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Responses from my Q&A article

Hey guys, I just want to start this article out by saying “Thank you” to all of my subscribers who submitted letters or advice in response to my Q&A article a few days ago. The responses blew me away hearing from all of you who are just as interested in sharing sexual experiences with your wives and girlfriends, and who are experiencing the same “struggles” as I am to get there. Now, I’m using the word “struggle” because, at the moment, I can’t come up with a better term. However my experience hasn’t been so much a struggle as it has been an ongoing conversation of trying to assure my wife that my intentions for this are good.

Anyway, the responses I got from you were astounding. I got responses from readers who have just started their journeys all the way up to people who have been living the lifestyle for several years now. I got a lot of questions, suggestions, and personal stories and wanted to take a few minutes to share what I received with everyone. Hopefully this information will help those of you who might not be as comfortable asking these questions to a complete stranger. So with that being said, here goes..

The one question that I probably get the most is “How do I get started?” and I’m pretty sure that everyone that asks me that question already knows the answer to it. You’re probably thinking, “well why would they ask the question if they already know the answer?” Well with sex being a sensitive topic with most couples, I’d say that most of the people asking me this question know that the obvious answer is “You have to talk to you wife first” and I truly believe that some guys are afraid of starting there for fear of looking like some kind of sexual deviant to their wife. So they ask the question to get that nudge that they need in order to get them moving in the right direction. Let me just say this – If you’re looking for a way to get your wife into a threesome or hotwifing that doesn’t involve talking to her and reassuring her that this is something that YOU want, you’re simply not going to find it. She needs to know that you are 150% committed to HER, and how you find her irresistible and that by watching her you get turned on. These are the types of things she needs to know in order to ever be comfortable with bringing someone else into the bedroom. Stability and trust in your relationship will also be key. If you fight all the time, or can’t talk to each other openly about things then you’ll never succeed with this journey. One last thought on this topic is that you should NEVER EVER try and use something like this to try and “repair” a troubled relationship. Build each other’s trust and talk openly with each other, and for god’s sake listen to each other. If she’s hesitant about bringing someone else in, then back off the topic for a bit. Don’t push it, and don’t get mad about it. Go back to reassuring her and building her up as the beautiful woman that you love.

In a conversation with one of my readers, a woman who has been hotwifing for her husband for a while told me about how she can relate to how my wife currently feels and had this to say.

              “…as a dedicated wife who never imagined doing anything such as the Hotwife thing, I totally understand her reluctance. Hubby and I have been doing this for over a year now, and it took several months before that for him to convince me to try. I really wish I’d had another Hotwife to ask questions to and potentially even share experiences, pros/cons, etc. All in all our experience has been good, but there is of course a learning curve as to each other’s wants and needs.”

This conversation, while brief, really opened my eyes to the fact that even if I ever get to the point of finally convincing my wife to do something like this, that even after she goes through with it there will still be some work to maintain the relationship so that both parties involved will get everything out of the experience that they want so they can both truly enjoy the experience.

In another conversation I’ve had with a different reader, this time from a guy’s perspective, he shared a different approach to trying to convince his girlfriend.

              “…So I have been with my girlfriend for four years now, however I have fantasized about watching my girl who ever she be with another man. For many relationships I kept this a secret fantasy, as society has brainwashed us into thinking relationships are supposed to be a certain way. Anyways, I thought long and hard as how to approach my current girlfriend and tell her what I want to do. I’m a dirty talker in bed so I thought about sneaking it in that way..”

He goes on to describe an encounter with his girlfriend where he did just that just to see if he’d get any sort of reaction from her. I think good or bad, he was just looking for a way to “break the ice” so to speak or at least open the door to the conversation. I’ve personally tried to do the same thing by dropping hints in text messages to my wife, or trying to hint to her when she mentions how hot she thinks some celebrity is, etc. I think these types of things are important too – you can subtly let her know that you’re not some jealous freak and that you’d not only trust her to have sex with someone else but that you’d actually enjoy it!

Later in the same conversation, he went on to describe how after several encounters with his girlfriend she finally admitted that she would be interested in having sex with another man and they started talking about limits which is another good point to bring up. If you ever convince your wife/girlfriend to get into the Hotwife lifestyle you should both set limits for each other. This will help both of you feel more comfortable and get the most out of the experience. I’ve seem limits in terms of the guy having to wear a condom and NO KISSING on the mouth, all the way to the most relaxed limits of “if you’re going to have sex with other men, then you MUST take pictures and send them to me”  - whatever it is, have your “rules” in place.

If you’re still looking for ways to “break the ice”, another reader messaged me with the suggestion of roleplaying with your wife. This is great way for both of you to bring up your own fantasies and live them out without the fears associated with having another person in the bedroom for the first time. If you’re open with your partner about what turns you on, then you can relax and enjoy the sexual experience a little more. Once you get past the fear of your husband or wife thinking you’re a pervert for being turned on by certain things, then sex becomes more enjoyable because you fully express how it turns you on. If the Hotwife lifestyle is what you want your wife to get into, then start by roleplaying with her. Pretend that she’s in the shower and you’re the guy coming to fix the TV and you catch her in nothing but a towel.. You can take it from there. If she enjoys the experience, then you never know – you might come home from work one day and find her on the couch with the REAL TV repair guy going at it! How amazing would that be?

For now, I want to close up this article, but I have one final message from a conversation with a reader. This time I’m going to share the whole message and hope that the reader doesn’t mind me sharing this but the message is fantastic and paints a picture of the entire experience that I thought was so great and thorough that I wanted to share the whole thing. This might give all of you that are struggling to convince your wives an idea of the amount of time and patience it takes, but also a taste of the rewards you could get from your dedication and hard work.

“Hi! Best wishes for 2017! Read your Q&A. I was just wondering if you and your wife have sex imagining that it was another guy fucking her, or you fucking her after she has been fucked by another man? I myself am in the lucky position that my wife is actively hotwifing for about half a year now. The road towards that has taken about 3 years… I recognize the reservation and doubt in your wife. That was the same with my wife. She was afraid I was bisexual, or maybe even homosexual at first… ‘Why would you want another man in our bed??’

It took about 3 months to convince her that it all was coming from love and admiration, and that my arousal was and is very much triggered by her arousal and beauty. Also she had noticed a change in herself since she has been with me. That’s 4 yrs now. With me she was able to enjoy sex to an extent that she hadn’t experienced with her former partners. And her way of giving in to that sexual pleasure was something I had never seen with my former partners.

She regularly got in a kind of fucking frenzy, almost insatiable and begging to be filled as complete as possible. Deep, thick and hard… She loved it when I fisted her for the first time. I told her that to me it seemed that all of her primal instincts took over at these moments. She admitted that it was exactly like that. She could not restrain herself at such times, she just felt the urge to breed. She got convinced completely of my good intentions by the sincerity she read in my eyes during the times when we talked about me wanting her to have sex with others.

Soon she started to join me in role play, in which I would eat her imagining she had been fucked by another man right before that. That developed to the stage that I would ask her who had been fucking her. At first she was reluctant with that, but quite soon she started fantasizing about real existing men. She had her favorites… It was superhot for the both of us, as I knew several of the men she imagined herself fucking. At that time it seemed that all that would remain a fantasy. But one day she asked how we should do that in reality, after I said that if she had the opportunity one day, that I would be ok with it that she fucked a guy without me being present. That was the moment she completely gave in, and admitted that she wanted others to fuck her for real.

She started to explore and getting more familiar with some men (fathers from school…) and then the summer of 2016 arrived. She met one of those for a cup of coffee in town, and ended up making out wildly in our living room while I was at work. A week later he fucked her in our marital bed. I reclaimed her an hour later…

Recently she has started fucking one of our neighbors. One of whom we said might be too risky… He knows I know, and although he still doesn’t completely understand where I come from, he admits it’s an awesome hot experience. We will be going to a sensual party together with him and some others later this month… All of the above is true, and I wrote this to explain how things worked out for us, and how we got to this stage. Maybe it can help you and your wife..”

Please keep the comments and messages coming! I love taking the time to answer them for you and sharing them in this blog for others to enjoy.

Yoongi fluff

Ey~ This is my first scenario on here! :) I hope you will like it! 
I’m also sorry if there are some mistakes in there! 

Yoongi took his jacket on and wanted to leave while the other members where still eating.

“Yoongi? Where do you want to go now??” you said and rushed to him.

He looked surprised at you.“I am going to the studio ” he answered

“What? At this time?? It is half past 3!” You half shouted at him and pointed at the clock on the wall.

“Y/N I-”

“Take your jacket off and get ready for bed!”

He sighed and glared at you while he took his jacket off.

“It’s for your own good ” you said.

“But I have to work” He said.

“No you don’t have to. Has anyone said this to you? I don’t think so” You took his arm and leaded him into the bathroom.

“Are you going to wait until I finish brushing my teeth? ” he asked as he took his toothbrush.

“Yeah so I can make sure that you won’t go anywhere” You said and leaned against the door way while crossed your arms.

“You freak” he blew his nose and began to brush his teeth.

“Guys why aren’t you already in bed?” Jin said as he passed by.

“I could ask you the same question” Yoongi said still brushing his teeth.

“I was eating” Jin said “And why are you still up Y/N? I saw that you already cleaned up”

“Yeah I know, I am waiting for Yoongi so he can’t get out of the dorm”

“Wait he wanted to go to the studio again?”


“You know that I can hear you” Yoongi said as he washed his face.

“Yoongi, please! Don’t even think about leaving. You need to rest for tomorrow. This is for your own good” You said and Jin nodded.

“Good, alright! I won’t I’m sorry! I know that I’m working to much but I just need to finish it” he said as he was done.

“I know, but think about your health” Jin smiled and patted your  backs “now let’s sleep”

“You two are just like my mum” Yoongi giggled and we made our way to our rooms.

“Good night!”


You woke up and you felt your forehead was sweaty.

“Ugh.. I need to sleep” you tried to sleep again but it was just too hot!

You stood up to drink some water so you could sleep better.

As you made your  way to the kitchen, you could heard some noises in the hallway.

You walked carefully through the dark to look what was going on.

“Yoongi?” You whispered as you saw him taking on his jacket.

“Oh god you scared me!” He said and put his hand on his chest.

“Ssh! What do you think you were going?” You whispered and came closer to him.

“Ok. I know that I have to rest but I just need to finish it” he whispered back.

“Please don’t go” you said and held his arm “I’m so worried about you. You always say that you will be fine but you are so tired after staying up all night. I’m just trying to help you, do you understand? I don’t want that something bad happens to you Hm?”

He just looked at you kind of unbelievable what you just said.


“What?” you looked away and put your hands off of him.

“You are so cute when you are worried ” he giggled.

“J-just take your jacket off and sleep” you said and thanked god that the lights were out so he couldn’t  see your cheeks burning.

“I’m thankful that the lights are out so you won’t see me blushing ” he said as he hung his jacket on the wall.

“What? I-I just-”

“Thought the same?” He asked.


“..why are you even awake? Were you stalking me~?” He giggled at his own joke.

“I just couldn’t sleep and wanted to drink some water” You explained and he followed you to the kitchen.

You drank your water and then spotted something in the living room.

“Is someone sleeping under the table??” You asked and went closer to it.

“That’s Jungkook” Yoongi giggled as he saw who it was.

“Should we wake him up?”

“You know that he is hard to wake up”

“Right”  you said giggling at Jungkook ’s sleeping pose.

“Wasn’t you saying that you want to sleep?” Yoongi said and pulled you on your slave.

“Hey, you are the one that wanted to sneak out” you poked his cheek.

You made your way to you room and waited for Yoongi to stay in front of his door to say good night, but he stood behind you.

“Uhm..you know that your room is next to me?” you said nervously.

“I know ..but if I go in there again Jin will wake up” he said.

You nodded and went in.

“I can sleep on the floor just give me some blankets to sleep on” he said and you did so.

He placed it next to you bed since your room is really small.

“Good night” you said as you laid on your bed.

“Night” you heard him turning around in his bed. “And thank you again” he whispered.

“No problem, that’s what friends are for” I whisper back and smiled.

It was quiet for a long time.

You still couldn’t fall asleep and you thought that Yoongi was already asleep.

“Can’t we be more then friends? ” he whispered after a while. “I thought about it for a long time”

You heard him sighing.

“Long time ago I started to write this song. It contains my feelings in there…feelings for you…that’s why I wanted to finish it as fast as possible and also realise it in our next album” he made a small pause and rapped a part of his song.

You looked up at the ceiling and listened to his beautiful voice.

You couldn’t stop yourself from smiling.

You liked him too.

You liked him for so long and were afraid to show it.

“I like you too” you whispered him an answer.

“You are not asleep!?” He said surprised and looked up at you.

You looked down at him. “Your song is really beautiful.” you smiled.

He smiled shyly and covered his face with his hands.

“Are you blushing again?” you giggled.

He put his hands away. “A man doesn’t blush”

“You idiot” you giggled and hit him with a pillow.

“Hey don’t hit me~ I tought you like me?~” he pouts.

“I do but you are so cute what should I do?”

“Hug me?”

You giggled and buried your face in your pillow.

“Is someone shy~?” He giggled and felt him sitting down on your bed.

“I need to sleep!” you said in your pillow

“I won’t hold you back. I also need to sleep.” He giggled again and hugged you. “It won’t matter you when I sleep here right?” He asked near your ear.

You shook your head and he hugged you tighter.

You turned your head and buried it in his chest. He was so puffy like a stuffed teddy bear.

“Good night” he said and you smiled.

“Do Me Bad” (Pt6)

Part 1, Part 2 ,Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

Member: Sehun from EXO

Genre: College!au: Angst

A/N: I’m sorry this took me awhile to do but thank you to everyone who reads and loves my series i’m sorry to keep you waiting! (Shit goes down in this part so get your tissues and popcorn)

“Ugh Sehun again…..” your phone rang for the 5th time. You were done with Sehun. You knew that he would try calling but the thought of talking to him just felt wrong. Everything still hurt since the last time you fought. This past month you fell hard for Sehun but it still amazed you how only a few sentences could make you rethink things.

-          “Pls call me Y/N we need to talk.”

A text from Sehun brightened your phone screen.  Sehun was never the type to just “talk” about things, he always kept his feelings hidden and moved on as soon as the situation was over so it was surprising that he actually wanted to “talk”.

-          “Meet me tomorrow at the cafeteria”

The screen lit up with another text message. Your brain was working overtime from school and everything that was going on so you decided to agree and meet him tomorrow.

8:00 AM “ your alarm rang, waking you up with a groan and an icky attitude. God not school again. You got up slowly and got ready for your first class of the day.

Let’s just say that math was never your thing and falling asleep in class instead sounded absolutely great. You spent the next 2 hours half awake and on your phone. Equations were not for today.

“Hey  Y/N…” a hand nudged you. Opening your eyes, a muscular figure stood in front of you.

“Hey the class is over….I just thought I should wake you up since I know for sure you don’t wanna stay for the micro economics class that starts here in 5 minutes” you suddenly sprung out of your seat.

“WHAT TIME IS IT?” you yelled at Minseok.

“Lunch time why?” he responded, looking at his phone.

“SHIT I GOTTA GO I’M SORRY BUT THANK YOU FOR WAKING ME UP!!!” you yelled, springing out of your seat and grabbing your bag.

You were already in front of the cafeteria when you felt a hand grip at your arm. “WAIT Y/N-“Minseok yelled right before you stopped your run.  

“We have to do this project in math and I was wondering if you wanted to do it with me?” He shined you down with a smile. Before you could answer him, your gaze shifted to Sehun in the cafeteria.

“Sure Minseok I just gotta go right now so I’ll talk to you later about it ok?” you let yourself out of his grip and strut towards Sehun’s direction.

“Hey wait you should take my number so I could text you the details since we don’t have a class next week” He smiled again. You handed him your phone and quickly sneaked another look at Sehun standing inside in line.

“Here you go” Minseok’s warm voice surrounded your ear once again but your body was frozen and your gaze was set on Sehun.

“What’s wrong?” he tapped your arm, looking at the direction you were looking at.

“That girl…..who is she?” you pointed at the girl that just wrapped her arm around Sehun’s shoulder, kissing his cheek.

“Oh I don’t know but I think I’ve seen her around campus a couple of times…..why?” his voice confused.

“Hey Minseok can I ask you a favor?” your expression fell and was replaced with an emotionless smirk.

Your mind didn’t know what to do. Sehun was making his way outside and the girl was right behind him. He wanted to talk…… was he going to break up with you? Has he already found someone new so soon? There was no way you were going to give him the satisfaction of breaking up with you just like any girl he dated.

“You see that guy? It’s my boyfriend. Well…..my ex boyfriend now. Can you make out with me when he walks out? I just-“you were shut up with Minseok’s lips on yours.

His lips moved slowly at first, tasting every inch of you as his hand made its way around your hip, pulling you closer. You had to admit, he was a great kisser. Your lips were attacking each other, fighting for breath before you felt his tongue lick your lips, asking for more access. His tongue made its way to yours, gently dancing around it as you unconsciously let out a moan in his mouth, your hand pulling him closer by his neck.  

Minseok pulled away breathless and with a smirk. His head tilted to your right, signaling you to look at where he was pointing. Suddenly you saw a frozen Sehun standing in the middle of the way. His gaze was cold and his lips parted slightly as if he were surprised or tried to hold back his tears, or maybe both. Your eyes met and the next thing you saw was him shaking his head and turning his back to you, walking away.

Why did he look so hurt and disappointed? He’s the one that was cheating on you.

“She cheated on me.” Sehun nearly whispered, crashing head down on Jongin’s bed.

“What did you say?” Jongin turned around on his chair, facing a very done Sehun.

“SHE CHEATED ON ME” Sehun yelled all over the room, anger in his voice.

“What? Y/N would never do that are you sure it wasn’t just a misunderstanding?” Jongin’s voice turned sweet and soft.

“If by misunderstanding you mean seeing a guy with his tongue deep in my girlfriend’s throat then yeah sure it was a misunderstanding.” Sehun sat up, running his fingers through his silver hair and shifting his gaze to match with Jongin’s.

“Who was she kissing?” Jongin’s face suddenly turned into a confused frown.

“I don’t know but I know that it took literally everything in my body to not walk up to him and punch the hell out of his perfectly shaped face. I was just waiting to meet her and talk to her about what happened and apologize about some things I said and then my project partner came and asked me about our assignment and when we should meet and the next thing I know my girlfriend is making out with some pretty ass fairy man.” Sehun’s fist was clenched and his stare filled with anger.

“But if she was cheating on you why would she just kiss that guy in public if she knew that some people know you and her were dating?” Jongin questioned Sehun’s story.

“I don’t know, ask your best friend. I’m not in the mood for anything right now” Sehun got a cigarette out of his pocket and quickly lit it up before Jongin could protest.

“AH SEHUN NOT IN MY ROOM THAT THING STINKS- Sure whatever it’s not like I get a say about what is done in my room or not. Also I don’t know about this whole cheating thing……something seems off. This isn’t the Y/N I know. I would talk to her but you know things haven’t been the best between us” Jongin got up and snatched the cigarette box off of Sehun’s hand.

“Do whatever you want just find out whatever that guy’s name is so I could beat him up for trying to mess up things up with me and the only thing I care about.”

anonymous asked:

Could you do a KBTBB headcanon about the MC helping the guys through a nightmare they woke up from. Take as long as you need! Your my favorite writer on Tumblr and I don't want to cause you any stress.

Omg Im your favorite! *blushes hardcore* T-t-thank you. Please enjoy and don’t worry, no stress was added!



Eisuke started to pace around the room. It has been ten minutes since he paged you and you were no where to be found. Panicking, he reached out for his cell phone to call Soryu when you came bursting in, frazzled and out of breath, “S-sorry there was a guest who needed something!” You explained, giving him a carefree smile.

Although Eisuke stayed emotionless, he was torn inside. He wanted to laugh at your performance, your messy hair, your careless grin. But he more so wanted to scold you, saying he came first over any guest. It just drove him crazy.

Lately he has begun to grow more worried over your naive behavior. Walking into the penthouse lounge and not seeing you there set him into panic as he asked the guys where you were, “Where’s Khim?”

The urgency in his voice caused the whole room to go quiet as he looked around for you. Starting to feel uneasy you came through the elevator doors with a smile on your face.

He started to lose sleep. He needed you there with him to assure you were ok. He hired movers to move your things permanently to the penthouse to much of your disagreement. He simply needed you by his side.

Nights were hard. Nightmares filled with you leaving him for someone else, someone more normal and kind, loving and caring than he was. Could somehow give you more than he could. Or the rare ones when you were kidnapped for being out to late, or killed in front of his eyes.

He woke with a start, realizing how much he was gripping the sheets. He as meet by your gaze, kind and loving trailed with worry as he got up and walked out to his office, to sit in his chair and take some breaths. ‘She was right there right? I’m not dreaming am I?’

He jumped when he felt your hand on his shoulder, but slowly grabbed it in his own as you leaned against the back of his chair, “Come to bed Eisuke.” You coaxed, but he made no sign to move. He never felt this scared in his life, he didn’t know what to do for once.

You sighed and spun his chair around so he could see your face, “Eisuke, I’m not going anywhere. If it makes you feel any better I’ll quit working so I can stay with you all day.”

Her kinds words set his heart at ease as he gave a grunt and got up, putting his arm around your shouter and going back to bed.


He woke up with a cold sweat dripping off his face. Panting, he slipped out of your grasp so he wouldn’t wake you and went to the bathroom to splash cold water on his face. Finished, he returned to the bed and checked you pulse, “She’s alive…come on Soryu get it together.” He whispered to himself and crawled back into bed, pulling you close to him.

Although, you were awake every time. Every nightmare he woke from he did the same thing. You tried not to notice, he probably wanted to face this alone. You made sure you clung to him more in your sleep and exaggerated your breathing when he checked your pulse. But the nightmares only got worse.

He saw you, being killed in front of his eyes. He saw you being tortured to death. He saw you being raped in front of him. But there was nothing he could do. It was all his fault.

Sitting upright again he wiped the cold sweat of his face and made way to go to the bathroom when you grabbed his arm, “Soryu hunny, come back to bed.”

He smiled sadly and brushed your hair back. He still couldn’t control the uneasiness he felt as he sat on the edge of the bed and held his face in his hands. All he wanted was to keep you safe, that’s all he needed.

You shifted in bed, causing him to look quickly in your direction as you wrapped your arms around him from behind. Taking a quick glance at the clock it was 3:23 in the morning. Sighing, you kissed him on the cheek, “I’m right here Soryu there’s nothing to worry about.”

He turned around to look at you, “You knew?”

“Of course I did I am your wife?” You remarked, trying to lighten the mood.

Soryu’s expression softened as he pulled you in. You were straddling his lap as he nuzzled your chest, savoring the warmth and the sound of your heart, “I just can’t help but worry.”

You ran your fingers through his hair, “I know but Soryu,” You said, leaning back to look into his face, “You can’t live like this either. I know they won’t just go away but you need to know I’m here for you. I can’t have you push me away for the…fourth time would it be now?”

The amount of effort Khim put into lightening the mood caused Soryu to chuckle, “I do always try to push you away don’t I?” He asked, falling back into bed with you in tow.

“But I love you to much to leave.” You said, placing a hand on his cheek. You both feel asleep, wrapped in each others warmth, savoring the sleep-filled nights that awaited you both.


Khim saw it every night.

The way he squeezed her once he fell asleep got harder and harder in fear that she would leave him. He would never open up about his past, and he didn’t need to. Khim knew he had attachment issues.

Sighing to yourself you stroked his hair in an attempt to calm him down. But it never showed any success as he whimpered in his sleep and tried to get as close to you as possible.

“Ota, wake up.” You coaxed, shaking his shoulder. His eyes slowly fluttered open to be meet by your big brown ones.

“W-what is it Koro?” He asked, looking around the apartment.

“What’s wrong?”

You question threw him off as he looked into your eyes, “What do you mean?”

“Why are you having nightmares?” Again, he looked at you confused but you held your ground, “This isn’t ok. You need to talk to me.” Ota averted his gaze and made his way out of the bed when you caught his arm, “Ota.”

He looked back at you before quickly turning away to rest his face in his hands, “I don’t need to talk about this with you Koro.” He said.

You were irritated that he couldn’t confide in you when you got out of bed and slipped on some shoes, handing Ota his, “Want to go for a walk?”

He grinned, “Role reversal?”

You laughed as you both set out for a walk. The streets were lit by the lamp posts as you both slowly made your way through the park. You questioned if you should ask him again when Ota started speaking, “I’m just afraid.”

You looked at him in shock when he continued, “I’m afraid that you’ll leave me. Like everyone else has.”

You didn’t dare question who left him as there was a different problem at hand. Smiling you set off in a run, “I’ll never leave you if you can catch me!” You yelled. You heard hurried footsteps behind you as he quickly caught you, holding you tight from behind, “See? I could never leave you if I tried.”

You heard a small chuckle before being scooped up in his arms, “Let’s go home Khim.”

Baba: (a/n: his is so bad I never know what to do for him orz)

Days filled with laughter and easy going nature ended quickly as to many close calls came your way.The once carefree, loving boyfriend turned into an overprotective father, watching your every move.

Although at first you didn’t mind, thinking it was cute, it soon got on your nerves. Everywhere you went, everyone you talked to, everything you bought- things he all took into account to make sure you were safe. A restaurant without secure exits, the shady man in the lobby to a knife that was to dangerous- all things you were kept away from.

Although you tried to keep your distance from Baba, he was attached to your hip. Even to the point where he became part of the cleaning staff with you.

At night he would hold you closer than before, afraid you would leave him. Would someone better, younger, more attractive come along? Granted he kept you safe from the guys, and they knew their place, but an outsider…Dreams turned into nightmares at the thought of you leaving his life, whether it be your own free will or from an outside force.

Waking up with a start, he was surprised to see Khim already awake, reading a book, “So you finally woke up?” She asked more so annoyed.

“K-khim?” Baba asked.

“You know if your going to worry yourself to the point of having nightmares maybe I should just leave.” She said, although she had no intention of leaving, Baba needed some tough love. s

Seeing him panic and say he would calm down was the reaction she was hoping for. Khim closed her book and turned off the lamp, leaning in to kiss Baba goodnight, “Now can you get some sleep?”


Ever since you both had a run in with a terrorist group rising in Japan, Mamoru has been on edge. It was one thing that they knew who he was, but they also knew who Khim was. He took the appropriate measures to ensure your safety, but when he handcuffed you to the bed frame to keep you at home to make sure you stayed put, you knew he went overboard.

Although what you thought was a half joking gesture turned out to be full blown panic.

You knew full well you were defenseless against pretty much anyone, relying on Mamoru or the guys to bail you out. So when you both happened to run into the terrorist group and a gun was pointed at you, you thought it was over.

Mamoru had the image implanted in his brain, replaying over and over in his mind. That was the closest he was to ever losing you, and it scared him. He needed you more than he knew, and the idea of losing you drove him crazy. He didn’t know if he could move on without you.

He tried to keep you sealed off from the outside world, so much it drove him crazy.

Nights were extremely hard. His worst fears becoming reality as you were either being sold off, dying, tortured or leaving him due to his protectiveness.

Waking up with a start, you were even more worried when Khim wasn’t by your side. Panicking, you ran to the living room to see Khim in the kitchen, getting a glass of water, “Mamoru your up? I was just getting you-”

Her words were cut off by your tight embrace, needing to reassure yourself she was there in your arms, “Sweetheart…” You trailed off, not knowing what to say.

Khim reached out and placed the glass on the table, wrapping her thin arms around you in a bone crushing hug while giggling, “Sill Mamoru, I’m right here.” She cooed, rubbing your back.

You sighed and leaned your forehead against the top of her head, savoring her sweet smell. How long would this go on for?

“Mamoru, whatever you need to do to make yourself feel more at ease do it. But I don’t want you to drive yourself crazy at my expense.”

He was about to retort when he meet her gaze, full of worry for him. He stopped before he could start, “Damn kid when did you get smart on me huh?” You joked. She laughed in your arms as you both went back to bed.

A/N: It is 14 pages on word. I am so sorry. lol. I got carried away.


You’re What?

(Vic Fuentes)

We didn’t start our family in the traditional way. Quite the opposite actually. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. We’ve always been unconventional.

The first time I ever met a Fuentes was in 8th grade. Mike and I were forced to be partners for a history project. Which was both of ours worst subject. Let’s just say, we did not ace it.

Mike and I immediately hit it off though. We had basically everything in common and by the end of that week I was pretty much begging my parents to adopt him so we could hang out all the time.

I’m still convinced we were separated at birth. We’re literally the same person.

About a month into our friendship Mike invited me over one day after school. That’s when I met the other Fuentes. Victor.

God, I hated him. He was so condescending and snide. Just because he was a grade higher than us he thought he was king shit.

Everything about him irked me. His stupid hair and annoying laugh. His mind numbingly long explanations of things. We get it, you’re smart. Shut up! Oh! And don’t even get me started on the way he teased Mike. I just wanted to deck him sometimes. No need to be so mean dammit.

It took about a year of me planning his murder about once a week for him to finally grow on me.

But then it happened when I slept over one night.


“Hey there.” Vic whispered as I woke up wrapped in his arms and a blanket.

“What happened?” I asked extremely confused as to how I ended up in this position.

“We all fell asleep about half way into the movie. Mike on the floor.” He informed me motioning to floor in front of the futon we were currently on. “And us here. You looked cold so I figured since we only had one blanket we’d have to share. Plus body heat always helps.”

“Oh. Ok. Makes sense.” I yawned snuggling closer to Vic. He’s quite cozy.

“Ya know, you talk in your sleep.” Vic chuckled after a moment of silence.

“I do?” I blushed. I never knew that. “What was I saying?”

“You informed me of how stupid my hair is. And that I should start wearing hats because apparently I’m going to bald early.”

“Oh my god are serious?”

“Mmhmm.” He nodded causing me to laugh hysterically for some reason. It’s a wonder we didn’t wake up Mike.

“I am so sorry.” I wheezed out between laughs.

“It’s ok.” Vic giggled.

After I had managed to contain my laughter I noticed Vic staring at me. And before I could process he was leaning in for a kiss. It wasn’t a long one but long enough for me to realize something.

“I’m sorry.” Vic whispered after I didn’t say anything for a minute.

“I-It’s alright.” I stammered. “Umm….I’m going to go sleep in your brother’s room. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Y/n wait……I…..umm……good night.” Vic sighed looking upset.

*End of flash back*

When I got to Mike’s room I flopped on the bed and let my thoughts drown me. It’s safe to say I didn’t sleep that night. But I did come to the realization that I have a massive crush on my best friend’s brother.

It was awkward for a little while after that night and I didn’t go over as often as I did before.

Until Vic showed up on my door step a couple weeks later and asked me out on a date. And we’ve been inseparable ever since.

After Mike and I graduated the 3 of us moved out together. Vic and I in our own apartment and Mike in one just a few doors down.

During this time Mike and Vic had met the rest of their band. Jaime and Tony. Or shall I say the man child and the mute. They were definitely an eclectic bunch.

Jaime and Tony moved in with Mike but it was basically like they all moved in with us. They were constantly over. Thank god the apartment manager refused to let them have band practice here, or they’d all be dead right now.

Vic being the smartest of us all got excepted into college. Between school and band practice he couldn’t work much so I picked up odd cleaning jobs with my mom.

What the other boys did for work I will never know, but they always had money. Honestly I was afraid to ask. But they had leant us some a few times so I couldn’t complain. And plus I loved them like the brothers I never wanted.

But all of those shenanigans are what lead to our little family. As backward and unexpected as it may have been.


“Are you ok baby?” Vic questioned quite concerned as he walked into the bathroom.

I had been hunched over the toilet puking my brains out all morning and begging for someone to please kill me.

“Yea. I think I just got a stomach bug or something. You know me, always sick.” I sighed leaning up against the wall behind me.

“Ok. Are you sure?”

“Yea I’m fine. I’m going to make an appointment though. Hopefully they can get me in today.” I reassured Vic not wanting him to worry.

“I hope it’s nothing.” He sighed handing me my toothbrush.

“Probably is. No need to worry.”


After I had cleaned myself up a bit and Vic left for school I called my doctor. Luckily she had a cancelation that day and I was able to go in shortly after I called.

“So what brings you in today hun?” The nurse asked as I sat on the exam table.

“I’ve been sick the past couple days. Throwing up, fatigue, and dizzy spells.” I listed my symptoms.

Vic thought today was the first day I was feeling sick. I hate keeping it from him but I just hate to make him worry. He has enough on his plate as it is.

“Just the past couple days?” The nurse confirmed as she typed.

“Yea, this is the third day.”

“And when was your last period?”

“I don’t know. About a month ago. It’s so irregular lately it’s hard to keep track.” I explained trying to think back.

“Ok. I’m just going to take your vitals and then the doctor should be in shortly.” She informed me grabbing the blood pressure machine.

“Thank you.” I smiled as she walked out of the door after taking my blood pressure and temperature.


“Good afternoon Miss y/l/n.” My doctor greeted as she walked into the room.

“Hi.” I smiled feeling really nervous for some reason.

“So you’ve been feeling sick recently?”


“With some vomiting and dizziness? How long?” She questioned reviewing my chart.

“Mmhmm. Today is the third day.” I informed her.

“Well all your vitals look perfect. It’s most likely just a stomach bug but I’m going have you go down to the lab so we can run some tests.” She smiled closing my chart. Thank god I’m still on my parents insurance. Lab tests are not cheap.

“Alright.” I nodded kind of disappointed. I really want to know what’s wrong with me.

“It’ll take a couple days to get your results back so just go ahead and go right out to the nurse’s station and make an appointment to come back and see me in a few days. Then just head on down to the lab.”

“Ok. See you in a few days. Have a good day.”

“Thank you. You too. Goodbye y/n.” She smiled comfortingly and patted my back.

“Bye.” I sighed in reply as I walked toward the nurse’s station.

“Hey darling. How did it go?” Vic greeted as he walked into the kitchen.

“Fine. My vitals were normal so she’s going to run some tests and then I’ll go back to see her in a few days." 

"Ok. Well I hope everything is alright.”

“Yea. Me too.” I sighed. I was actually pretty worried.

“Do you want me to go with you when you go back?” Vic asked moving me so I was sitting on his lap.

“I would love you to, but you have school.”

“I can miss.”

“Nope. You cannot mister.” I shook my head. He had missed enough with band stuff. I wasn’t going to make him miss more. “Don’t. I’m not changing my mind.” I warned. Did he really think the pout was going to work on me?

“Come on. I’ll make you some dinner.” I laughed kissing his nose before I got up and walked to the fridge.


“Good afternoon Miss y/l/n. Feeling any better?” My doctor asked as she walked into the exam room I was in.

“Not really. I’ve developed some other symptoms though. Last night my boyfriend brought home Italian food for dinner and I usually love alfredo but as soon as I smelt it I started throwing up. That’s never happened before.” I explained.

If I’m being honest I felt like it got worse over the past few days.

“Ok. Well let’s take a look at your test results.”

“Hmm. Well I seem to have found the problem. You’re pregnant.” She informed me rather casually.

“I’m what?!” I practically yelled.

“Pregnant. Almost 3 weeks to be exact.” She added looking at my chart again.

“Holy fucking shit. Sorry. Excuse my language.” I apologized covering my mouth. “But I thought morning sickness didn’t start until later in the pregnancy.”

“It all depends on the person. And unfortunately since yours did start so early it seems that you’ll be having it throughout the entire pregnancy.” She explained to me but I wasn’t paying the most attention. I was in too much shock.

“I’ll give you some time.” She tried to comfort me after a pretty long silence. “Why don’t you go home, discuss it with your boyfriend, and then you can let me know your decision. And we can go from there alright?” She finished and I just nodded still not having words.

“I’ve been trying to get your attention for 10 minutes.” Vic sighed when I finally looked up from the hole I was burning in the floor from staring at it so hard.

I had come home from the doctor still in shock and couldn’t bring myself to do anything but stare at the floor and try to figure out how I was going to tell Vic.

“Oh. I’m sorry.” I whispered and Vic moved to sit next to me on the couch.

“Are you ok?” He asked rubbing my back soothingly.

“I’m not sure. I have to talk to you.” I choked out with a shaky voice.

“O-ok.” Vic stuttered out looking at me nervously.

“I…..umm…..I’m-” I tried but couldn’t quite get it out.

“Are you breaking up with me?” Poor guy looked almost in tears.

“God no.” I shook my head grabbing his hands. “Vic. I’m pregnant.” I sighed looking straight into his eyes.

“You-ya-you’re-preg. Wha-? Pregnant?” He stammered not breaking eye contact.


“H-how long?”

“Almost four weeks. That’s why I’ve been so sick.” I explained feeling a little relieved it was finally out there.

“Holy fucking shit.”

“My reaction exactly.” I chuckled trying to lighten the mood. But that failed miserably.

“I….uh…..I-” Vic stumbled rubbing his face. “We’re just kids y/n. We can’t have a kid. What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know.” I shrugged because I honestly had no idea.

“Oh my god.” He repeated over and over face in his hands.

“Hey. Calm down. It’s ok. We don’t have to discuss or decide anything right now. I don’t even know what I want to do yet. So let’s just relax, process on our own, and we’ll talk about it tomorrow ok?” I tried to comfort turning him to face me.

“I love you.” I whispered leaning in to kiss his nose.

“I love you too y/n.” Vic sighed before grabbing my face and kissing me relentlessly.

Hopefully that means he’s not too mad.


I hadn’t slept hardly at all last night worrying.

I had just turned 19. Vic was all of 20. I had no job. Vic only had a part time one. Neither of us knew a damn thing about kids. I’m an only child and Mike and Vic are incredibly close in age so that doesn’t even really count.

What the fuck are we going to do?


“Shall we talk?” Vic asked coming up behind me and kissing my neck as I stood at the kitchen counter.

He had just got home from school and I was washing my dishes from lunch.

“Yea.” I sighed taking his hand so I could lead him to the couch.

“So first I should say that, I’m not getting an abortion.” I stated rather firmly afraid that that was what he was thinking.

“I know baby. And besides, I wouldn’t want you to get one anyways.” Vic shook his head cupping my left cheek to try and comfort me.

“Ok good. So our options are keeping them or adoption.”

“Either way we’re going to have to tell our parents.”

“That’ll be fun.” I rolled my eyes sarcastically.

“Well your parents won’t be so bad. The worst will be your dad. And after he threatens to shoot my dick off for the millionth time he’ll be over it.” Vic laughed lightly.

I honestly couldn’t tell you how many times my dad threatened him with various things. But chopping/shooting his dick off was a common one.

“True. But you know Mama Fuentes is going to castrate you, right?” I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Oh trust me, I know.” He chuckled.

“What are we going to tell the boys?” I asked just before we heard loud footsteps in our living room.

I guess we missed the door opening. Why the hell did I ever give those boys a key?

“Tell the boys about what?” Tony asked flopping down in the recliner.

“Oh nothing. Not important.” I smiled as I turned to face the boys better.

“Y/n. You better tell me. Don’t make me sit on you.” Jaime warned moving towards me.

“No! You can’t!” Vic yelled throwing his arm out to stop him.

“What? Am I going to crush the baby?” Jaime laughed looking to the other boys who also chuckled a bit. When neither of us said anything Jaime gasped, “No!”

“There’s a little Fuentes in there?” Mike smiled as wide as he possibly could.

“I don’t know about Fuentes, but yea there’s a little person in here.” I sighed rubbing my non-existent bump. Not yet at least.

“A little Fuentes.” Vic nodded before smiling widely.

Being quite shocked by his response I gave him a look as if to say ‘Are you sure?’ and he just nodded.

“Guys, can we have a minute?” Vic asked grabbing my hand and leading me to our room.

Vic sat on the bed legs crossed and motioned for me to sit on his lap facing him.

“You mean it?” I whispered into his neck.

“Yea. I really want to keep them.” He replied holding me tighter.

“Me too.” I grinned from ear to ear.

We just sat there wrapped up in each out for a while letting it all sink in.

“Holy shit. We’re going to be parents.” Vic chucked in disbelief before grabbing my face and kissing it all over.

“GUYS, WE’RE GOING TO BE UNCLES!” We heard Mike yell from the other side of the door which caused us both to erupt into laughter.

“I love you y/f/n.” Vic smiled kissing my nose.

“I love you too Victor Vincent Fuentes.” I whispered running my fingers through his hair.

“You too little bean.” He giggled rubbing my belly.


About a month later we figured it was time to tell out parents. Mine were first.

“That’s amazing honey.” My mom cheered as she tucked my bangs behind my ear. “I still think I’m too young to be a grandma but that’s ok. I’m happy for you sweetie. And I’m here no matter what ok?” She reassured looking toward Vic too who smiled in reply.

“Victor-” My dad started.

“I know sir. I’m really sorry. I don’t know what to say for myself. Please don’t ha-” It was my dad’s turn to cut Vic off now.

“Son, all I was going to say was officially welcome to the family. And that you better take care of my daughter and grandchild.”

“Really? You’re not mad?”

“Not at all. You two are grown ups. You make your own decisions. And we’re here to support you in those decisions. Besides, I’ve always liked you and your music. So if she’s going to have a baby out of wedlock, I’m glad it’s with you.” My dad smiled at Vic patting him on the back.

“Thank you Mr. y/l/n.” Vic sighed in relief.

“Call me y/d/n.”

“I love you daddy.” I smiled widely hugging my dad tight.

I would always be a daddy’s girl.

“I love you too baby girl.” He whispered kissing the top of my head.

Vic’s POV:

We had already told y/n’s parents and they took it pretty well. Mine were going to be a totally different story though.

Batten down the hatches.

“Mama, Papa…..y/n is pregnant.” I barely blurted out as we stood in my parent’s back yard.

It was Sunday, which meant family dinner. I figured now was as good a time as any. At least there were witnesses in case either of them tried to kill me.

My mom immediately started yelling obscene things in Spanish. Thank god y/n didn’t know much Spanish because she’d probably be in tears right now.

“Mama. Calm down. You’re going to be an abuela. Be happy.” I whispered to my mother quickly.

“Lo siento mijo.” She sighed before taking a few breathes and turning to y/n. “Congratulations sweetie. You’re going to be a wonderful mother.”

“Thank you Mama.” Y/n replied shakily probably still a little shaken up from the yelling.

“I would prefer you two be married, Victor.” My dad spoke sternly giving me a disapproving look.

“I know. Soon enough though.” I smiled slightly kissing y/n’s cheek.

Way ahead of you dad.

“My little grandbaby. I’m so excited. My mom finally had a smile on her face as she placed a hand on y/n’s ‘bump’.

My parents were definitely not happy but that’s just fine. They’ll learn to live with it. We’re adults. We know what we’re doing. I hope.


Y/n had really taken what our parents said to heart. Her dad saying ‘out of wedlock’ and my father making it known he was not happy about us not being married.

I had already planned on proposing to y/n even before the conversations with our parents. And I decided our anniversary would be the perfect time. Which just so happened to be about a month and a half later.

I cleaned the whole house, cooked us dinner, set up candles everywhere and even bought y/n a new dress just for the occasion. Everything was perfect.

She was so surprised she instantly burst into tears. Hormones I guessed.

Although we were having a baby together and had been in a relationship for quite a while, I still about fell out of my chair when she said yes.


"Fuck you Fuentes! You’re never getting anywhere near me again!” Y/n yelled at me in between pushes.

“I know darling. I’m sorry.” I tried to sooth wiping the sweat from her forehead with a damp cloth.

“You’re lucky I love you.” She growled pushing my hand away.

“I know. Very lucky. I love you too.” I sighed taking her hand as the doctor asked her to push again.

Y/n just shook her head breathing hard. Poor girl.

“Hey, look at me. One more ok? That’s it and then we get to meet our little bean.” I whispered and she nodded her head squeezing my hand tighter.

“It’s a girl!” The doctor yelled over our baby girl’s screams and held her up to show both of us. “Dad.” A nurse said handing me scissors so I could cut the umbilical cord.

“Wait. Where are you taking her? I want her.” Y/n whined, tears starting as a nurse took our crying baby to the other side of the large hospital room.

“They’re just going to clean her up and make sure everything’s fine and then you can have her. I promise.” I soothed combing my fingers through y/n’s hair. She just nodded in response before pulling me in for a passionate kiss.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you.” Y/n sniffled when she finally pulled away.

“It’s ok baby.” I chuckled slightly. She has every right to yell at me.


“Does the little one have a name yet?” A nurse asked as she walked in the room interrupting y/n’s babble about bows and tutus. I think she was the most excited about getting to finally play dress up with someone honestly.

“Sayer. Sayer Reese.” Y/n smiled at the nurse.

Y/n had told me very early on in her pregnancy that she’s had all of her kids named since she was 13. Which meant I didn’t have much say.

But I wasn’t complaining. I liked the name. It was a special name for a special girl.

“Y/l/n?” The nurse questioned before she continued typing.

“Oh no. Fuentes. Sayer Reese Fuentes.” Y/n looked at me and smiled as wide as possible. And I couldn’t contain my grin either.

“She’s gorgeous y/n. She looks just like you.” I swooned as I scooted closer to y/n on the quite large hospital bed.

“She’s got your nose and smile though.” Y/n giggled poking Sayer’s nose.

“God, I love you so much y/n. I can’t wait for you to be my wife.” I cooed kissing the top of her head a few times.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited to become Mrs. Fuentes. I love you too Vic.” Y/n whispered looking up to kiss me.


Today was our first full day back at home. We had gotten in really late last night and y/n was still asleep.

The boys were on their way over though to finally meet Sayer since y/n had refused to let them come to the hospital. She was afraid she might actually strangle all of them if they did. And I couldn’t really blame her. Those boys were a fucking handful sometimes.

“Hey Bean. Are you ready to meet your uncles?” I asked Sayer and she smiled in response. “Yea?” I giggled. This little girl made me so happy, you have no idea.

Just then I heard the boys clamber through the front door. “Shh. Y/n is sleeping.” I scolded.

“She’s gorgeous man. I’m so happy for you.” Tony complimented patting me on the back.

“Look at those hands. I see a bass player in our future.” Jaime chuckled raising Sayer’s arms casing her to smile again.

“Yea right. Y/n already chose her career path. Ballerina.” I laughed.

“Yea right. Leave her with me long enough and she’ll be burning tutus.” Mike said sounding rather cocky.

“She will not Michael. You will not corrupt my child.” Y/n scolded as she hobbled into the living room.

Mike rushed over to her to help her walk a little better. “I’m just kidding. Here, you want the couch?” He questioned.

“Recliner.” She smiled up at him and he helped her get comfortable.

As soon as she was settled she made grabby hands at me so I would bring her Sayer.

We all sat and talked for a while until Sayer started to fuss.

“Alright. It’s feeding time boys. I love y'all but you gotta go.” Y/n teased and the boys all obeyed. But not before saying goodbye to their brand new niece.

“I love you y/n.” I whispered kissing y/n’s cheek ever so gently not wanting to disturb my daughter’s meal.

“I love you too Victor.” Y/n sighed placing her hand on my cheek and pulling me in for a proper kiss.

This was my perfect little unconventional family.

I Love You to the Stars and Back

I’m still having writers block with the next imagine but until then here’s something cute that I came up with :3 I hope you enjoy it.

You were sitting in your room on your bed, the radio was softly playing, the window was open letting in a slight breeze that kept the room cool, and the summer sun spilled into the room. You were sitting on the comfy blankets of your bed, sketch book in your lap and your hand glided along the paper as you began to draw.

Today had been a relaxing day, you didn’t have anything to worry about, no important meetings, nothing you finally had the day off and you decided to spend it by staying at home and drawing.

Suddenly you felt your phone vibrate, the screen lit up indicating that someone was trying to call you. You picked the small square device to see who it was. You lips formed a smile on your face when you saw that it was your boyfriend Andy who was calling. You hit the green button then held the phone up against your ear.

“Hello?” You said.

“Hey love!” Andy answered you.


“Are you enjoying your day off?”

“Yes I am.”

“Well that’s good. So um I was wondering if you had anything planned for tonight.”

“Um no not really I was just going to watch a few movies and that was about it.”

“Oh, well would you like to go out on a date tonight? I mean if you don’t want to that’s fine I was just wondering.”

“I would love to go out tonight,” You smiled.

“Great! Can I pick you up at 7?” He asked.

You glanced over at the small digital clock that was on your nightstand. The glowing red numbers read 5:45.

“Yeah that’s fine.” You said.

“Alright I’ll see you then (Y/N). I love you.”

“Love you too, see you in a bit.”

“Alright bye.”

And with that Andy hung up. You lay in bed for a little bit contemplating as to whether or not you should get up and change now or finish the sketch and then change. You went with the second option and continued to work on your drawing and once it was finished you would get ready to go.

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anonymous asked:

would you be able to write a one shot post-A.L.I.E. of a kabby shower fic, not super smutty more comforting and domestic

Thanks Anon for the prompt and I’m sorry it took me so long! I’ve written in the early AM half asleep but was detemined to finish before the next episode! I’ve had the craziest week and I won’t even get to see the new episode until Saturday (Aust time) weehhh! I’m so deep in the Kabby trash I can’t even remember when I actually had more than 4 hrs sleep because i can’t even deal with what is going to happen in 3x13! Anyways enjoy xx

Most of Skaikru had returned back to Arkadia after Luna had taken control of Polis becoming the new Commander, Clarke travelled back with Bellamy to meet up with the rest of the delinquents and Kane was busy trying to rebuild the coalition in Polis with and taking care of Abby as she was still recovering from A.L.I.E and Pike hitting her in the back with a gun stopping her from almost killing Marcus.

Mother nature had taken a wild turn and the rain set in, all negotiations for the coalition had come to a halt and a drenched Kane made his way back to his room. He was freezing and lethargic but smiled to himself knowing he was going back to his room to see the woman whom he had waited so long to be reunited with hoping that she was feeling better and mobile.

Luna had given Kane his own private quarters in the capitol building on the 37th floor which brought back memories of when Abby was first reunited with Clarke after being separated for 3 months. When he entered it was empty at first glance Abby wasn’t in bed, Kane wasn’t worried, this was the first time since the Ark where he had complete confidence that everyone could live peacefully; Instead, he noticed a pile of clothing next to the curtain covering the bathroom area. Kane stood behind the curtain, uncertain of whether Abby wanted him to enter considering they hadn’t really had a conversation since Arkadia.

“Ah Abby? Are you in here?” his voice echoed into the bathroom slightly broken as he was trying to speak through his chattering teeth. It was oddly quiet, you could only hear the water running.

“Hey you” her voice was soft and faint “Are you ok? Did you get caught in the rain?”

“Yes but it’s ok take your time please, just leave me some hot water I’m frozen” he let out a small chuckle as he started taking his wet clothes off whilst he waited for her to finish.

“Don’t be stupid Marcus, you’ll get sick, you can come in, I’m almost finished”

Kane didn’t respond, with hesitation he pulled back the curtain squinting through the steam as he removed his clothing. She was turned towards the wall, her hair pulled around to her front showing her healing cut on the back of her neck and painful bruise on her back. She looked over her shoulder to see Marcus standing there uncertain as to whether to join her or not.

“It’s ok Marcus”

He swallowed hard as her approached her, reaching out he placed his hand on her shoulder, squeezing gently as he stepped under the shower head to feel the hot water run down his body. He slowly started to reagin feeling in his fingers and toes, Abby tried her hardest not to flinch at the feeling of Marcus’ almost frozen hand, she just wanted him there with her, it was the only time she felt safe.

Abby grabbed Kanes hand and pulled it in to her chest and ensuring he was getting enough hot water to warm him up, Kane stepped forward and closed the gap between them, he wrapped his other arm around her from behind, he placed a kiss on her neck, she lent back and let the water flow down her chest. He kept his head rested on her shoulder holding her tight as if he would never let her go.

“Thank you” she exhaled never feeling more relaxed, the pain from her bruise didn’t phase her.

“I am the last person you should thank, I left you there, I let -”

“I feel like we are both going to fight a losing battle on this argument” Abby chuckled.

“Well if you weren’t so stubborn -“

“Is that your way of thanking me for saving your life? Cos’ ahhh I’m pretty sure my stubbornness did that and - “

“the fact that you never listen to anyone… ever“ Kane interrupted her playfully

“I didn’t listen when I sent Raven to the ground -“

“ - and pretty much saved everyone, yes, I am very aware that your stubbornness does wonders, or is it dumb luck?” He smirked “Actually, don’t answer otherwise we’ll be here long after the water goes cold!”

“Well it kind of went cold about 5 minutes ago” Abby blurted out in laughter, she was so cold but she didn’t mind, she could have stayed there for hours and Kane would never have known, he was absolutely mesmerised.

He turned her around in his arms, her beautiful eyes captivating him every time, “But seriously Abby, to look back at everything you and I have been through I would have never thought this is where we would be now, regardless of all the arguments and quarrels in past… you were always the most beautiful thing I ever laid my eyes on. It was always you” The words flew out Kane’s mouth like vomit, it was so unconscious and raw, he himself had never truly realised the impact Abby had on him, right until this moment, in this moment he saw his light at the end of the tunnel.

“Just when I was trying to have fun you go all soppy on me” she added with a cheeky grin and wrapping her arms around his neck “Let’s just forget about everything that has happened and start afresh, I don’t want to dwell on the past” she pulled him closer and he reciprocated bending in for a sweet tender kiss.

“I just wanted you to -“



“Stop talking”

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Time is On My Side - Part 3

Word Count: 1898

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“You really think Doc Benton took Sam?” You asked Dean. He was speeding down the road back to Erie, Pennsylvania, breaking every traffic law you could think of. You didn’t want to make matters worse but you had to address it.

“Yes, Y/N.” Dean snapped. “Who else would have taken him?”

“The demon who holds your contract.” You answered quietly, unsure how he’d take it. He clenched his jaw and gripped the wheel tighter. “Look, I’m sorry. But someone had to bring it up.”

“I know.” He sighed. “I know. I thought it too. But for now I’m going with Doc Benton because I can’t handle the alternative.”


Sam’s eyes were taped open and his arms and legs were strapped down to an operating table with leather restraints. Two other restraints were wrapped around his head and chest. He looked around nervously, trying to find a way out. “You can relax. It’s all gonna be ok.” Doc Benton reassured him. “Ain’t nothing gonna happen here that you got worry about, Sammy. Your chances of coming out of this procedure alive? Very, very high.”

“How do you know my name?” Sam gasped, struggling against the restraints.

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I really, really like Geoffrey (and Geoffrey/Elincia has grown on me so much). I mean he is quite the knight in shining armour (he even rides a white horse, come on), yet it’s Elincia who rescues him from the ~bad guys~ (in a castle too wooo way to go princess!!) .
Also a huge worrywart yet it doesn’t stop him from letting Elincia do her thing. He’s got her flower, u go. 

After the Storm

Tom woke up to an empty bed. His fingers stretched out, searching for her, but came up empty. He rolled over onto his side, expecting to find Taylor in the chair in the corner or in the bathroom. But the bathroom light was off and the chair was empty. He groaned and stretched before shaking the sleep from his eyes and standing up. He sighed as he glanced at the clock. It was 3:30 in the morning.

He slid his boxers on and hunted around on the floor for his t-shirt before giving up. He trudged into the kitchen of their hotel suite, expecting to see Taylor as he did, but the kitchen and living room were also empty. He grabbed some water from the fridge before thinking through the options of where she could be.

The past couple weeks had been pretty stressful. What with her ex giving her trouble and the whole Kim and Kanye debacle–Tom sighed as he thought it over. She had panicked at the beginning, wanting to break up to spare him any pain. But they had moved through that–he had convinced her they would be fine, that he loved her and that was enough. And he thought it was.

They had come back to America so he could go to Comic Con, but they had been back in Australia for a couple weeks now. They were about to move into a house they had rented. But Tom had noticed some changes in Taylor, in their relationship, and he was trying not to worry. But he was.

Like tonight. Where was she? If she was going to go somewhere, she would usually leave him a note or wake him up and tell him. But since coming back, he had noticed Taylor become more reserved. A bit quieter. She didn’t share as much or as easily. At first he thought it was jet lag or a temporary issue, but now…he didn’t know what it all meant.

Tom started walking through the suite, room by room. Not in the office or the gym.
Not in the other bathroom. He finally found her on the floor of the guest bedroom, the farthest room from theirs. He could hear her talking to someone on the phone and he waited outside the room, listening.

“Yeah, thanks. No, I know. It’s so late here, I should probably head back to bed. I know, it’s going to be tough while I’m over here.” It was quiet for a minute and then Tom heard Taylor sigh. “I don’t want to tell him. I can’t add anything to his plate right now.” More silence. “No, it’s not that I can’t tell him things, it’s just–look. It’s a miracle we’re still dating at this point. I’m not gonna–” she stopped speaking again to listen. When she spoke again, her voice was harsh and annoyed.

“That’s not what I meant, obviously. You know what–I can’t talk about this right now. I’ll call you tomorrow.” Tom heard Taylor hang up the phone and jumped, feeling guilty but curious, and not in the least bit confused. The door opened and Taylor started to walk out, but jumped in surprise when she saw Tom standing there.

“Hey babe, shit, you scared me!” She said, with a half smile and a hand on her chest. “How long have you been here?”

“Just got here,” Tom said quickly. “I woke up without you and came looking for you. You all right?” Taylor nodded and hugged him, kissing his cheek. “Yeah, just talking to my mom. The time difference is confusing to her, sometimes she calls me when we’re sleeping,” she shrugged, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. “I didn’t want to wake you so I came in here.”

“Thanks daring. But you know I can’t sleep without you. My body can feel when your body disappears and I wake up looking for you. That night in San Diego I didn’t sleep at all.” Tom said pulling her in close. Taylor looked up at him and smiled but the smile was hard to decipher. A bit hesitant, a bit closed off. Like she knew something he didn’t.

“You’re all right, right? You know…since Comic Con and the whole video mess? We’re ok?” Tom asked her, concerned about her quiet demeanor, her reticence at sharing. Taylor nodded and leaned in to kiss him. “Promise?” He breathed out, her mouth inches from his. “Promise,” Taylor said before sliding her hand behind his neck and pulling him in for a kiss, distracting them both.


When Taylor woke up at nine am, Tom had already left for the set. She laid there and thought about last night, how Tom almost walked in on a pretty confusing phone call. She was thinking about starting up therapy again. She hadn’t been for a couple years but the last couple weeks had started to shake her. She had a couple of panic attacks since then–small ones, but still. She didn’t want them to get any worse. Her mom had recommended someone in Nashville but Taylor really didn’t want to leave Australia, not at this awkward time, not when everyone was so up in the air.

And she was nervous to tell him about it. She knew he wouldn’t judge her but…she swallowed nervously. She kept making his life more difficult. She didn’t want anything else causing him stress or worry. She sat up in bed and quickly texted her mom. She knew the healthcare insurance would make it complicated, hell, next to impossible: but she was going to have to see someone in Australia. She’d pay out of her own pocket if she had to.

After she sent off the texts she slid back under the covers and fell back asleep, wishing her life didn’t always inconvenience everyone around her.

When Tom came home, Taylor was cooking dinner. She’d dressed up for him and was cooking his favorite foods, hoping that would relax him. She felt his arms slide around her waist as he kissed the back of her neck. “What is that amazing smell?” He asked her, his lips finding more skin to kiss along her neck. Taylor giggled, his lips tickling her, as she leaned into his back, his arms tightening around her, holding her close.

“I’m making you dinner,” she said softly, closing her eyes, enjoying this peace, this wonderful moment–his warmth breath on her neck, his strong arms holding her tight. She sighed happily. “I could just stay were forever,” she murmured, as his lips continued their journey, searching for her weak spots.
“Mhmm,” Tom agreed, nipping at her neck with his teeth. Taylor giggled and pulled away. “It’s almost ready–why don’t you go set the table or something?” She smirked playfully at him, as she turned to stir the sauce on the stove. Tom laughed and grabbed the plates. “Your wish is my command, my darling,” he smiled before heading to the table.

After their delicious dinner, the two of them sat on the couch, Tom with a book and Taylor with a notebook. She was doodling some lyrics, but really she was trying to work up the courage to talk to him. Her legs were in his lap, and he stroked them softly as he read. After nearly working up the courage two or three times before chickening out, Tom spoke without looking up from his book. “Taylor, are you all right? Is there something you want to tell me?” Taylor looked up, surprised. Tom looked up and laughed easily, pulling her legs further down the couch so she was closer to him. “You’re not a very good secret keeper,” he whispered, slowly removing her glasses and putting them in his pocket.

Taylor laughed nervously and closed her notebook. “Yeah well. Ok. Ok. So…..”
“What is it darling?” Tom asked, trying to lead Taylor to a point where she felt comfortable speaking. Taylor sighed and sat up, tucking her legs underneath her, and Tom turned his body towards her, letting his legs fall from the table in front of them to the floor. Taylor felt more in control this way, and started to twist the wrists of her cardigan in between her fingers. “Ok. So you know how crazy these past few months have been? I mean, of course you know. You were there.”

“Yes, I am aware,” Tom answered dryly, catching her hands in his before kissing each one lightly. “And I think you’ve done a pretty good job of handling things, if I do say so myself. Besides for the bit where you wanted us to break up, but we can ignore that,” he said lightly, trying to be there for her. Taylor smiled sheepishly. “Right, so. It’s just been…stressful, you know? And I’ve been having some…anxiety.” Tom’s eyes creased in concern. “Nothing too bad,” Taylor tried to reassure him, “just a couple panic attacks. No it’s ok, really–they’ve been pretty manageable,” Taylor interjected, as Tom grew more and more concerned, trying to understand.

“Darling, are you all right? Why didn’t you tell me? You know you can tell me anything! Oh dear, are you sure you’re all right?” Tom voice became louder as he started to get more and more worried, trying to catch her eyes. But Taylor kept looking down, like she was embarrassed. “I don’t know, I didn’t want to worry you. I didn’t want to put more stress on your plate, I know how crazy things are on set…” Taylor tried to defend herself, but the excuses fell flat. She knew she should have told him. She finally looked up at him, his eyes dripping with concern and confusion.

“I didn’t want it to be the reason you left me,” Taylor whispered, her voice cracking, finally admitting her secret fear, the one she hadn’t even voiced to her mother. “I didn’t want you to think–"Wow, this girl has a lot of issues. I can’t be with her.” Even if you’ve never said anything like that. It’s all me, my insecurities, my fears,“ she sniffed, trying to hold back her tears, trying to make him understand. Tom looked at her and didn’t know what to say. Finally, he leaned over and picked her up and placed her on his lap, her head next to his, as he stroked it slowly with one hand, her back with the other.

“How can I do better?” He asked her softly, his voice like a soothing balm over her quivering fears, his hand slowly rubbing the tension out of her back. Taylor sighed and snuggled in closer. “You have been perfect. You…I can’t believe you’re a real person who exists. You’ve done everything you can.” She was silent for a bit, trying to turn the words in her brain into the words that would come out of her mouth. “I think…” She started, before stopping.

Tom nudged her softy. “I think I should see a therapist,” Taylor said quickly, forcing the words out as she tensed up, waiting for his reaction. But he just sat there, his hand on her back never slowing. “I think it might do me some good to talk it out with someone impartial, you know? Someone who can help me figure out my mess,” she said, gesturing to her brain. Tom leaned up and kissed her forehead. “I think that’s a wonderful idea,” he said, smiling. Taylor sighed in relief. “Really?”

Tom nodded. “It’s good that you know when to reach out for help if you need it, that’s so strong of you. I’m here to support any decision you make, but, I think this is a good one. And just for the record,” he continued, looking deep into her eyes, “There is nothing you can say that will make me leave you, do you hear me? I need you to know, from now on–whatever you’re feeling, I want to know. I want to be able to be there for you in every way I can. Got it?”

Taylor looked into his beautiful blue eyes and nodded. “Got it. And thank you,” she whispered before pulling him in for a tight kiss as she turned so she was straddling him. She deepened the kiss and clung to him, relishing in his warmth and his strength. She pulled away and leaned her head back onto his shoulders.

“Are you reading anything good?” She asked, the nervous energy from earlier dripping away, as a happy content peace took its place. Tom grabbed the book next to him and held it up. “Just a collection of some of my favorite poems,” he said, opening it back up. “Should I read to you?”

And Taylor nodded and snuggled in close, making herself comfortable, relishing in this safe moment, where she spoke her mind and got support, where the man she loved made her feel safe and happy. “Always,” she answered, kissing his cheek as he pulled her in closer, and finally let herself believe.

Its Just Hard...

Relationships are difficult. No matter who, or what they are, maintaining a loving and trusting relationship with another person is really fucking hard. I would like to say that it gets easier, and maybe it does for some people; but in my case, it just keeps getting harder and harder. The distance, the infrequent calls and texts, and the rumors were all becoming a bit too much to handle. 

It had been almost a month since Harry and I decided to end our romantic relationship and just be friends. We figured that was the best solution since we could still be apart of each others lives with out the pressures of a relationship. I had offered to take a break from school and just tour with him, but we both knew this would only be a temporary fix. I eventually would have to go get a life of my own; touring with One Direction for the rest of my life won’t exactly earn me a living. Dating an international superstar had its perks, of course, but no perk in the world could replace having him physically here with me for as long as we’d want, when ever we want. That just wasn’t his life though, and I wasn’t about to ask him to give up his dreams to be with me.

The worst part is that I’m completely available to him. All I really have to attend to are my classes which are only three times a week, and my part time job. I’m stuck waiting by the phone to hear from him practically the entire day, while he’s off being wonderful and living his life to the absolute fullest.   

Since the break-up we’d been talking almost everyday, something that NEVER happened in the past due to his hectic schedule and our different time zones. I also blame the new found communication on a desperation on both our parts to stay close, either way I didn’t mind.

It was a warm Thursday morning in LA. I had just gone to my last class and was heading home to change into my uniform and head to work. As I reach my apartment building, my purse sounds with Harry’s ring tone. I answer as soon as I fish out the thing and say

“Hey buddy!” a bit too enthusiastically

“I hate when you call me that, I’m a grown man!” I laugh at his irritation and ask him what he’s up to.

“Oh nothing just had a minute and decided to call…” God I missed him so much. 

“Well that was nice of you. I’m actually just getting home, I have to change to go to work in about an hour.” he hummed down the line and I can almost hear the smirk on his face. 

“Are you going to wear that tiny little skirt that pervert requires you to fashion yourself in?” I was a waitress at a pretty important restaurant in LA, but regardless of being an A-list celebrity spot, the place was rather casual and the uniforms for the all female staff was rather eye catching with short black skirts and a tight white button up. I didn’t mind it and Harry used to love how I looked in it. 

“He is not a pervert, it’s LA and its hot and you can not comment on my uniform anymore we are no longer together remember?” I said scolding but rather jokingly at the same time. 

He sighed and said “How could I forget?” softly and a bit sadly. 

“I don’t like this either ok? But have we not been getting along AND surprisingly talking more often than ever?” I tried to convince him even though my own heart was shattering in my chest knowing his pain.

“I know, it has been easier on the both of us.” the line went silent for a moment or so before I reminded him that I did have to start getting ready. I actually did, but my urge to cry pushed me to end the call sooner than I had needed or wanted to. 

“Oh yeah sure, I guess we’ll chat later… Oh shit I almost forgot! I’m going to be in town from Saturday until possibly Tuesday, would it be ok if I stayed with you? I need to be at a home I’m threw with these fucking hotels.” I almost literally screamed with excitement. Before my anticipation became too noticeable I told him it would be “cool” for him to stay and ended the call. After almost five months of not seeing him, he would be here in less that a day and a half. 


The rest of that day and the next inched by. I attended my one class on Friday and went straight to work a double shift. Harry and I hadn’t spoken since he asked if he could stay with me but I assumed it was only a matter of time before he called or texted letting me know when exactly he would be arriving. 

Right as I clocked out at 3am, I check my phone after the very long day and have two texts from Harry. 

Harry: hey love, i should be landing tomorrow at like 2 in the afternoon. i’ll have one of the cars drop me off so you don’t have to pick me up. 

Harry: not that i was expecting that i was just saying youre not required to do that since we are just friends and i am more than capable of getting a ride. well see you then xx. 

The fact that he was as nervous as I was eased my worry a bit and allowed me to fall asleep the moment my head hit my pillow. 


I woke up to the sound of aggressive knocking at my door. My apartment was very small with paper thin walls, so any sound coming from anywhere really was heard loud and clear. I check my phone and see that I have six texts from Harry. How is he texting me if he’s still on the flight? Can you do that now? It took me a second before I saw the time and I nearly jumped out of my skin when my phone said it was nearly 3:30. How did I sleep in so late?! Harry will be here any minute and I look wretched still in my uniform from my double the night before. 

“I’m coming damn it!” I shout as I run to the door not even bothering with my appearance. 

“You’re going to break down my door and I am not going to pay…” I stop my sentence as soon as my eyes catch who had rudely awoken me. 

“Well then we all know I can afford to demolish this entire building and construct a new one for you so don’t get all upset. I’ve been texting you for hours why haven’t you answered me?” He says, resting his hands on his hips and leaning forward slightly. I smiled sheepishly and toed the tiled floor with my barefeet looking away from him. 

“I’m sorry I had a double yesterday and got home late I didn’t realize I was all that tired.” He didn’t pay attention to a word I said. He looked me up and down with that dirty lob sided smile, taking in my bed head and disheveled work outfit. I smoothed down my skirt suddenly self conscience of my entire life and told him I’d be right back once I changed.

As I begin to walk off he stops me by grabbing my elbow and I turn in reflex.

“Can I have a little hug or something, I haven’t seen you in ages and I don’t mind this little get up.” I bite my lip and close the gap between us, wrapping my arms around his waste and rest my entire body on his front. The instant comfort I felt in that moment was something almost foreign. His scent intoxicating, forcing me to squeeze him and hold him as close to me as I possibly could as I nuzzled my face into the soft skin of his neck. 

My overwhelming affection threw him for a second before he reciprocated the the hug and held me just as tight. Letting his hands roam the expanse of my back and shoulders, pushing my hair to the side and touching the skin that lay beneath. I visibly shuddered at the feel of his hands on me. He let his fingers dance along my prickled skin before delving them into my hair and tugging softly for me to look up at him. 

“You have no idea how much I’ve missed you.” He said cradling my face with his right hand while his left slid down my back to rest beneath the waste band of my skirt. His touch pushed me to do the same as I lifted the back of his shirt and allowed my own hands to feel the expanse of his muscular back. 

“I’ve missed you too. I haven’t felt this content in months.” We stared at one another for what seemed like forever. Hands wandering anywhere we could reach. Just as he starts to lower his lips to mine I turn my cheek and they instead land on my jaw line. This does not stop him. 

“Harry, we can’t we aren’t together.” I said breathlessly. My body defying my words as I’m holding his head in place, dipping my fingers into his hair and reveling in the feel of him. His assault is slow and grueling. Taking his sweet time on every inch of my skin, licking and sucking. I moaned, feeling my knees buckling from beneath me. 

I finally find the strength inside of myself and push off of his chest and take a step back, breathing deeply in an attempt to catch my breath. 

“Baby, this is stupid I love you and I haven’t seen you in months. Haven’t touched you please darling, I need you so badly I can barely breath.” He says ever so weakly taking the few steps to get back in proximity with me. When he reaches me he grabs my waste, and tugs me firmly to his chest and slides his hands down to rest on the curve of my ass, squeezing and kneading my flex. Once again his mouth gets to work on my neck and I’m seeing spots.

“You can’t call me that, I’m not your” I gulp trying to ease my dry mouth “girlfriend. I can’t be with you like this and be your friend and than watch you leave for God knows how long I can’t I can’t….” I didn’t notice that I was crying until my sobs racked through my entire body, shaking me violently against his chest. He held me close and soothed me as best he could. walking me to the couch and pulling me onto his lap to properly cuddle me. He rocked me back and forth, hush my cries and wiping my tears.

“I know baby, I know. I hate this too, I know.” He said in a mantra until I calmed. I looked up at him from where we sat and took in his face. His hair had grown considerably since I’d last seen him and he was slightly tanner. I reached up and touched his cheek as I continued my recording. He shut his eyes softly as I tenderly played with the ends of his hair that was about shoulder length. Before I knew what I was doing, I leaned forward and spread a kiss to the corner of his mouth. He sighed threw his nose but didn’t move. I kissed his cheek, all along his jawline until I reached his ear, nibbling on the lobe and then planting feather like presses along the column of his neck. His arms held me close not faltering under my touch.

“I’m always going to love you. Whether we are together or not, you will be always be mine and I will always be yours.” With his affirmation I threw all caution to the wind and smashed my lips against his, holding his face tightly against mine in fear that he’d pull away for some reason. He did the opposite, opening his mouth and pushing his tongue into mine, letting them play and touch feverishly against the other. I was shaking. I could feel nothing but his mouth on mine and the beat of his heart thrumming through his chest.  

He shifted our positions so that I was straddling his lap, his hands immediately on my back and ass pulling me as close as possible. I was lost, completely checked out. His entire body reacting to my every move; the tilt of my head for a better angle on his mouth, the rotation of my hips and the rubbing of my breasts on his taut chest. He pulled back momentarily and ripped my work top open, buttons flying across the room. 

“I’ll buy you a new one” he said kissing me again “Fuck it I’ll buy the restaurant for you.” I giggled against his mouth. 

“I think replacing the shirt will be enough, Money Bags.” He groaned at my retort and spanked me before lifting me entirely and carrying me to my room. 

He fell with me on to my bed, not breaking our embrace for even a second. 

“This. Off.” He ordered against my mouth as he tugged at my skirt. “This too.” referring to my still covered chest. As he pulled down my skirt I unclipped my bra and tossed it across the room. He looked down at me, fully naked for his viewing pleasure, and pulled his shirt over his head. Before he had a chance to do anything else, I leaned forward and started undoing the button and zip on his pants, revealing his hard cock beneath the tight black material of his boxers. I kissed the range of his waste band and belly button, biting at his skin and licking a line down the hair leading to what I wanted most.

“Fuck Y/N let me take these off.” He stood and pulled his jeans off, with much difficulty, almost falling over a few times. I giggled at his clumsiness and pulled down my lace panties and getting them out of the way. He climbed back on top of me and began kissing his way down my chest to my erect nipples, kneading my breast in one hand and sucking on the other with his mouth. I can already feel myself getting warm, my toes curling and my legs shaking. 

“Baby stop, I want to come all around you. Please just fuck me please I need you so badly.” I finish almost on the verge of tears. 

“No need to beg darling.” He said just as he was about to align himself with my entrance until I remembered an important little detail. 

“Wait, condom.” He looked down at me bewildered. We hadn’t used that sort of protection in almost the entire duration of of our relationship being that I was on the pill and we were exclusive. 

“We haven’t been together in almost a month and if you’ve been with anyone else I don’t want” he shushed me “Babes, how could I ever be with anyone else? I can’t even look at another woman with out thinking of you. H-have you been with s-someone else?” he asked me nervously “No no of course not, I couldn’t imagine it.” with our confessions our of the way and our hearts eased by them, he lowered his lips to me and sank his length deep into my pussy. 

We both shook at the feeling of the other, he stilled in me for a moment before he started slowly pulling in and out. He kissed me with such grace and reverence I could have burst into tears with all the emotion I felt. I tugged at his hair gently with one hand and allowed my other to explore the nape of his neck and shoulders. 

Picking up his pace, he brought my right leg to wrap around his waste, getting a much deeper angle than he was before. I moan loudly biting my lip in attempts to quiet myself. 

“Don’t hold back baby, I want to hear you. I want everyone to hear what I’m doing to you.” I let out a particularly loud moan coming from deep with in my throat. His assault on my neck pushed me right to the edge, a place I hadn’t been in a very long time. 

“Oh my god Harry, I love you , I love you” I lulled my head back unable to sense my reality at the moment as I came loudly and tightly all around him. 

“Fuck, fuck ahhhhhhh! I love you too baby…” his thrusts went deeper and became sloppier as his emptied himself in my, collapsing on top of me in a heap of sweat and tears. 

We both laid still. Breathing each others air and enjoying the time we had left like this. Harry rested his face on my chest and caressed the skin from my shoulder and up my neck with his long, delicate fingers. My hands combing through his hair and allowing them to linger past and massage his neck. 

“So much for just friends huh?” He said as he pulled out of my tenderly, not wanting to hurt me. 

“We still are friends. We can’t be together, Harry, its too hard. It just doesn’t work.” He looked away from me and rubbed the back of his neck, defeated. 

“Y/N I can’t be with out you. I can’t go on another day knowing you aren’t my girl.” I sat up from my spot on my bed and moved so that I’m sitting on the edge closest to him. Without having to tell him he walks closer to me and kneels before me resting his head on my lap and hugging my waste. 

“I will always be your girl, and you will always be my man. No one will ever take me from you. It’s just now with how crazy everything is it hurts me to not be able to see you when I want and be with you when I want or even talk to you at any time of the day.” A few tears formed in my eyes but I quickly wiped them away. He lifted his head from my lap, and even though he was kneeling, he was about eye level to me. He pushed back my hair from my face and stared intently at it. 

“Then I’ll settle for being just your friend if that’s what makes you happy. I want nothing more than to be with you all the way, no reservations, but I can’t stand the thought of harming you so if this is the only way that I can have you then I will settle. I will for you” at that moment he broke down, ducking his head down and avoiding my stare. I grabbed his face and pulled him into a hug and I slid from the bed and onto the floor with him. We sat there for a long while just holding each other, touching and kissing. 

His life was too busy for me. No arrangement we will ever make that fact any easier. I loved him, and I trusted him and he felt the same for me. Sadly for now we would have to be like this until everything got a little easier and if it didn’t then I guess we will figure it out. He is my man and there will never be another for me. 

Thank you so so much coldcoffeeand1d for submitting this! I absolutely adore it!! :)