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“I remember, Sam. I still remember.”
He was not making sense. “Remember what?”
“Dragons,” Aemon whispered. “The grief and glory of my House, they were.”


cute T.O.P backstage talking about how much he enjoyed that day’s concert :)


Hey , i saw in your mind…do we really want to get into who’s more pathetic than whom?  » happy birthday jay


every mitch outfit: ptxperience edition (part one) // (part two) (three) (four)


Asoiaf AU: Sansa Stark and Margaery Tyrell
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Pride and Prejudice AU: In a K-drama world.

  1. Miss. Lizzie Bennett - Park Shin-hye.
  2. Mr. Darcy - Ryu Jun-yeol.
  3. Mr. Bingley - Lee Jun-ki
  4. Miss Jane Bennett - Shin Min-ah.
  5. Miss. Lydia Bennett - Jo Bo-ah
  6. Wickham - Lee Soo-hyuk

jalec au aestheticwedding


“That’s kinda scary to me because, like,  in my head 21 is when you get hot. When you see child celebrities, they don’t get really hot until they turn 21, you know? So like in my head it’s like “ok, 21 is when you turn hot”, so I was always like it’s fine I’ve still got time.” 



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Who the hell is doing this??!

kylo stans and reyl0s who else! 

between using han saying “either i’m going to kill her or i’m begining to like her” in regards to leia whom he is trying to recuse with luke and her taking over  to somehow be comparable to kylo actually trying to kill rey and offering to teach and making some other stuipd gifset that really is just taking various quotes that han said and putting it over kylo scenes acting like it’s something kylo would say bc he’s some much like han which wouldn’t be a freaking problem if you know kylo didn’t shove a lightsaber though han and is nothing like him 

so really it’s kylo stans and reylos bc who else are going to be doing this!

  • yeah i dont really know what you call a child doctor but this is what translate made out of it so it must be correcT?
  • anEways lets get onto this shitttt
  • okay i mean
  • did yall see that gifset? ty to @sonhvunwoo who made that i mean WHOOP
  • LIKE OKAY OKAY OKAY,,,,,because
  • can you I M A G I N E T H O
  • like ok ok ok, you go there with your younger sibling because you are back in your hometown and staying with your parents a few days
  • and your mom is like ‘oh your sibling still has an appointment for the doctor, could you go with them because i have a thousand things that i need to do and-’ 
  • like she was literally ranting and you just stopped her
  • ‘mom,’ you interrupted her to make her stop, ‘yeah i’ll go with them’
  • little did you know that their doctor was fucking cute yet attractive
  • so you walk into the hospital, and your sibling is like telling you the way and stuff because you haven’t been there in ages
  • ok so now you are in the waiting room
  • waiting for a woman to tell you where to go
  • you were arm wrestling with your sibling and acting like you were weak asf
  • so the lady gets up and calls your siblings full name and she says ‘end of the hall on your left’
  • you held your their hands and held them above them, they led you into the doctors room
  • you pulled them up a bit so she couldn’t reach the ground
  • as you two laughed you entered the room and they greeted the doctor politely
  • you smiled at the sight of your sibling and just then looked up to see the doctor
  • a perfect man with pink hair (he has pink in the gifset O K A Y)
  • he too stares at you but the worst was that your mouth was not closed…
  • he giggled
  • he introduced himself as he greeted you, ‘goodmorning, i am yoo kihyun’
  • ‘are you okay?’ he asked because you were still in the same state as before
  • ‘yes yes i am,’ you said and introduced yourself too
  • as soon as kihyun started to examine your sibling they laughed and bonded fast
  • it was so cute 
  • asdfghjklkjhgfdsdfghjklkjhgfdsasdfghjkjhgfdsasdfghj fml feeelslslssfsjnbsnnnnnnnnnnvjhnf
  • kihyun looked back to you multiple times you didn’t know why but that didn’t matter
  • the second the appointment was over kihyun scribbled something onto a paper and he blushed
  • on the paper was his phone number and the name of a local cafe with a question mark behind it
  • ‘text me your answer okay?’ you blushed as you nodded
  • A N D

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Everybody says All I Want by Kodaline is like, the Bellarke song, but have you heard Pray by them? I swear verse one is Clarke and verse two is Bellamy during and after the S4 finale. I've been dying for someone to make a video with it.

this is really bellarke song im crying? im gonna make gifset now with this but i will try video later is it ok? im not great tho at making videos so it might take a while. tho maybe if smb sees gifset is gonna make a video then.


How many nights do you lie dreaming
I’m counting the days since you went away
When I lost my heart, life lost all meaning
What I would give to see you again

She is really ‘counting the days’ -2199 days, is canon that bellamy is the ‘heart’, her life lost all meaning - not only because of bellamy for sure but because of everyone she has lost and how she had to live - only with madi, the only people on earth. ‘what i would give to see you again’ she is thinking about seeing him everyday.


“And you slipped away from me without talking
The look in your eye was stronger than words
And I drink alone to stop me from weeping
What’s left of my heart is forever yours
Forever yours at all”

‘you slipped away from me without talking’ - they didn’t have time to actually say goodbye, their goodbye was just ‘hurry’ n bellamy was sure they’ll meet again. he didn’t believe she’s going to die even though that’s what clarke believed since beginning of the episode (’if anything happens to me - nothing is happening to you’), ‘forever yours’ is killing me because obviously he will never forget her. no matter if he moves on or no, no matter if he is in relationship with smb or no - it doesn’t matter because he has been through so much with clarke n no other person on the whole earth or in space will ever be able to understand him like she does. and this is why he’s forever yours.

“I will pray for you. Do you pray for me?”

Bellamy in 4x03 says to Jaha “if you’re wrong n there’s a hell then i guess i will see you there” and he doesn’t believe there’s a forgiveness left for him. When Bellamy in 413 is going to space he says “May we meet again” but he knows Clarke is going to die in that moment. He doesn’t believe he will see her again in this life. but he’s praying for another. whatever it’s going to be.

i watched the first episode of the second season of heroaca and it made iida tenya look like a fool so i need to counteract that by reblogging a bunch of good tenya media

(ok i guess i’ll make a brief post about the episode… wrt iida tenya)

(edit: i picked the wrong time to look for iida tenya fanart to reblog since the tags are obviously now full of gifsets from this episode, so forget it)

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I just saw this really pretty kallura gifset that I can’t tag because I’m doing this via mobile/I don’t want to make that set maker feel bad but it got me ranting:

tl;dr kallura is so much better as a friendship

lemme first acknowledge and then continue ignoring how tiring shipping has become bc of this hellsite real quick … ok cool talk time

Season 1 Keith does not care about or respect anyone but Shiro, can we agree; Keith is like his lion, he’s hotheaded and you have to earn his respect. You can tell the difference in who he really respects at the end of the day, and specifically towards the end of that season, episode 11 I think where he charges into a battle he is told by Coran that he clearly cannot win, and in earlier episodes where he directly ignores/undermines Allura and listens to Shiro or to himself.

That’s some of who Keith is and I’m not faulting him for it, I just want in out there plain so this thought process can be followed Long story short, S!1 Keith, like the rest of the team, does not truly care about Allura yet. She’s just a woman with a sad story and someone who gave them powerful lions. They have homes they want to return to but have this great destiny thrusted upon all of them. They all want to go home, they all have to understand what Voltron is for themselves rather than Allura constantly telling them what Voltron is. Keith has to learn to respect Allura.

He has to learn to like others.

Now, fast forward to that coveted scene where he saves Allura floating in space. That is so beautiful without having to be romantic at all.

That is Keith opening up.

That is Keith caring about another life.

Like he’s done with Shiro and Lance previously, this is Keith showing he’s not just fierce in combat but also fierce in loyalty and caring.

That is perfect character rounding, why does it have to have a romantic attactment?

Keith looking at Allura less as a Princess who gave them a mission and more as a person who has been struggling longer in this battle than anyone, Keith respecting another person, Keith caring is interesting. Keith falling for her?

I don’t see it,

I don’t get why he would need to or have the time to;

Instead of making it one of those “we didn’t even realize we loved each other” tropes what it could build toward is a platonic “I didn’t realize how important you were to me” and it would work fine.

It would not only be the team’s feelings toward Allura, it’d would perfectly scope Keith’s feelings in general.

I just really don’t see why Keith needs to love anyone but himself.


Henry/Mekhai in ‘200’