ok i really like him now


😴 - I’ve only been averaging about 2-3 hours of sleep again. But I still function and smile like a real human.

☕ - My coffee consumption is almost getting obscene at this point.

🍳 - I’m starting to cook again, and forgot how much I missed it. And how much it helps my mental state.

🐱🔥 - Rocket licked the hot sauce off my egg wrap this morning. After his reaction and me chasing him trying to make him eat treats and wipe out his mouth to stop the burning, I doubt he’ll be doing that ever again.

💀 - I look like the living dead, but it’s ok. I’ll survive.

🤗 - I’m not a snuggler but man I could go for a really nice hug and then movie watching curled up. Stupid brain, lack of sleep is making you sentimental. Stop that shit right now.

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Um sis did you see that charly poop spelt jungkook's name wrong when he acknowledged him,, girl I'm really mad that this white boy wasn't able to spell eight letters correctly to a westernized Korean name but your baby could sing an entire song in english😤😤😤

anon: ok but did u see charlie puth refer to jungkook as ‘jungcook’ im cryign

anon:  why is everyone making such a big deal about puth calling Jungkook ‘Jungcook’ like simple mistake which a non bts involved person could make, its really not that deep 🤔 n now hes getting called untalented and nothing on jungkook n like as amazing as jungkook is ,, that is originally charlies song n he does have amazing vocals too lyk can the problematics stop pls

i mean its not a big deal but um ????? all he had to do was look at jk’s romanized name n spell that shit. like ??? how would charlie feel if jk credited his song to “Charlie Poof” like ?????? i really hate white westerners who literally does not even have enough to care at least spell or pronounce correctly names that arent white. white ppl do it to poc americans all the time. they just dont give a fuck like okay Sam, u can pronounce n spell Tchaikovsky but cant spell Lavone?? Tasmina??? Jungkook???? like wow sis , maybe im just heated bc baby boy is my whole heart n he deserves his name to be spelled right but then again im not tripping bc at di end of di day, baby boy’s net worth is 8.3M , so charlie puthy can see me w them hands wit his donald trump supporting ass sis. N THATS ON GOD

him: r u ok??

me on the outside: im fine

me on the inside: *annoying and unnecessary sounds* want a break from the ads? watch this short video to receive 30 minutes of ad free music! thanks for watching! *annoying sounds again* now, enjoy the next 30 minutes of ad free music! have you ever really REALLY wanted to hear a certain song? *really fucking unnecessary sounds* with Spotify premium, you can listen to any song you like, ANYTIME you like! even on mobile! *screaming* get started with Spotify premium today!

Alright but moana introduces maui to her people and after the inital “wow it’s really him!” He becomes almost like just another villager, minutes the whole being a demigod thing, and has what’s like a big family for the first time and one day moanas dad/mom congratulates him by saying “good job, son” and he has to take a minute because………son???? He’s someone’s son now??? He starts to tear up and moana is like “hey you ok?” And he just nods, replying “I finally have a family”

And he’s so happy that Moana decides that she’s gonna tell her parents to call maui son as much as possible and they’re cool with it so they start calling him son and maui loves it but Moana decides to go above and beyond so she tells all the grownups in the village “hey call him son he’s never been part of a family” and they’re like ok yeah sure we all like the guy so all the grown ups in the tribe start calling him son and the kids catch on and start calling him brother and mauis just so overwhelmed with happiness.

And after Maui is “adopted” by the tribe, he gets a new tattoo that’s directly over his heart of him being part of the tribe as family.

But in this tat he’s not the center of attention like all his other ones. He’s just a little part of the whole village, next to everyone else.

Needless to say, it’s his favorite tattoo he has

BONUS: one day some kids see the tattoo on his back and they’re like u don’t need that cuz ur real family wouldn’t just throw you away like that plus we’re your family now and they use body paint to paint over it. And since he does have a family now, when the paint dries and washes away the tattoo changes. Some of it stays the same, his human parents casting him away, but instead of the ocean being down there, it’s the village of motonui with their arms raised to receive him


@songsaboutsalad  BRO! Here he is! Probably on a little study break at the breakfast counter
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  spacing out  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧   ;^)

Honestly but what if Neil is like a languages prodigy who just doesn’t realize it before Palmetto.

Like it was always Just Another Skill for him, not to mention the years kinda blurred together so he never really realized how long it took him to learn German or French.

But then he took Spanish in Palmetto and, when he ended up a whole year ahead of the teacher within two months, he realized that his aptitude for languages is higher than most people.

So he just kinda says to himself ok cool so I’ll just keep learning languages if ever I have a reason to.

Except now he’s Good For Something that isn’t Exy so his reasons become increasingly more ridiculous.

First he starts learning Japanese because Ichirou.

Then Russian with Andrew.

Then Italian because a new fox speaks Italian and hey if he already speaks Spanish and French why not complete the set.

But then he comes home one day with a Korean portfolio because he SWEARS those Korean guys at Starbucks we’re talking shit about him.

And then he learns Latin in 6 months because Jackson from the football team bet him $38 he couldn’t. Eat shit, Jackson.

And when he joins the US court he always makes sure that he speaks the native language wherever he may end up playing which gives him Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, and Greek.

(Mind you this all takes him about 15 years and he has the weirdest accent you’ll ever hear that NO ONE can pinpoint.)

Once he goes pro he creates this cycle of learning a language during the game season, mastering all the mechanics, and then during the off season he takes a month off to go to that language’s country of origin to pick up the slang and a bit of an accent. He doesn’t consider his education complete until a native speaker can’t tell how long he’s been learning. Then he comes back and starts a new language.

He always likes surprising reporters in foreign countries who attempt to translate their questions to English by replying in their native language.

Whenever some fuckwit American interviewer asks him to say something in [insert language] he always recites the Mac & Cheese recipe he uses on cheat days that Kevin fucking hates. Somehow the interviewers never fucking learn.

(God help the boy when he retires from exy and has time to learn even more.)

Basically Neil turning what used to be a tool necessary for survival into an actual hobby that he enjoys and puts effort into because he feels like it and no other reason.


Ok so, I will go out on a limb and say this: I think the person we saw in these glitches wasn’t the “real” Anti. This guy just stares at us (first gif), looks at us as if he’s in pain and wants us to help him (second gif) and then, when he talks about “true likeness of your soul”, he stares at us again with a face that kinda says “Do you really know Jack that well?”.. What if Jack is NOT Jack? What if Anti took over him after “Say Goodbye” and pretended to be him until now? And the Jack we see in the second gif is trying to ask for help, maybe..?

Also, the thumbnail: there’s Anti in the front and then, hidden behind him, we see Jack! Like, the tables have turned! And for the whole episode, we heard the sentence “I am you but you are not me”.. That is a weird coincidence, I think.. what do you guys think? Am I seeing things? haha

(from “BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS | Detention 返校 - Part 4 (END)”)

The cadre

Ok but did anyone else think the cadre were all stone cold asses till we met Fenrys? I mean, Rowan was dislikeable at the beginning of heir of fire, we didn’t we much of Gavriel except for him asking Aelin how old she was, and Lorcan was a manipulative bastard in queen of shadows
But then Fenrys and Gavriel are both in pirates bay and they’re both fabulous marshmallows??? Like I’m really excited to meet Connal and Vaughan now cause who knows what their personalities will be Like.

Blind AU

Ok but what if mob gets permanently blind after what happened in the latest chapter? Like-

  • Imagine him feeling guilty for relying on his powers more to cope with being blind 
    •   since its all so new
    •   like he wanted to change and now look where he is
  • He has to take a break from exercising after this arc to really fully heal and get use to interacting with the world around him without his eyes
  • Blind!mob where he has to get use to touching and feeling around instead of keeping to himself
  • Blind!mob asking to hold teruki’s arm when they hangout in public so he wont lose him in a crowd or to just cross the street at times 
    • teru getting all flustered but reasoning with himself to not make this into something it isn’t
  • teru being in awe when mob still forgives dimple after kinda causing this
    • mob always tries to explain he wasn’t that good of a friend to dimple at first and that dimple didn’t mean for it to turn out this way
      •   he just sounds hella modest and nice to teru
  • ok sad thought (1)
    • after mob gets blind his parents take him dealing w/ psychic stuff more seriously and go on to say something like “we think its best if you stop working for this man- ah whats his name.. rei-something anymore” after having to explain a ghost was controlling a broccoli
      • they call reigen and tell him they don’t want mob working for him before they tell mob so its already set and done
  • Reigen accepts it because he feels guilty for not being able to do anything about it 
    • //bc of the whole mind control thing and mob having to deal with the consequences of him messing up
      • its crazy and really not his fault but he doesn’t see it that way
  • Seri was there to help reigen but reigen sometimes tries drinking the guilt away 
    • Seri at one point dealing with a drunk reigen
  • Ritsu secretly doesn’t mind his brother having to quit
    • “oh what a shame (:”
    • he holds a grudge against dimple after this and doesn’t get mob forgiving him 
  • After mob gets the hang of things he gets straight back to the body improvement club 
    • they’re absolute angels as always and help guide 
    • “Fight on!” chants kinda help know where they’re at
  • Mob doesn’t see reigen right after being told about having to quit (2)
    • its around this time (when he goes back to the body improvement club and is feeling better both psychically and mentally)) he visits reigen 
    • it kinda plays out similar to when he first came in- he opens the door and reigen sighs at hearing the sound of it since its been a long day so he says “we’re closed-” and he turns and notices mob holding the knob of the door and his other hand having a white cane
      • it takes a minute before he says anything and his eyes tear up bc he really did miss mob
    • mob smiles a little and asks “shishou are you crying?” bc he heard him sniff and reigen tries to hide it “n-no- ah they’re just allergies! What are you doing here?!”
      • they have a cute little reunion 
      • mob visits often but might not go back to working w/ him because he already didn’t plan on doing this forever 
  • Mob finding comfort in being able to sense teruki and ristu bc of their psychic auras after coming to terms with it being ok to use his powers to help himself
    • he’s also happy about shou bc that boy is actually all over the place

I gonna have to add on more this has been on my mind since yesterday and holyshit

ok, this is my 2 cents and then i’m done lol: 

harry saying nothing rn is totally cool and fine IF he’s still on hiatus and not dropping an album in 10 weeks (or less). the registration of a touring company does show an intent, regardless of when it’s going to happen. so, i really hope he’s not putting out an album until after dunkirk. mainly because he’s so distanced from 1D fans right now and it makes him look like a person that i know he’s not. 

if he were to wait until after dunkirk, it would be perfect timing. he would have re-engaged his fans and also engaged new ones with dunkirk promo…awesome segue! 

and yes, i’ve been a total supporter of harry’s right to silence during this hiatus. which he DOES have and it’s totally copacetic IF he’s continuing hiatus until around when dunkirk promo starts. but to just not be engaged at all and then suddenly drop something out of NOWHERE and just expect everyone to buy it just because we’re here…seems arrogant and presumptuous and i don’t like it. 

so…in conclusion…i love harry TO DEATH, as if he were my own, but i don’t like this vibe right now. don’t get me wrong, i’mma still buy his album but…i don’t like the whole… situation (IF it is in fact, the real situation) and jeff should Do Better if this is happening Soon.

lil flute appreciation post

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Theres a lot to appreciate aboutil flute, gurls. If you want to know, come with me wooooooooo ohhh, show me what it do wo u- sorry.

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acting skills, ya got it? i watched only a lil part of the thing but IT’S SO COOL! THE CHARACTER IS GOOD and well represented by a deer.

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NOW LETS TALK BOUT THE soccer skills i’m weak wait i’ll drink some water to… ok. hELL YEAH you guys know he used to walk like 4 to 5 hours to a place where he could train soccer bc his parentes wouldn’t take him? He has a fgreat passion and skills about that and has really beautiful tighs you know i’m just not speaking because i would lick them to death and take weird pictures and i secretly, LOWKEY dream with them at night it’s just a… disclaimer.

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photoshoot skills damn how many skils do you got bitch stop being so skilled wtf he’s so fcking hot fuck me already luh… sorry. SO PRETTY MY CHILD LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS OK?????????

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but then………….. he’s afraided of bugs and stuff. I would but him something to kill those bugs and live a happy life, but i’m far away from him and what i got in my country doesn’t reach a dollar.

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SKILLS AGAIN, BITCH? dancing sills on fleek, u kno? And t’s talk about the snapback.

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his true power is making us happy as shit bc this guy tho he’s so fucking cool!


I always feel really bad when I breed pokemon I won’t use in battle (I just think small grass pokemon are cute..) BUT NOW with leavanny I feel like… if I leave my babies in the same box as him they’ll get aggressively cared for and therefore it’s OK

Valentines with Ruby & Charon

Ok, so normally I would just post the images, but I feel like I need to add a little more background to them, so there’s gonna be some text in between some of them.

So it’s Valentine’s day in the Capitol Wasteland, & Ruby has a card she wants to give Charon. At this point, they’re just friends. They do have feelings for each other, they just…don’t really know it yet, lol.

Ruby’s card is neatly written with a cute drawing on the bottom. She kept the message sweet & silly, & not too mushy, since she didn’t want Charon to feel awkward.

Charon loves it, because it’s just so…Ruby. He doesn’t really wanna let on how much he loves it though, so he just says thank you.

Then, Charon surprises Ruby with his own card.

Ruby had NO IDEA that Charon even knew Valentine’s day was coming up, nor did she think that he would spend the time to make her a card, especially since he never liked expressing his emotions. Charon’s card is roughly made, but he actually spent a lot of time on it. He found some red paper out in the wastes & used his knife to cut it into a heart–a very jagged heart, but he really tried. He didn’t want to be too mushy either, but he still wanted to let Ruby know he appreciated her friendship.

Ruby can hardly contain herself.

Charon’s card is so simple & sweet, she can’t help the tears that come to her eyes. Charon is worried that she doesn’t like it, but he couldn’t be more wrong. Ruby is always worried that Charon hates her or finds her annoying & feels that if she weren’t holding his contract, he’d leave her in a heartbeat. So Charon’s card, as simple as it was, really did let her know he appreciated her as a friend, & not just an “employer.”

After a minute or so, she can’t contain herself, & throws her arms around Charon in a tight hug & cries.

And it was the best Valentine’s day ever! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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ppl on twitter are hating on kookie cause somehow screen/line distributions are his fault and making fun of his dance/voice/looks and I'm so sad i just want to hug him he is a hardworking sweet boy with a playful devil side ;(( i am now a jin AND jungkook bias because i need to protect the precious memebabies

Omgggggg ughhhhhh

Listen do you really think that kookie is going to say to the members “OK YALL GIVE ME ALL THE LINES, PLUS THE SCREEN TIME, AND DONT FORGET TO PUT ME IN THE CENTER, BTW IM THE NEW BOSS”
Like cmon…….
Yall forgot about the story behind Begin? Do you REALLY really think that Jungkook chose to have a lot of lines or screen time?

Don’t get me wrong, I want Jin to sings more because he’s my fav vocal in BTS, but hating on Jungkook won’t change anything.
I really hope Jungkook won’t read or see all the hateful tweets


jian + kisses