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I’ve been saving up money to reunite with my dear friend @jenizhu who I haven’t seen in 3 years and visit grandparents back home, and I’m finally free from exams so I’m opening up commissions!

I can’t believe I couldn’t find a suitable sample that’s not suga

Will draw: OC, fanart, kemonomimi
Will not draw: NSFW, furries, mecha, muscles, gore (cuts/bruises/etc ok)

Additional characters are +$15 for bust/waist up and +$7 for chibi. Headshot/icon can only include one character.
Simple or plain background as fitted. Transparent bg option available.

Please fill and email the following form to hmniay@gmail.com):
Email title “Commission - first_name/nickname month_date”
   e.g. Mine would be “Commission - Angel 0429”

★ Tumblr url / Twitter handle: 
★ Email: 
★ Commission type: 
★ Character(s): (full name and fandom)
★ Info: (poses, theme, personality… etc.)
★ Please attach full references and detailed descriptions if it’s an OC

Terms and conditions:
By commissioning me you are agreeing to the following:

  1. All payments are done through paypal invoice. 
  2. Prices may vary depending on the complexity.
  3. I reserve the right to decline an offer if I feel that it’s beyond my ability.
  4. Commissions are for personal use only, including but not limited to icons, themes, wallpapers and personal prints and stickers. You may not use it for commercial purposes, whether the profit is physical or virtual, or use it in any external projects such as your own comics, books or games, even if you don’t make profit from it. If you’re not sure, please ask :)
  5. You may not claim the artwork as your own. Although you are free to use it for any personal purposes, please give credits where possible.
  6. You are allowed to crop the artwork to fit icon or theme layouts etc, but other than that please be respectful and don’t edit it.
  7. I reserve the full right to the artwork and its use. That means, if I like, I can include it in my portfolio or display on my websites. That also includes reselling it of course, but I will not be doing that.
  8. I reserve the right to change the information on this post without notice. You will be agreeing to the terms written at the time of your payment.

I will be taking only 5 slots at a time, but I will have a waitlist.
For more references, please see [my art] [chibi]

Thank you for reading! (*´◒`*)ノ♥