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Voltron as things I've done while procrastinating essays
  • Lance: listened to the entire Hamilton soundtrack and sang every song starting at midnight
  • Keith: researched all the different ways the Aztecs performed sacrifice
  • Hunk: taught myself how to bake bread from scratch
  • Shiro: looked up the artist Bernini's sculpture and cried in a coffee shop
  • Pidge: wrote down the entire script for Deadpool by memory
  • Allura: wrote an essay about how much I loved my friend for fun instead
  • Coran: joined the Voltron fandom and created a tumblr account for it
  • Zarkon: planned out how I would take control of the world if world war 3 breaks out

It isn’t exactly love.

Or rather, it doesn’t fall under one, singular form of love. It’s a convoluted, chaotic tangle of emotions that have ebbed and grown and just come to be within Killua.

Every time he looks at Gon, even after all these years, he feels that same punch of air in his lungs, his eyes trying their best to focus on him but not being able to because Gon, well, Gon is too bright. Too bright and unobtainable, happy and boisterous and absolutely ridiculous.

It never fails to make Killua smile.

“You’re such an enhancer.”

Gon turns around to stare at him, cocking his head to the side, eyes wide and bright and brimming with life. There’s a fond smile in them, because he’s where he’s most comfortable- at sea, with his closest friend in the world.

“Did you say something?”

Killua laughs softly before taking a few steps forward and slinging an arm over Gon’s shoulder. “I was just contemplating how big an Enhancer you are, which is me saying you’re an idiot.”

Gon pouts, and Killua laughs even harder.

“Well, you’re the one that stayed all these years with this idiot, so I guess that makes you the even bigger idiot!” By the end of the sentence, Gon is all smiles again, and Killua practically cries with laughter at the astonishingly childish response.

“I guess,” Killua wheezes, “I guess you’re right!”

Gon sticks his tongue out before turning to face the sea again, leaning his weight into Killua. He’s solid and warm, a constant beside Killua that he’d never exchange for anything in the world. Gon, after all these years, had finally managed to convince the rather stubborn Zoldyk that he needed him, for better or for worse, and so their adventures began once again, fun and exciting and dangerous.


Killua blinks at the sea, trying to ingrain the blue of the waters and the smell of salt piercing his nose, making a moment he knows he’ll cherish for as long as he shall live.


Gon doesn’t say anything, but a hand grabs hold of the back of Killua’s shirt and clenches, fisting the material till it’s almost completely scrunched up. Gon isn’t leaning into him anymore but his face is buried in Killua’s neck. He doesn’t need to speak, he’s never had to.

Don’t leave again.


I’m sorry.

Killua kisses his temple softly, almost reassuringly, just a gentle press of his lips against the side of Gon’s forehead but it’s enough for the man to relax his hold.

Killua bites back his own tears, as silent questions, statements, demands, confessions, screams pour out of every crevice of his body, overflowing because he can’t possibly contain it anymore.

But it all sums up to one thing, one sentiment, two simple words that are so easy to say, but he wont say them, because he knows, no matter which star he wishes upon, he’ll never be granted this one. And that’s ok.

It’ll be ok. 

It has to be.

Be mine.

nameless crossroads demon, true form + humanoid glamour. i love this awful mouth man.

screenshots of /everything/ that callout is literal bullshit

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these screenshots are weird, im “haruka” in all of them because theyre taken from vinces phone. i didnt have these screenshots because my phone broke recently and i lost all my old convos. karma is “unknown” in some of them because he deleted his kkt and remade literally so people couldnt screenshot him. notice how every screenshot is IN FULL, no weird selective cropping or suspiciously out of context things. you can ask for more screenshots regarding anything, or more context. we have all these conversations in full and can give you whatever

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nicky + knitting +andrew + sweaters  @neilsexy is my muse (hey eden ily)

  • okay so once nicky moves back to germany he learns how to knit right
  • and he always sends stuff he’s made to the foxes (because nicky is amazing and cares So Much) and especially to andrew and neil bc they’re so smol and their pro team is somewhere up north so it’s cold a lot and nicky is a Concerned Parent
  • whenever nicky asks andrew and neil while they’re skyping if they’ve gotten the things he’s sent them andrew scoffs and claims he’s gotten rid of them in various ways (“I put the sweater on a stray dog” “I used the scarf to build neil and I a fire” “I threw it out the window to get some carolers to stop singing”)
  • nicky completely believes him bc it’s andrew we’re talking about he would definitely do all of these things, we know he would
  • but neil loves the gifts and makes sure nicky knows it, he wears them a lot bc it makes him think of his family (pause for tears)
  • BUT

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Imagine Luke being a really good boyfriend but gets super jealous and heated easily. Like one day you’d just be at a party with your friends and you’re talking to a guy who you haven’t seen in a while and you keep on laughing at his jokes and smile as you talk to him. Luke would be with Calum and just making a fist and clenching his jaw and his veins would pop out holy SHIT. The whole party he’d just try to act normal. You knew he was acting weird, but pretty much ignored it. So when you got home, he’d just shove you against the wall and just kind of like whispering in your ear how bad you were and how mad he is. would just put his hands all over you and tease the shit out of you by telling you how good he’s going to fuck you and leaving hickeys all over.

“Fuck babygirl, do you see what you do to me? You make me so mad. I’m gonna fucking show you how mad you make me and make you regret everything.”