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If one of us doesn’t make it, the other one can’t end up like The Dean. Mad and bitter and destroying everything we touch. I don’t want that to be our story. Okay? Our story is that we made each other better. So we go together. We try and save Perry together, we face whatever comes next together. Alright. Together it is.

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: uh julia and kady didn't even smoke in epi 4 because they don't need the nicotine to ease off their stress...I'm so happy... by just being near each other they feel more relaxed and even helped them smile a little bit :') also none of my faves are dying of lung cancer!!!
seventeen hogwarts houses

this has been done so many times but I can never seem to find one I really agree with so I’m making my own with justifications ok.

this ended up at 1.8k which is more than i wrote for my last essay and if that doesn’t say something about my priorites and motivation then idk what does.

also last thing i promise but i do mtls for seventeen, bts, exo and knk so ask me stuff pls i rly enjoy doing it :)

alternatively; a surprisingly effective method of first learning about a kpop group, 10/10 would recommend.

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bc i’m cliché i need a ‘my sister is getting married and she begged me not to steal her thunder and hookup with a groomsmen but i HAVE to be drunk when i make my speech and the best man is too hot in that tux to stay away from’ ok i swear this could be good

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Tiny Soriel.

Because you can’t stop me. No one can.

Mary as Storyteller.

OK, next step. In a previous post (link below) it occurred to me that most/all of S4 is not coming from Sherlock; nor is it coming from John. It is, in fact, coming from MARY. It what Mary *thinks* John and Sherlock are thinking.

(It’s ok if this makes no sense, I’m barely making sense to myself. No worries if you want to skip on by).

I’ve done some writing and imagining that Sherlock is hypothesizing a happy family scenario for John in TST, and protecting Mary in order to make that happen.

TLD seems to be more from John’s POV, and it’s full of self-loathing. He’s a doctor, but people die; he’s not gay, but he pursues anonymous sex… Idk. Whatever’s going on, it’s pretty bleak and violent. Worse yet in TFP… Is Euros Sherlock’s sexuality? Or John’s? Yikes, again… Whatever… It feels AWFUL.

(Who *are* these guys, anyway? When I compare them with their ASiP selves, they are barely recognizable).

If this is really what Sherlock and/or John are thinking, then their lives are miserable- desperate, depressed, suicidal. Really, they should consider themselves *lucky* to get a smoothed over happy ending. And Mary tells us so at the end of TFP.

Mary tells us so. Ah.

So… maybe Mary has been driving the bus. Maybe S4 was Mary’s *idea* of what John and Sherlock are all about. MARY thinks they are desperate, MARY thinks they are self-loathing and violent, MARY thinks they are repressed and helpless. MARY thinks they need to be fixed.

That matches up pretty well with how she treated them in earlier episodes. In S4 she got to be the director. MARY is making them act out all these horrible things she thinks are going on in their heads.

That’s why S4 feels so wrong. It’s Mary’s twisted view. It doesn’t have anything to do with John and Sherlock at all.


My shifts been really slow tonight so I’ve been passing the time by listing what I need to do to finish the body rig and coming up with ideas for how to make the rig the face controls for my character so it can hopefully be done by Friday

Theory Time

i do think N and Leo are the same person, but like they’re a before (N) and after (Leo) Hell/Hades.

What I think it is (if it’s all connected as Ravi says it is) N lost his love (that’s the theme of Dynamite, the eye and all of that) so he’s willing to do anything to get his love back that’s why he gets an invitation to the underworld (Hyuk gives it to him, who later regrets it and tries to stop them) to meet with Hades (Ravi) and makes a deal with Hades himself,  so he gives him the potion/vial/glass and then he comes out of this meeting with Hades/Ravi a changed man or the villain (Leo), not the hero he thought he was in the beginning.

OK so here some proof:

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As promised guys…finally got so time to research more of this!

Ok so after watching episode 8 and comparing it to the manga with the tsukki arc i found something that caught my attention. The word “Pathetic (or lame) and Cool” are both used a lot through out the telling of tsukki’s childhood. And it got me thinking that for both yamaguchi and tsukki these two words mean much more than what’s really shown.

Starting with Yamaguchi, he is depicted as a really fragile and weak baby crow. Since their first encounter, while being at his weakest, yamaguchi gets this incredible sense of admiration towards tsukki, seeing him as a strong and brave person, and as someone he would like to become. That’s why when he uses the word cool, he’s describing someone who at that moment became the light he wanted to follow. He saw a way of changing his weak self in tsukki.

With this we can understand better why yamaguchi reacts the way he did when he sees a shift in tsukki’s behavior while in the training camp, he just can’t leave it alone. And here’s when we readers ge to see how much he’s grown, he was never weak to begin with, but now he is finally getting to show that and tsukki recognizes that by calling him cool.

And now we get to tsukki.Since little he has always related the word cool with things he really admires like his big brother. And we see that both in the manga and in the series, it was not just a choice of words for the moment, and that’s one of the things i love about Furudate’s way of story telling, he gives such simple details, that mean so much to the story and the different situations our characters have to go through.

And all this is one of the reasons why the scene with Yamaguchi screaming at Tsukki has such a strong meaning when it comes to their own character growth.

For Tsukki to describe yamaguchi as someone cool is much more than a simple compliment, he is telling him how much he admires him, and respects the boy who he has become. And for yamaguchi to describe tsukishima as pathetic is because of how lost he sees his friend, from that confident boy he is so used to.

And you can understand this better by noticing how Tsukki uses the word “pathetic” to describe his feelings when he found out about his brother’s lies… it was not a word directed to his brother, he was not blaming him for what he did, but he was more of putting the blame on himself for believing such things as “working hard enough and wanting something more than anyone, would get you to have it”, it was a hit of reality at such young age and by the person who he admired the most, and he couldn’t forget about it.

For Tsukishima and Yamaguchi being lame or cool carry such deeper feelings, like admiration, disappointment, trust, freindship and much more.
And when you think about it in those terms, the meaning of of all those scenes just grows.


Can you condemn an innocent man, a friend, to a lifetime of servitude while you roam free?

#contrasting parallels, people! #nobody ever says a lifetime of servitude for davy jones #either i’m reaching here or this was intentional #and i think it was done on purpose #think about it for a second ok #jack just wants to be free from jones’ deal and he’s willing to sacrifice will for it because he’s selfish #and he doesn’t truly consider will a friend at this point #so he has no problem using will to get what he wants #it’s only when jones fatally stabs will that jack realises he needs to be selfless #he wants to be immortal #and the ‘last pirate’ #he has to be the one to kill jones in order to obtain this #but he knows that it’d be a selfish thing to do when will is on the brink of death #he once would have had no problem leaving him to die #but time has changed him and he knows that will deserves better #so yeah jack once committed a selfish act and will paid the price #and he’s once again condemning him to a lifetime of servitude #but not to serve davy jones #to serve and sail the seas for eternity #while jack can roam free, yes #but at least will is alive…in some way #so he’s saving him #and sacrificing his own desires #for the greater good #basically jack sparrow cares about will turner #and this is all very sad and amazing storytelling

listen if you think it’s ok to send hate and abuse to someone because of their sexuality i don’t like you. you’re a bully and an abuser and you’re purposefully making someone feel bad for something they can’t change about themselves. and it’s disgusting. and this includes harrasing someone on tumblr for being straight. so go ahead and unfollow me and please tell me who you are so i can do the same.

Just Like Heaven

okay so lightly based off of this video and for misha7collins who i love dearly. also the song in this fic is this

A sharp rap of knuckles on his bedroom door stirs Castiel from his thoughts. He blinks slowly at his reflection in the mirror and slowly turns off the running water. Another year older, he thinks grimly, might as well accept it.

“Coming.” He calls to whoever is behind the door. He wipes his face on the fresh towel and makes sure all the shaving cream is gone before he steps out of the bathroom.

Before opening the door he gathers himself and takes a deep, calming breath. All of the attention of birthdays always makes him nervous. Coupled with surprises, which Dean has a penchant for, Cas’ stomach is a knotted wreck. He exhales through his nose. He’s okay.

He closes his eyes as he opens the door, steeling himself for the crowd of people Dean has likely gathered on the other side. But as the door swings open with a quiet squeak there’s nothing. Cas opens his eyes cautiously.

There’s nobody there. His hallway is empty. He carefully peers around the corner, making sure there’s no one waiting to jump out and surprise him. There’s no one, and besides, Dean’s likely learned his lesson after the first genuine surprise party and the black eye he had a week after. The only thing is a small whiteboard placed at Castiel’s feet. He squints at the words neatly written there: “Greenhouse.”

Cas’ eyebrows crease together in confusion. Well, this is different. The greenhouse is certainly a staple in Cas’ life and it holds a very special place in his heart for more reasons than one, but he can’t imagine why Dean wants him to go there. Oh shit, he thinks, stopping in his tracks. If Dean is throwing a party in the greenhouse Cas is going to have his head. His plants will be ruined. He grits his teeth and briskly walks to his backyard with more urgency.

He’s prepared to yell at Dean as he rounds the corner, ready to see a huge crowd of people fogging up the glass in his precious greenhouse but he falters when it comes into view. The doors are open, beckoning, and there are old Christmas lights strung up along the inside, bathing the interior in a soft yellow glow. Castiel’s heart clenches, how long has Dean been out here working on this? He can’t see Dean anywhere and decides to venture inside.

Inside it’s even more beautiful than he could imagine. He trails his fingertips along the leaves of his plants as he always does.

There’s a chair in the middle of the central aisle. Castiel comes to it and lifts up the iPad sitting on the seat. There’s a post-it note with the words “play me” on it. Castiel rolls his eyes. Dean is definitely pulling out all the stops for this birthday.

Cas sits down and sighs contentedly as he looks at his plants bathed in the warm light. The night sky is dark and the stars are twinkling through the glass panes of the greenhouse. It really is a lovely night, he thinks. If only Dean would show himself and they could spend it together. He supposes the only thing he can do is follow instructions.

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it's 1:15AM and I'm wondering if everything's going to be OK

Hey, friend, I hope whatever you’re dealing with goes over well. But staying up won’t make things easier. Trust me. Try to get some rest and think it all over with a clear head tomorrow, easier said than done, I know. But, plug in some music or use “a soft murmur” and try to get catch some sleep. If you still gotta vent, I’m usually awake ♡

Sleepover Weekend