re close” Mamrie whispers into Tyler ear, and points towards Beanz, desperately pulling on her leash.

“How do you even have one of Matt’s t-shirts?” Tyler asks while finishing up with his bow tie.

“It’s not Matt’s. It’s Greg’s.”

“Greg? Like ‘best man’ Greg?”

“That’d be correct.”

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THIS IS MY WILDEN IS CHARLES THEORY! WITH PROOF! p.s Sorry it’s written out like this.. I’m not on a computer to write it out better with the title, theory then pics. So just bear with me.

Ok so let’s just get started. I’ve been thinking a lot about who Charles is/could be. And I’ve come to the conclusion that Wilden is the ONLY person who can ACTUALLY BE CHARLES. Yes, I say this because I found out all the ages of the characters in the show and Wilden is the only one that fits Charles age. Wren is the SAME AGE AS JASON. They’re both 24, and we know that Charles is a year older. So Charles has to be 25. Which rules Wren out. Yes, I know Wren would have been the perfect Charles but if you really think about he can’t. He’s the top suspect, and there is SO MANY theories on Wren, but that’s TOO EASY. We won’t be shocked if it’s Wren. But we will be if it’s Wilden because he’s supposed to be dead. Wren is also British and hasn’t been relevant as much as Wilden. Even Marlene said that Julian Morris the actors that plays Wren is simply too busy filming for other shows/movies. So let’s get back to Wilden!

Wilden has been in the show from seasons 1 through 4 until he supposedly turned up ‘dead’. And even recently he was mentioned in season 6. Why even bring him up? He was also in the PILOT. We know NOTHING about Wilden’s past. He just showed up as a cop VERY INTERESTED in Alison’s disappearance. Not only that but he also physically resembles the Dilaurentis family. He looks related. He was a corrupt police officer, he is able to track, hack, and use technology. He has easy access to files/records. He has AUTHORITY, to walk in and out of places. For example Radley. Where he hid a file containing information about Marion’s death. He’s very SMART. And he’s LEGAL AGE to drink & purchase alcohol. He also has the MONEY. He is a cop.

Is it a coincidence that when he ‘died’ that’s when Mrs.D moved back to Rosewood? She definitely knows who Charles is. She protected him. Faked his death at 16. Why? She hid him at aunt Carols house. By this point he was 'dead’ so that’s what everyone thought. He was faking his name. So Darren Wilden is dead. But he’s ACTUALLY CHARLES with no where left to live. So he stays and hides out at aunt Carols. He hit Alison 'that night’. Alison even said she saw him that night. But we didn’t see him in the flashbacks. Wonder why?

Anyway let’s get to the photos above. I will explain every single one of them.

The first photo is self explanatory. The second photo is a photo that Bryce Johnson who plays Wilden posted on his Instagram. Read the caption. And the rest connects him to the queen of hearts. Wilden was on the Halloween train as the QOH’S. He drugged Aria & supposedly murdered Garret for knowing to much. That’s also the night Mona escaped and she was holding a QOH’S playing card. Coincidence?
The third picture is a photo of Wilden & MONA both 'dead’. Kind of looks the same. I believe Wilden/Charles is ALIVE and FAKED his death just like MONA. Sasha & a few another cast said in interviews that it’s not the last time we will see someone come back from the dead. And maybe Cece helped him? I strongly believe she’s involved. She even could be working with Wilden/Charles after all Wilden, Cece, Melissa & Alison were ALL IN CAPE MAY TOGEHER! Melissa could be BLACK WIDOW! She literally is a Widow.
The 4th picture shows a photo of Wilden on the police board. And then in a season 4 -A ending we see the same photos on the wall. Why would -A have a photo of Detective Wilden? Because he’s Charles. In the dollhouse there is also a police doll. The 5th photo explains Cape May. The 6th photo is another post by Bryce Johnson on his Instagram… Look what’s behind him. Photo #7: Then in a -A ending we see the same thing on the wall. Coincidence?
Photo# 8 is going back to 'that night’ we see Melissa and she says this “do I have to call 911 to get your attention?” Who works on the police force? Yep. Wilden aka Charles. And the 9th & final photo is a from Alison’s funeral. Wilden was there. And threatened the girls saying he’s going to found out what happens to her. Why is he so INTERESTED? Weird.

So yeah. I hope you enjoyed my theory. I now 100% believe Wilden is Charles. Let me know what you think! And if I left something out I will edit this and add more information :)