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Melly, don't you think there's something odd about the chiam baby announcements. Why would a happy couple with a new born both post THE SAME photograph with only one of them in it. You would expect it to be a pic of the new happy family but Cheryl's no where in sight. Also, the way that Liam phrased the message seemed rather odd and disconnected from Cheryl... What do you think's going on??

I would wager both my boobs that the reason you didn’t see a photo of Cheryl with the baby yesterday was because she’s sold that “big reveal” of the first official photo of her and the baby for a big OK! Magazine or Sun cover. 
I’m also pretty sure the reason the baby’s name wasn’t revealed is because they are saving it to give themselves another news cycle later in the week when this dies down. 

Everything about this baby’s life is going to be leveraged and monetized for promo for Cheryl’s comeback. I’m guessing Cheryl is going to aim for the J.Lo Method. The Sun laid out Cheryl’s massive marketing, and she’s got a post-baby DVD, clothinglines, photo shoots, etc.  She’s aging out of the pop ingenue class, she hasn’t  had a hit or real relevancy in awhile. When that started to happen to J.Lo, motherhood became a big part of J.Lo’s platform and J.Lo’s family became a marketing point.  

As for Loammy’s message, I will agree the wording is odd, but I also think it was likely written by a publicist, or if it was written by Loammy, it was probably edited and revised  and approved across both teams, so I wouldn’t even begin to try and parse that. 

At the end of the day, that’s a real baby, and it makes my heart boob heart for that baby a little that his life is going to be used as a promotional tool. 

Dating Hoseok would include
  • C.O.U.P.L.E names
  • Screaming 24/28
  • “For god’s sake , I’m sitting next to you”
  • OMG “
  • “ I’m getting an ear insurance”
  • but then
  • ‘ HOSEOK ‘
  • ‘ ( Y/N) !!’
  • Dancing
  • Teaching you how to dance 
  • “(Y/N) move your hips more , here let me “
  • “It’s ok , I can -”
  • “Hushh, your HOPE is here ”
  • Doing covers together
  • “ I suck”
  • “ Fear not my child, The Hope has came.”
  • Girl group
  • Acing Girl group dance together
  • Having Kookie & Jimin join you
  • Forming a GG dancing squad
  • Being the 1st one to see his moves
  • “Babe , Watch this ! it’s better than last time”
  • Taking everything you say into consideration
  • “ So you think I should change this part ?”
  • Much laughter
  • Your cheeks will ache from all the smiling
  • Making you laugh until your side hurts
  • “  I’m gonna pee my pants’’
  • “ Okay but seriously just LOOK”
  • “ Hoseok stop , I can’t”
  • Random aegyo attack
  • You’re watching TV ?
  • A wild aegyoish Hoseok appears
  • You’re cleaning ?
  • But he can go from cute to sexy in 0.1 second
  • and you’re just like “ HOW “ 
  • Hoseok & Rap
  • Hoseok spitting fire & DAMN when did he get this good
  • But he’ll say something along the lines “ No , I still need to practice’
  • and you’re like “ Shut up.”
  • Skin-ship
  • Poking , poke , poke
  • Touching you will just become natural 
  • “ ( Y/N) ~ !”
  • BAM his hand is on your waist
  • “ Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabe”
  • BAM he’s hugging you
  • Cuddling & a lot of it
  • Putting his head in the crook of your neck
  • Feeling his breath against your skin
  • “ I love you “
  •  Fanboy Hope
  • no more words needed
  • Dates
  • Practice room dates, more like you watching him dance & cheering
  • Midnight dates
  • Arcade dates
  • Home dates
  • You’ll be chilling then somehow you’ll find yourselves running around with water guns because why not
  • Getting scolded for being too noisy & it’s nearly 1 am
  • Movie night with the boys
  • Ok , you KNOW that you’ll have to share him with Yoongi & Jimin . You just KNOW.
  • Accept the reality , move on .
  • Getting jealous when you start talking to Jimin and you’re like ???
  • Showing you off 
  • “ Ok but isn’t my bae  flawless ?”
  • “ I’ll bury you alive “
  • “ Chill down Yoongi”
  • Pulling pranks 
  • Cheesy hope
  • Cringe worthy Hope
  • Lame pick up lines
  • “ You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree, but the best way to fall… is in love with me. “
  • “ Hoseok please”
  • “ Ok but hear this one”
  • “I want our love to be like pi, irrational and never ending. “
  • “ OMG”
  • Shining smile
  • loud laugh
  • body gags
  • Taking candid 
  • Blackmailing you
  • Just being precious
  • “I’m your hope”
  • Never forgets to text you Good night or good morning when you can’t meet up & calling you whenever he can when being on tour
  • Derp faces 
  • Both of you looking like mess on skype & making fun of each other
  • Taking extra care of this cutie 
  • Timid Hopie
  • “ I need to practice more …”
  • “That’s all you’ve been doing for the past two days”
  • “ My dancing is still lacking .”
  • “ That’s nonsense”
  • “ Baby steps , take baby steps”
  • “ Don’t be too hard on yourself”
  • “ I’ll try . Thank you jagi “
  • “  Believe in yourself Jung Hoseok , I believe in you”
  • Then he’ll mutter a sincere soft thank you & you just
  • Overly dramatic meeting when he comes back & the boys rolling their eyes at you 
  • Slow motion run & intense hug
  • “ BABE”
  • “ HOSEOK”
  • “ Get a room”
  • Pillow talk
  • Talking about daily stuff
  • Telling funny stories
  • Making fun of the members
  • Bragging about the members .
  • Talking about your worries
  • Sincerely listening to you
  • Gentle making out 
  • to
  • Heated making out
  • There is no in between
  • Shy Hoseok
  • Hoseok with a scarf
  • V neck Hoseok
  • Beanie Hoseok
  • Glasses Hoseok
  • ‘I’m your hope’
  • Couple rings
  • Couple T
  • Couple sweaters
  • Awkward romantic funny moment
  • ALWAYS asking you if you love him !!!!!! just to make sure you know.
  • Engrish
  • ‘OMG my hearteu’
  • ‘Dirty water ‘
  • Stealing his beanies 
  • “ Is that mine ?”
  • “ uh yeah ?”

Hoseok is a sun flower ok.

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Well, here’s something to get you guys hyped for the end of arc 2! I haven’t done a UF cover in a while, but I really wanted to run with this idea while I had it, hence this, the cover for the end of arc 2: Mirror Gem! I’m pretty damn proud at how this one turned out. The shading in this was sort of tricky, but I think everything turned out ok in the end. So here you go! (I might draw another cover for Waterfall Gem, I might not. I dunno, it depends)

  • Hook: ugh ouch on the floor again why
  • Hook: I think my ribs are broken
  • Hook: bloody hell I'm covered in blood and muck
  • Hook: everything hurts
  • Hook: my bruises have bruises
  • Hook: worst day ever
  • Hook:
  • Hook: oh oh hold up is that--
  • Hook: that's Swan
  • Hook: she who bested me and tied me up and knocked me out and likes to glare at me
  • Hook: actually she seems to be glaring at me right now
  • Hook: best day ever
  • Hook: Hey beautiful!

……ok but imagine luke covering young god by halsey ???? “if you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight”???????????!! “oooooh babygirl you know we’re gonna be legends”??!?? imagine if it was an acoustic in soft lighting n his stubble would be all up against the mic as he got really into it im……. whAT a concept


“Hey Cas,” you answered, pressing the phone to your ear with your shoulder since both of your hands were covered in flour. “What’s up?”

He cleared his throat as quietly as he could, feeling that it was tight from nerves. “Nothing. I–I just wanted to make sure you have everything you need there. I was thinking of coming by later.”

“Oh, that’s so nice of you! I think I’m ok. I’m just working on a pie for Dean so he’ll quit whining about Sam eating the lat piece of the other one,” you laughed. “I do need some more shampoo but I can run into town and get that. It’s not worth your time,” you said again with another little laugh. 

“I could pick it up for you. It’s no trouble. The raspberry one, correct?” As soon as the words spilled out Cas’ heart began to beat a little faster and he realized what he’d just done. “Uhh…” He knew that you would wonder how he knew what your shampoo smelled of… He was sure he had just come off–well, creepy.

“Oh–Uhh, yeah, actually,” you replied, ceasing all movement in your surprise.

“I–I’m sorry. I just–you always smell like raspberries and I suppose I noticed and I remembered,” he rambled in his deep, gravelly voice. “It’s just that I seem to always notice little things about you,” he said, cocking his head as he tried to explain, but all the while somehow knowing he was only digging himself in deeper, but he seemed unable to stop. You had that effect on him. “Like when you changed the way you parted your hair, and when you decided that you needed to stop biting your fingernails and instead switched inadvertently to pens and I know that this all probably… seems… strange but I can’t help noticing things about you.” 


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Summary: You’ve always been on the curvier side. It wasn’t the type of curvy that was always pretty, but none the less you were still curvy and thick. You think that your body shape is ugly, and you can’t help but feel insecure about it. So, being the good boyfriend Ashton is, he wants to show you how beautiful you are. c:

Word Count: 1,647

A/N: Don’t ever think that your body shape is ugly ok? No matter what, you’re beautiful and deserve to be loved by anyone who deserves you. c:

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Ted the Animator: “Um… Carl… question for you. What’s this ‘pizza’ stuff I keep hearing about?”

Carl the Animator: “…wait, what?”

Ted the Animator: “Y’know, the food Shag & Scoob are always supposed to be eating.”

Carl the Animator: “…You’re kidding, right?”

Ted the Animator: “No! It’s, like, French or something, isn’t it?”

Carl the Animator: “…you don’t get out much, do you?”

Ted the Animator: “Look, just tell me how to draw it, ok?”

Carl the Animator: “Well… it’s, uh… sorta like an inch-thick triangle of light-pink Play-Doh, covered on the top with magenta paint… and red circles.”

Ted the Animator: “…Wait, isn’t it supposed to have cheese somewhere? I thought I’d heard that before.”

Carl the Animator: “Well, look who thinks he knows everything about pizza all of a sudden! Just draw it, you dingus.”


It’s the “Colin’s Video Card Died” Special! Enjoy these throwback posts with some new twists, whilst I get the ol’ compy up and running again.

when the morning comes // a mix for making mistakes, being afraid, and moving forward, even when you think you can’t. 

i. weight of living part 2 bastille // ii. olly olly oxen free amanda palmer // iii. rabbit heart (raise it up) florence + the machine // iv. i’ll be alright passion pit // v. the science of selling yourself short less than jake // vi. magpie the mountain goats // vii. everything is alright motion city soundtrack // viii. tidal wave owl city // ix. connect clariS // x. this too shall pass ok go

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BTS reacting to you scared of Thunders and Lightnings.


JIN: he would feel you shaking in the other side of the bed, he’s going to drag you near him to protect you and hug you… “I’m here”

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SUGA: You are gonna need to go with him he won’t feel you while sleeping.

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J-HOPE: he is going to try distraction for you.

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RAPMON: His hand on your back, consolig you telling you that everything is going to be ok and talk to you to distract you.

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JIMIN: He is gonna cover your eves and sing you to feel ok.

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V: like suga, i think you have to go with him bc he doesn’t know what to do…

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This is probably a super weird thought but today I couldn’t stop thinking about how tinies just view giants, like just…..human forms are so intricate and flawed and easy to mark and blemish, to a tiny everything is so magnified and I just…I just wanna gush about like cute ass body positivity scenarios here alright!?

Like I’m a hairy person and 80% of the time I’m a-ok with that, but sometimes I can’t help but think that it makes me seem gross and stuff (mainly because people go on about it a lot)
So I had the idea of a giant being very self conscious about being a lil fuzzy when a tiny is near, like they cover their arms and don’t like showing their tum because of the peach fuzz.

But the tiny doesn’t find it disgusting or weird, it’s just another interesting intricacy to their friend!
They think their tum is super fluffy and cuddly, their arms aren’t gross they’re so much fun- granted it’s a lil sore when the tiny uses their hair to climb up their arms, but the tiny just doesn’t care that their giant pals a lil fuzzy!
They don’t spend all day staring at every little blemish or hair like it’s a defect on a work of art, each and every thing the giants insecure about is just one brushstroke on a magnificent work of art!

Same goes for giants with scars who’s tiny friends love to trail them with their fingers, giants who’s acne prone skin is permanently bumpy who’s tiny friends like to snuggle up to their cheeks and kiss the tip of their nose!
Giants with knarly fingers who find tinies love to climb and play around in their hands!!

Just…just tinies inspiring body positivity ok!!
It’s good!!!
It makes my heart do the happy thing!!!!

(Long story short love ur body it’s cute as heck alright, be u smol or tol!)

So remember that time Jiyong bought Seungri a bracelet for 500 000 won and people started  wondering why would he spend so much money for a simple bff charm? And so Taeyang bought him the same one and suddenly everything was ok- it was so obvious it wasn’t a couple thing.

But then Seungri broke one of the bracelets on stage (it was so cute, awkward, funny and sad at the same time because of Jiyong’s reaction). And suddenly he stopped wearing the other bracelet as well.

And today it hit me: If it’s just a bff charm, if it’s a gdybri thing why did he stop wearing it? Personally, I think the second bracelet was bought just to cover up the hype around the first one. Obviously, he and Ji were emotionally connected to only one of the bracelets so there was no point of him wearing the one from Taeyang (Bae didn’t care when he saw the bracelet broken into pieces, while GD wasn’t happy at all and quickly collected all the broken pieces, giving them back to Seungri)

It’s just a theory…

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Is Out of Context Rugrats dead?

ok i’m gonna let y’all in on a secret

i am… a very, very lazy person with terrible time management and no desire to do anything that isn’t video games. so. 

the rugrats blog isn’t dead per se, it’s just in a state of permanent i’m-not-gonna-think-about-it-and-pretend-everything-is-ok until i can get my act together. i wanna get back to it but i just need to like. make a schedule or something. i don’t know. blogs are hard. they didn’t cover blogs in school

when amethyst is sad, pearl’s first response is to fret over her and cover her in blankets and bring her hot cocoa and “did a thing make you sad so i can go out and kill it” etc. eventually she just quiets down into sitting with her and babbling about how everything is ok and it’s not her fault and whatever else

when pearl is sad amethyst will just give her a big crushing soulful bear hug. and not let her go for a few hours maybe. she won’t really say anything, but she’ll listen if pearl talks and once she’s calmed down a little amethyst will start making awful jokes and shapeshifting and basically just try to make pearl laugh