ok i was really unprepared for you

Prometheus? Are you getting this?

Smoulder- Sneaky Snippets

Hey guys! Ok so, as Smoulder is FAR from over (hehehe), I thought it might be fun to share some little snippets of dialogue from future chapters. Each bit of dialogue is from a different point in the story and- no- I’m not going to tell you who says the line. None of these are major spoilers, so have fun guessing who says what and if the line is funny or angsty!

  • “You’re lucky I’m not ripping your arm off man, holy shit I was UNPREPARED!”
  • “I kind of…sort of…punched…him.”
  • “You really don’t know who I am, do you?”

And my personal favourite:

  • “Get in the kiln.”

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paigeroo5  asked:

HELLO! Just read your 'You and Me' fic. ITS REALLY CUTE!!! I'm always into a baby fic. And tbh I'm mad that Mike in the show isn't a kid or baby. It would help me stomach his story easier, that's for sure.

OMG thank you that is so sweet!!!! i have a lot of feelings about kara being an unprepared mother and cute but messy baby mike…and of course, lena luthor being a total sucker for the cute baby boy next door and his pretty mother :)

My Favourite Things about Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 8

Not gonna lie… I thought this episode was pretty flat. Hopefully the Maura/Arthur relationship can be explored more in the future.

1. Something sweet to greet you with in the morning.

2. A bad mattress? Yeah…………… OK. I don’t believe that for a second.

3. Listen to you MOTHER… wear something with a collar. (Not that kind of collar, Maura).

4. It was pretty obvious. This bitch was as shifty as hell. 

5. Maura has been thinking about Jane’s wardrobe……. or more specifically, lack thereof.

6. Cher IS amazing…. just ask any gay person.

7. Mortified at being unprepared for an unplanned meeting. This dork fucking rules.

8. It may only be a leaf floating on the water, but I am DOWN WITH THIS SHIP.

9. Gratuitous hair porn

10. I really liked him as Arthur Isles… I just wish he had more of an English accent like Charles Winchester.

11. Do I even need a reason to include this?

12. It’s enough…

Painties are also in beta!

OK, here’s the thing.

I understand being frustrated with inconsistencies, and how disapointing it is to have something you worked hard on rejected. But Furvilla is in beta (closed beta, even), and the paintie mods has been around for only about 2 weeks.

This is pretty much the definition of beta! Things change. And things especially change if it turns out the current approach isn’t working, or if the developers were unprepared for what that feature really meant. And that clearly is the case with Furvilla painties.
When a new problem (like for instance nazi uniforms) arises, staff will have to discuss it, meaning it might take a few days for them to figure it out the exact new rules. Especially since important changes probably has to pass by and be approved by more than just the paintie staff.

My guess is we’ll see at least one more big overhaul of the paintie rules within the next month. Don’t be shocked if this happens.

The people submitting painties for the first two months of beta are trail-blazers. They’re the ones that are going to teach Furvilla what the paintie rules should be - especially for borderline cases - so it’s going to be a rough ride!
They’ll also be the ones teaching all the brand new paintie mods how to be consistent. Which a new team won’t be from day one. 

And yes, it is problematic that staff is unprepared for a paid feature, but that’s how things are right now. 

If you don’t want to be part of the rough ride when it comes to paintes, I strongly advise you to wait until it all has been sorted out. Don’t make painties now. Wait two months (or until open beta), so the worst bumbs has been sorted out.

Similarly, if you easily get upset when your art isn’t instantly approved, wait with painties until open beta. Come that time, rules should be much more streamlined, and mods will have several months experience with what they do.

If you do want to make painties now, you’re signing up for the bumpy ride. On the plus side you’ll help clear the road for users to come. because, you know, you’re a beta tester. :)