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can you do a coffee shop!au where you work at the coffee shop exo hangs at and you caught baekhyun's eye so the members are teasing him to ask you out~ little does he know you like him back :P extra fluffy plz <3

ahhh sorry this took so long!! i had to restart bc it wasn’t going the way i wanted it to go lol hope you enjoy!! (byun baekhyun kills me)

coffee shop!baek

  • the first time they show up to the coffee shop, all nine of them come in at once, and they’re all wearing dark clothes and looking shady af
  • you think that they’re a bunch of hoodlums because if there’s something you’ve learned from high school, it’s that a group of ridiculously good looking guys means trouble
  • but they are pretty good at keeping quiet and not bothering the other customers and never overstay their welcome
  • so your first negative impression quickly goes away and you actually look forward to them coming in every so often
  • every time they come, they all order the same thing, so you end up memorizing it
  • sehun always asks if you guys added an option for tapioca onto the menu
  • (the day that you actually make it happen, he hugs you tightly and asks for extra, extra boba in his chocolate smoothie)
  • ok so on like their third visit or so, you finally catch one of the guys stealing glances of you and quickly looking away every time
  • you ask kyungsoo what his name is because you’re taking your time to learn all of their names (nine boys holy)
  • you learn that the cute boy with droopy eyes and a nice laugh and smile is named baekhyun
  • you come to notice that the boys always play rock paper scissors before ordering
  • and you’re like “well jeez?? am i that ugly or smth?”
  • but you find out that the winner gets to order (otherwise they’d be arguing about who gets to order this time), and you’re just like these guys……are so cute???????
  • starting from one day, baekhyun comes up to order, smiling shyly and cracking a couple of jokes
  • and he’s so charming??? like you can’t stop smiling and you have to try to so hard not to blush
  • but the next time and the next, it’s always baekhyun that comes up to order, and you soon realize that they stopped playing rock paper scissors and when the two of you are talking, the other boys get quiet and stare
  • the truth is that baek told the boys that he likes you and the boys are so nice
  • somehow you end up getting their kakaotalks (they have to try really hard to keep it a secret from the managers)
  • and like getting random texts from chanyeol like “baek misses you” “awhh i miss him and all of you toooo” “no like…he really misses you. i think he’s crying in the bathroom he hasn’t come out in like fifteen minutes” “omG chanyeol” “oh woops jk he was taking a shower but he does miss youuuu”
  • when you first met the boys, you didn’t know they were exo bc you’re busy with school and work and you don’t really keep up with all the music and idols that are popular rn, but how you found out is that you heard baek and jongdae humming and singing bits of their songs while they were at the shop and you were like “wow they’re good at singing”
  • one day you’re curled up on your bed reading a book and skipping through the tv channels, hardly even paying attention
  • but you briefly hear a bit of the same song you’ve been hearing the boys sing for a couple weeks and you’re like “??? i know that voice???”
  • you find the channel and you stare at the screen with wide eyes bc it’s your coffee shop boys…singing…and dancing on a stage…….and winning first place……..and having millions of fans cheering their names out
  • the next time they come to the coffee shop, you avoid looking them in the eye bc these are not the same guys you thought they knew
  • they’re just like “___???? are you ignoring us??”
  • ok back to baekhyun bc this post is about him
  • he’s the one most upset when you try not to look at him after you find out he’s in like one of the most popular boy bands ever
  • he’s just like “please look at me?? please?????” and omg my heart hurts
  • and when you do, he’s smiling widely like “awwww are you nervous because you’re around a celebrity?”
  • and he snickers like a cute lil shit and you’re just like this boy……..if he wasn’t famous……..
  • baekhyun looks soooo soft all the time - he always shows up in hoodies and just looks tired and smiley and fluffy
  • but one time the boys come right after a music show and they’re still in like makeup and stuff
  • and you see baek with his hair styled up and off his forehead and eyes lined darkly and looking just breathtaking
  • your heart races and this is when you realize……..you’re so into him
  • that night you spam text sehun like “hELP” “what, did you finally realize that you’re into baekhyun-hyung?” “NO I THINK I LIKE BA– WAIT WHAT” “about time, ___. smhhh” and that’s the last thing he sends you
  • but like the other boys spam you like jongdae’s “I KNEWWWW ITTT” and chanyeol’s like “;-)))))” and suho’s like “welcome to the family”
  • and you just sit there blushing furiously at your phone screen before screaming at sehun “oH SEHUN I SWEAR TO GOD”
  • he’s just like “don’t worry, he’ll ask you out soon ;)”
  • you can’t fall asleep that night because your cheeks are still red and hot and you can’t stop thinking about how this all happened

i kinda wanna write more for this coffee shop!baek heheheeheheh ok sorry that i didn’t post most today, but since it’s the weekend, i’ll definitely be trying to finish up all the requests i have as of right now!!

feel free to send in your requests here!!

Drabble - Can’t Sleep

Aaaaaaaaand more SouRin family feelings for everyone. I am spamming you with the family love!!! It won’t stop! This is the second one today! HERE is the first.

(I specifically used @bakapandy‘s SouRin OC offspring ‘Sakurai’ in this one!)

Pairing: Sousuke/Rin
Words: 369
Rating: G

“PAPA! DADDY!” the little body stormed into the dark bedroom, crying loudly as tears threatened to fall down his soft cheeks.

“Wha? What happened?” Rin rubbed his tired eyes and focused on the 4 year standing next to his bed, the worn shark plushie just as old as he was clutched tight in his little hands. “Sakurai, are you ok?”

“…I’m scared,” the child whispered, as if he hadn’t already woken his dad up.

Rin reached out to comb some of the wild dark red hair down on his son’s head, barely holding back a yawn. “Of what?”


Hiding his affectionate smile behind a fist, he took his other hand from his son’s head and wrapped it around his little body instead. “Well, we can’t have that. Do you want to sleep in between me and Papa? He’s scarier than any monster.”

Sakurai nodded his nod fervently as he jumped a little to help Rin lift him up. Rin rolled his body while clutching the boy to face Sousuke and place their child between them. His husband had managed to sleep through the whole conversation. It was always amusing that Sousuke’s “dad-senses”, as he called them, didn’t usually work for situations like these. But if their son should cough, sneeze, or fall during the night, he would be up and out of the room like the wind.

“See, in between Daddy and Papa is the safest place, right?” Rin pulled the blankets over Sakurai and his shark plushie.

“The monsters can’t get me in here!” he agreed and grinned, the sight pulling at Rin’s heartstrings as it normally did.

“Ok, then let’s get some sleep and maybe we’ll go swimming tomorrow.”

The small boy gasped as snuggled his stuff shark closer to his body. “I want to go! I’ll go right to sleep now!” And he held his eyes shut as tight as he could manage, trying to force his body to fall asleep quickly despite the excitement to go swimming.

Rin couldn’t help but reach out and rub the child’s stomach to relax and lull him to sleep, a habit he developed to sooth his son since he was an infant. Within minutes they were both out.