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Ok but you know how many feelings I’m having about Bitty having taken Shitty’s role as the keeper of the traditions?

Like my son has grown so much, remember when he was just a scared tiny little frog findings his way around this crazy team?

Now look at him so confident and at ease, with a boyfriend and out to his friends.

Still I kind of want to read about Shitty and Bitty’s friendship, did Shitty put him aside and taught him everything he knew? Did he see Bitty’s potential and started mentoring him since year 1?

In conclusion, we need more Bitty and Shitty friendship fics.

3/30 dailies

All might: ‘Midoriya, my boy…there surely must have been someone better suited to this job?’

Deku: ‘It’s OK All Might! I trust you!’

All might: ‘…You might reconsider once I’ve finished’

@comfydavidovsky : I love your art a ton and if you are still doing the bnha prompts then i think ‘deku needs a haircut’ could be super cute. ( :

THANK YOU FRIEND YOU’RE TOO KIND! Good prompt- I needed some #1 dad love after reading further in the manga today- so I shoved him in too ;). Still totally accepting prompts- only up to the anime plz don’t spoil, any ships, fluff or no! Reply or send me an ask, specifics make it more interesting for me to paint, and as always, I can’t do all of them </3

Rapunzel: We all know that I cannot spend as much money on ads as the kingdom, but I printed out 10,000 “Don’t” stickers and 10,000 question mark stickers.

Hiccup: Why don’t you just put the “Don’t” in front of “Arrest Flynn Rider”?

[Flyer is shown saying “Arrest Flynn Rider? Don’t”]

Rapunzel: … Yep, that’s a much better idea.

Jack: Can I have these question mark stickers?

Merida: Why?

Jack: I want to put them on stop signs. *grabs stickers and runs*

Rapunzel: JACK NO

YES i understand why people defend talia. talia’s a very complex character, who is torn between allegiance to her father, her son, and bruce, and thus torn between good and evil. she is not the one-dimensional evil hag that the fandom can paint her to be. 

B U T 

this doesn’t change the fact that she was damian’s abuser. that doesn’t change the fact that, however unwillingly, talia contributed to damian’s trauma and overall shitty childhood.  yes, she loves him; she’s still an abuser. yes she was trapped in an ungodly awful situation; she’s still an abuser. yes she is a good person at heart; she’s still an abuser.

i can’t understand why people say that damian needs to forgive her and let her back into his life. no matter how much she loves him, she still contributed to damian’s abuse. he’s not required to forgive her. just because talia loves damian doesn’t mean he has to forgive her for all the shit she helped put him through. 

this isn’t about talia’s intentions, nor her character. it’s about damian’s trauma and how she played a major part. victims have the inherent right to cut abusers out of their lives, period. she helped make damian’s life a living hell. she helped make him a killer when he was a child. she helped tear his childhood out of his hands in the bloodiest way possible. so why should damian ever have to forgive her?

defend talia’s character all you want (bc it is, frankly, in need of defending), but please don’t tell me damian would be the lesser person if he doesn’t forgive her. because he sure as hell doesn’t have to. 

She was so much closer than he’d realized, their faces inches apart, her expression wide and hesitant and vulnerable.

“My Lady,” he whispered. He was helpless in the ocean of blue that was her eyes; whatever had seemed so awful also seemed very far away. Nothing was dark or brutal or hopeless when they were this close, and he wasn’t the only one moving closer.

My vacations are oveerr so now It will take me more time to be able to post any finished pics, sadly D:. I have to paint a lot of new pieces for a college project ´v` BUT I will still have tons of doodles.

While my actual piece for State of Grace (by the awesome @dragonsinparis) is on the making (it won’t show up until at least next month thanks to all this stuff I gotta paint), get this quickie for one of the moments that broke me.

Good Girls Don’t

There are a lot of things good girls don’t. They don’t laugh too loud, they don’t dress too short, they don’t swear and they don’t put themselves out there. They wait, and they do it while sitting properly in their pristine white dresses, with their hands crossed over their laps and their back sitting up straight.

There’s a lot of things good girls don’t and getting their panties wet every time they see a guy is definitely one of them.

You rubbed your thighs together as your fingers pressed tightly to the table you were sitting on, trying to hold on to a reality that was slipping away as you looked at him. You imagined the taste of his skin, and how it must have felt against yours when he was lying on top of you, and you thought about the fire of his kiss, and how it probably tasted like peppermint and just a tiny hint of sin. You thought about heaven and having him lie next to you at night.

The fire that had settled in your lower tummy was going to consume you all at any moment, and you shifted in your seat, trying to release some of the pressure that had built between your legs. You were definitely wet.

But as much as you tried, you couldn’t stop thinking about him, imagining yourself on your knees while your eyes obediently locked in with his. You imagined your lips wrapping around the two fingers he was offering to you, and the light bob you would do to take them all the way in, while your tongue pressed to them to suck them lightly, looking at him as his eyes, usually green and sweet, turned dark, the burning lust covering them as he gazed down at you. You even imagined the light gag of your throat as he pushed his fingers all the way in, and the moan that bubbled up from your very core when he slid them out, the strings of spit that fell down making you blush as you looked down.

“Look at me, yeah?” He would say, with his voice a little raspier than usual as he kneeled in front of you. “C’mon, kitten, look at me.” He would repeat his command slowly, a smirk curling up the corner of his lips as your eyes fluttered open to obey him. “Look at me while I fuck ya with my fingers, yeah? Use all that spit you left. Were you imagining my cock?” He would ask, his smirk growing bigger as you nodded, still unable to speak your own words, as your heart was knotting on your throat and beating rapidly at the sight of him. “You’re such a fucking good girl.”

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gallifreyanphd  asked:

I think it's important to acknowledge that sangwoo is a horrible person (abuser, rapist, murderer, often inflicts psychological and physical torture) but we as readers can still be interested in him as a character. You don't need to defend a character's actions in order to enjoy the story. I think we need a reminder that it's ok to enjoy a character who is a terrible person as long as you also acknowledge that their actions are wrong. @ entire ks fandom please remember this while reading!


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APPLE- went the extra mile of adding a sphere of aura in the dragon’s claws, but the final resolution of the image is too small for this to be discerned. while the effort put into detailing this dragon is admirable, overall it lacks character. 4/10

GOOGLE- a special dragon baby. has the rage needed to give the emoji personality while still remaining very cute and unintimidating. is it baring its claws, or reaching for a hug? 10/10

MICROSOFT- stylish lines and the hairdo is a nice touch. however, this dragon looks unsure of its life choices. i hope it is doing ok. 6/10

SAMSUNG- this dragon looks like it came from a 2006 neopets ripoff. 3/10

LG- this one is hard to even read as a dragon. an even more overly rendered version of the original apple dragon emoji, it to be up to no good. 2/10

HTC- while it it is quite clear that we are looking at a dragon, it lacks personality. is this a good dragon, or a bad dragon? who is to say? 5/10

FACEBOOK- very stylish color choices, but falls into the classic trap of adding too many details that cannot be discerned at a low resolution. this dragon also looks like it is up to no good. 5/10

MESSENGER- something is just not right. 2/10

TWITTER- attempts to take the route of providing a dragon that is both cute and angry. however, the coloration and scale placement are not as tasteful as the google emoji. its strange arms cause this dragon to look overly serpentine. 4/10

MOZILLA- builds upon the achievements of all emojis prior. while it lacks legs, it retains a dragon-like look. details such as decorative scales, a ball of aura, and a cute forked tongue have been included. while it does not much with my personal dragon taste, this dragon is doing its best. 9.5/10

EMOJIDEX- this dragon looks so needlessly villainous, even having bushy eyebrows and a beard. it also lacks limbs. 3/10

EMOJIDEX- trash desu. 1/10

how to get grade 9s in english


  • how i studied for english lit
  • poetry terms (subject terminology is key)
  • thorough tips
  • what i used to analyse ‘a christmas carol’
  • essay structure
  • analyse your books like your life depends on it 
  • tips, more tips, and more (there’s a thread!)
  • try and spot different literary devices!
  • always challenge yourself when you’re writing an essay, you can ALWAYS improve
  • use a range of evidence! 
  • use subject terminology! (e.g simile, metaphor etc)
  • be specific about the effects on the reader!
  • write a lot of essays! whether it’s under timed conditions or not…do it! honestly i wrote more essays in year 11 than i have in my entire life!
  • know your book inside out! know your characters (maybe make flashcards and mindmaps on them!) know all the themes as well!!
  • re read your books!! it’s a closed book exam so you need know a lot of quotes (use at least 2 quotes per paragraph)
  • following on from the previous point, if you know even one word of a quote use it!!! ok!! cheat the exams!! it’s still evidence 
  • do practice questions (yes it was new spec and no there wasn’t any past papers, so I made them up! but you can also find made up ones online)
  • do not be discouraged by a low mark! see it as an opportunity to improve!! no essay is ever perfect!
  • for real always include context in an essay (e.g societal expectations at the time? etc) !! and use the correct term of the year e.g jacobean era, victorian etc
  • revise for your mocks!! (this is for both language and literature)! it gives you an insight on how you’re doing and makes it easier to revise for the final exams
  • for poetry memorise quotes and honestly write a bunch of comparison essays (or make detailed plans for comparison essays) (i’ve actually made a video on how i studied poems)
  • always mention the writer’s name, it honestly forces you to talk about the intentions of the writer!


  • extend your vocabulary 
  • use different sentence lengths (i’m talking about section 2 in both language papers)
  • use different connecting words!! suggest and shows gets boring after the 6th time in a row please
  • practice writing stories and articles!! 
  • practice answering questions in general and get someone to mark them
  • use/ talk about different devices e.g extended metaphors, similes, facts etc
  • know your mark scheme inside out (what does your examiner want from you?)
  • make sure your timing is right!! it’s essential! so practice doing papers under timed conditions!
  • know your mark scheme inside out! find out what they want to see from you!! maybe writer’s intentions?? judicious range of evidence??
  • read books!! write descriptions!! write stories!! paint scenery!! in order to get you in the mood of creative writing
  • when writing formal articles, make sure to use the form of the article e.g when writing a letter use dear/ write an address/ sign off with yours sincerely, similarly when writing an article for a newspaper have a heading/subheading
  • also technical accuracy is crucial! so make sure you check over to see you’ve spelt things right! included commas!! and get fancy (use semi colons, quotation marks etc when you can, but only if you know how to use them!!)
  • also in general don’t forget to rest!!! chill!!! take breaks!! drink some water!! eat some fruits!! get that chocolate!! TREAT YO SELF!!

if anyone has anymore tips feel free to add on!!

Don’t lie about your sexuality if you’re straight.

Okay first off let me start this by saying that I don’t mean this in a hateful, bitchy way. I mean it in a “don’t do it, it might be dangerous” way.

Okay so this is something that’s been annoying me a lot. Recently, I mentioned that I found this female character attractive to like a small group of friends to try and come out slowly. Then this girl in the group told me that she was bisexual. So I was like ‘Great I have someone who I know irl that is part of the LGBT community’. So I said “Hey, I’m pansexual. High five! We’re both part of the LGBT community,”, only for her to tell me that she was lying but that she supported me nonetheless.

 I understand that people like to joke around but please don’t do this

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my study routine

- “I can’t fail school, so I need a schedule *spends 3 hours making a schedule* now I have it all organized, yay

- “time to study, ok… but let me finish this episode, there are like 10 minutes left *watch the entire season* oh no, I can’t study rn I waste so many hours

-*tries to read a long paragraph* *knows that my mental illnesses make it difficult to me and still” WHY CAN’T I READ THIS SHIT?????

- *lost focus in 5 minutes*

- *after 30 minutes of staring at the book trying to figure it wtf i was reading* 30 MINUTES????? OMG, I toTALLY NEED A BREAK 

- *takes  20 min break*

- “I  N E E D  TO  B E  P E R F E C T and get the best grades”

- *realised i didn’t learn anything and starts to overthink* I’M GONNA FAIL, I CAN’T LEARN, I’M THE WORST HUMAN BEING 

- *ends up in the bathroom crying and smashing my head into the wall*

I know we all talk about Ben Platt’s beautiful singing voice but can we talk about his regular talking voice??? he could literally be reading a dictionary out loud and I’d still be interested because of how nice his voice sounds

Ok but like- I have only ever read a tiny post about Lance after the effects of Sendak fucking with the ship. Like he gets pneumonia cuz of all of that. And Keith just holds onto him until they can get him help? How cute is that???

Where’s my “lance was in a cryo pod then almost sucked out into space” fics?

Lance, who is the paladin of water and ice, got frozen and then almost sucked out into the freezing expance of space.

The boi would need some aftercare for that!

Imagine him getting sick while the castle is still being rebooted.

Imagine the others taking care of him until the pods are ready.

Now imagine our boi not liking the cold.

He’s a tall lanky boy who’s got a big jacket, of course he gets cold-

Imagine this and then Lance mentally thanking Blue because she’s the lion unaffected by the cold! She keeps lance warm!

Now imagine Lance and Blue’s bond like a big warm mental hug! (I.e. the guy who is homesick for his momma’s hugs)

I just want more Lance and Blue bonding over their element! And I want more Lance care in general! Let my boi be a part of the team!!!

like-a-lidel  asked:

Also: The camera switches to Dean's face. During the "I love all of you" Cas' voice is a lot more steady, he looks up to Sam (I think), but his eyes dart straight back to Dean (who seems to be trying to say something). One other thing! Cas' didn't say "I love you. All of you", she made two independent sentences, as though he tried to show that he was talking about two different things. But I am no meta writer, so I'd love to know what you think about it.(sry for any English faults btw) 2/2

Hello, dear! I believe you sent me two messages (because of the 2/2), but unfortunately I never received message number 1. However, let’s talk about the infamous “I love you” you mentioned in this message.  

In someone else’s post about that specific scene that I reblogged probably a day after the episode aired, I said that when Cas first said “I love you”, I understood it as his way of expressing his feelings for the three Winchesters present. However, WHY IN THE NAME OF CHUCK DID CAS FEEL THE NEED TO CLARIFY HIS “I LOVE YOU”?

The moment he said “I love all of you”, I had to stop and think for a moment. That simple sentence completely changed the meaning of the first one. It’s obvious that Cas felt he needed to clarify because the first “I love you” wasn’t clear enough. That was an incredibly ambiguous scene because there are three ways in which we could read the whole thing:

  • Interpretation 1: When Cas said “I love you” he meant the three of them, but he thought that because his history with Mary is very brief compared to the one he has with the brothers, she wouldn’t think his statement included her. That’s why he wanted to make sure she understood that he loves HER as much as he loves her sons.
  • Interpretation 2: When Cas said “I love you” he meant the three of them, but he thought that both Sam and Mary wouldn’t think they were included there because of the more profound bond he shares with Dean. That’s why he wanted to ensure that all three Winchesters knew they mean a lot to him, not just Dean.
  • Interpretation 3: When Cas said “I love you” he said it for Dean, but then he wanted to extend the feeling to the rest of his family because he wanted them to know the three of them were important to him.

The audience was in charge of deciding which interpretation they preferred. The people who can’t pick up on any kind of subtext probably thought the first “I love you” was for Dean and Sam and the clarification was meant to include Mary. On the contrary, the biggest Destiel shippers probably picked the third interpretation, the one in which the first “I love you” was meant for Dean.

Although the three interpretations are equally valid, the first one makes more sense only in text. When you watch the scene, though, the third interpretation is more logical. Why do I say that? It’s just that when Cas starts giving his speech, he has no trouble looking at the three Winchesters. His eyes go from Sam to Dean to Mary and over again. He doesn’t keep eye contact with any of them for too long but looks at the three of them. Even when he says, “You’re my family”, he looks at Sam, then at Dean, then at Mary, but then he does this:

He can’t meet anybody’s eyes! Why does Cas avoid eye contact?

Besides, as you pointed out, the camera immediately switches to Dean. Why? Why would they do that?

When Cas says “I love all of you”, he doesn’t look at the three of them as he did when he said they were his family. He just briefly looks at Sam and then keeps eye contact with Dean like this:

And Dean’s reaction? He looks like he just figured out what Cas meant (just as the rest of us did):

If we just read the transcript of the episode, we may interpret Cas’ lines differently. The thing is that the camera shots, Misha’s and Jensen’s acting choices, all that contribute to a Destiel-friendly interpretation of the whole thing. 

Let’s also remember that only two episodes before, Dean was kinda established as Castiel’s human weakness (AGAIN). Just two episodes before we learned that angels can have feelings for humans.

In conclusion, we’re not delusional. We’re just reading the signs that the writers, directors, actors, and editors are putting there.

If people decide they prefer interpretation 2 that I mentioned above, it’s still Destiel-friendly. It still means Cas himself thinks that if he says “I love you” when Dean is present, people won’t include themselves in the statement because they will think that Cas means only Dean. Cas feels he needs to clarify who he means because people will associate Cas’ I love you to Dean for default.

Personally, I’m OK with interpretations 2 and 3, but I’ll stick with the third one because it’s the one that makes more sense when you’re actually watching the scene without wearing heteronormative goggles.

SVT as your best friend’s brother/brother’s best friend

my first ever fluff(angst?) so pls bear(bare?) with me, im sorry that some are longer than others, most of them ended up being like drabbles

if you squint ig you could consider tiny parts of it as mature

Y/NN = your nickname (just use your name if you dont have one)

Y/F/N = your friend’s name

Seungcheol/S. Coups(ft. Jisoo) :

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“Seungcheol, what the hell was that?!” he frowned at your words.

”You didn’t like it?” 

You blushed, of course you’d liked the kiss you shared with him. You’ve had a crush on him for years but his friendship with Joshua made it extremely hard for you to express your feelings. Catching your own thoughts, you looked back up at a smiling Cheol.

“What about-” he cut you off by placing his lips back on yours making you realize how much you had missed the softness of them.

“If you were gonna make an excuse about your brother, you might as well forget it. What will he do, any way? I’m still his hyung,” he winked and smiled at you before closing the distance between you for the third(and definitely not the last) time.


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You and Y/F/N had been laughing for so long that neither of you could even remember what you were laughing about, but you stopped abruptly when the most beautiful man you’d ever seen in your life walked in looking annoyed but still very very pretty.

“Hey, brat, could you keep it down?” his eyes snuck over to meet yours, “who’s this?” he smirked at you flicking his hair out of his face.

Your friend finally stopped laughing in order to introduce you, “oh, um, Jeonghan this is Y/N. Y/NN, this is my older brother Jeonghan. He’s annoying as fuck” she turned her head to smile at him bitterly.

Instead of meeting his sister with a snippy comeback or leaving the room like he normally would, he walked in further holding eye contact with you and held out his hand for a handshake, “Nice to meet you, Y/N”

“Likewise,” you held out your hand and he brought it to his lips to kiss it chastely, foreshadowing similar events to come between you two.

Next to you, Y/F/N roller her eyes, “can you guys please eye fuck at a later time? Y/NN and I are busy, Jeonghan”

He mumbled under his breath, “More than just eye fucking,” and smirked at you before leaving the room.


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Y/F/N’s family had always treated you as if you were a part of it and you loved it! You were always around and 90% of the time that you spent there was good and the other 10% was called Joshua Hong.

That boy made you feel such anger towards him that you didn’t even think it was possible. You wanted to just remove him from your entire life but he was basically all you talked about. Y/F/N would complain about how often you talked about him but she was only receiving half of what you wanted to say. Yes, Joshua was a know-it-all, selfish, entitled, annoying prick, but he was also the main character of many wet dreams that your subconscious had created since you’d met the boy.

You would try your best to only spend the night at Y/F/N’s house when Joshua wouldn’t be there but unfortunately tonight wouldn’t go as planned.

You and Y/F/N were making “inside s’mores” when he walked into the kitchen making your bubbly mood drop instantly.

He hugged his little sister and kissed her forehead, “you still hang out with this loser, huh?” earning himself a slap on the arm from your friend and an eye roll from you.

Not wanting to start trouble you opened the fridge looking for a drink.

“What, no more bitchy comebacks?” you could hear him walking towards you but you continued to ignore him just bending over to look further into the fridge. You didn’t realize how short you pj shorts were but Joshua was well aware of the show you were obliviously giving him.

Y/F/N decided to interrupt before you went off on her bro, “wow, Y/NN, you’re being super mature right now, right Josh?”

“Yea,” he licked his lips, “she’s really grown up, I might have to reconsider how I’m treating her.”

Jun(ft. Vernon):

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“No, nope, fuck no, God no,”

“Well Vernon, you don’t really have a say anyway, if I like Jun then I like Jun”

“Y/NN please don’t do this to me, I don’t want you getting hurt!” Vernon kept talking but you had zoned him out after that, regretting even telling him about your crush in the first place.

You knew about Jun’s reputation of being  player, a lady killer…but you didn’t care. He could tear out your heart and feed it to his cat if he wanted to and you  would say thank you because he was that fucking hot. Your brother was wrong, you didn’t need to be babied, you just wanted Jun to rock your world, one night only edition so that your heart couldn’t be broken in the process.

So, you had confidence when you got up from the table where you, Vernon, Jun, and a couple others were sitting and walked over to Jun sitting in his lap. He was surprised but both of you smiled at each other(you caught the wink that he sent in Vernon’s direction before looking back at you). Neither of you could predict that the next morning when Jun woke up to only a note from you thanking him for that night, he would be the one with a feeling of something missing from his heart.


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You rang the doorbell, ready to greet Y/F/N for your movie marathon but you were pleasantly surprised when your boyfriend (her big brother) opened the door.

You gave each other sly smiles, “is your sister home?” you asked him, not sure which answer would make you happier.

“Fortunately, Y/F/N went out with my dad to get some things for a movie marathon. Looks like it’s just you and me,” he smirked pulling you inside and taking your stuff away and letting it fall to the ground next to you.

“Hey, those are nice clothes, Soony-” he cut you off by pulling you by your belt loops into a long overdue kiss. As you let him take over dominance in the kiss, he pulled you into the kitchen and picked you up putting you on the counter.

“I missed you,” he mumbles into the kiss as you thread your finger through the hair at the back of his neck

You chuckle, “take me with you next time, then,” he groans at the idea of a week away from everyone but you two. The things he could do with all that time…

His thoughts are interrupted when you both hear his father clearing his throat. You hop down from the counter, your face becoming even redder than it already had been. “You two might wanna fix yourselves before Y/F/N walks in,” he shakes his head laughing and walking away.



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“Wonwoo, come downstairs for a second?” your friend called for his fraternal twin brother.

“what do you want?” he groaned seeing that food was not the reason that he had been forced to come downstairs.

“My friend is coming over, I don’t want you to annoy or distract us so can you please stay away?”

“Depends, is she hot?”

“Wonwoo, I’m gay, how the fuck should I know?” Just then you rang the doorbell, “that’s her, please leave now.”

Wonwoo didn’t listen to his brother, following him to the door instead.

When Y/F/N opened the door, instead of greeting you, Wonwoo just said, “yes, yes she is” to his brother answering his own question. He winked at you leaving you confused before leaving you both alone for the rest of the night.

Somehow, before you left, he put his number in your phone as “Oppa Wonwoo” making you blush before texting him so that he would have your number as well.

Jihoon/Woozi(ft. Jeonghan):

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“I must be the greatest friend in the world,” Jihoon yawned to your brother.

“Sorry that I had to drag you here, it’s to torture my little sister,” Jeonghan explained, “she has a crush on you and she already has stage fright,” Jihoon just nodded in understanding.

You made eye contact with your brother from backstage and glared at him as he waved. Mentally taking note to shave his head later, you flipped him off and stormed away all of a sudden very nervous about your performance.

By now, your dance was muscle memory so no matter how fast you could feel your heart palpitating, the rest of your body would flow to the familiar music. Performing somehow calmed you this time around, but the butterflies returned when you saw that Jihoon hadn’t stayed to see your entire performance,

Once the recital was over and you only found Jihoon without your brother, you couldn’t help  but ask, “why’d you leave?”

“I’m sorry,Y/N,” he had hoped that you wouldn’t notice,” I had to take a call, but I watched you from outside through the door. It wasn’t the best view but I saw how amazing you did. I got you some flowers,” he smiled handing you a nice arrangement.

You blushed and nodded because his explanation was alright, but before you could thank him, Jeonghan found you both holding his own little bouquet of roses, “Are those for me too?” you asked excitedly reaching for them

“No,” the long-haired boy snatched the roses just out of your reach, “they’re for Joshua.”

On the ride home, your brother forced both of you to sit in the back so that Josh’s flowers had enough room. But it was ok because this gave you the chance to read your note from Jihoon that he had put in the flowers. Both of you were blushing while you read the heartfelt confession. Somehow your fingers had slipped and intertwined themselves with Jihoon’s own.

And if you forgot to shave Jeonghan’s head that night because you were texting a certain boy from dusk to dawn then no one had to know ;)


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“Seokmin please focus! I need you to do this dance with me by tomorrow and you still have like 10 counts to learn!”

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I’m just not as good as my brother,” the older boy complained and you wanted to slap him…so you did, “Ow! What was that for?!”

“You’re just as good a dancer as your brother is, maybe even better. The only problem is that you won’t focus because you couldn’t give a shit about the dance or the talent show or fucking anything!” you finally went off on him. You knew that the boy wouldn’t want to do such an intimate dance with you (he probably already knew about the embarrassing crush that you had on him), but you’d hoped that he would stay professional. That was all obviously in vain.

“Wait!” he called after you as you were storming out to go cool down. When you turned to face him he sighed dropping his head in shame, “Y/NN, I already know the dance, I just don’t feel like doing it with you right now.”

That really hurt you, “I already knew that you didn’t like me, I just hoped that you would be nice enough to help me!” you started to walk out again hoping to get away before the tears started.

Unfortunately, the boy grabbed your arm stopping you then pulled you by it bringing your chest to his own and forcing your teary eyes to look into his.

“I don’t want to dance with you right now because I’d rather be doing this,” he whispers to you before placing a soft, slow, passionate kiss upon your lips.

Mingyu(ft. Wonwoo):

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Mingyu [22:42] - Y/NN, you look beautiful here

Y/NN [22:50] - Mingyu, sweetie, can you pls do me a favor?

Mingyu [22:50] - Of course

Mingyu [22:50] - You can count on me

Y/NN [22:52] - thnx babe, im gonna need you to slide tf out of my dm’s

Mingyu [22:53] - oh, do you wanna ft?

Y/NN [22:54] - no, mingyu, i wanna sleep

Mingyu [22:54] - your wonwoo told me that you have a crush on me ;)

 Y/NN [22:57] - oh my god ignore him

Mingyu [22:58] - but wonwoo said you talk abt me sometimes, why wont you talk to me

 Y/NN [22:59] - if wonwoo has so much to say why dont you talk to him

Mingyu [23:00] - that almost sounded like you ere jealous ;) wonwoo cant come close to how amazing you are. baby you are my angel

 Y/NN [23:00] - oh my god you’re so dramatic

Mingyu [23:02] - *romantic

Mingyu [23:02] - if you’re that tired right now then we can just discuss our future relationship over chick-fil-a tmr after school

 Y/NN [23:06] - fine, but only if you get me a milkshake 

Mingyu [23:06] - i’ll get you one of every flavor

Unfortunately, you both kept your promises.


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(his fucking arms in this gif???)

“That’s Jun’s little sister, I would fuck off if I were you,” you heard  a familiarly annoying and condescending voice as the cute guy you were talking to walked away as if you two didn’t even know each other.

“Are you kidding me?!”

“No but it is kinda funny, don’t you think?” you wanted to slap the smirk of the boy’s face.

“What if that was my future boyfriend, Minghao?” you tried to force the boy to have some pity on you.

“Do you think your brother would like you dating that guy?” he had a point.

You shrugged, “I don’t care about what my brother likes.”

He chuckled at your response, “What about what I like?”

You laughed, “And why should I care about what you like, Minghao?”

“Well self-care is important, isn’t it?” it took you a minute to understand what he meant but once you did he was gone and all you wanted to do was find him.

Boo Seungkwan:

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Y/F/N and you were playing a game called “Remember When” just to get a conversation started. 

You giggled, “remember when we couldn’t decide which members of TWICE we wanted to be and we both started crying?”

Your friend could barely breathe from laughing and neither could you. That was until your friend suddenly gasped remembering something and then started laughing so hard she cried.

“What, what is it tell meeeee,” you whined.

Just then her older brother Seungkwan walked in smiling at you when you both made eye contact. But before you could acknowledge the boy, his oblivious sister cackled, “remember when you had a crush on my brother?”

Y/F/N was laughing so hard that she didn’t notice how wide your eyes got once she said it. Your face turned bright red and you decided that the ceiling was so much more interesting than anything anyone else in the room had to say.

“Why’re you being so quiet? Do you still have a crush on him?” your head snapped back up and you tried to give her a death glare so she could just burn too death on the spot bc you could still see Seungkwan out of your peripheral vision, “Oh my gosh, you do!” she screamed.

You just turned around and buried your face in a pillow deciding that if you couldn’t kill Y/F/N then you would just kill yourself instead.

You almost had a heart attack when you felt Seungkwan’s hand patting your back, “Don’t worry Y/N, its not your fault that I’m so handsome. You call me if you want to talk about it, ok? Let me know just how much you really like me.”

The first part he was teasing you, but you thought that maybe the second part was serious when he forced his sister to give you his phone number…


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“Hey baby bro,” Y/F/N smiled at Hansol as you both passed him on the couch ruffling his hair.

“I’m one year younger, please shut up” he replied in a bittersweet tone.

Vernon rolled his eyes and you frowned walking over behind him, “Aww, Hannie’s sad,” you start using the voice you would to speak to a baby, “tell your noonas what to do to make it all better,” you and your friend chuckled almost evilly.

“Well, Y/NN,” he look up at you, “Why don’t you blow me and see if that helps?” he smiled evilly back up at you as you gasped offendedly.

Y/F/N laughed along with her brother before saying that she needed to go find her phone.

You walked into the kitchen still salty about Vernon’s joke as you bent down looking in the fridge, “You guys have like no snacks,” you said standing up only to be face to face(chest) with the younger boy.

As you looked up at him he asked, “Do you think I’m still a kid, Y/N?” and you shook your head no seeing that he had obviously grown.

Just then he picked you up and placed you onto the counter putting his own body very close to yours in between your legs. Speaking of..

“Do you think I won’t fuck those stupid little comments out of you just because you’re my noona?” he asked brushing your hair behind your ear.

Chan/Dino(ft. S. Coups):

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Your ear is pressed so closely to the door that you think you might fall through it. Your boyfriend had told you not to listen, that the results might hurt you. But it was impossible for you not to eavesdrop, especially when two of the most important people in your life were talking.

Chan sighed, “Seungcheol I’ve been dating Y/NN behind your back for a few months now.“

There was a very long pause in which you tried to press your ear even further through the wall.

When you finally heard someone it was your brother, “No. I’m sorry Channie but you’re not allowed to date Y/N.”

You backed away from door on the brink of tears. Not only did you have to hear that, but now you would have to suck it up so that Chan could come downstairs and break up with you. You started walking down the stairs when you heard Channie again and rushed to the door.

“I’m sorry Seungcheol, but I wasn’t asking for your permission. We both love Y/N but I’m also in love with her. I don’t even know if i could leave her if she asked me to so I know for sure that I will not leave her because you said so.”

Your heart fluttered as your brother tried to give his input, “Channie I-”

“No, Cheol, you know what? I only came to talk to you because this matters to Y/N and I care about her. If you cared about her too you would see how happy we can make each other.

“Channie, are you done?” Seungcheol finally asked.

“Yes, you can go ahead now.”

You could help but let a happy squeak escape when your brother told Chan that he and you could date now that he knew that the younger would never hurt you. They boys pretended not to hear it so that Chan could watch you squirm as he (re)delivered the news to you.

One More Time

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 2,473

Warnings: Smut…and cursing! Metal Arm Kink because reasons.

Summary: Reader and Bucky like each other but they don’t know about the other’s feelings. One day when they are training, reader can’t stop “admiring” his arm. Smut happens!

A/N: I just felt like writing metal arm smut so ya. If you want part 2 let me know. Also, please tell me how my writing is!! Please…

Tagging @bovaria and @fvckingavengers because I dreamed a dream where my writing was actually not that bad and they might notice me…Notice me Senpais!!!

Update: Part 2

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One thing that’s always stunted my educational growth has always been expectations.

Expectation to do my best, but if I did my best, I apparently wasn’t.

Expectation to do everything on time and that, if I just studied and remembered the whole packet, I had no other reason to fail. So clearly, when I get that non-A or B on test, obviously something’s wrong with me.

And then there was the big one: Expectation to get all A’s and B’s on the basis of having technology, despite the fact that college adapts to the environment and still stays hard, if not getting harsher.

There’s always been the line of pushing a student on, and then just making them believe that the C they’re happy with, isn’t actually something they should be happy about. Even despite the fact they studied the night before and on the way to school. There’s a line with words, meanings that aren’t intentional.

Something like, “Why is your grade like that?” Can sound like “You apparently didn’t try.” To a person who’s questioned how smart they really are, sometimes due to the fact they’ve always been laced with high ideals.

“You’re a smart kid, you can do better.” If said too often, can start to echo self worth. Before it’s even realized, that C is absolutely worthless and is the domino effect of thoughts– failing grades becomes the equivalent of failing college and generally failing as a human being.

Sometimes being gentle about it can cause such better things. Something like, “This is a great job! I’m happy you did this and this, and I see your grade went up from a D to a C, so even better! Just continue to do your best alright? Good job.”

Sometimes people need a harder push, but never all the time.

It may not seem like such an accomplishment to someone who expects A’s and B’s all the time, but as someone who personally understands that reaching expectations is a hard edged stone, it’s ok to be proud of that C. It’s ok to be proud of a grade, because you still put in effort, you did your best.

And if no one’s said it to you in a while:

I’m proud of you.

Hey i have this idea. Im a bit embarrased by it but what the hell and i need to take it out of my mind lol 

The paladins goes to this planet and everything it’s ok they save the day and stay for the celebration. Everything is fantastic and the locals offers team voltron a strange looking juice. Allura drinks it and so does Coran. They said it was a famous and delicious beverage back in Altea. Of course, everyone knows what an awful sense of taste the princess and her advisor have, so the team avoids it. 

But the night goes on, and Lance gets thirsty for dancing so much. He can’t find any water, or something that doesn’t looks… questionable. So, against his better judgment, he drinks from Coran’s cup.

…. It’s as awful as everyone predicted. And then Lance starts feeling really dizzy. He faints, some alien catchs him and takes him to their med bay. 

Team Voltron is worried and Allura asks about what happened. It seems that the beverage do… Funny things to human. 

When Lance wakes up, he screams alarming everyone. His friends volts into the room and Shiro is about to ask what is going on when he sees it. Everyone is shocked. Lance is standing  there in the middle of the room with wide eyes, trying to cover up his naked body with little success. 

Lance is different. 

Lance is a girl now. 

Everyone goes crazy, Allura demands answers, Pidge is laughing her ass off and Coran runs to take a blanket to cover Lance. The other paladins, well, they just can’t stop staring. 

Now, i know you all have seen genderbend Lance fanart… She usually has a flat chest and nice but small ass, not a big deal, right? But imagine Lance being a busty girl with wide hips and thick tighs. (i saw a beautiful fanart with Lance with that description and i can’t stop thinking about it!!)

It’s a mess at first and Hunk is the first one to react. He goes into protective mode in an instant and goes to help his friend trying to calm him down as he looks for some new clothes for him. 

Shiro is embarassed and tries to help too but a look from Hunk is enough to let him know it’s not a good idea to get close. Keith is embarassed and confused, so he decides to leave them room and give Lance some space. 

After some discussion, they find out it was the juice that turned him into a girl. The aliens can’t help Lance, because human biology is unknown to them, so the transformation is a complete mystery. 

Anyways, they try to find a solution but it’s useless. The aliens are sorry but they can’t help them. Now it’s up to Coran and Pidge to find a way to help Lance go back to normal. 

Of course, the process is not fast and Lance has to get used to his new body. To everyone’s surprise, Lance is actually really comfortable in this form. Yes, he would like to be a boy again, but he’s totally fine being a lady. A pretty lady. 

But now his teammates are the ones having trouble with it. 

Lance doesn’t have shame.The first thing he does after returning to the castle is taking his shirt off to show off his breats to Allura and Pidge, making the girls scream hysterically because “oh mY GOD LaNCE YOU CAN’T DO THAT!!!” And Pidge and Allura are lowkey jelaous of Lance because his tits are bigger than theirs? A literally Pidge stares at Lance like ‘goals’. 

Also, they have to fight a lot with him because he. hates. bras. He never had to use them in his life, so right now he can’t stand them. They are uncomfortable so he just… Decides not to wear them (he only wears them when they train because it’s feels awful when he runs and do excersice in general)

The other paladins are a little…  Bothered. I mean, they are happy to know Lance is not so sad about not having a cure yet and having to be a girl longer than expected, but God he’s killing them. 

They were fine with Lance not wearing bras and casually watching his nipples hardening through the clothes but then he started wearing shorts, and tops, and God he’s still Lance. Their friend. BUt they can’t help to stare at him sometimes because he looks amazing. 

tbh i just did this because i wanted  the paladins drooling for him lol (and wanted to use the genderbend prompt lol )  

BUt i also like drama… everything funny or happy i need to make it sad or angsty at so point so… read this… 

Shiro, like everyone, gets protective of Lance because every new planet the step in some alien dude tries to woo Lance or idk, to make a move on him. Lance is totally ok by this, but he doesn’t truly mind when Shiro or Hunk interferes. It feels good in a way to be taken care of, because he knows they are only looking out for him. 

So, this leads to Shiro and Lance spending more time together and it’s lovely, really. Lance has always being bisexual and had a great crush on Shiro that has come back at full force because he loves how sweet and caring the black paladin is to him. So.. He takes advantages of his new body, because he’s not an idiot and sees the way Shiro stares at him, ok? 

He asks to train in private with him and Shiro agrees. One thing leds to another and instead of training the end up kissing. They start dating and it’s wonderful for a while. Hunk and Pidge warns Lance about what bad idea this could be, but he decides to ignore them. 

two months passes after that, AND FINALLY, Lance can go back to be a boy! Which is fantastic because yes, he enjoyed being a girl and having a wonderful time with his body (doing self-exploration) and sharing its beauty with the world (shiro) but he wants to be him again. 

So, he becomes a boy again. Everything is happy and Lance hugs Shiro, who gives him a little smile. Everything seems fine at first but then Shiro starts kissing less, touching him less. He gets shy and avoids any kind of public displays of affection in front of their friends. Hell, even in the privacy of their room Shiro is distant. 

Lance gets tired of this, because he wants his loving boyfriend back and he can’t understand what’s happening. He asks him about it, and Shiro tells him the truth. He loves Lance, but he doesn’t feel comfortable dating him now that he has his male body back. It’s a difficult thing to accept for him because of the way he was raised. He’s being trying to ignore but it’s still difficult for him to push aside his old believes. 

Lance is hurt by this, and thinks Shiro dated him of the way he looked before,(which is not totally a lie but it isn’t the truth either) so, they break things off. Take some time. Lance is hurt and so is Shiro. He’s sad because he made Lance feel like this and he feels frustrated with himself, because he loves Lance… A lot. He knows this. But.. It’s not easy… He wants it to be, but it’s not. It’s …  an internal battle he’s fighting. About his feelings, belives, and everything his family taught him. 



Idk what to add anymore so this is it for now.