ok i should get off tumblr now

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this has been helping me feed my tom riddle addiction tysm

First of all, I’m glad to be of service ! We’re all addicts here. I think. Though some of us may only be using this blog recreationally… 

For some reason this ask keeps making me think of a Tom Riddle support group - like Alcoholics Anonymous, but as a Tom Riddle Anonymous? And we’re all sitting in a circle, discussing our stories ‘Draco Malfoy was a gateway drug’ ‘It started with CoS, but it was HBP that ruined me’. And then there’s this flimsy counsellor, trying their hardest to help us out - ‘the seven steps to getting over Tom Riddle’ - but we all relapse as soon as they suggest putting our thoughts and feelings down in a diary ‘nO THAT’S THE PROBLEM’

the one in which bin meets eunwoo on the subway 

or: the one in which vivi is back writing fic with ideas she steals from one of her best friends’ irl experience in the nyc subway 

  • ok so it’s late and bin is on the subway home after spending a day of fun with 4stro 
  • and he’s taking out his earpieces after finding a seat on the otherwise empty subway car
  • because how better to spend a train ride than to watch your faves’ vlives am i right 
  • occupying yourself ????? getting to watch your faves ??????? tapping hearts AND levelling up on their channel ????? 
  • like 5 million birds with one stone am i right 

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Just a quick question guys.

Am I annoying? I know I have been very depressed as of late, more so than usual, but I usually got away with posting depressing posts and vents because no one really payed mind to my tumblr before I rejoined the eddsworld fandom.

I had someone back then tell me I was a weirdo, and I should just get off tumblr before I spread my stupidity to other people. I didn’t care really, but now that I see how much of a fuck up I am, I see their point.

I got off track, I just want to know. Do I annoy you guys?

bonethiin  asked:

I'm so sorry about your account. I just sent an ask there and now I'm fucking embarrassed bc idk who has that account name now or whatever but I'm crying and I just I'm sorry idk what to do I told my new friends about my ED and I'm so afraid they'll leave me like my other friends bc of this. I'm sorry this is all over the place and I'm gonna regret sending this I know it but I can't think straight right now you can delete this or whatever I don't care I just want to get this off my chest

That makes me want to attack tumblr bc if they deleted my account no one should be able to send me asks?

I’m so so so so so sorry you feel upset love :( it’ll be ok I promise! If they reject you then they’re not you’re real friends and I’m really sorry if they do, you don’t deserve that at all. I’m here for you 24/7 and I’ll be your friend I promise. Please don’t get too worried, it’ll be ok ❤️

Stay safe