ok i really miss you


Totally didn’t forget to post the full cosplay  J( ‘ー`)ゞ

I just once again wanted to say that Katsucon 2017 was an unbelievable adventure and experience…. I never want to forget it…. I met so many cool people and..!! Signed autographs! (it was embarassing but.. really cool!) >////< 

This trip was totally meant to be, because even though I tried to be prepared as best as I could, the amount of times where I got extremely lucky in certain situations were scary… (ex. Hammer almost not fitting in the trunk of a car, almost not getting through across the border, having little to no damage done in transportation, having a tremendous amount of help from all of my friends, got to see delicious Genji booty)

Shout out to my BitchBoard™! (in the first picture) Without you, I would have been kicked out of the con for having such a large prop =w=;;
You let me cart my hammer around and Me n Zed even got a shoutout from Reinhardt’s voice actor!! AAAAA!!

″SKELETON HAMMER DOWN!!!” so cool ;o;!!!

Special thanks to @livingzed (Swap Papyrus) and @Suukarin (Human Swap Papyrus) for not only being my two amazing brothers but for being there for me and especially Suu for keeping my stupid hammer in their hotel room….!!!!! I love you guys so much and I really miss you ;o;

Ok i’m done being mushy, enjoy these pictures my friend Sunny took (except the first, that one was given to me!) <3

Teaser Cards

@markrosewater recently answered an ask about teaser cards in sets and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. What I’m referring to as a teaser card is a card the makes reference to something that’s in the pipeline but which hasn’t been printed yet. It’s a card (or cards) that will come in a later set or block.

I believe there’s a right and a wrong way to do these. Read on to see how Wizards blew it in the past and find out if Hour of Devastation will repeat the failure or deliver on the promise.

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You are the only exception and I’m on my way to believing.

(one year of DestielDrabblesDaily)

Wait for me.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Thomas Shelby x reader

“Maybe, but I know that he still loves you whatever he tries to say. I can see it in his eyes when people speak of you. When he looks at you it’s like he’s never seen anything quite like it. He’s never looked at me that way. That’s all I wanted you know, I thought if you left then maybe he’d look at me that way.”

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anonymous asked:

any yoonjin fanfic recommendation?

HI anon!! Sorry this took me so long, I’m universally bad at organizing myself enough to actually recommend stuff?  Which sounds weird, but it takes me a hot minute.  A few things before I get to a list: 

I’d like to direct you to these two posts HERE and HERE - they are two Yoonjin fic recs I did in the past!  Check those out because I’m going to start this rec where the last one left off (or try to).  

My #1 favorite Yoonjin writer is @johannbuddenbrooks, I would like to rec every single Yoonjin thing he has written.  Links to his stuff via his tumblr HERE. Look for him on AO3 HERE.  That being said I’m still starting out by reccing a JBB series heh.

*These fics have mature (ish?) content

B.A.P Bodyguard Himchan ‘Phoenix With a Heartache’

anon asked:  Hi! Could you please write a drabble expansion for himchan from bap as bodyguard? Thank you in advance!!

A/N: I don’t know why some of these turn out so much longer than others, lol. I hope you enjoy it though, honey. WARNING: Mentions of violence.

This is an expansion of a reaction I wrote here.


It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Of course you knew it could happen but over time you’d become more or less desensitized to the possibility. There were people out there that wanted you dead. It wasn’t anything of your doing, merely a consequence of being born into a certain family. To that end guards were a commonplace necessity in your world. You’d learned you were just a job to them and while you were polite, you didn’t try to make friends anymore.

Until one in particular came along. One as adept at making you laugh as he was protecting you. Your bond was something that bloomed slowly, built upon inside jokes and long conversations. Sharing things you’d never told another soul. Words rough as stone that hadn’t been polished smooth by being spoken before, yet when introduced to his would spark like flint. Love grew between you but you weren’t sure which form his took. Romantic such as your own? Did he see you as a friend or even worse a younger sibling?

And now you may never get a chance to find out because he’d been hurt trying to keep you safe.

Nothing had seemed out of place until the last second. Then the sound of shots being fired rang in the air and you were grabbed and hurried away. Frantically you looked for Himchan. Last you saw he’d been across the room talking to another guard when the chaos started.

Suddenly the man who was trying to get you to cover cried out and went down, leaving you feeling shocked and exposed. Searching for Himchan you turned and finally locked eyes with him. His expression was intensely focused as he rushed the last few yards to your side.

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The northern girl. Winterfell’s daughter.

sansa stark + people’s perception or expectations of her
(requested by @sansaspride)

okay but would anyone join a mature teen wolf rpg???? set while most of the main characters are 18 & over. (So about season 5/6 ish??) like dark shit and supernatural mayhem and fun/drama filled plot drops????

like when i say mature i mean you gotta be 18 + to join bc their will be smutty & dark themes

  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: wes gibbins, laurel castillo
  • looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: nate lahey, michaela pratt
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: oliver hampton, asher millstone, rudy walters
  • looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: annalise keating
  • the sinnamon roll: frank delfino

anonymous asked:

Haha uncle pusa is like " my niece is off limits to you ,punk" XD I hope you could give us a short summary ^-^

Edited. Thank you @justforreplying for providing a more faithful translation. ^^

Ok. Confession time. I still haven’t properly read 58.2 (too many unfamiliar characters, too little time).  However, a kind anon confirmed the context needed to understand this chapter. Basically, Pusa gave Sun an ultimatum - to stay and fight for Uyghur or return to Khitan and fight the Turks there. Sun is given 10 days to decide. Now without further ado…

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survivingasafangirl  asked:

So, I really love Adrian and I'm a huge supporter of the #GiveAdrianHisOwnShow tag, so... Would you mind if I borrowed him? I'd link you on everything and stuff. (It's ok if you're not really into it, I just kinda miss him)

Yaaaassss take him on a field trip! Just make sure he’s well taken care of and that he eats all his veggies!!! :)

None of my friends like girl groups and so like I need someone to talk to about my girl group feels like for example: twice’s momo can we talk about her????? And can we talk about how gfriend’s sowon is a total babe


happy birthday, ber (01/04/1981)

“you know me, i’m always optimistic about long jumps”

Cartman, Kyle, and Stan: School days, school days, dear old golden rule days—
(Kenny walks over)

Kyle: La la la, I love the O.C. so much!

Stan: Oh my God, Kyle, did you see last night’s episode?

Kyle: Of course, Stan. Cartman came over to my house to watch it.

Cartman: I cannot believe that Julie Cooper is having sex with her daughter’s ex-boyfriend!

Stan: I know! Right, Kenny? Kenny??

Cartman: Oh my God, Kenny, are you ok?

Kenny: I just—I just really miss my hair you guys.

Stan: Hey, it’s only lice. It’ll grow back.

Cartman: Yeah, I still can’t believe that your mom didn’t know that they make a shampoo for lice.

Kenny: She said this is easier, you know, she said she just gets really emotional when she’s pregnant. And drunk. Do you think anyone will notice I’m bald?

Stan: Hmm, no.

Kyle: Not at all.

Cartman: You’re fucking kidding right?

Stan: Cartman! Jesus Christ!


Ok I really had to cry hard with this one

You know what I miss the most in Bioware games?

Hearing an actual song in the end credits.

I remember getting to the end of Dragon Age: Origins and hearing This Is War for the first time and just bawling my eyes out.  It just *fit* so perfectly.  I listened to it over and over again for months because I was still so torn up about the ending of that game.

Then I played Mass Effect and got hit with M4 Part II and it was like they were singing about my Shepard.

Fight your foes, you’re not alone
Holy war is on the phone
Asking to please stay on hold
Bleeding loss of blood runs cold

Shepard had built an amazing team and had to say goodbye to at least one of them, the biggest war anyone had ever seen was coming for them and there was little they could do to stop or delay it. 

And I need you to recover
Because I can’t make it on my own

And then there was the romance.  For my Shepard, love was the motivation for everything.

Mass Effect 2 didn’t have a special song for the end credits, but Suicide Mission is and always will be so, so special to me that I didn’t mind hearing it again. 7 years later and I still don't go more than a week without listening to this song. 

I know there are a lot of negative opinions about Dragon Age 2, but I loved it.  And it went above and beyond with I’m Not Calling You a Liar.  It tied that game together in a way I didn’t think was possible.  A liar, a ghost, a thief - we can apply each of these to the characters in different ways but they all fit perfectly.

Mass Effect 3 has Das Malefitz.  And while it isn’t as amazing as the others, I did appreciate that they went back to Faunts for another song.  It kind of brought the trilogy full circle.

As far as I know, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Mass Effect: Andromeda don’t have anything like this and it is so disappointing to me.  All of the games have such wonderful scores, but these songs added so much to the experience. 

hey taylor! i hope you’re doing ok. i really really miss you and hearing updates about what you’re up to :)

lately i’ve been struggling to be happy and to find my self worth. school is a really big problem for me bc everyone at school basically hates my guts. i feel like whatever i do people hate me for it and criticize me, but at the same time if someone well-liked did the same thing, they get praised for it and everyone loves them. i know that comparing myself to others isn’t good and that’s probably the main problem and that i shouldn’t be doing that but it’s really hard for me to get treated so poorly when someone else is praised for the same actions. i’ve stopped trying to help people and complimenting people that i don’t know bc i feel like they find it annoying.

being around people who treat me this way has really lowered my self confidence. i’m starting to think that the things they say about me are true, even though in the back of my mind i know that they’re not true and that people are just saying those things to make me upset. when i feel upset or unhappy i like to come home and jam to your albums. it really cheers me up and helps me get my mind off of things. i also love listening to your clean speeches. they make me feel so loved and strong :) thank you so much for writing music and just being you. hopefully i’ll get the chance to thank you in person sometime ❤