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I’m a wee bit embarrassed,as the leader guy said “no selfies”, which doesn’t mean “no subtle pics ” to me, but he clarified that to no pics for the second half, so I’ve just got these.

Una was lovely, just a ray of sunshine, and said that Rupert was the naughtiest on set, and would nudge her (she mimed falling over) and tell rude jokes.

Jonathan I asked if he thought Anderson had a mental breakdown over Sherlock’s death/return, and he said yes absolutely, and then implied -implied only- maybe some repressed uh…feelings for Sherlock. Said “strong feelings, right from the start, not just the competitive aspect, but VERY STRONG FEELINGS” and “well we don’t know what was going on there….” He also said that he imagined Anderson now as trying to get his job back, with not much luck.

Wanda Ventam was lively and sharp as a tack, said that Ben was moving in October and described their babies (laughingly said the 4 month old boy has “alien eyes” like Ben). Briefly described Ben’s daily workouts of an hour, and what Dr. Srange producers required. Her hubby was sweet but very quiet, and said that Steven had the idea for them to be in Sherlock but ran it by Ben first.

Mark said that he always assumed they’d do more seasons, and anything else was “click bait” that he never said. I asked him - nicely!- if he thought using things like the Garridebs as throw-away references in the last episode took them if the table for future use, and he said no, and that “the big emotional moment, it’s there” or something like that (he rambles a bit), so I’m not sure if he meant the hug, or something in the future.

Major Sholto was funny and loved being there, saying repeatedly that they were a big family, as it’s the same crew,writers etc on many shows, and so he was invited in to be family, and now the convention was like a reunion 11 thousand miles from home.

Sue was smart and warm, and described trying to get another season going as “well I leave it a while, then I start calling them and saying sooo when are you free?” Also said stuff she’s said before, I’ll skip it.

Mark also said about the skull pic that the original artist was charging them a fortune so they just had Arwel make them one. Arwel pointed out that their budget was actually quite limited, and that 4.3 the “Bond lair” was his vision, and had to be done inexpensively. Sue also made some brief mention of having a small budget, so this is obv. a big thing.

Andrew Scott seemed a bit shy, like he was pushing himself past it, or maybe rather private? Great Irish(?) accent. I asked if he was thrilled to be asked back for 4.3 and he replied oh god yeah, especially with that entrance. Interestingly, he said the pool scene was never meant to be shot, it was written off-the-cuff as audition stuff, but then they liked it so much they wrote it in. Moriarity’s original line was “ that’s what people do, they grow old an die and blah blah etc” but he (Andrew) shortened it with that amazing delivery and that’s how it stayed.

Ok, must sleep now but if I remember more tomorrow I’ll post it!

Timeloop Aftermath

((I decided to create a possible idea of what might happen with the Aftermath of this AU. It’s a brilliant AU, so many possibilities and great writing on your part (I also love your art wow)! So, here it is! I hope you like it!))

After the incident, everything in Jeremy’s life changed, and for the better.

After he told Michael about everything that had happened (using the journal as proof, even if he has to read it to him and persuade it to him enough to make him believe him), he was convinced by Michael to get the Squip out of his brain.

There was a whole shitload of stuff that happened (may possibly write it out), whereas Jeremy had to fight against the Squip'a forces, talk to Rich, and finally get that Mountain Dew Red to end it all, Michael being his main support.

Afterwards, with everything that had happened to them with the party and Squips, Jeremy finally seemed to be accepted by people. Not only did Rich come out as bi and started being good friends with Jeremy and Michael, he got them one step closer to Jake, Chloe, Brook and Jenna. Christine had taken a liking to helping Michael after the accident (Jeremy wasn’t into her anymore since he figured out his feelings for Michael, however he couldn’t help appreciate all the amazing things she did), and so the Drama Crew was formed, their friendship really unexpected and magnificent.

Not to mention that Jeremy and Michael had gotten together quickly. Jeremy visited Michael in the hospital everyday after the accident until he got out. Apparently Michael would have full blindness for up to a year, six-nine months at least, and then he’s have eyesight problems for the rest of his life (so, worse than needing glasses obviously, however he’d have partial blindness at times. However it wouldn’t affect him as greatly, and not as bad forever).

Despite the joking bets about how long they’d last, they lasted.. that’s just it. They lasted. They graduated, went to college together (They were cool in college, let me tell you,) and moved in together shortly afterwards. They went on dates, got a dog named Pac-Man (a stray Michael found on the street, what a furry,) , and eventually had a wedding! It was small but cute, the Crew was there, Jeremy’s dad was there, Michael’s parents were there, and Mr. Reyes was there for some reason. It was all amazing, life couldn’t go better for Michael and Jeremy Heere.

That’s the saying, you can only go up. But when you’re up, where else can you go? Well.. only down, of course.

Jeremy and Michael were in their early 40’s. It had been so long since everything happened, the two never imagined Michael’s sight could be so bad ever again. He had been able to see just fine since he had turned 31, despite still needing glasses. They hadn’t even costed the doctor in a whole year, they were so confident.

Confidence wasn’t enough.

Michael had always been insistent on driving himself places after he had gotten better. To practice driving again after getting better, he went to the grocery store to get stuff for the week for them every week, and he had just kept it up since. It wasn’t a big deal.

It had been September when this whole instance occurred. Jeremy sat at home on this Monday, when he had the work day off for Labor day. He sorted through the papers in his hands that was keeping him busy. It wasn’t business papers, oh no (he couldn’t work for a big business anyways, it reminded him of the Squip. Plus he just hated the thought of working in a cubical), these were adoption papers. Jeremy and Michael had been thinking about this for yesrs, and now they were thing of going through with this. He was reading through the different foster care systems near them, when he heard his phone ring.

Jeremy wasn’t one to let his phone go to voicemail unless he was really, really into something or just couldn’t reach the phone. This wasn’t one of those times. He was quite calm at the moment, normal, feeling alright..

He suddenly didn’t feel alright. With the sound of the stranger over the line telling him about the accident. Telling him that his player two had swivered off the side of the highway into a ditch in a frenzy. He was at the hospital. He was under-

Jeremy had stopped listening. Why? Because he dripped his phone on the way outside. Panic ran through his body as he sped out of the driveway in his car, cutting someone off and not caring for a single second.

He could barely breathe as he raced towards the hospital. He knew where it was from how many times he’s been there for this man and this man alone. This man he loved more than anything in the world. The man he saw die so many times before- but felt it so real this time that he felt like he would die right here and now if he didn’t make it to the hospital.

Adrenalin filled him as he crashed into the ER, frantically waving down anyone at all to tell him where Michael was. He looked insane, so if course, security had stopped him before a nurse had came to him.

“Where’s Michael? Where- I-Im married to him! I-is he ok?”

“Sir, were doing everything we can. Hes in a critical state. You have to calm-”

“I can’t calm down! I have to see him- h-he can’t die! I can’t let him d-die! Please!” Jeremy held back the word ‘again’. He also held back tears.

“Sir, I..”

Just then, a doctor stepped into the area. He talked to the lady at the front counter before making his way over to us. “You’re Jeremy Heere, sir?”

Jeremy nodded quickly. “Y-yes, where’s Michael? Is he ok? H-hes ok, right?”

The doctor had paused.

Jeremy felt a fear rush through him at this silence. “H-hes, t-tell me Michael’s ok! Tell me!” He persisted, his voice escalating.

The doctor spoke calmly, obviously rehearsed and drone-like. “I’m sorry sir. There was nothing else we could do for him. Michael had punctured his lung and bled to death before we could do anything usef..”

Jeremy felt his heart drop as the words sunk in. His thoughts seemed to stop, scream to a halt, not disappear, but a much , much worse feeling. The feeling of his whole life crashing down on him and fleeing him at the same time. His heart stopped, like everything else, for a pause that seemed to last for hours.

Then it all hit him. All of it. His heart came back, feeling an ache that only grew worse with every pump. His mind filled with the words of the doctor, the thoughts of his lovers death, the thoughts of Michael, Michael, Michael is dead.

Jeremy was crying. His cheeks were leaking as he pulled himself away from the other men. He stumbled back, still staring at the doctor. His vision became blurry as he started crying harder than every before, his breath becoming tiny gasps, his feet losing balance when he realised he was outside the hospital, on the grass. He brought his hands to his face, weeping and whaling profusely to himself, alone.

Everything came flooding back. And it all guilted him. He could have gone grocery shopping with him. For him. He could have taken him to the doctors to get checked up, seen that his sight might get worse. Checked that his lover was ok with a phone call, say “I love you, player two” one last time. The worst part was that he couldn’t remember the last words they had exchanged.

His mind was in such a spiraling state that he started thinking of everything bad that he ever did to Michael. He reached his deaths, he reached the looping. He remembered every death. He remembered his pain and how none of that pain was nearly as bad as it is now. Now was the worst day of his life. And there had been many bad days for Jeremy Heere.

He just wanted to see his face one more time. He wanted to see his lover, his player two, his alive husband, his best friend, his partner in crime, the most amazing person in the world-

“Or you’ll what?”

The bathroom. The light. The taste of shitty, terrible liquor threatening his mouth. And right in front of him, almost 30 years younger, was the love of his life. He teared up.





That was really really really fantastic, wow!! I have had thoughts about making the timeline where Michael goes blind the final timeline, sort of like, there’s gotta be some sacrifices, but they don’t necessarily have to be someone dying, ya know? And just imagining all the fun stuff that he and Jeremy go through afterward, hoooo!

All I can think about now is Jeremy pushing Michael (who’s wearing like, shutter shades or a pair of ridiculous sunglasses probably) around in a wheel chair through school and Michael’s like “Move outta the way, bitches, I got an escort to class” and like. Once they recover they get comfortable enough to make blind jokes ppfffp
Although I do like the idea of Michael’s sight coming back eventually. Like the accident at Jake’s house was only temporary and he regains his sight after a couple months or a year or smth.

BUT ANYWAY BACK TO SCREAMING THAT WRECKED ME AAAA!! I just can’t imagine how awful that would be, to live thirty years and then be taken back in time all the way back to the start of the whole thing;; but now Jeremy can try to prevent the whole blind thing, yeah? (Maybe instead Jeremy ends up going blind :0)

STOP KILLING MICHAEL I say as I continue to kill Michael in multiple of my AUs haha–//shot

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!! You guys are awesome continuing to shower me with fics and beautiful art and giving me more ideas for this AU I AM TRULY. TRULY BLESSED.)

Why do I ship Barbossa x Jack

I have seen POTC for the first time last week, and I really enjoyed it! But there are so few tags about this ship and I’m wondering why. Btw I haven’t seen Dead Men Tell No Tales yet, I’ll add some stuff if there is for Barbossa and Jack. So, where do I begin…

  • Haha they want to kill each other how cute
  • The scenario of the third movie is basically Barbossa saying “ok welp time to save this dumbass from death”
  • They are close to each other like twenty time a movie THAT GIF IM SORRY BUT WOW JUST KISS GUYS

(that gif is not mine, original post there: http://scumlow.tumblr.com/post/22374517619)

  • they are children. They both want to be captain, they both are ready to do crazy stuff (like being eaten by a goddamn kraken or marrying people during a fight), they both never surrender during their fights, even when it’s something stupid like a telescope contest.
  • they have a past together, as the two leaders of the Black Pearl.
  • *cough*
  • their conversation about the world being too small <3
  • Barbossa’s tale when they’re tied up to trees in the fourth movie broke my heart, and Jack’s one too I guess.
  • they save each other sometimes, even though they don’t have to. 

- What-are-you-doin’ 

- What are YOU doin’



- No, what ARE YAA DOIN’


  • they literally have been in a bed together once, with no one else around but a skeleton. Yeah nothing happened I know but, dudes, we create otps with less than that
  • When they are judging you, they do it together

“you’re not playing with us you scurvy dog”

  • Even though they kinda hate each other, they will always end up reunited on a boat and ready to kick some butts together
  • that’s all
  • i ship it
  • i call that sparrossa as long as no one has a better idea for the ship name
  • some person in Witcher 3 suddenly calling you out: you murdered my son/daughter/husband/wife/mother/father/sister/brother! I will never forgive you!!!
  • me: I have no idea who the fuck you are but they probably deserved it

This one took me a bit I still can’t draw very fast but I’m definitely getting a little better eyes are the thing that I always screw up but I think I did a decent job with nicks eyes, I’ve also never drawn anything at that angle either so I think it turned out ok considering it was my first try I wanted a background for this but have only drawn a background once before and not very good at it still so kind just rushed and didn’t spend any time on it I just wanted to post something before I start working tomorrow because I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to draw but I’m gonna try to post at least once or twice a week with new stuff since I made it to 25 followers! Doesn’t seem like much but it is to me considering I didn’t think I would get past 10 :P and I love them all!

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i just started following your account & i like it a lot, everything is just amazing ! im new to tumblr & fan accounts so i dont know how they work and stuff but if you do writing prompts can you do one with betty being new in town & meets the gang at pops. like they see her by herself & then like have bughead in there too.. but if you dont its ok, please never stop posting though ❤

Hey! Thank you so much, that’s so sweet. Here it is, I hope it’s okay! It’s long lol.

New To Town

Alice placed the last box of kitchen utensils on the counter. “Done, finally.” She huffed.

“I’m going to unpack my room,” Polly said as she checked her phone - again - for messages from her friends in their old town.

“Elizabeth, make yourself useful and walk over to Pop’s, would you? Grab us all dinner? I’m too tired to cook.”

Betty nodded, knowing better than to protest.

Alice gave Betty quick instructions on how to get to Pop’s. She accepted the money her mom handed her.

Betty found some earbuds in her backpack and plugged them into her phone, slipped on her shoes, and walked out the door.

Betty admired the streets of her new town, walking quickly to her destination.

She spotted Pop’s and headed inside, the doors chiming above her.

“Hi, we called in an order for Cooper? Four burgers and two large fries.” Betty said to the man behind the counter, popping out an earbud.

Pop nodded his head. “Still on the grill. It’ll be a couple minutes. Have a seat and I’ll let you know when it’s ready.” He waved a hand toward the booths on his left, across from four teenagers, laughing loudly.

Betty sighed and looked at her phone, then strolled over to the empty booth.

“Did I hear you say Cooper? As in Elizabeth?” A pretty brunette called to her before Betty had the chance to sit down.

Betty nodded slowly. “Betty, actually, but yeah. That’s me.”

“I’m Veronica.” She extended a hand towards Betty.  "Veronica Lodge.“ She pointed  to the boy sitting next to her. “This is Kevin, he’s fabulous. And this is -”

“Archie Andrews,” The redheaded boy across from Veronica said smiling. “And this is Jughead Jones.”

“Jughead?” Betty smiled,furrowing her brows.

“It’s a family name.” Jughead laughed. “And actually, it’s Jughead Jones the third.”

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lemme say this felt SO REAL. like I woke up thinking “man I need to watch the next episode, wait, tHAT WAS A DREAM ?!?! ok so basically they were on an earth like planet: it looked like it was 60s-inspired?? It was complete with a diner and everything and there was a beach n stuff. But I’m not really sure what happened, but something happened where lance got upset about (continued)

  (cont.) where lance got upset that the team wasn’t appreciating/trusting him enough to go on missions on his own, so he got really upset and ran away from the team. Later, an evil dude, probably sent by haggar, starts destroying stuff on the planet and the team was like ok we need to form voltron-wait where’s lance??? then you just see blue rushing in, trying to kill the alien, but instead, oh no, both team voltron and blue get pummeled and lance gets captured (continued)  

 (continued) and out of al, the members, keith gets the most upset and angry about lances capture?? The team does their best to do damage but the alien leaves. Then sometime later, keith starts yelling about how they needed to find him immediately, and everyone’s like “dude chill it’s gonna be fine” but eventually there’s a low camera shot of keith CRYING. like legit crying. I’m crying. The tears are just falling out of his eyes and he (continued)  

and he whispers “i don’t want him to get hurt…I don’t want to let him down anymore” and hunk and pidge give him a big hug and shiro pats him on the back like “everything’s gonna be alright keith. we’ll find him.” Then keith wipes his eyes and says “ok team voltron. let’s find our sharpshooter.” They fought n stuff at the beach and saved lance BUT I NEVER SAW THE ENDING CLEARLY so anyway im so sorry that was so long but I needed to rant,,, SORRY AAA IT WAS JUST SO GOOD AND REAL      

tag yourself i’m the part that says “he’s crying and i’m crying” bc this is me after reading this     

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ok but by someone crediting you, they're acknowledging that the fic isn't theirs and they didn't write it. that's not stealing. it's not like they're going "oh look at this fic i wrote myself!"

I am walking around with your watch. You name is one it. I never claim it is mine. Did I ask for it? Nope? Wait does that mean I stole it?? But you just said??!!

USE YOU FUCKING BRAIN!!! If you take my stuff without permission you steal! It is simple how can that be so hard to comprehend! 

If you want to post something. Sit down and write it! Do the work before you reap the fruit! Or take the ass whopping that you are gonna get when we find out and trust me sooner or later we always will!

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Hello^^ I recently followed you and have found your account really helpful in the small time I've followed I really love it! But besides of that I've recently started to make my own tarot deck and was wondering if you have any advice or tips about this? If not you can delete this ask, it's ok; Have a lovely day/night^^

Hey there! I’m glad you like it, thank you! ^///^

There is actually a masterpost by @thecrackedamethyst​ about making your own tarot deck! Since I have never made one, the tips and stuff I would give are more based on my personal associations with tarot and how I view the cards, not by any personal experience. I can still give you some, but I do suggest looking at their posts too.

Anyway, here are some of my tips for you!

Pick a theme that you want your deck to focus around; or, if not that, a style. And, yes, there’s a difference. For example, The Welcome to Night Vale deck has a theme - all of the cards center around the podcast and characters / events within it; in comparison, the Wild Unknown deck has a style - every card may not be able to fit under one category (animals, nature, etc.), but they are unified by a matching art style and presentation. If you are interested in selling your deck to other people, be wary of copyright, but otherwise, feel free to base your deck around anything you want.

From there, it’s up to you to decide if you want to go with the “standard” tarot format, or alter it a bit. The standard tarot has 78 cards; there is the Major Arcana which contains 22 cards (the Fool being numbered as zero, going all the way to the World at 21), and the Minor Arcana with 56 cards divided into four suits (generally the suits are wands, cups, swords, and coins / pentacles). This is a good place to start for making a deck, because you can find many interpretations of the cards online - you know what they’re supposed to mean, so coming up for a theme or art for them will be easier. 

Creating your own unique cards, while fulfilling, is a bit more daunting a task. You need to figure out what card you want to add, and why. Is it not included in the standard 78 cards, or do you feel there is something that needs more flushing out? From there, you’ll need to come up with what the card represents, and how to interpret it in readings. Then comes the art.

Speaking of art, you should also figure out if you want your deck to contain more symbolism or abstract art. Think of the Rider-Waite tarot - the images on the cards do a fairly decent job at showing what the card itself means; each picture is its own story, that does its best to tell of what the card means and can be looked at as. A deck based more on symbolism won’t need to outright tell exactly what the card means; or, it can, but on a more personal level. This is where you get to experiment and really figure out what each card means to you, and try to find an image or collection of images that can capture that. 

If you went with a theme, like a TV show, you can depict characters and scenes from that theme into the cards; for example, doing an Adventure Time tarot, like I was, I had Finn the Human as the Fool standing on the edge of a cliff, with Jake included as the dog, while BMO held the rose (I tried to incorporate some of the traditional tarot meanings into the cards as well, but that was just me, you don’t need to do that).

It may take some time for you to draw the cards - it is a long and daunting process. Don’t be discouraged! Just keep drawing and coming up with ideas. I feel it is important that you like how your deck looks. I was told it was important that you like your deck’s aesthetic when you buy it, so I feel it is the same when you make it. I think the logic behind this is, it looks good to you, which helps form a personal connection with the cards, which can then make reading them easier and provide a sort of bond.

You don’t necessarily have to use pictures, either! Something I didn’t think of. You don’t need to physically draw anything. You can write poems or use phrases, make collages, painting, embroidery stuff maybe… That weird word art thing where you just write the words in different sizes and fonts to show emphasis and whatnot; I really can’t remember what’s that called and Google doesn’t help me with shit… You get the idea I hope. Anything.

If you are looking to create a deck based around a few key words or phrases, that varies vastly from the standard tarot definitions, creating an oracle deck may not be a bad idea. I was creating a sigil oracle based on quotes from Borderlands 2. 

Uh, so that’s what I can think of, I hope that helps you out a bit!

Zico - No Make Up

Originally posted by ukwno

“Just give me ten more minutes,” you folded your hands together looking at him with pleading eyes. He gave in with a long sigh and nodded his head, motioning you to continue. You returned to your table, where you had you makeup sprawled. Zico walked into you room and took his jacket off, throwing in onto your bed. Then sat down at the edge of your bed, watching silently as you put on your make up. It was so quiet, that you even thought he had fallen asleep, but when you turned around to check on him, your eyes met. He just stared at you with a gentle expression. You were flustered by his sudden intense gaze, so you quickly turned your head away again, slightly shifting in your seat. You then took the red lipstick from the table and applied it to your lips.

“You know, you’re pretty even without make up,” he said of the blue. You looked at your boyfriend with raised brows, letting out little chuckle.

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Ok i’ll tell you all the story of how i started here on tumblr… I was probably 12 or something when i joined tumblr and i didn’t post much. I liked posts but hadn’t started reblogging until later on in the years. I wasn’t as good at drawing as i am now and my family wasn’t as dysfunctional as it is now. Lots of shit happened, lots of tears were shed, lots of sadness and depression, and a shitload of anxiety and stress. I was doing ok in school but after the end of 2014, i started to plummet down and my grades were crappy and the stress of homework and classwork only made it worse. One day, i broke down in class and they sent me to the counselor to talk it out and sort my problem out. A couple weeks later, i was doing ok and finally decided to come back to tumblr out of boredom. I started reblogging stuff and slowly started gaining followers after posting some of my old drawings. I was still bored so i kept reposting and liking posts and even posting some stuff of my own. Day by day, i used some of my freetime to improve on my drawings and saw the progress i was making. Little by little, i was making friends and i never realized how supportive people are here and not once did i ever get hate on my posts. Originally, i went by Sansthepunmaster1, and it stayed like that until this year. I was only liking nsfw stuff and it was a phase i was going through but then i grew out of it but then got back into it again, but only smut drawn by sinner artists. I had improved from a beginner to amateur to almost pro with the help of my art classes once i got to the 9th grade. I’m proud to see how well i got at drawing. Fast forward to this year because i didn’t have Tumblr for 2015, i was reblogging and posting more stuff from other tumblr blogs and taking pictures of things i drew out of boredom. I saw that other tumblr blogs got asks from anons and other users and thought,“ i wanna get asks for drawings and be asked questions too.” so i went on google and looked up how to enable asks on Tumblr and turned on my askbox and suggested people ask me what they want me to draw and what they wanted to know. At first, i only got 1 ask per week and it made me more depressed. So i decided to see what got others lots of asks and saw everyone was doing drawing challenges for their followers or other who like seeing art. I gave that a try and slowly started gaining more asks which made me happy and gave me lots of confidence. I did requests and answered questions and it kept going. I even went and checked out the blogs that looked nice and followed them but some of them didn’t follow back, which is ok, that didn’t stop me from posting my drawings though. I kept going and got more and more asks along with followers who liked my art. I kept reblogging too and got into BABQFTIM and found out who was posting the comic: @thebbros (love your blog btw. Great job) I followed them and i also found out that @blogthegreatrouge was the one who came up with the idea. I followed her too and i kept following my favorite blogs. One at a time, i got new followers that quickly became my friends. I followed my favorite youtubers and my favorite voice actors on youtube. @ihaileysenpai, i love her voice dubs for rouge’s comic and have been watching her ever since i watched those videos. I found her tumblr and followed it. I didn’t think in a couple of days or weeks she would feature 2 of my asks from separate blogs in one of her videos or notice me when i sent her an ask about how excited i was to be in one of her videos. I almost fangirled when i saw it, now i know how she felt when she got noticed by her favorite blog in one of her videos. I was so happy that day and i also followed other blogs like @i-draw-andstuff @askfriskandcompany @lunarthewolfcreations @asktazzieandfriends @askthedevilswing @asktheinkdemon etc. I became good friends with tazzie and luna and i draw. I kept reposting their stuff and liking their posts. I even got to message them and got to see their awesome art! I got to speak with tazzie a little more and me and her became good friends with her. Over time, i kept doing what i love while getting to know her a little more. I was in a slump for a while but i kept getting better and better, practicing different styles and different techniques for drawing my characters and others. While i was friends with tazzie, i developed a crush on her but i didn’t tell her because i didn’t want to ruin what we had. Time went on and i got more friends here and more art requests in my askbox. I was always happy to see stuff from everyone i followed. Last month, i think, july 23rd tazzie asked me out. I asked her why she was doing it and she told me it was for a dare, and i took the risk and asked if she wasn’t dared into doing it, would she still have asked me, and she said yes and at first i thought she was joking but she said she had a bit of a crush on me and i knew at that moment she was serious and took my chance to confess that i felt the same about her. I told her yes and we started dating. Ever since that day, i’ve never been happier or in love with anyone like her before. I kept going and earned 50 followers and it kept getting higher. I eventually tried learning to draw on the computer, my first drawing was ok. While tazzie and i were talking, i asked if she had any other social media accounts and she gave them to me. Youtube being one of them. She’s 16 and i’m 15. I love her and she loves me. I keep doing what i do best, gaining more followers, getting likes, and reblogs on my posts. That’s how i got from where i was to where i am today. Thanks for giving your time up to read this.


hi im krys and im new (kinda??) to the studyblr community. ive been reblogging stuff for nearly 2 years but never posted my own stuff bc i feel like my own things arent cute and pretty nsbdjjsjsjdk.

im 15 and im a sophomore. i live in an obnoxiously hot place in the USA, yes hello.

the classes that i will be taking this year include ap world history, pre-ap english, french 1, chemistry honors, geometry honors, and human body systems (aka the second year of biomed). i took hard classes as a freshman and i know that these classes are going to be very hard (while also juggling with volleyball) but im ready to take on the school year !!!!! (im not that enthusiastic ok)

my interests include: volleyball, writing, music, traveling, learning korean, reading books, medicine, kpop, &&& more.

the reason that ive decided to start my own blog is that i get really unmotivated from time to time and studyblr never fails to motivate me so i figured that maybe id be even MORE motivated if i posted my own stuff. i also feel a bit more comfortable and confident now that im a bit older, if that makes sense?

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im looking forward to posting my own content and getting to know more people. thank you for reading my introduction :D

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Overwatch Shipping Appreciation

Roadrat: Gimme dat cute smol and big tol

Mercy76: Gimme granpappy and grandma darlin’ dearest being cute af

Reaper76: Gimme dat delish angst and daddy duo

MercyKill: Gimme dat ultimate level: death blossom from above angst (holy guacamole the angst is too real with this ship)

McHanzo: Gimme dat Mr. Rodeo man who lives off of cheesy puns and memes in love with Mr. Dark, Broody and Serious shit

McGenji: Gimme dat cowboy cyborg ninja love

Genyatta: Gimme dat teacher/student bonding time (and not the friendly type huehuehue)

McReaper: Ditto, but probably with a lot more hate sex involved idk

McMercy: Gimme dat cheerful cowboy brightens doctor’s day (in more ways than one ohohoho)

Widowtracer: Gimme dat epic rivals with unresolved sexual tension

Meihem: Gimme dat freezer with literal combustible oven lovey dovey junk

Junkmetra: Gimme dat opposites attract and balance each other out while both being adorable loveliness

Pharmercy: Gimme dat witty ship name and awesome dynamic, gives me LIFE

ZaryaMei: Gimme dat cute smol and big tol (femslash version)

Gency: Gimme dat “you keep saving my life and I like that shit” (plus your face)

Mercymaker: Gimme dat doctor loves spider who may kill people for actual fun but she’s like idgaf love ya babe

Symmpharah (holy Christ did I even spell that right??? Forgive me!): Gimme dat ORDER SUPREME (with a side of JUSTICE)

Bunnyribbit: Gimme dat hippity hop “Yo, I love your bunny top” (and you, highkey tbh) pureness

Boombox: Gimme dat Say Anything romance (but with much more explosions)

Highboom: Gimme dat “Jfc I’m too fuckin’ slow to get out of the way of your High Noon bullshit and–well, fuck now I’m dead. But I love ya anyway, mate.”

Anahardt: Gimme dat old couple adopts a bunch of misfits and freaks and absolutely LOVES and takes care of them all

All ships not listed above bc I’m just doing stuff off the top of my head: Gimme dat–

In other words, whatever ship you’re sailing, whatever headcannons you have, I support it. You do you, fam. Let’s end these ridiculous shipping wars now, yeah?

Ok I’m not sure how far these posts tell the truth but i’m fucking pissed and when there is someone out there doing stuff like this I wanna help taking her down. To be honest I never understood why someone would even hate on people online because I like to keep my opinion to myself. Still I would let those people be, it’s there decision how the waste their time and mostly they don’t even get what’s wrong about it even if you tell them. But it is NOT ok to actually go around and spread rumors or actually attacking and hurting people. Like it is one thing if you send them a massage about you hating them ( which is worse enough) but ACTUALLY TRYING TO KILL SOMEONE OR SPREADING FALSE RUMORS IS INACCEPTABLE. Do they even know how much damage they do by accusing someone to be a rapist. It’s not just his career that could end, also his private life will be affected just because some bitch has nothing better to do than going around hurting others. I’m not saying this just because it’s bts, no idol has ever done anything to deserve this they all work hard and those fucked up people have no right to judge them. I’m really angry and I hope that this person gets scolded not only by other fandoms but also mostly by exo-l’s, I know that there are some who agree with her but belive the the biggest part of this fandom isn’t like that and they would never encourage such behaviour because I know and love exo, although I’m an ARMY, and when they belive in their fans than so will I (not to mention because my best friend is an exo-l, yes people a friendship like this exists and it’s a fucking good one). Please help protect not only your but all groups, they don’t deserve this and we are better than people like that. Sorry for the long post and that I wasn’t able to express my self that we’ll but thank you for your attention I love y'all

anonymous asked:

When you're writing fanfiction do you think it's necessary to describe characters (example: Kageyama was a high school student with black hair, blue eyes…) or is it fine to assume that since everyone probably knows the characters there's no need to describe them? Besides that do you think direct description of characters is necessary at all or should it be subtle? I hope this makes sense, but basically I'm just curious as to how much description do you think is necessary? (Regarding AUs as well)

Ooooh interesting question! I would definitely say this varies from author to author, and is ultimately up to you. But I do personally find some methods of character description to be easier to read than others!

Like you mentioned: when dealing with fanfic, you can reasonably assume your reader knows very well who the characters are and what they look like. But, on the flip side, oftentimes one of the many reasons people like reading about these characters are because… we like the way they look! Whether we think they’re unique or cute or gorgeous or bad ass or whatever, generally, we’re probably pretty attached to their physical looks in some way. So I think it is fine to sprinkle those descriptors about both in canon and AU fics, in a way that feels organic.

When thinking of an “organic” description, very rarely would I list character attributes like in the “black haired, blue-eyed high school student” example (I realize you may have just tossed that out there, but it’s good to state this anyway, I guess). I’d generally advise people to stay away from laundry list descriptions, even in original fiction, because they’re less engaging to read. 

Some authors love to describe their characters often, and at length, while others won’t spare more than one sentence out of an entire novel to tell readers what their cast looks like. I tend towards the former, because I love describing shit, and also because I write romances, where you’ll find an upward trend in character descriptions usually lies. But if you’re going for direct, try to get more than just their looks into the description. The below example is from my fic A Couple of Awesome Players, a canon-divergent AU where KageHina befriend each other in middle school:

The first thing Shouyou notices is that [Kageyama’s] head, with his hair laying shiny and flat on it, is almost perfectly round, much like a volleyball—which is fitting, because Kageyama might be one hundred percent made up of love for the sport. He started coming to the gym so that he could play on the days he doesn’t have practice to begin with.

Kageyama has big, round, blue eyes, and a slightly blank expression, unless he’s talking about volleyball—then his round face lights up like a bulb, shiny and excited. His hair looks like someone took a stencil with the English letter M and stuck it right over the front of his bangs, cutting out two windows for his eyes.

I’ve spent a lot of words on describing Kageyama across all my fics, and these are still some of my favorites. Instead of it being all about “black hair, blue eyes”, it’s more about “this kid is a dork, but he is the cutest volleyball dork”. I wanted to quickly establish him as soft and endearing, because that’s how he was when he was young, and hopefully it worked. 

Speaking of which, I tend to do a lot more character description in AUs, both because the characters are often meeting for the first time, and because of all the differences, which are just fun to describe. It helps establish the variations in each universe, while still showing how the characters remain the same: 

Then the mechanic rolls out from underneath the car slowly, like he’s not quite sure why somebody would request it of him, and Hinata wonders if he is maybe dreaming.

Kageyama is not stocky, or weedy. He’s tall as hell, when he finally stands up. His coveralls are shoved down to his waist, probably due to the heat, and the white sleeveless undershirt he is wearing below them sticks to his body from the sheen of sweat on his skin. The shirt clings to the kind of muscles that Hinata has never believed existed on people who don’t model for a living. His arms are distracting, toned, smeared with dirt and grease, and highlighted and shiny from perspiration. His shoulders and chest are no better, broad and strong.

He’s frowning at them slightly, dark blue eyes trained on Hinata. He swipes his arm across his forehead, leaving a smudge of grease there, before sweeping his black hair out of his face.

That’s from Speed Demons! Even when I’m being pretty straightforward, I try to break up the description, or toss in descriptors with action (eyes), or use the setting to amplify different aspects of the characters looks (hair, The Bod). Also: Hinata is noticing how hot this guy he’s been confronted with is, and he’s not being subtle. It’s pretty direct overall, but hopefully manages to keep from bombarding the reader with bullet points, and instead integrates itself into the narrative as it flows.

And it still might not be everyone’s cup of tea, that’s for sure! To sum up, I think character descriptions are a style thing, more than anything else. If you don’t feel like including them, don’t force the words onto the page. Describe what feels important to you. But in fanfics, because we already know these characters, put your own spin on it. 

Your readers know what X character looks like – so if you want to tell us about that, tell us something new about them, too. 

Tell us something we’ve never heard before :)

O.D.D. - Michael Clifford

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Word Count: 2,2k

Rating/Warnings: Teen and Up Audiences, mentions of bullying.

Request: “An imagine where one of the boys is the new kid and he takes interest in the “weird girl” (if you could base it on the song O.D.D By Hey Violet)”

Summary: You were never the popular girl, always ignored and tossed aside, until one specific red haired boy walked into your life.

A/N: Please like/reblog this post if you liked it. Also don’t forget to send me your thoughts and comments on my work. It helps me improve my writing. You can request new stuff here!

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sianobis  asked:

Ok so I was that anon who asked you a time ago if I could draw something based on your stuff. So well I did. And I postet it. I hoped you would see it very soon so I could maybe delete it. Bc I'm a stupid pussy who is scared if someone doesn't like my art. But well now this post got 350 notes and I'm dying;;; WHAT HAVE DONE??? I should dm you with the art so only you could see it-;;; ugh I'm sorry god (งಥ⌓ಥ)ง (You really don't need to answer!!)