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No More Sick Days Part 2

Title: No More Sick Days Part 2

Pairing: Reader x Sam

Word Count: 1,630

Request: therunnersthatrulethemaze asked - Could you possibly do a part two for no more sick days. It could be about Sam and the reader coming back to the bunker and telling dean what happened and dean feels very bad but also kinda proud? Idk but I love your writing



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Sam’s voice was loud in your ears, pulling you harshly into the waking world. He never let you sleep in but all you wanted was five more minutes. You tried to turn to pull his pillow over your head but were met instead with excruciating pain in your side, crying out through gritted teeth. The world came back to you then in fast motion; the docks, the demon with the slicked hair, his knife dragging over your skin, and finally stabbing it into your side as Sam escaped and made a tackle for him.

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Preference #1 - You're Brazilian (Luke)

A/N: This is my first preference. I’m really truly sorry if it sucked, I’m not Brazilian so I really wasn’t so sure on what to do! I had to use Google Translate for the parts where Y/N talks Portuguese. Most of you probably are like me and don’t understand some of the words I will translate them here:

“Eu te amo” = i love you.

“Por que você é tão perfeito?”  = Why are you so perfect?

“Eu te amo princesa.” = I love you princess.

“Eu te amo mais, meu rei” = I love you more my king.

If im wrong, please inbox me and correct me so i can fix it! Thank you again, and I hope you Enjoy.

You were Luke’s girlfriend, you were a typical girl. You loved your boyfriend as much as he loved you, even though most of the time he would argue with you saying he loved you way more than you loved him. You two were such a happy couple, many people shipped y'all’s relationship. You would get many messages from people on Twitter talking about how they wished they had a relationship like yours.
You were Brazilian and you loved to tease Luke by talking to him in a language he knew nothing about. You had tried to teach him before, but luke was just helpless!
“Eu te amo.” You told him.
He looked up at you with his gorgeous blue eyes, and said “I love you more, baby.”
He had already memorized what “Eu te amo” meant, since you loved telling him that multiple times throughout the day.
“Por que você é tão perfeito?” You told him.
He giggled, not knowing what you had just said.
“Uh….. pizza!” he told you confused.
You laughed.
“Luke, I just asked you why you were so perfect, haha.”
“Well sorrryyy I don’t know how to speak Portuguese babe!”
“It’s fine baby, you look so cute when you’re confused.”
He leaned in to kiss you.
“Now, we should go get something, i’m starting to get pretty hungry.” he told you.
“Ok let’s go, i’m kinda hungry too.”
As you two stood up from the couch ya’ll were laying on, Luke grabbed you from your hips and said, “Eu te amo princesa.”
You were kinda surprised when he told you that, but that didn’t stop you from feeling so fucking happy.
“ Aw baby you learned to say princess!”
He giggled, and said
“I did it just for you baby.”
“Eu te amo mais, meu rei” you told him.
“Ok baby calm down i’m still not an expert but I promise I will learn one day and we will be able to have plenty of conversations together and it will be so much fun and-”
You interrupted him in the middle of his sentence by giving him a sweet, passionate kiss. He looked down to you and said “I’m so lucky to have you, my little Brazilian princesa”
You blushed and told him “so do you want to eat, or not?”
“Yes I do. Let’s go get pizzzzaaaaa!”

Thanks for reading. If you have any ideas for a preference, feel free to send me a request here. I will be more than happy to make it.