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our little family pt.1 | park jimin

Pairing: Father! Jimin + Reader 

Genre: Fluff/Angst + parent au 

Word Count: 2.8k

Summary: You were just a pre-school teacher, a simple dream that came true as you always adored children. But what you didn’t know, was how one child and her very special father would change you dream forever. 

Parts: 1 2

“Jieun-ah, please.” Jimin sighed, as he tried putting her arms through the sleeves of her baby pink coat, which she shrugged back off again for the nth time making Jimin let out a soft groan in exasperation.

“Jieun-ah…” Jimin pleaded.

“I don’t want to go to school daddy.” Jieun said softly, pouting as she looked at her dad with round eyes, the corners watering slightly as Jimin felt his resolve weaken at the sight of his little girl before him.

Sighing, he grabbed her hands and put on a large grin, “Jieun-ah, It’ll be fun!” he tried cheering, “Daddy had loved going to school all his life (what a lie) and really wished he could go again.”

“Then why don’t you come with me?” Jieun asked, tugging at the ends of her little pale blue sundress, the color contrasting strongly against her raven blank hair that tumbled around her shoulders in soft curls.

Cradling her face in his hands, her cheeks squishing up together making Jimin chuckle slightly, he said, “Daddy’s too old now, but if anything happens I’ll be there for you, alright? Do you wanna go now? I promise it’ll be great.”

“Pinky promise?” Jieun asked, holding out her pinky to Jimin’s face as he laughed a little, hooking her tiny pinky within his and bringing them together before pressing a small kiss to her hands, “I promise baby.”

“Hi guys!! Welcome! Hello!” you smiled happily as the kids walked one by one into your class, all their faces with expressions that varied, some happy, some mad, some scared and some with tears and snot dripping from their little noses.

Oh children. 

“There you go Jieun-ah, I’ll pick you up in a couple hours okay?”

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I’m rewatching episode 2 and the way Hunk says “oh boy. Okay, how hard did you bang your head” leads me to believe this is not the first time Lance has gone on about mermaids and Hunk’s had to deal with this before

Like imagine Hunk and Lance together at a beach and they’ve spent all day in the sun and in the water, surfing, snorkeling, swimming, playing, and then suddenly Lance comes running up to Hunk, dive mask still over his face and snorkel flopping around on the side of his head and he’s yelling and gesticulating, trying to bodily tow Hunk into the water, and he’s like “Hunk, Hunk I swear this time I really saw one. There’s a mermaid in those rocks” and Hunk is just “ok buddy I think you’ve spent enough time in the sun for today”

Edited to add: OK I’D FORGOTTEN HUNK’S “Lance, I know this mermaid thing is a dream of yours” LINE NOW I’M POSITIVE LANCE HAS GUSHED ABOUT MERMAIDS TO HUNK BEFORE

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Prompt- lena is running for president and she meets kara on the campaign trail

“Ponytail” Kara jerked to attention, “Lena Luthor will be in National City for her Presidency campaign. You’re covering it.”


“Did I stutter?” Kara adjusted her glasses shaking her head. Snapper had never given her anything so high profile before, it was just a shock. “Great. Don’t screw it up.”


“Sorry. Excuse me. I’m sorry.” Kara shuffled sideways through the row towards an empty seat in the middle. Clutching her purse to her side trying not to hit anyone in the face. Slipping into the seat, Kara dropped her purse between her feet rummaging for her notepad and pen.

Kara looked around the room as a man at the mic thanked everyone for attending and made Lena’s introduction. It was a small venue, a bit bigger than a school gymnasium, but not by much. There was press scattered throughout the room, but mostly it was women and young adults that filled the seats. A few held hand made signs of support, calling people to vote for Lena as president.

The clicking of heels on the stage brought Kara’s attention back to the stage. She was well versed on Lena’s platform, she had been paying attention to the poles, and the interviews, and generally staying informed, but she had never seen the woman in person. The cameras certainly didn’t do her justice.


Lena crossed the stage, as she had done a hundred times before. Ignoring the flashes of cameras and the random shouting Lena smiled into the crowd, thanking everyone once again for coming. The floor was immediately opened to questions from the public. Not all were relevant or profound but Lena answered each one as they were the most important question. Finally at her time signal, she opened the floor to the press.

The first to jump up from her seat was a tall blonde. Hair tied back in a ponytail, wearing a yellow sundress, and thick rimmed glasses.

“Hi Ms. Luthor, Kara Danvers from CatCo magazine.” Lena gave a smile of support as the young woman stumbled over her question. She was not the typical image of the female reporter Lena saw on the campaign trail. She was the exact opposite. Most women of the press she saw took on the same serious hard looks as the men. Kara Danvers however, stood among the sea of black like a ray of sunshine.

A snicker brought Lena’s attention back. She could tell Kara was nervous but she had still asked a relevant and important question. How did she plan to support (financially or otherwise) for her initiative to keep more young girls interested in STEM throughout their academics? As a woman that had built most of her career off a background in science, it was a cause dear to her heart. As she spoke she noticed the woman’s brows furrowing as she scribbled. Without realizing it Lena had started to move up on her toes, as if the motion would somehow let her see what was being written down so frantically.

As Lena made her way through the rest of the questions her eyes kept drifting to the reporter. Watching her as Kara watched other reporters ask their questions before scribbling down Lena’s answers. As the time slot came to an end, Lena gracefully made her exit, listening to her closer tell the audience that Ms. Luthor would be back on the floor in a minute to mingle and introduce herself. After a quick drink of water to prepare herself for the next hour of chatting Lena went back out to say more personal hello’s to those who came to show their support.

Immediately pulled in by a group of young women looking to get a photo, Lena looked away from Kara to smile at the camera. When she looked back at the chairs they were empty. Determined not to be bothered by the quick exit Lena continued making her rounds, nodding politely at suggestions offered, smiling for photos, and answering questions that didn’t have the opportunity to be heard when she was on stage. Catching a glimpse of yellow Lena turned mid photo.

“I’m sorry.” Lena smiled again for the camera before placing her hand on the person’s back. “If you’ll excuse me.” Lena departed before she heard groans of disappointment. Her eyes narrowing in on the reporter that was currently talking to a young man that had come out to hear her talk.

“Hello” Lena smiled at the young man before turning slightly to Kara. “Sorry, I interrupted… please continue.”

“No no Ms. Luthor, Eli here just finished answering my question on why he believes you have so many young people here today.” Kara smiled brightly as the young man took his cue to leave.

“I hope you won’t be using that as your code for LGBT” Lena’s lifted her eyebrow as she saw the realization flash across Kara’s face as she quickly took in the group again, suddenly seeing all the Pride paraphernalia she had missed before. “Apparently everyone here but you already knows my little secret.”

“I didn’t-“

“It’s ok, I came out of the closet long before I ever thought of running for president. But it would make a nice touch don’t you think? First lesbian president.”

“Yes it would!” 
Feeling like she poked enough fun at Kara, Lena decided to switch topics.“You didn’t seem impressed by my answers today Ms. Danvers.”

“I’m not sure if I was.” Lena was used to the doubt. She had been stuck with it ever since she was adopted and took on the Luthor name.

“Why is that exactly?”

“Your views. They are wonderful. But I feel that you are optimistic. That you will not be able to make them happen as easily as you think they will.”

“One thing I have learned Ms.Danvers-“

“Kara, please.”

“One thing I have learned, Kara” Lena smiled as the name rolled off her tongue. “Is that things rarely come easy.”

Crossing her arms Lena continued when she saw Kara’s eyes soften. “I just want to make a difference, you understand that?”


Lena finally broke eye contact as she saw Jess motioning off to the side.  “I do have a question for you though Ms. Luthor-“



“Unfortunately Kara. I have to keep making rounds. But…how about I take you out to dinner?” Lena smirked, lightly biting down her bottom lip. “And you can ask me anything you want.” Lena signalled Jess to approach.

“Jess, can you give Kara my card? And write my personal number on it please.” Lena mouth twitched as she watched Kara’s lips fall open slightly in surprise. “I hope this isn’t the last time we talk.”

Kara took the card from Jess was she watched Lena walk away smiling to a couple she moved towards. “I hope not either.”

Keep on Living (chapter 3) Lin Manuel x Reader

Part 3 is finally here and features a Very Angry Lin as requested, thanks to everyone for reading my very first Lin fic.  Part 4 will be up super soon!

Part 1 | Part 2| Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Summary: Your boyfriend is an abusive asshole and you’ve been trying to hide it from Lin and everyone else. After turning up to the Richard Rogers where you work with a black eye and bruised wrists you tell Pippa that you’ve been mugged, but you get the feeling that Lin seems to know what really happened. Lin gets over-protective and you end up feeling really confused. On a night out with with the girls you drunkenly admit to Pippa that you think Lin is cute, and Jasmine records a video messaged standing up to your unknown attacker.

(I’m an abuse survivor myself. Not all abuse is the same, and so this fic is not meant to be a universal experience.

To anyone that may be experiencing abuse then my inbox is always open and I will always believe you. Tell a friend or a relative if you are able to. And there are many support lines depending on your town/state/country, talking to someone helps. Stay safe.)

Warnings - I’m adding a trigger warning for some mentions of emotional and physical abuse.

Word count - 2226


When you turn your phone on that morning it practically explodes in a flurry of messages.

Jasmine: Hey girl, I heard you called in sick today. Are you still really hungover?

Pippa: Are you ok? I heard you’re sick. Don’t worry, nobody has mentioned the video. Hope you feel better soon xxx

Lin: Apparently you aren’t coming in today so I don’t get to see you? AWFUL! Feel better, we all miss you. I hope you’re ok X

Lin: Dr Miranda prescribes hot sweet tea, a blanket fort, and The Little Mermaid. Take care of yourself please xxx

Lin: If you need anything let me know. I’m gonna be near your apartment today and I can bring round supplies.

Lin: Hey I’m on your block, do you need anything?

Lin: Are you ok? I don’t think you’re ok.

You throw your phone down on the bed. It’s the first time you’ve switched it on in 48 hours since you called Alex and told him you weren’t well enough to come to work. You’re honestly amazed that you still have friends with how anti-social you are being at the moment, but you haven’t been able to face anyone.

You’re surprised that none of Lin’s messages comment on the video Jasmine put on twitter a few nights ago. A video of you drunkenly admitting he was cute, but you’re thankful that he’s choosing to ignore that. Or maybe he never even saw the full video since Pippa took it down straight away.

You head into the theater that morning, grateful that the bruising on your face from last week is now fading. You draw less attention as you walk down the halls now. Lying about a fake mugging had made you feel so uneasy and you were relieved that you could make it to the office you shared with Alex without having to stop and talk about it.

“Hey Y/N , we didn’t expect to see you today!” Alex called cheerfully as you headed into the office. Lin was sitting on the beat up sofa, his laptop in front of him. He jumped up from the sofa, seeming surprised by your presence.

“You’re alive!” He grinned coming over to meet you. He hesitated for second, and there was a moment of awkwardness before he smiled and pulled you into a hug. “We missed you” He said, giving you a squeeze and you held your breath.

“Yeah, I can see!” You said dumping your bag down on the desk and eyeing the pile of paperwork awaiting your attention. “Aww Alex, you shouldn’t have!”

“Oops, yeah sorry about that.” Alex said as he quickly cleared another pile of papers from your chair for you to sit on. “We’ve got 8 new chorus members starting rehearsals on Monday and so the paperwork is sorta piling up.”

“Nah it’s fine” You shrugged, “I’m honestly just so happy to be back, I was getting cabin fever cooped up at home, it was driving me crazy.”

“Oh so that’s why you were ignoring my messages then?” Lin teased.

“Oh, god I’m sorry, I had my phone switched off, I was too sick to focus on a screen.” You were so used to lying now, you were surprised at how naturally it came to you.

“I dropped round a couple of times to see you. Mark said you didn’t want any visitors but I thought I’d keep trying.” Lin’s eyes darkened slightly and he looked at you as though he was trying to figure something out.

“Oh sorry, um yeah, I guess I must have been really out of it. I’m sorry” You once again found yourself unable to make eye contact with him as you deflected his concern. “You didn’t miss much much tho, just a sweatier sicklier me drowning in a sea of tissues and cough syrup, you dodged a bullet there.” You grinned weakly.

Lin’s eyes softened as he accepted your lie and he clapped his hands, snapping you out of the awkwardness.

“Well! Since you’ve been ignoring me, Me and Lac have been hatching a plan for Ham 4 Ham today. You in?”

Alex chuckled to himself “Don’t say yes to anything until he’s told you his plans.” He gathered his folders from his desk and headed out, leaving you alone with an over excited Lin.

“Ignore him.” Lin grinned, “You’re gonna love this. Or maybe you’ll hate this, I don’t know.”

You rolled your eyes and prepared for the worst. Your afternoons were often filled with vetting Lin’s ideas for new Ham4Ham shows. Some of which were brilliant, some of which were not, and thankfully between you and Alex, you could try and steer Lin in the right direction.

“Ok, so how well do you know Backstreet Boys?”

You laughed so hard you actually snorted. You held your hand up to your mouth, still laughing. “I’m sorry, that was NOT what I was expecting you to say at all”

Lin raised his eyebrows in mock indignation. “ I would NEVER joke about the Backstreet Boys” he exclaimed.

Lin went on to explain his idea for staging a performance of Backstreet’s Back complete with choreography for this afternoon’s Ham4Ham.

“Look, if you need me to show you the moves then all you had to do is ask” you laughed

“Ha! You know I love the fact that you spent all of senior year practicing Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation in your bedroom, I’m not doubting your skills, but we had a run through yesterday and I think we’re gonna be ok.” He chided while biting his lip.

The fact that he’d remembered your high school Janet Jackson obsession made you beam. It was something you’d geekily admitted on your very first day in rehearsals with him. Why? Because being around Lin brought out embarrassing admissions of your geeky obsessions, and he never mocked. His eyes had grown big and his face lit up in excitement and and he’d waved his arms in the air exclaiming “Me too!”. And from that moment onwards you knew you were in the right place. The fact that he’d remembered this little detail strangely gave you butterflies and you smiled to yourself.

You held your hands up “Ok ok, so you don’t need my dancing skills then.”

“No but we do need some accompaniment” Lin smiled.

“Fine!” You said, secretly happy to have something more fun to work on than the piles of paperwork Alex had left for you.

“I’ll get the melodica, hey give me a hand will you?”

You gestured up to a crate on the top of the bookshelves in your office marked ‘Ham4Ham gear.’ The crate was full of toy musical instruments, a set of megaphones, props, and some bits of costumes. It had become more of a lost and found box of novelty items which Lin and Alex added to weekly, as each Ham4Ham got more adventurous and silly.

You pulled over a chair to stand on which wobbled. Lin grabbed the chair to hold it in place as you climbed up.


The chair immediately swayed and Lin put his other hand out holding your waist to stop you falling off. You gasped, not expecting his hands, you flinched slightly and wondered if Lin had noticed.

“You ok?”

“Yeah,thanks. Sorry this chair is a piece of shit” you laughed nervously. You noticed his hand remained on your waist. Your skin tingled and you swallowed nervously.

You stretched out your arm trying to grab the crate which was just out of reach when Lin yelled “Fuck!”.

Lin’s hands had disappeared from your waist and you looked down at him, his eyes were wild, and he stepped back from the chair. He was staring at you. Staring at your waist. You looked down and noticed your shirt had ridden up above your stomach as you’d reached up. You quickly pulled down your shirt and stepped down from the chair. It was too late. He’d seen it.

“Fuck!” Lin said, this time in a whisper.

You looked at the floor. You couldn’t look at him. No, no, no. Not now. 

“Show me.” Lin said, breathlessly. He was still staring at your waist.

“Lin, please, I can’t.” You shook your head in a panic.

He looked up at you, his eyebrows furrowed and his mouth tensed. “Show me” He commanded.

You gulped, it’s like you had forgotten how to breathe. His eyes never left yours and there was nothing left for you to do but show him.

Slowly you reached down, grabbing the corner of your shirt, nervously pulling it up to reveal your stomach and looking away. Lin gasped, closing his eyes and shaking his head.

Your stomach was blue and purple. An enormous bruise covered your belly, your waist and stretched round to your back. The bruise on your face from the previous week had faded, this was brand new, shiny, and dark.

You forced yourself to look at Lin who was still studying your skin in shock, you felt naked and exposed and you pulled your shirt down. Lin still stared at your waist through your clothes, unable to look away. Wispy strands of hair had fallen loose from his pontytail and hung in his eyes, you noticed his arms were locked by his side, his hands gripped tightly into fists.

“It wasn’t a mugging was it?” He said quietly

You shook your head, tears in your eyes and you tried to hold yourself together. You’d been trying not to fall apart all week, but you could feel yourself on the verge of unravelling.

“Who did this?” Lin asked, his mouth open in shock, his eyes set in anger, He already knew.

“I can’t.. Please I can’t do this now.”

“Who did this?” He asked again, his face darkened like thunder.

You couldn’t speak. You could barely breathe. You reached out to hold the chair to steady yourself.

“It was Mark wasn’t it?” Lin’s voice cracked.

You swallowed hard and closed your eyes. You nodded your head and a tear slipped down your cheek.

“Fuck.” Lin whispered.

“Lin I’m sorry, I couldn’t.. I didn’t know how to tell anyone. I’m sorry…”

Lin cut you off, he started shaking his head, pushing back his hair into his messy ponytail with both hands. His eyes were wild and he began muttering under his breath, violently spitting out a rapid mixture of English and Spanish, the hatred and anger flashing across his face.

“Fuck. Fucking motherfucker! No I’m gonna kill him…Hijo de puta…Mark es un maldito cabron…I fucking knew it!…Voy a matarlo… Hijo de la gran puta… Es una mierda!”

“Lin, please!” You begged, biting back tears and trying not to lose it.

Your voice brought him back and he stopped to look at you. He saw the panic in your face and the tears you’d tried so hard to keep in now falling freely down your cheeks and he took a breath.

“I’m sorry” He said shaking his head, his eyes softened realizing how scared you looked. “I’m sorry.”

He wrapped his arms around you, placing his hand gently on the back of your head and you finally allowed yourself to fall apart. Your face pressed into his shoulder and you sobbed, and you felt like you wouldn’t stop. He stroked your hair, holding you together.

“It’s ok, it’s ok, que sepas que estoy aquí “ he said in a soft soothing voice. It was a while before you could breathe. You steadied yourself and pulled away, embarrassed by the damp patch you’d left on his hoodie. You reached out for the chair to sit down while Lin grabbed you a box of tissues from the desk.

“You knew didn’t you?” You asked after a deep breath.

Lin puffed his cheeks and sighed while shaking his head.

“I don’t know… I thought I knew. I mean, I didn’t want to believe it. I just knew something was wrong. I knew there was more to the mugging but I didn’t know what, and I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that something wasn’t right.”

“He told me nobody would believe me if I tried to tell anyone what he’d done. He said I deserved it. He said…” Your voice broke, you weren’t ready to go into detail yet.

Lin knelt down in front of you, placing one hand over yours, and tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ears as he spoke.

“You did not deserve this. I believe you.” He spoke slowly and gently. There was still a rage behind his eyes, but his voice was calm and soothing. You stared blankly at him. You didn’t have words. You smiled faintly and nodded.

“All this because of that stupid video” You muttered.

Lin looked at you puzzled.

“Jasmine uploaded this dumb video of us from the other night. We were drunk. In the video she basically recorded this big fuck you message to whoever attacked me. Mark said we were laughing at him, that we humiliated him and…”

You trailed off, leaving out the part where Mark had also seen you drunkenly admit on camera that you thought Lin was cute. How he’d called you a slut and a whore that evening, how he’d told you this was your punishment.

Lin begain muttering under his breath in Spanish again “…Hijo de puta” His face hardened and he shook his head, clutching your hand tighter.

“You did not deserve this.” He repeated, his voice firm and his eyes darkened.

You nodded silently and he gently traced small circles with his thumb across your hands.

You sniffed and wiped your eyes, breathing deep and trying to focus.

“Alex is gonna be back soon, I’ve got to get it together.”

You stood up and flattened down your hair. You needed to slip back into the role of someone who has their shit together. Even if it was just for a day.

“Y/N I don’t think you should be at work, this is too much.”

“No this is exactly what I need right now, I need to keep busy, I need to work, I need to not think about this for a day.”

Lin sighed, scraping back more strands of hair from his face. “Ok. But we haven’t finished talking about this yet, and you aren’t going home tonight.”

Panic flashed in your eyes. “If I don’t go home tonight he’ll know something is wrong. He’ll kill me! I think he’ll actually kill me.” Your voice sounded small, you barely recognized yourself.

“No.” He said with a resigned look in his eyes. “You’re coming home with me tonight. You are safe. He’s not coming near you again. I promise.”


Part 4 is coming soon here! and then I’m gonna write some smut, I swear!

Things I just realized: I want a conversation on Voltron like the one from Atlantis about their names.

“Tell me more about your companions. The engineer, he is called Big Guy?”
“No, that’s Hunk.”
“He is what?”
“The engineer. He’s Hunk.”
“Oh, he is very sexually attractive.”
“No, no, no, that…that’s his name.”
“His name is Sexually Attractive?”
"No, Hunk. Well, I mean, he’s attractive, too.”
"So all of your engineers are very attractive?”
"No. Well, I..I’m sure some are. Ours is, but that’s not a requirement. You’re missing the point.”
"You are confusing me.”
“Ok, so big guys are hunks, but that is not what yours is called. Hunk is attractive, but that is not his name. Shiro is a hunk, but he is not your engineer. And the little one making eyes at all of the robots called Pidge, she is your pet?”
“Close enough…”   

Aoi: I don’t really have any cool moments to post on insta.
cause I mean, when I look at the things I do they’re just normal ! !
Aoi: what Aoi said: “when I look at the things I do they’re just normal”
what a translation of that might look like: “I’m so amazing, I take perfect pictures even in the most casual moments and when I least expect it.”
in other words, in this case the correct answer for what to reply would be “aaaw my heart♥”
ok, that’s it for today.
See you next week. bye-bye!
Aoi: I don’t care if tens of thousands of people think I’m a creep, as long as even one person in front of the screen gives a little chuckle and feels better, that’s enough for me.
Aoi: uh-huh, so half the people weren’t listening to the lesson I just gave you, right?
Sensei is disappointed, you guys.* 
Aoi: I’m the kinda person who reads at a bar. (image)
Aoi: the problem with reading at bars is that you have to move your face closer to the page cause of the dim lighting and people around you will think “ah, that guy’s looking at an underwear-scene right now” so let’s be careful about that!
this is interesting though!**
Aoi: what color the pants are? well, it’s black and white so they’re white!

*His lesson was that everyone should just reply with “aaaw, my heart♥” (or something along the lines of “ah, he’s so cute”) and nothing else. 
**He’s reading the manga Fuuka. 

Fuck this one customer

Ok so i work at the place of Banera Pread and usually i have pretty good control of my attitude, however there’s always the regular customer who literally comes in every day and is so disrespectful to all the staff. (shoves past our table cleaner and demands to have everything taken care for him, Banera Pread is a seat yourself and take your plates to your dish bin when you’re finished) Lucky me, i had to take him at my cash register and let me just set this up, the bagel wall is directly behind me so customers have a clear view of what we have and what we DONT have. And let me just point out that this was around 6 pm so we of course didn’t have every single bagel in stock. Well this customer gives no fucks whatsoever and goes ahead and orders an everything bagel, sliced, toasted, and with cream cheese. Ok, once again the bagel wall is behind me, and i point out that we don’t have that type of bagel and apologize for the inconvenience.

customer: “ well why don’t you have that type of bagel”
me: “i’m sorry sir, we’re just out of stock”
customer: “there’s a better reason than that, you still have the bagel in the menu! that’s false advertisement! why don’t you have that bagel”
me: “there’s nothing i can do to change the menu if we run out of something sorry. we make a certain number and that’s what we have, if we run out, then we’re out”
customer: “well why don’t you make more right now”
me:“sir, we just don’t have any for today, sorry”
customer:“i think i need a better explanation than that, i’m a customer”

at this point i was literally ready to lose it and i pulled out my attitude because this man comes in everyday and complains about something, whether it be that the bagel is too light, or it’s too dark, or if the sweetened iced tea isn’t sweet enough (i’m sorry? we have a measuring guideline on the amount of sugar to put!?!?)

me:“sorry is there anything else i can help you with instead of the bagel?”
customer: “just give me a blueberry bagel then”
me: “ok fine… total is $1.49”
customer:“ i asked for a bagel!”
me: “and that’s what i got for you, a blueberry bagel is $1.39 plus our tax!”
customer:“no that’s wrong” he started looking at the menu and saw that it was indeed 1.39 “oh it’s 1.39”
me:“ yes sir. ”
customer:“never mind then” literally storms away then comes back 20 minutes later and refused to come back to my cash register.

another incident with this same customer: we were nearing our closing time and we still had some pastries left over in our bakery, and Banera Pread donates all leftover bread and pastries to shelters, churches, people in need, schools, etc… anyways, the customer decided to come up to my register and i of course greeted him politely and asked if he wanted to order anything
customer:“since you’re closing, give me one of your leftover pastries for free”
me:“um sorry, i can’t do that, you could buy one if you’d like to”
customer:“you’re closing, just go ahead and give me one, you’re gonna throw them out anyways”
me: “we donate all leftovers to shelters such as food banks or salvation army”
customer:“ok well donate one to me”
me:“… sir i can’t just give you one, sorry”
customer:“i want to speak to your manager”
my manager came up and told him the exact same thing and he threw a fucking fit about it, like you are a grown fucking man, act like it.

He likes to act like he deserves to be treated highly which is pretty fucking funny considering i went to take my truck to a car wash and guess who washed my truck? that same fucking customer :) so i guess it works out in the end when he decides to treat my coworkers and i like shit.

Study Buddies Part 2 - Zach Dempsey


Part 1

Word Count: 1,027

Warnings: None

Plot Summary: You don’t realise that ‘studying’ with a certain someone would prove to be quite so difficult…

A/n: Heres part 2 if you like it then I am more than willing to carry this imagine on into multiple parts just request it :)

Sitting at the desk in the library you were finding it harder and harder to focus, Zach was busy talking away about some sort of biology thing. You kept getting distracted by the way his fringe fell on his forehead, or the way he spoke in a soft voice, shy but strong. Then there were his eyes, the colour a deep brown that sparkled almost golden in the late afternoon sun spilling through the window. Finally there were his lips, no matter how hard you tired you kept finding yourself looking at them and admittedly thinking what it would be like to kiss them, or feel them trail down your neck scattering you with kisses.

He glanced up at you and you quickly looked at your book trying to focus on whatever the hell he was saying.

“Hey Y/n are you getting this?” he asked as you looked up trying to stop you cheeks flushing pink.

“Um kinda…” you said, as he raised his eyebrow. “Ok no, it like learning Latin to be honest” you admitted.

“Hey that’s ok” he said with a smile that made you heart flutter, “If we put a little more work a little harder then you should be able to past the biology test next week” he said.

“Little more work? Why don’t you just throw the book at me and put me out of my misery” you said shaking you head and putting you face in your hands.

This comment earned a laugh from him that made you smile, you looked back up at him and he was now smiling again.

“Hey maybe we should study some more tomorrow?” he asked closing his book as you noticed the time; it was almost 4 you had both been ‘studying’ for about three hours.

“I have a double last tomorrow and the library closes early on a Friday” you said realising that you probably wouldn’t see him till Monday.

“I have basketball practice” he said with a frown. “Maybe you should swing by my place, my parents are out of town so they wont mind if we study for a few hours after school” he continued.

“Yeah that should be ok I don’t have any other plans” you said with a smile as the two of you stood and walked to the library exit.

“Well then I will pick you up by the front of the building after practice then?” he asked.

“Yeah sure see you then” you smiled.

“Bye” he said with as small shy smile before jogging to his car giving you a little wave before he opened the door and stepped inside.

You turned only to be startled by Hannah standing just a foot away from you.

“God Hannah, have you been stalking me?!” you said as you saw Zach’s car drive away.

“No I was just coming to get a book” she said with a massive grin.

“Since when do you read for fun?” you asked as the two of you began walking in the direction of monets.

“Since my best friend started studying with a super-hot jock” she said hooking her arm with yours.

“He’s not ‘super-hot’ and I’m not interested anyway” you said shaking your head.

“So does being not interested mean that you spend…” she looked at her watch. “Close to three hours staring at him.”

“WHAT! How long where you in there for?” You said stepping back from her, she doubled over laughing.

“I was there the whole time, if you hadn’t been so busy staring at Zach you would have noticed” she said straightening back up and walking down the street.

You walked after her and when you were walking beside her she spoke again.

“So how did it go?” she asked.

“Well considering the fact that you were there spying on us the whole time don’t you already” you said.

“I was sitting quite far away, anyway I want to hear all about it over a cup of hot chocolate” she finished.

Twenty minutes later you were half way through your hot chocolate and had just finished telling Hannah about the events this afternoon.

“NO way, he’s invited you to his house!” said Hannah covering her face with her hand grinning.

“Shhhh” you said glancing around the coffee shop hoping no one from your school was sitting at any of the tables.

“This is great news it means that he’s into you!” she said picking up her hot chocolate and taking a sip.

“Or it just means he hates it when people fail his favourite subject” you responded shaking your head.

“No, it means that he is defiantly into you, he doesn’t invite just any girl back to his place especially not when his parents aren’t going to be there” she said wiggling her eyebrows.

“God you don’t think-” you started before Hannah cut you off.

“No no no, Y/n hes not Justin! From what I’ve heard he’s the only decent jock in Liberty High so you don’t have to worry about him using you” she said with a reassuring smile.

“Ugh everything had suddenly got so complicated” you said with a groan running your fingers through your hair. “Yesterday I didn’t talk to Zach or even registers his existence 90% of the time why does this all have to happen?!”

“To be honest with you I don’t think that this all just suddenly happened, sitting in class together I have noticed that he has stolen a look in your direction more than one Y/n so this was bound to happen regardless of what it did” she said leaning back in her chair with a knowing smile.

“Wait what?” you said looking at her; there was something she wasn’t telling you. “There is no way that you managed to set all of this up just by assuming that he liked me based off of a few stares” you continued raising your eyebrow accusingly at her.

“Ok that’s enough for today” she said laughing as she stood up. “Have fun with Zach tomorrow night” she finished winking at you before hurriedly exiting the shop before you could say or do anything to stop her.

What’s your story?

Here’s what I’ve learned over the years about meditation and my relationship with my thoughts and stories.

1.  You can learn to recognize your thoughts for what they really are.

An important part of a meditation practice involves recognizing that many of your thoughts are just random words your brain emits.  Not only are they not necessarily interesting or important or true, they are actually crazy a lot of the time.

Until you are able to develop some conscious and objective awareness of the way you think, you are controlled to an amazing degree by your thoughts. Much of the time, you won’t even be aware that you’ve got this constant, borderline-insane stream of thought happening all day long (Michael Singer calls it the “crazy roommate who lives inside your head”).

2.  You will discover that your thoughts have become your “stories.”

Over time, the thoughts your brain churns out become your stories.  You believe these stories without looking at them with a clear, critical eye, or even without recognizing that you are letting them define who you think you are.  You identify completely with these stories; you think they are you.  Your stories will be things like:

“I don’t like that person.”

“That person doesn’t like me.”

“I need this set of circumstances to be OK.”

“I am not good at this set of skills.”

“I’m not a good enough person.”

“I’m afraid of these things.”

“I cannot tolerate these things or those people.”

3.  You will be able to begin to asking yourself if your stories are all actually true.

It takes time and practice, but after a while (maybe after a long while), you will get used to watching during meditation and noticing how your thoughts have developed into full-blown stories.  Then the next step of your work can begin - you can step back a little and look at these thoughts and stories and ask yourself, “Is that actually true?”  Maybe it’s true and maybe it’s not.  Maybe it used to be true but doesn’t have to be anymore.  Maybe it’s true now but it won’t be in 6 months.  This work is a powerful tool that allows you to separate yourself from your thoughts and stories.  There’s you, and then there are your thoughts.  There’s you, and there are your stories over there.

4.  You will realize that you can change some of your stories.

This space, this breathing room, can really open things up for you.  Not only can you let go of the stories that aren’t necessarily true, you can even change some of them.  You can create new stories that serve you better.  Now maybe you can begin to say things like:

“Some things about that person trigger me, but I can also find things I like about him, and I can have some compassion for his struggles.”

“That person doesn’t seem to like me, but maybe I’m actually projecting how I feel about myself today, or maybe she’s having a bad day and it’s not even about me.  Or maybe she really doesn’t like me that much, but that’s OK too.”

“Maybe I don’t actually need this set of circumstances to be OK.  Maybe I’m stronger and more flexible than I think I am.  Maybe I can learn to just be with and accept things as they are.”

“I am great at a lot of things, and I can get better at other things.  I don’t actually suck that much.”

“I am a good enough person, just as I am right now.  This doesn’t mean that I’m not learning and growing and evolving, but I’m inherently a perfect manifestation of spirit too.”

“Some things actually aren’t that scary when I really take a good, hard look at them.  I can learn to overcome this particular fear.”

“I am capable of tolerating a lot more than I think I can when I allow things to be as they are.  I’m stronger and more easy going than I thought I was.”

When you are no longer a prisoner of your own mind, and when you no longer define yourself by the stories you tell yourself, it’s a lot easier to find an inner sense of peace and contentment.  It’s like free therapy, or do-it-yourself psychoanalysis.  This is why we meditate.

  ~  Beth ❥

Di piano e forte 01

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pt. 1 ↠ pt. 2

↠Summary: Piano; A keyboard of cypress, played with soft and loud. Was it the ivory and onyx keys that let you escape from your reality…Or was it the man with sable hair and ivory skin.

↠Genre: Angst, fluff.

↠Warnings: This fic contains domestic and verbal abuse as well as mature things.

author’s note: Updates for this series on Thursday or Friday, enjoy!

“I’ll be home around 6, lock up before you leave, bye!” You shouted loudly, rushing out the door with a bag heavy on your shoulders. Hopping frantically, trying to slip on a shoe yet keep down your dress, like a kid late to school (which you were). You threw the bag in the passenger seat, put the key in the ignition and stomped on the gas. You arrived at the university in the nick of time.

Having grown up taking music lessons here and there, you’d think it would’ve stuck with you. But that wasn’t the case, you hadn’t played since you were a little girl but you still had a deep connection with instrument. You’ve been looking for a teacher and finally found one who didn’t live far from the school. He had one opening left so you called him immediately. A music student at the college was giving lessons and you were far too excited for someone your age but you couldn’t help it. He asked you to meet him at practice room 2B at the school. With a backpack slack on your shoulders you went up the stairs in a hurry. You weren’t late, you were actually a few minutes early. You just wanted to make a good impression, you didn’t actually know much about him, only his name. Min Yoongi. 

You knocked lightly on the door, no response. You knocked again, still no response. Propping yourself up on your tippy toes you peeked through the small glass window on the top of the door. He’s in there. His fingers danced on the keys and there were ear buds in his ears. Slowly you pushed down on the knob and were met with your proposed piano teacher stalling the movement of his fingers. 

“Oh, hi, you’re early.” Steadily he got up from his seat, he held his hand out shook mine. “What was your name again?” His cold fingers grasped yours briefly and you squeezed your fists instinctively.

“Y/N, it’s nice to finally meet you. Thank you so much for taking me so last minute. I left class early just so I wouldn’t be late.” You smiled nervously, he grabbed a chair from the corner of the room and sat it aside the piano. Hesitantly, you sat down your bag and stood awaiting his instructions. 

“That’s thoughtful of you- I’m Yoongi by the way.” He said pulling out the stool, “You can have a seat.” He gestured to the stool, you flattened your skirt against your thighs before you taking a seat. “Have you ever played before, at all?” 

“I played around when I was little, that’s about it.” Pressing your hands in your lap you awkwardly nodded your head, agreeing with yourself.

“Well, the first thing I’ll teach you is posture. Sit up straight.” His hand pressed against your lower back to straighten you up. This small fraction of the lesson was making you more excited than it probably should have. For years you dreamed of learning the art of this flawless instrument and here you are. You were finally doing it. You looked to him for approval. “Is this good?”

“You’re a bit stiff, relax, just don’t slouch.” he laughed breathily, demonstrating by stretching his arms and shoulders. You did the same, shaking off your nerves and taking a deep breath. “Now put your hands on the keys like you would if I wasn’t here, go on.”

“Ok…” Your fingers steadily approached the ivory keys and you looked at his expressionless gaze. It was hard to tell if I was doing it right.

“That’s good.” He praised. You couldn’t help the smile that tugged on your lips. The whole hour was exciting to you. All you did was go over scales, pretty basic stuff you already knew. “You know your scale patterns.” He commented, somewhat taken aback by your poised form. The thirty minute lesson consisted of you going over every scale you knew and some of the ones he showed you. 

“I think we’ve covered enough for today, you did good.” He stood to his feet and you did as well. You maneuvered your legs between the piano stool and his chair before reaching down to grab your bag. 

“Thank you.” You smiled, "Oh! I have something for you.” You reached in your backpack and pulled out a little box.

“What’s this?” He was a bit surprised, he’s never really received a gift from his students, not on the first day at least.

“It’s rice cake, I make it to sell as sets sometimes but I made this one for you, I hope you like strawberry.” When he untied the thin pink string and opened it he smirked to himself, bringing a smile to your face.

“I do, thank you.” When he smiled a weight was somewhat lifted from your shoulders, but at the same time you had the thought that he might think you’re overbearing or too excited. “Well…I’ll see you next week then.” You waved. “Bye.”

When you closed the door he sat on the stool with the little box in hand. He could already tell that teaching you would be more than interesting. In a good way. Most people your age came to him for maybe a month lesson and they’d give up but you didn’t seem like that. You were just as eager as a little girl, it was cute.

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anonymous asked:

I know you're not taking requests but just imagining Niall celebrating Valentines Day with his wife and little girl makes my heart melt😭

Can you do a Niall imagine where he goes to pick your daughter up from school and he talks to the other parents? It’s a bit weird I know 😂

A/N: I kinda combined these……Also I’m the worst bc this is Valentine’s fluff and technically it’s St. Patrick’s day.  

Valentine’s Day 

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Niall just barely managed to slip inside the door to the elementary school while juggling his guitar case, a giant box of sweets, and three grocery bags of craft supplies.  He was eternally grateful you weren’t there to watch him flounder around.  The last thing he needed was a reminder that “You can always make more than one trip, Niall.”  Getting his bearings, he shuffled into the office to sign in.  As soon as he crossed the doorway all three secretaries just about lunged across their desks to greet him.  Niall always found it hilarious, if not a little flattering.  You had seen the staff react to him early on and decided to use it to you advantage, sending Niall in your stead whenever you needed a favor.  So far, your daughter Charlie had gotten the teacher you requested, and the bus stop moved to the bottom of your driveway.  You tried to shy away from using Niall’s fame to get special treatment, the only exception being your child.

“Mr. Horan, how may we help you today?”  The secretary was leaning across the desk, baring far too much cleavage for a woman her age and in a school setting.  Niall grinned and gave her a small wink.  

“Cynthia, please, call me Niall.”  He flashed a grin at her and she physically swooned at him.  

“Niall, what can I do for you today?”  Her voice was sickly sweet and he could see the other two secretaries nearly panting behind her.  

“M’here for the Valentine’s Day party.  Just need to pick up a visitor’s pass.”

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“Kooooooookie” you groan in annoyance. You glare at your best friends sleeping figure on the bed shaking him slightly. “Hey you. Wake up” you budge him with your foot gently. “Shhhh y/n” He grumbles sleepily. You lean forward and whispers “breakfast time” into his ear causing him to shoot up. “What? WHAT IS IT!?” He shouts looking around the room. You slap your forehead and roll your eyes. What the heck man you think to yourself. He sees nothing of importance and wraps his arms around your waist pulling you down next to him. “DO I have to get up? Why can’t I lay in bed with you all day” You push away your best friends sleepy advances too embarrassed to allow this to continue. You look around looking for any excuse to get up and start to shuffle your legs around when you feel more of his skin then you would if he was wearing shorts or pants to sleep. “Uhhh. Jungkook you aren’t sleeping in your boxers are tou?!” You begin to raise your voice slightly “mmhmm” you hear him hum. Your heart begins to race when you feel a slight buldge begin to form. “Kookie I get that it’s the morning and your a boy and all but this is a bit much were friends and friends don’t get boners over friends.” You state trying to knock some sense into the sleeping boy gripping onto you tightly. “Jungkook pulls you in tighter slipping one of his legs in between yours unknowingly rubbing against your womenhood.“y/n you smell good” he slurs in a gruff voice. He puts his face in your shoulder and begins to softly plant kisses along the skin there. “Kookie. Stop it. Wake up.” You begin to shuffle around nerves taking over. He nips softly at the skin causing moan to escape your mouth right next to his ear. His eyes shoot open “Y/N???!! What are you doing here!!” You shove your way out of his bed fixing your clothes. He shoves the blanket off his body to expose a buldge coming from his white boxers you find the nearest pair of shorts and throw them at him. “Just get dressed weirdo we had plans to go see a movie today remember?” You turn around your cheeks flaming. You walk out and slam the door behind you. You walk over to your best friends bathroom and splash your face with cold water to try and extinguish the flames on your cheeks. Jungkook walks in behind you and passes you a towel “are you hot y/n? You’re kinda sweaty.” He chuckles. You pat your face dry and throw the towel at his face. “What?!” He exclaims as you Storm away still embarrassed by the events that just unfolded. “Sorry y/n” he says walking out towards you pulling a white shirt over his head his soft toned muscles flexing, you trail your eyes over his body his lean toned body taking it all in ‘Since when did that boy… stop being a boy’ you think to yourself. You lean towards him crossing your arms “You think I’ll forgive you so easily. You’ll be buying me an ice cream later just for that” you tease him. “Fine fine fine” he chuckles as he pulls a black cardigan over his shirt. The movie not catching your attention, you begin to doze off slightly causing you to lean into Jungkooks shoulder. He looks over at you surprised and looks down to see your tank top being pulled down showing off the top of your black laced bra. Jungkook swallows a lump that begins to form in this throat and softly shrugs of his cardigan and lays it over the top of you. He takes a deep breath and begins to think ‘how do I casually tell y/n that I can see her bra? How do I tell her her chest is hanging out? How do I tell her she has nice soft skin?’ He sighs and continues to watch the movie. After the movie you awake to hear Jungkooks voice whispering your name. “Let’s go get that ice cream” You rub your eyes as Jungkooks cardigan slides off your shoulders you notice your bra showing and looks over to see Jungkooks cheeks turning a slight shade of pink “please keep that with you” he coughs out. You tie it around your waist and walk out of the theater. You guys arrive at a small ice cream parlor and both order a cone. You walk outside to sit in the sun while you eat your ice cream in an awkward silence. “So how was the movie? Also your ice cream looks really good” you say to break the silence as you lean forward and take a small lick of his ice cream. His eyes widen and he turns his head “it was boring not worth the money spent” he says looking at a bird walking in front of the table. You cock your head to the side in confusion because you guys always share foods and he never reacts like this. “You fell asleep about halfway through and looked cold so I gave you my shirt.” He says smiling at you trying to act as if he didn’t just blush. You lean back into the warm metal seat and lick at your ice cream until a part of it melts down off the cone and down your hand dripping onto your chest. “AH fuck.” You groan as you lick the ice cream off your arm leaning forward to grab a napkin causing the Ice Cream to melt farther down your tanktop. “Kookie a little help here please man?” you say looking at him. He looks at the small mess and licks his lips “uh yea sure no problem y/n” he gets up and throws away a half finished cone. He grabs a napkin and softly whipes up the mess on your chest. “Umm y/n I think thats enough ice cream for today” he chuckles nervously. You guys walk back to his house and he opens the door for you letting you in first. As soon as you step through the doorway you feel him rush in quickly behind you. He throws you over his shoulder and walks over to his room. He throws you onto the bed and walks over to his closet throwing you one of his shirts “Put this on please y/n. This is torture just put it on I’m begging you.” He looks at you pleadingly “uhhh ok?” You say making a face you throw his shirt on over your tank top taking in his smell. ‘He smells nice’ you think to yourself. You slip off the tank top and drop it onto his floor. “Happy?” You ask him. He takes a deep breath and walks over to you “noo. I’m not. This is weird. When I saw your bra I just felt all weird. When you had me clean up the ice cream like I usually would i just got really nervous. I can’t stop staring at you today.” He leans forward and pushes you back onto his bed laying on top of you pressing his knee between your legs. “Kookie what the fuck dude-” You begin to shout as he interrupts you by kissing you. He takes a large warm hand and slides it up your borrowed shirt and grabs at the soft tummy skin pulling your lower body closer to his. You begin to protest but quickly decide against it loving the way his lips mold perfectly against yours. You slide his white shirt up off his body leaving him gloriously shirtless.you pull away from the kiss breathless “ok so what does this mean for us now” you say in a shaky breathless voice. He quickly replies with “obviously we see eachother as man and women now instead of friends. If you’d have me I’d like to try being your boyfriend seeing as how we practically already were” he says in between planting kisses down your neck. You lean your head back and bite your lip ,nervous since you know for a fact this is both of your first times doing something like this. *** pg 13 and R rated stuff so back off if you a kid mk?***** You wrap your legs around his waist causing his hard member to press against your dampening womenhood. He begins to grind into you between the clothes in between you. His clothed tip gentally pushing itself unknowingly into you cause you to let out a slight hiss. He stops and begins to fumble with his pants as your hurry to take yours off in pursuit. He throws his blanet over you and presses his tented member against you feeling the dampness against him. He lets out a deep moan at this feeling. His head leans back in a delightful manor. He slides one hand down your lacy panties as you slide one into his now painfully member. You smear precum over his head as you begin to pump his hard hot member. He inserts one finger into your core and pumps at a painfully slow pace. He pulls both pars of underwear down to get a better rhythm. You lean over underneath his bed to grab a condom from where his mom gave them to him just for when he finally chooses to be sexually active. You push it against his chest as you plant kisses and bites all down his neck and adams apple. He unwrap the rubber and slides it down his member and looks at you waiting for a positive sign that you are sure about this. You nibble his earlobe and pur softly “do it.” He begins to insert it as tears fill your eyes at this new painful sensation “FINALLY! WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR THIS” You gasp loudly and quickly pull the cover over your body to see the boys standing in his doorway with big cheeky grins. “GET OUT” Jungkook yells as he throws a pillow at the door making all the boys run out of the way. He gets up and runs to slam the door shut and throws himself on to the bed. “I’m sorry. I got carried away I didnt hear them come in i didnt know they were coming over” You pull him into a sweet kiss and whisper “why let that stop us. Now where were we” You say seductively pulling him back down on you


Short (2000 word) fic taking place after SR2. 

BossGat, domestic, cute. No plot this time just Johnny and the Boss!

Boss wakes up to the smell of burnt toast. They do not remember if they dreamt. They lie back in bed and stare up at the ceiling, a blank white canvas marred only by a couple of bullet holes. Not enough to spoil the place. The bed they’re in could sleep three, but right now it’s just them, the man who should be lying behind them is too busy in the kitchen, burning toast.

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A Hard Night’s Work

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The wind howled at your window as you stared bleakly at the floor that was littered with empty take-out containers, old bowls of instant ramen, and dirty clothes. You sighed sadly and pulled your blanket tighter around you, cursing yourself for not buying the tape you needed to cover up the drafty windows. A single tear formed in your eye and you quickly pushed the palm of your hand into it, stopping it before it could fall. This was your life now.

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Uta/Donato Crack thing is starting to look crack less & less...

Ok before you throw me out of window hear me out and let me do really messy post (very messy one LoL),

So, I noticed some people crack-theorizing that Uta & Donato could be … related in some manner. It started rolling in after Donato’s kagune was shown and some people made link to how his kagune pattern looks similar to Uta’s crosses tattoo that were shown at ending of prequel when he was revealed as Clown:

First it was only theory of how they might be acquainted in past (no one was pointing at them being “related” … yet).

Then the next thing (parallel) happened:

… And that is when I noticed first crack theories regarding them being “related” coming to be.

Of course, this was always crack thing at first. But as chapter go & go … seems there is more to this crack theory that only helps enforcing it.

To explain it better, these two seems to get paralleled more & more with new chapters.

Both appear to have same style of mindf**king with people by knowing what to say and where it hurts most:

Both then appear to have similar abilities/type of trolling so to speak:

& with latest chapter … does this look familiar to you as well:

Then Donato is Koukaku & if card suit is to be trusted, then Uta is too, since he was placed in diamond suit of Koukaku users:

While whatever Uta is Rinkaku or Koukaku is still up to debate, if card suit was to be correct and he is Koukaku then that would make him & Donato both have same RC type as well.

Then there is also theory of both of them being one-eyed ghouls as well. 

In chapter 108, Donato’s eyes were odd looking at ending. To be more exact, his left eye was appearing to glow and looking off in comparison to his right eye that appeared to be normal:

In meantime, in chapter 84, Uta’s own eyes were very wonky-looking as well:

& Last but I dare saying most important one; Uta calling him as “Dona-san”.

In English scans it’s translated as “Mr.Dona” & while “Mr” is equivalent of “-san”, point is he addressed Donato using Japanese honorific and not Western one like English translation made it seem (I’ll explain right now what’s up with this and why is this important).

In Japan, the way it’s considered to be appropriate to address people is quite different from one in West.

By this I mean in Japan, you don’t call anyone by their first name (letalone the nickname)! If you were to call someone by their first name, it would be considered as very impolite thing to do and you would be viewed as someone with no education.

That’s because in Japan your last name is your first name, because Japanese take great pride in their family and as such their family name. As such calling person by their last name is considered as paying respect to your said family, which is reason why the last name in Japan is your first name and only name someone should be calling you by.

Only three cases in where it’s considered ok to call person by their first name are:

1) They’re your lover / girlfriend or boyfriend

2) They’re your family

3) Extremely close childhood friends (but even then, it’s rare to drop last name)

Therefor calling someone by their first name is considered an extremely intimate thing to do and it shows very strong bond between you and said person.

Now this brings us back to how Uta called Donato (who’s older person then him to boost), which is “Dona-san” (I’m going according to Japanese scans of this). So not only that he didn’t called him Porpora (as he should have), but he called him by nickname taken out of his first name. Only person Uta has ever addressed by their first name (ones we know last name of at least), is Roma only and he did wore her hairpin in one of omakes to hint they’re close.

(Ishida himself points this thing out when commenting on stickers)

Reason why I’m pointing it out is because we can definitely say for sure these two must be real close which might be reason why Uta calls her by her first name over her last one.

Actually, this first-last name thing was even brought up in spin-off of this series in where Yomo called Kaneki by his first name and Kaneki was “weirded out” by it:

Now this brings us to Donato once again and “Dona-san”, which makes Donato second only person he doesn’t bother using last name with. He rather uses shortened nickname taken out of his first name, which means he must be truly and really close with Donato as well to drop formalities in this manner and call someone so much older then him in such manner.

Take in note that I’m not talking about them being related by blood, but that some connection might be must be there between two if we take all of this into account and it seems Ishida lately is trying to show us something regarding it, because these parallels seems to be made on purpose to connect these two!

Ok this is enough of crack-theorizing for today, I shall leave myself out now, but this is still something to think over.

P.S: On more crack-side, Donato is Russian while young Uta was shown to be blonde so …