ok i still need to read this

This started off as a joke. Now it’s turned into a nightmare.

Ok this is SUPER late, but I need to get this out for anyone who can read this and still hasn’t voted. 

I’m a female teen of color. I’m clearly not in the demographic that Trump is okay with. But I have a future to prepare for that is coming up soon. That future could definitely be jeopardized if Trump gets elected as president.

People say he isn’t that bad. He is. He supports waterboarding, an inhumane form of torture. He has openly insulted multiple races. He funds conversion therapy, which a) is scientifically proven not to work, and b) dehumanizes people. He has committed sexual assault. Hell, he has even been endorsed by the Klu Klux Klan, if that says anything.

Any vote that isn’t for Clinton might as well be for Trump. Sorry, but that’s the truth. Vote for Clinton. Don’t make this terrible man president. 

Don’t jeopardize millions of people like me, and all of the US.

PLEASE READ: this is part of a serious autobio series I started months back to document my gender transition. These took place months ago, during the early days. I’d only been on hormones for 4 months.

May 27th, 2016. Still early in transition, still looking very much like a dude, I had trouble seeing what others saw in me. I needed to work on my mindset, to chill out and be ok that at least I was on my way.


APPLE- went the extra mile of adding a sphere of aura in the dragon’s claws, but the final resolution of the image is too small for this to be discerned. while the effort put into detailing this dragon is admirable, overall it lacks character. 4/10

GOOGLE- a special dragon baby. has the rage needed to give the emoji personality while still remaining very cute and unintimidating. is it baring its claws, or reaching for a hug? 10/10

MICROSOFT- stylish lines and the hairdo is a nice touch. however, this dragon looks unsure of its life choices. i hope it is doing ok. 6/10

SAMSUNG- this dragon looks like it came from a 2006 neopets ripoff. 3/10

LG- this one is hard to even read as a dragon. an even more overly rendered version of the original apple dragon emoji, it to be up to no good. 2/10

HTC- while it it is quite clear that we are looking at a dragon, it lacks personality. is this a good dragon, or a bad dragon? who is to say? 5/10

FACEBOOK- very stylish color choices, but falls into the classic trap of adding too many details that cannot be discerned at a low resolution. this dragon also looks like it is up to no good. 5/10

MESSENGER- something is just not right. 2/10

TWITTER- attempts to take the route of providing a dragon that is both cute and angry. however, the coloration and scale placement are not as tasteful as the google emoji. its strange arms cause this dragon to look overly serpentine. 4/10

MOZILLA- builds upon the achievements of all emojis prior. while it lacks legs, it retains a dragon-like look. details such as decorative scales, a ball of aura, and a cute forked tongue have been included. while it does not much with my personal dragon taste, this dragon is doing its best. 9.5/10

EMOJIDEX- this dragon looks so needlessly villainous, even having bushy eyebrows and a beard. it also lacks limbs. 3/10

EMOJIDEX- trash desu. 1/10

Ok but like- I have only ever read a tiny post about Lance after the effects of Sendak fucking with the ship. Like he gets pneumonia cuz of all of that. And Keith just holds onto him until they can get him help? How cute is that???

Where’s my “lance was in a cryo pod then almost sucked out into space” fics?

Lance, who is the paladin of water and ice, got frozen and then almost sucked out into the freezing expance of space.

The boi would need some aftercare for that!

Imagine him getting sick while the castle is still being rebooted.

Imagine the others taking care of him until the pods are ready.

Now imagine our boi not liking the cold.

He’s a tall lanky boy who’s got a big jacket, of course he gets cold-

Imagine this and then Lance mentally thanking Blue because she’s the lion unaffected by the cold! She keeps lance warm!

Now imagine Lance and Blue’s bond like a big warm mental hug! (I.e. the guy who is homesick for his momma’s hugs)

I just want more Lance and Blue bonding over their element! And I want more Lance care in general! Let my boi be a part of the team!!!

I felt the need to make this because it’s ridiculous the amount of hate messages I’ve been getting along with my other DB buds. We fanfic writers, fan-artists, casual DB fans should not feel the need to “hide” or “keep a low profile” just because we LIKE Goku, or Gochi. And if you’ve been getting hate as a kakavege fan, vegebul or what ever ship/ character this implies too. ((Leave people to their corner and let them be happy))


***For the record yes, I understand nakama and goku’s sense of family. And guess what I STILL love Goku/ Gochi/ Son family. Ok :’) 

WARNING: If you are going to use this picture ((not saying you should cause I would rather you reblog the original post/source)) PLEASE give me credit for the drawing and link back to this blog. Furthermore, if you happen to see this post posted some where else without a source please guide them to the right direction and link to this original post. Also, you are NOT aloud to edit this picture what so ever.

What you were waiting(?)

I kept putting this comic off for over a year, I needed to get it out of my system. It’s short and saucy(??), maybe (????) www.

WARNING 1: Long post. More or less.
WARNING 3: ^That’s what I say but you won’t see any dicks here ok? I’m…. sorry… OTL

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♥⇢ Ok so I’ve never done one of these and I actually appreciate all of my mutuals… Even if we’ve never actually talked, I want you guys to know that I’m here if you ever need to talk, rant, have me reblog your selfie/edit, anything really (even if it’s not hp!! tag me on your photography!!). Y’all are amazing and I hope you have a lovely 2017!!

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A big angel with his beautiful smol angel. 

I swear I’m doing the devil’s work here since there still isn’t enough deckerstar fanart for my liking. I shall make more until more artists do the same. 

Malec AU where Magnus is internet famous dancer who shares his wild life and his magnificent himself through instagram and youtube videos on his channel. Alec studies english language and literature at university, wears only black and is the strong, silent type. One day, they meet through Izzy who is Magnus’ fan #1. Magnus immediately falls in love with that tall dark and handsome man with beautiful smile and snarky comments. Alec is not impressed but in fact is impressed a lot and only playing hard to get. But as everyone knows, Magnus Bane loves a challenge.

ok i just rewatched all the supercorp scenes and there is no way that lena is straight. she gay af


fuckstudy’s stationery review: a footnote

Sometimes, simple is best. Its ok if you don’t spend a small fortune on gel pens or 31+ colours. Hell, I went through high school using cheapass ballpoint pens. My notes were entirely in the good ol’ blue/red/black/green combo (see notes pictured above). My study method was still effective and I was able to achieve the results I needed to be in the position I am today. 

TL;DR: fancy stationery and ‘aesthetic’ is not a prerequisite to success. 

Studying with Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder (MD)

The best way to study if you’re an MDer is to quit daydreaming, get ur life together and get motivated. WAIT, NO, COME BACK. ok, I know how you feel. Here are some tips not on how to quit, but how to study when ur still an active daydreamer.

- first of all, it’s crazy difficult to concentrate when you can get distracted in the time it takes u to walk across your room. Set small goals. It doesn’t even matter how small. “I will read/write one paragraph/ answer one question.” it’s better than nothing at all.

- Addiction cravings actually last an average of only 15 minutes. if you really just need to get your head down and study hard (chances are you do), set a timer for 15 minutes (or just put a clock nxt to you) and study without daydreaming for that time. promise yourself that if after that 15 mins you still want to daydream, you can do it.

- Face it, if you say ur gonna start study in 5 mins/an hour/after lunch, it won’t happen. when you get to said point of time, you still won’t want to. Look at your hand. Now move your hand, wave or something. it only took a split second of decision from your brain for you to decide to move it and the movement to happen. It only takes a split second for you to decide to start studying, at this very moment. Right now. You can do it.

- also, u are a person with MD, but the rest of the world expects you to study like a person who doesnt have MD. just because they don’t know what it is, doesn’t mean its not real and difficult. a few minutes study for u is probably as difficult as an hour’s study for a neurotypical person. there will be days you are motivated and days you might end up doing nothing. Do aim higher next time, but don’t beat yourself up for ur bad days, it wont solve anything.

- some people say that setting aside a specific time every day for daydreaming helps them subdue cravings. doesn’t work for me, but if you’re one of the people for whom it works, try creating a study timetable with an actual set periods for daydreaming on it.

- During the moments u feel motivated and strong enough to quit for a while, quit! use this valuable time to make up for some of the study you haven’t done.

- Realise that the things you want from real life are the things present somewhere in your daydreams. MD is like a substitute for those things, but it also stops you achieving anything real. Remind yourself that by studying you are working to improve your real life and achieve something real. one day reality will feel meaningful again and you’ll be grateful for the work you put in now.

- it’s goign to be awesome when you get good results despite everything.

- I’m also an MDer with my exams in three weeks. You’re not alone. we’re in this mess together.

- Risky but maybe worth trying (if you’re trying to quit, this will likely be a trigger):
have you ever thought about how you can remember the content of your daydreams almost without trying and go back to them rlly easily? if u need to remember something for a test or whatever, try including it in your daydreams somehow. maybe have an imaginary conversation in a language you need to revise, with one of your characters. Or you could daydream that ur teaching ur characters all about the subject you need to study. if u find you don’t know the subject well enough to imagine this, you’ll have to research it to make the daydream more realistic, and then you’ll technically be learning it.
Warning; this is a little like playing with fire. It’s very, very difficult to stop daydreaming once you’ve started, and I personally find that even when I use daydreaming to learn things, i soon get distracted and move onto another scenario. the only time this works for me is when I’m trying to learn a speech off by heart and I imagine reading it in front of my audience. But if daydreaming in order to learn things works for any1 else, I’d be rlly interested to know.

Good luck guys. you deserve it.

ok so I still have to read a lot of asks, but I don’t want to answer a load about the photoshoot so I’ll address it in one go.

1) beautiful photos.

2) I wish I had an ass like Lauren’s.

3) The MTV piece was very obviously constructed by the 5H team and I can only think that they are explicitly letting everyone know that Lauren is ‘single’ for a reason. I think this means that soon Lauren must be dropping the collab with Halsey (and I guess Steve Aoki) so she needs to be single so that she can be shipped with Halsey for promo.  That’s my guess anyway. I was actually wondering when they were going to ‘put Lauren back on the market’ following the coming out. From a PR stand-point its good for promo and gossip. It’s also good timing as the girls are away working for a while so this punctuated a potential quiet time (along with DWTS).

4) I honestly find it slightly worrying. Most of the time when the PR campaigns have used the girls’ personal lives its mostly worked through guess work and hints (with maybe a couple of exceptions e.g. Austin). This time they are giving specific info and stories. I’m just worried that their PR stuff is going to go into one direction/Taylor swift kind of territory. When you have articles revealing and talking about your romantic history (real or not) in actual specific terms, and not just rumours, thats when I feel it starts getting a bit dark. I hope Lauren can handle having stories about her personal life being purposefully fed to the general public for publicity narratives. My feeling is that she has been able to negotiate quite a lot about the nature of her PR campaigns (e.g. coming out, being able to be politically active, being able to do a stunt with an artsy photo shoot rather than a trashy pap shot). In other words, i think she has a handle on things. But I still worry. 

Announcement - Mini Hiatus

I’ll just make it now fuck it. 

So I’m super behind on tags. I miss reading fics to really read them for fun and not because I feel like I have to or people are gonna be mad at me. I miss writing for fun and not because I feel like I need to crank something out. So…as of now I guess you could say I’m taking a mini hiatus. I’ll still be writing. I’m still gonna do the challenges I signed up for. It’s just that the updates are gonna be probably much less frequent than what you’re used to from me. 

I’m also starting a new job on Monday come hell or high water. So I don’t know how much time I’m really gonna have to write at that point with training and all the stuff that comes with that. 

Tagging some people I guess to spread the word or whatever. I dunno. 

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Hey stop scrolling!!! If you’re reading this I just want you to know that you’re an amazing beautiful warrior. Look at all the things you have overcome and all the bad people you have encountered and you’re still full of light, hope and choosing to be kind and better everyday. That’s real strength right there! Keep being a badass. You’re doing great! Ok keep scrolling.  

A Choir Rehearsal
  • Sopranos: *Playing "who can hit the highest note"*
  • Altos: *Actually reading the music*
  • Tenors: *Complaining it's too high*
  • Bass's: *In the corner isolated from everyone else*
  • -Rehearsal actually starts
  • Choir Director: *holds up music sheet that clearly states do not copy*
  • Choir Director: ok who still needs the music, we have 30 copies
  • -Actually starting the song-
  • Choir Director: ok that was fine but we need more altos
  • Altos: fml u all suck
  • That one tenor who things he's better than the others: you know I can sing alto if u want
  • Sopranos: yeah altos, step it up