ok i really really hope nothing happens to him he's the only sane one in the show kinda

Imagine Castiel being your boyfriend and you being the only one that Casifer listens to because Lucifer has also feelings for you.

Loud rock music was heard blasting and you didn’t have to guess to know whom it was, and you certainly didn’t think of Dean. You followed the sound and found Sam and Dean outside Sam’s room. Dean gave you an exasperated look and you let a small sigh.

“Lucifer!” Sam shouted banging on the door “You know, at some point in time, you’re gonna have to come out and- and talk to… God.” you and Sam shared a look at what he had actually said and Dean shook his head.

“This is like the worst episode of Full House ever.” Dean mumbled shaking his head.

You heard the volume of the music get slightly down and you gained some hope “If Dad has something to say to me, I’ll hear it from him. Until then, I’ll be in my room.” you heard Lucifer’s voice say and soon the music was back up.

“It’s not- it’s not your room.” Dean made a funny face.

“It’s my room!” Sam protested banging more on the door.

A ‘Whatever’ was heard from the inside before the music went to its previous volume. You and the boys rolled your eyes as Sam let a small groan.

“Let me try” you said carefully and Dean raised an eyebrow.

You knocked on the door once more and the volume got lightly down “I said-”

“Lucifer it’s me.” you spoke softly, but loudly enough so that he could hear you from the other side of the door. He didn’t say anything.

“Can I- can I come in?” you asked, waiting for a response “I just- I just want to talk-” you spoke up in a soft voice when you didn’t hear a response from him.

Sam and Dean both expected for an answer but when nothing happened they both huffed “See, I told he wouldn’t-” Dean started speaking only to stop immediately as the door opened just slightly.

A hand on your arm tugged you inside before it was fully closed again and the boys couldn’t do anything about it, but stare with wide eyes at the door.

“What the hell just happened?” Sam looked at Dean who had a funny look on his face.

They surely didn’t expect that.


“I’m listening.” Lucifer said, crossing his arms over his chest.

You let a small huff of air, fixing your hair “A warning next time would be very welcomed.” you gave him a look.

“You were the one that wanted to talk unless I misheard.”

“No. You’re right.” you sighed, looking down for a second “Lucifer.” you looked up at him “You know this is no way to act, get locked up in a room with music blasting and waiting for daddy to come apologize like you’re some immature teen when you are billion of years old.”

“Am I wrong?” he narrowed his eyes at you “Am I wrong to ask for it? What harm will it do to him (Y/n)? All I am asking for is two words. Two simple freaking words and he refuses to tell me. Do you think I don’t deserve at least that?”

You sighed sadly, running a hand down your face “No, I mean y-yes. Yes you have every right to. You know I… support you on that.” you looked at him in the eyes and his arms fell, a softer look taking over his expression “But this- this is no way to ask for it Lucifer. You’re acting like- a spoiled brat and you- you are the devil! And I can’t believe how I am saying this but it is a complement right now!” you exclaimed and a barely invisible smile lifted the corners of his lips.

“Listen-” you cleared your throat “-I am not saying you are wrong. No. On this… Chuck is wrong. You were his son, spoiled brat or not-” you both chuckled softly “-and you- you deserve this but asking it this way won’t get you anywhere. If anything you are proving him more and more that he was right to do what he previously did. You want to be the one right? Then show him so.” you shrugged

He didn’t say anything, only stood in his place and stared at you with both and adoration. Maybe in a way that reminded you of Castiel your boyfriend, seeing as it was the same vessel anyway.

“What?” you breathed out a laugh.

He shrugged, giving you a half smile “You haven’t changed a bit huh?”

“It hasn’t been that long since the Apocalypse.” you chuckled and he let a small scoff.

“Enough to change someone, but you still are the same caring and loving person who wants the best for everybody. And now you’re caring even to the devil, who by the way is wearing your boyfriend’s meatsuit.” he said simply and in a soft voice and you sighed.

“I am only hoping that you won’t prove me wrong and do something to Cas.” you swallowed, looking back up at him only to realise he had come a lot closer than you thought “But really, I now can see things I didn’t. A side in you that… no sane human being in the entire world ever would considering who you are.” you both laughed and for the first time you saw his bitterness against his father, and above all pain, die out a little.

“Hey if it makes you feel any better I am not just the devil, I am kinda an angel too.” he suggested with a shrug and you giggled.

“I am not even going to comment on that.” you shook your head with a smile.

“Hmh” he hummed, without hesitation bringing a hand up to cup your cheek and you weren’t even startled by the sudden expression of affection. He brushed a few strands of hair out of your face, rubbing his thumb over your cheek “You seriously haven’t changed a bit… guess my feelings haven’t either.” he whispered, looking up in your eyes.

It reminded you of that one single time he had shown you affection years ago when you met him while working with the Winchesters. Back then it had actually creeped you out but now that you had gotten to know him, learn more of his story you couldn’t help but feel sorry for him because you could see the good in his heart. Deep down he was good and you knew it. Maybe he just didn’t want some people to know. Ok, nobody but you thought of that actually.

“Lucifer” you sighed, looking at him with a sad look “You know this can’t happen, and it’s not because of who you are.” you mumbled and he gave you a sad look.

“I… love Castiel. Really love him.” you looked down for a second “I am in love with him, will always be. And it’s not going to change.”

“Understandable.” he mumbled, letting his hand fall down. You couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at him.


“Yeah… but that doesn’t mean I will stop trying though.” he shrugged and you rolled your eyes laughing.

“But how about… you try talking to him a little now?” you said softly and he smirked.

“You really won’t stop huh? Fine. But just for you. Keep that in mind.” he sighed and you smiled widely.

“Thank you.” you let a small squeal, kissing his cheek in your excitement, making a wide smile appear on his face.

“Don’t you dare!” you added fast, pointing a finger at him before he could say anything more.

“I wasn’t going to.” he pouted, raising his arms in surrender.

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I suppose at some point I should ask what the Evil Within is about, other than a hot policeman with an ax. Wikipedia just confused me.

get ready baby I’m gonna give you all the full version of the story because I am bored and I need people to hop on the trash train with me.

I can’t believe I typed all this. It really shows how much I love you. Or mostly what happens when tumblr puts me in straight baby jail for reblogging too much joseph oda and doesn’t allow me to post for 20+ hours. 

The Evil Within — A serious story recap by Vale plz R&R


The amazing hero of our story Detective Sebastian Castellanos gets sent to the Beacon Mental Hospital to investigate the usual “oh no the radio is mostly static *bzzz bzzz* someone help *bbzzz bzzz*  of course we are not getting all killed *bzzzzz* *high pitched noise* *radio silence*” kind of problems that you always find in survival horrors games.

And of course since he is such a hot dad™ (I am not mocking he is actually a dad also hot in that kind of average game protagonist way) he needs not one but TWO amazing sidekicks to ship him with do all the job for him help him in his adventure. 

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