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Meet the Boys

* Hamilsquad x Reader
* Modern to Hamiltime
* Requested by anonymous
* Request: Reader accidentally time travels to Hamiltime. Lands in front of the Hamilsquad. And later falls in love with them.

A/N: Here’s my time travel fic, finally. It’s only part one and there’ll be a few parts. But I was writing it and it was at like 6,000 words and I’m only half done. Part 2 should be up tonight or tomorrow. And I know that the founding fathers (unfortunately) don’t look like Lin, Anthony, Daveed, Oak and Chris but let’s just pretend ok? Hope you like it!

Word Count: 3,179


Part 1:

You sighed as your alarm blared. You hated going into work this summer. You, for some reason and some how, landed a summer job as a lab assistant. It seemed exciting at first but it was really just following some expert around and doing whatever he ordered you to do. You climbed from your bed and wandered over to your closet. You groaned as you put some khakis on and found polo shirt and pulled that on over your head.

You groaned as you sat in traffic. Again. New York was too busy for your liking. Cars everywhere, cursing people, catcalls if you tried to walk anywhere. This state had been around since the country started, it was only likely that it would be busy. You sometimes wished you had seen the country back then. Some men actually had morals and there wasn’t unbelievable traffic. It was also beautiful back then.

Though…unsanitary. War-torn. Un-advanced. Sexist. Sometimes you wondered if that was better or worse. You’d never figure out though. So you continued you way into work.

You pulled into the parking lot of the science lab. You sighed and climbed from your car. On the way inside you fiddled with your hair and made sure that it wouldn’t be obstructing you field of vision. You got inside and trudged to the office of your boss. “Ah, Y/N. Good morning.” He greeted pleasantly enough.

“Morning.” You said in response. You sat at the desk in the corner of the room, running through mindless tasks. Suddenly your boss stood and left the room. You followed him, knowing to without being asked. You came to a room filled with random equipment, all of which you didn’t know how to use. You stood to the side, being ignored as usual. No one bothered explaining anything to you. You felt worthless.

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anonymous asked:

Hey nix can you write a cristiano smut since Portugal won. Sorry too bother you

I do have a request for Cristiano smut so I guess I’m just going to write it now, after all you guys did win so… enjoy :D

Disclaimer: Story below is fictional. I have no connection to the athlete mentioned.

NOTE: STORY CONTAINS SMUT!! I tried making this vanilla and sweet but…

Lie Back and Enjoy (Cristiano Ronaldo NSFW/NC17 Imagine)

It was already 3 in the morning but we were still very much awake, just having returned to our hotel suite after the Euro finals celebrations.

Finally, just the two of us.

“Ah!” he hissed in pain.

“Cris! Sorry! Are you okay?” I asked, looking up at my boyfriend. I might have hit his bad leg or maybe he had been putting too much weight on his knee with the position we were in.

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Duct Tape is Silver ***NSFW

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3476

Warning: 3.5k of pretty much pointless smut. Slight bondage(?), a shit ton of teasing, Jongdae being the troll that he is and smut…yeah.

Edited by @shineeexobts

Part 1

Jongdae was squeezed into a tight hug.

“Aw, honey, it’s so good to see you again!”

Jongdae’s mother turned to you and gave you a hug as well. “And you! You’re beautiful as always! I still don’t understand what he could’ve possibly done to make you agree to date him,” she chuckled. “Come in, come in!”

It was always pleasant to visit Jongdae’s family when he was off work. His mother was a friendly lady and thought you were an absolute gem. She enjoyed talking and laughing with you, making food that you loved while you helped her out in the kitchen, conversing and joking all the while. Jongdae’s father was a wonderful gentleman with a bit of humor himself and he found amusement in embarrassing his son in front of you.

It had been quite a while since Jongdae had been able to see his parents, and the four of you effortlessly spent the day catching up with one another. On the second round of soju and about halfway into the fourth or fifth game of Godori, none of you could really remember, Jongdae’s mother realized that it was past 2 in the morning.

“Already? But it seemed like such a short while.” She gave her hand of cards a mournful look before deciding that everyone should call it a night. She would’ve won that round.

“I should get going-”

“At this time? Not a chance! I won’t be able to sleep properly if you went home right now. Stay here for tonight, and don’t argue with me. I won’t let you win.” She gave you a grin.

“Ok, thank you so much, eomeonim.”

“You can sleep in Jongdae’s old bed. He can sleep on the floor,” his dad added with a teasing side-glance towards Jongdae.

“I can’t even tell which one of us is actually your child,” Jongdae whined.

“Oh, don’t be a baby! I’ll make your bed for you, Jongdae-yah~” She squished his cheek and then gestured for you to follow. “Come with me, I’ll get you some clothes to sleep in.”

Jongdae stayed behind to talk with his dad for a few more minutes. Before you turned the corner, you saw his dad give him a fatherly-affectionate, slightly rough pat on the back. Maybe Jongdae was blushing a little, but you couldn’t really tell. Probably another well-intended little joke or a bit too much soju…or both.

“Are you asleep?” Jongdae whispered into the dark.

“Nng…I was about to be,” you mumbled back.


“It’s m’kay,” you slurred sleepily and rolled onto your other side, stretching your legs before relaxing and going limp again. “It smells like you.”



And you were out cold.

Jongdae grinned to himself. “So cute,” he breathed.

He lay on his side, watching your sleeping silhouette from the thickly blanketed floor, his makeshift bed. Little thoughts and memories faded in and out of his mind as he too began to drift off.

Walks in the park.

Sharing snacks.

Him teasingly pulling away the food before you were able to eat it.

Your pout in return.

You returning the treatment to him a few seconds later.

You were on you knees in front of him, licking a stripe up his length while he was on the phone with-

His eyes snapped open.

His gaze found its way to your innocent shadow as the memory replayed in his mind. “Tch…naughty girl…forcing me to be quiet,” he scolded under his breath. He rolled onto his back and tried to go to sleep, but the image of you on your knees, trying to take in as much of him as you could was burned into his memory.

And now that he had thought of it, he couldn’t think of anything else.

After a few minutes of futile wishing-away. Jongdae turned toward you and sat up, a plan beginning to take shape in his mind.

It made him grin.

He quietly made his way to you and planted a soft kiss on your forehead, smiling as you mumbled something incoherent in your sleep as a reply.

“Well princess, it’s been about a week since you did that…”

“I think it’s time I return the favor.”

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Behind The Scenes (3.5/16)

Author’s note: I have the last few lines of the previous part so things won’t be confusing. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Tiny bit of fluff (Suga)

Word Count: 1861

Summary: Suga informs you on a few things…

WARNINGS: physical abuse

Other parts:  HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Suga nudged your shoulder. “You wanna go to my room?”

You gave him a small nod. You both got off and you followed him into his room.


Suga went to his bed and pulled out his phone. You ever so gently closed the door behind you and went over to his bed. He moved over to the wall and patted the empty space next to him. You flopped down on the bed and let out a long sigh.

Without looking up from his phone, he asked. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing really… I just…  I just hate this. The last few hours actually felt normal… but now I’ve snapped back into reality.”

He put his phone away and turned to you.

You did the same. “I’m scared Yoongi.” Your voice broke. “I’m so scared and paranoid. I can’t sleep. Whenever I do, I just get nightmares that he’s going to hurt me or hurt my family or hurt you… guys. That he just going to hurt everyone. I’m still so scared.” You felt so frustrated and couldn’t help but let a few tears out.

Suga moved closer to you and brought you into a hug. “It’s okay. I know you’re scared. I’m scared too, but it’ll be okay.”

“Thank you Yoongi.” Your words came out muffled as you spoke into his chest.

“For what?”

“Everything” you looked up at him and wiped your tears away. “Thank you for standing up for me and for keeping that monster from hurting me.” You began to cry again. You tried your best not to be too loud.

“Don’t worry about it y/n…” he moved your hair out of your face.

You dug your face back into his chest and continued to cry. Eventually you stopped, but Suga didn’t let you go from his hug. You didn’t mind. You felt safe in his embrace.



“I’ve been wondering something for a while now.”

“About what?”

“Why does Namjoon always comply with your threats?”

“What do you mean?”

You looked up at him.“When he tried to kill me and when he wanted to use me as the mule, you threatened that you would quit. Why doesn’t he want to lose you? Wouldn’t it be easier for him to get rid of both of us?”

“That’s always a fear of mine, but at times it doesn’t seem likely… I’m an important part of his whole plan.”


“Well, back before we debuted, I found about his whole drug thing. I originally wanted to rat him out. I didn’t want his stupid shit to ruin our chances of debuting, but he was able to convince me not to do so. He said that what he was doing would give us some extra money… We made a deal. He would let me have all creative control with the music while he still keeps charge of his drugs stuff…”

“Why did you go with the deal?”

“I don’t know. I guess- Well, at the time I really loved the idea of controlling our music. I felt like my dream was coming true! Plus, by the time I found out, Namjoon and I were already really close. Even though I did contemplate snitching, just the thought of actually ratting him out made me feel as though I was backstabbing my brother. How could I betray him like that? How could ruin his dream of being an idol? Now- now things just spiraled into what they are now?”

“… How did he get into the whole drug thing?”

“He got into it when he got into the underground rapping scene. He claimed he never did drugs, just deals, but I’m not sure. I just know that he worked his way up the ranks and now he doesn’t have to deal with any more of the risky shit as often as he used to. Now he has people under him that do that stuff for him. I don’t know how high he is on the ladder, but I know he’s up there.”

“How did you even find out about everything? Didn’t he threaten you when you found out?”

“Um… In the beginning, he’d always be out of the dorm when we weren’t busy. I would question him about it and he would always change the subject. Then some guy would start dropping by and the dude looked pretty sketchy and all. He would talk to Namjoon really quick and then he would just leave. One day I accidentally walked in on them talking and I overheard a lot of stuff. After the dude left Namjoon saw me and just straight up told me everything. He tried to get me to be his right hand man, but I kept saying no. That’s when he came up with that deal. So now, without me there is no one to write the music. If he replaces me there is no guarantee that the next person will be okay about this whole drug thing. If I’m gone who is to say the other members won’t get upset with him? Without me his plan falls apart.”

“How does he get the other members to go along with anything? The manager? The stylists?”

“With Jin… as far as I know, he is blackmailing him.” He whispered suddenly.

“With what?”

“Jinjin and his ex. Namjoon is the only one, other than Jin obviously, that knows their real names and where they live. Namjoon threatened Jin that he would reveal the fact that he was a dad and that he would reveal their identities. It wouldn’t surprise me if the threatened to kill them too.”

You let out a tiny gasp. Just the thought of little Jinjin getting hurt made you want to cry a bit all over again.”No!… What about Hobi?”

He let out a sigh. “I don’t think I should be the one to tell you that y/n. Maybe you should talk to Hoseok about that… Well, just in general, I’ve told you too much. The less you know the better. You should pretend you don’t know anything.


“You look tired. You should try to sleep before Jin tries to take you back into your room.”

“I don’t think I can sleep.” You said turning to face the ceiling. “Actually, I’m surprised that Jin hasn’t come for me yet.”

“Yeah… Let me go check…” Suga crawled over you to get off the bed. He slowly turned the door knob and peeked out into the living room. Just like you had done, he ever so gently closed the door. You had moved yourself to the wall, so Suga lay where you did previously.

“What is he doing?” 

“The fucker is knocked out. He didn’t even take Jinjin to bed. They are both sleeping on the couch.” he said pulling out his phone.

“What do I do? Do I go wake him up and tell him that I need to go to bed?”

“Nah. Jinjin might start asking questions.”

“Well should we go to my room then? You can lock the door afterwards?”

“True… but I’m already lying down! We’ll go later.”

“Ok, just as long as it’s before the monster comes back. What time is it? They might be back soon?”

“It’s 12:45am. They are usually back at like 2 right? We have a good hour.” He said staring at his screen

“Ok… Yoongi, can I use your phone with you?”

He looked over at you. “Why? What do you want to look at?”

“Nothing really. I just haven’t used a phone in forever. I’ll look at whatever you are looking at.”

“Ah, fine!” he said, pretending to be annoyed. He extended out his arm for you to rest your head on. You squirmed your way over to him and put your head on his arm. He held his phone for both of you to see the screen. He was originally reading an article about the buzz over the release of the BTS videos, but then he opened YouTube. “What do you wanna watch?” he asked

“Um, I don’t know, something funny.”

“Fails? Jknews? What about music videos?”

“Wait! Can we watch animal fails? They are so cute and funny!”

“Aish! fine!”

You both watched video after video of cute animals. You did your best to hold in the feels while Suga silently judged you. Then you moved on to watching reaction videos and fail videos and then music videos. Everything was good until you two heard the front door open about 30 minutes later.

“Shit! Let’s pretend we’re sleeping!” Suga whispered, putting his phone away.

You quickly rolled over to face the wall. Suga turned onto his stomach. You could hear faint sounds of the rest of the boys taking their shoes off and walking all over the dorm.

You could hear Jimin talking. “Where is she? She’s not in the room.” He must have been in the living room if you were able to hear him so clearly.

You could hear Rap monster wake up Jin and telling him to take Jinjin to bed.

Suga’s door creaked open and you heard V’s voice. “Awww they’re sleeping!”

Then you heard Jimin say. “When the cat’s away, the mice will fuck. I should have known that she would be in here.”

“Get the fuck out of the way!” you heard Rap monster whisper angrily. You heard him step into the room. You tried really hard to make it seem as though you were actually sleeping. “This fucking bitch!” you heard him whisper.

Before you knew it, you felt him grab your arm and forcefully pull you off the bed. He knocked Suga off the bed as he pulled you. You let out a scream, but he slapped his hand over your mouth and nose.

“Namjoon, let her go!” Suga said

“Shut your fucking mouth!” Rap monster ordered. He proceeded to painfully drag you down the hall. “You’re so fucking lucky that Jinjin if here, y/n” he whispered into your ear

You couldn’t breathe. You tried to pry his hands off of you, but he was too strong. He kicked open your door and pushed you inside, down to the floor. You gasped for air and began to cry.

“Shut up!” he pulled you up and shook you. “Why the fuck weren’t you in your room?”

You didn’t answer. You couldn’t even catch your breath, before he slapped you hard across your face. “Stop crying or I’ll give you a real reason to cry.”

You did your best to keep any sounds from coming out of your mouth. When you failed to do so, he slapped you again.

“Jinjin was already asleep! Why the fuck were you not in the room?” he asked shaking you violently.

You stayed quiet. You looked over to the door way and saw Jin and Jimin staring at the both of you. “I don’t know.” You eventually mumbled.

He slapped you again on the other side of your face. “The fuck do you mean you don’t know?”

You stayed quiet, you couldn’t think straight.

“You know what? Fuck this! I’ll deal with you later!”. He threw you to the floor and ordered Jimin into the room before locking you two in.

You crawled over to your bed and cried into your pillow. Jimin didn’t say anything. You just heard him walk around the room until he turned off the lights.

You didn’t get much sleep that night. You spent most of the time awake, just feeling dead inside.

wanna chat? pt 3

on ao3

pt 1 | pt 2 | pt 3

for those of you wondering, yes i will shut up after this. i’ll go do something ACTUALLY productive. hopefully.

i no longer know what’s going on here


7:23 PM

flour power: Does anyone get the physics homework cause Im beyond lost

undead zombie model: Yeah
What do you need help on?

the real ladybug™: NOPE

the real ladybug™ renamed this group “HOMEWORK FREE ZONE”

drop the bass: for once i agree

flour power: But physics

undead zombie model: I’ll PM you

the real ladybug™: …………………………….

drop the bass: whats that for
al theyre talking about hw

the real ladybug™: pM NOW

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Ok, so it’s a little late but!! im gonna try to answer this the best i can before i go to bed!!

Step 1: make sure you have a good app for making collages! i started out with Hello Kitty Collage, and i definitely recommend it! it’s really cute and simple :>

Step 2: when you’ve got the app open, click ‘NEW’ and that should take you to ‘Templates’. once you’re there you can just click ‘Do not use template’ and it’ll take you to a blank canvas!

Step 3: once you’re to the blank canvas you can do one or both things -

  1. click ‘Backgrounds’ and pick from the backgrounds the app provides! ( i recommend a dark/black one to fill in the spaces c: )
  2. click ‘Photos’ and start choosing the pics you wanna put in your collage!

Step 4: then just arrange and layer them how you like and BAM! you’ve got a nice lil collage!!

i hope this is all helpful !! and if you’ve got any more questions feel free to message me and i’ll answer them in the morning ♥

I can’t get this out of my head now.

Harry’s flight was supposed to leave around 2:30am LA time. That’s not really *that* late for Louis to stay up so that he and Harry could chat right before take-off.

But then the flight ends up delayed for 2 hours, and that’s where my imagination conspires against me.

Harry kept telling Louis that it’s ok, that Louis should go ahead and just go to bed. Louis staying up isn’t gonna make the flight leave any sooner

Louis refused of course, they always talk to each other right before a flight alone. He’s staying up, thank you very much, Harold. And it absolutely is nobody’s concern if he’s yawning while saying that.

And voila, we’ve got a tweet at 12:33, a flight that officially at 12:37, an IG at 12:46, and another tweet at 12:57.

1. Xiumin

“Hang on a second, I’m going to buy painkillers for you!”

2. Luhan

“ I don’t know how to help you, sweetheart…”

3. Kris

“OK…babe, this kind of seems really serious…should I call the doctor?”

4. Suho

Y/N: No, no…I am fine, it’s just cramps…

“Are you sure, dear…you don’t seem fine…”

5. Lay

“Can I do anything to help you? Anything?”

6. Baekhyun

“Yah! Why are you out of bed? Get back there and I’ll bring you food and pills!”

7. Chen

“I feel you, girl…well, you know, hypothetically…cause I’m a guy….”

8. Chanyeol

“Don’t cry, baby…I know it hurts, but it will be gone soon! If you cry I’ll cry, too….”

9. D.O.

“ I am so worried…you sound like somebody’s continuously stabbing you and cramps can’t be that bad, can they?”

10. Tao

Y/N: Don’t worry, it happens every month-

“ It’s like this every month?! How are you still alive?!”

11. Kai

“Come here, let me cuddle you! Don’t cry, my angel, I’m here…”

12. Sehun

“Thank goodness I am not a girl…”

“Seriously, though…are you alright? Do you need anything?”


I hope you enjoyed that! ^^