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Commission for @thundercaya! (on pc with the right colors probably. Maybe on the phone too but I’m not sure)

From a prompt fic she wrote! (check her writing it’s great)

i never really seem to hate you - an april and andy fanmix, bc they’re the cutest

1. toothpaste kisses - the maccabees // 2. mad love - neon trees // 3. anyone else but you - the moldy peaches // 4.  you and i - ingrid michaelson // 5. i hate seagulls - kate nash // 6. into something good - the bird and the bee // 7. first day of my life - bright eyes // 8. five years time - noah and the whale // 9. kiss me slowly - parachute // 10. home - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros // 11. the way you look tonight - mouse rat 

Jurassic World AU uhuujhuehg. I’m not satisfied at all with this but Im ignoring it for now because the au is cool and I wanna share it.

OK sO! Zayn as the cool ass mysterious T-rex guy that by magic has tamed the mighty T-rex lady. No one knows why it hasn’t eaten him yet.

I’ve discussed this with eroticliam. We both like it a lot.

And then we have papa Liam with his beloved Raptor girl squad.

Harry works in the petting zoo department and loves his baby dinos more than anything.

Louis is that guy that think he’s the shit and is convinced he can handle the raptors when in reality he has almost gotten himself killed more times than you can count on fingers, and Liam has been the one that had to save him. He ends up shoveling dino poo in the petting zoo.

Niall sells hotdogs but desperately wants to be one of the cool guys and handle dinosaurs. At one point he ends up in the petting zoo and the tiny dinos love him and Harry does as well.



(loosely) based on: coffee - bts; little star - standing egg; you & me - kisum ft. jooyoung

Park Jimin.

His kisses felt sweet and lasted as long as the bitter taste of coffee. He would whisper soft “I love you’s” again and again, making sure you wouldn’t forget the sound of his soothing voice and eternal love. He would gently cup your face into his hands, pulling you in as close as he could. You drown in the sea of his lips that tasted like home. 

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