ok i need to stop talking

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still not ok to worship something like social anxiety it isn’t cute or “cool” so please stop

So @ritarmandi has pretty much said everything, but I feel the need to clarify this too.

Nobody is worshipping it. As someone who is heavily affected by social anxiety, I’d be the last person to call it ‘cool’ or ‘cute’ when I promise you, it’s anything but. It was simply nice to see it portrayed so accurately on screen, and to see a hero who wasn’t a charismatic, smooth character who can talk for hours on end and who effortlessly charms everyone they meet. Instead, many people saw someone who could easily have been them.

I think this is partly the reason why the character has become so amazingly popular. People identify so much with Newt’s struggles when it comes to interacting with the world, and when people talk about him like I do, it’s because goddamnit they sympathise.

The happy INTP
  • is basically a child
  • hums something from their favourite TV series, probably
  • will gesture a lot 
  • ceases to question why they are happy - they just are!
  • delivers Ne-ly jokes about everything and everyone
  • earns uproarious laughter (INTP advantage: being underestimated 24/7)
  • giggles non-stop, which surprises everyone
  • did I say happy INTPs need parental supervision yet?
  • attempts to entertain their close enviroment (not the entire scene ok, that´s a Se thing), is actually hilarious because of their brutal honesty
  • wiggles their eyebrows :3 
  • 100% odd (the rarest pepe you can find)
  • but very cute. their Fe-joy is pure as they are not used to be in happy mode often… treasure these moments (your Si will be grateful)
  • will start imitating people with scary accuracy, catching everyone off guard with their acting talent
  • sounds like an ENFJ on helium, also, they talk faster
  • exaggerates eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverything
  • gets told they are on drugs (“You´re so different today! You must be high??!”)
  • cannot come up with a decent `excuse´ for being happy without drugs - seriously, they don´t need one!
  • caresses other people/ establishes body contact without fear
  • that freaks most of the INTP´s friends out
  • doesn´t take things seriously anymore and people mirror this
  • anticipates the mood drop, but tries to enjoy their current happiness, thinking of similar events in the past which helps to maintain the feeling
  • is no longer a myth, but a walking cup of joy!

- Love, Admin Ti. 

Feel free to add more!

  • Me: *has bad habit*
  • People: hey thats not healthy you should stop doing that
  • Me, having realized Bad Habit will get me Attention: *does bad habit even more* *only ever talks about bad habit* *centers identity around bad habit*

Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry

OK….. I need to stop… drawing marcophone and jeandes (jeandes… PFFT– hahahahaha) ///it’s becoming an obsession…

It’s the dogss (and other various jeanmarco fluff running in my mind), I swear…. imagine the marcophone and cerberus interaction …hahaha, anyways… this is that umbrella meme thing from really long ago? LOL and marcophone being a derpy dork showing off his wife /SHOT

…..MARCOPHONE….. talk into the microphone. lol

still inspired by lomonte’s au comic


this blog….is dead?…well….probably now yes……na xD is a joke .. well yeah is dead but….ok just look down if you want to know what is going to happen now(?)

im sorry of dissapear more of a month (again pfff)….jeez….but….
the things is i really don’t know what to draw in this moment… of
the swapfell babus….or fontcest in general :c (i lost motivation??i think is something like that)….so…i’m thinking to put this page in HIATUS…..for a while….(that doesn’t mean i’m not going to come back…so don’t worry (?))

i’m really sorry for the people who was waiting something because of one of my updates…..but if i try to draw fontcest or sancest right now…i think….it not going to look good and i think i’m going to forcing myself….and i don’t want that… because i love it so much….and i don’t want to hate it….for doing that…

so that it…i need time….for this blog….A LOT OF TIME
REALLY THANKS….it was fun <3
but for now….i’m just going to say bye…or see you soon?
i….I DON’T KNOW??? jsoajsoja ok….
bye bye…..and see you all more in the future
(that to cliche….never mind jeez xD)

(sorry for just comeback to say just this…i hope to return with new ideas and with more motivation of this babus….i hope people understand this)

Death and Dying Starters
  • “Please… please don’t go.”
  • “Don’t you give up. Don’t you dare.”
  • “Just let me go.”
  • “You’re not gonna make it.”
  • “_______ is dead.”
  • “I’m not gonna make it.”
  • “Listen to me. You’re going to be okay, all right?”
  • “Stay with me.”
  • “It’s my time.”
  • “You can’t stop it, I’ve had this coming for a long time.”
  • “J-Just keep talking, ok?”
  • “C'mon, stay awake for me.”
  • “Help is coming soon, I promise.”
  • “Stay with me.”
  • “I’m so sorry. For everything.”
  • “Don’t you die on me.”
  • “I need you.”
  • “I’m so tired… just let me sleep.”
  • “I’m not gonna make it.”
  • “Would you hold my hand?”
  • “Please, just… tell me it’s gonna be okay.”

Ok. This has gone far enough. I wasn’t gonna say anything about it but I keep seeing it over and over again. This vlive thing that everyone is passing around talking about “hobi was forced to give over his vlive” or “people kept asking for other members so he hand it over and became sad” needs to stop. Stop making things out for what they are not. First thing is that, i watched the vlive from start to finish and I also watched it when the subs came out and half of what people are talking about didn’t happen. Lets start with:

1. “People kept asking for other members so he reluctantly handed it over.” : Bullshit. Did you even watch it or are you just going after what you see people post? Yes. There were random comments asking for other members and that is rude but as i said THEY WERE RANDOM. You hardly saw them. Why? because the rest of the comments were about how much they love him and when is he gonna do more hope on the street. FFS he even danced for us, he beatboxed for us. Why? Partly because we asked him to.

2. “He was forced to hand over his vlive to Jimin because people kept commenting jimin.” : Another one I call bullshit on. Hobi asked us/the viewers who he should do the vlive with. That’s where everyone started saying Jimin and he wasn’t the only person people asked for. They asked for Jungkook and Suga as well. He then left to go to Jimin to do the vlive.

3. “People need to learn and love hobi.” “People don’t appreciate Hobi enough.”: Stop it. Just stop. I love Hobi. Everyone loves Hobi and I’m sure he knows it. I double bias with Hobi and Namjoon and I get how some of you feel but you don’t see me blowing everything out of proportion when it comes to him. He was getting so much love on vlive that the boy was all smiles.

That’s not even it. That’s just the major ones that I see people saying. And you guys need to know that this doesn’t happen to us alone. It happens to other groups as well. And compared to how it was back then (when people asked for the other members) it’s really tame now. But I guess some of you like living in the past.

  • When People kept asking for Hope on the street:
  • One of the many compliments that was commented for him. (this one is also for persons saying that hobi doesn’t know he’s the best dancer because we don’t appreciate him enough.)
  • Another thing I want ask. Did you guys forget about the concert they had? Did it even cross your mind that he was tired? He was probably dead tired but still came on for us.
  • After he said that he was going to visit the other members. People started commenting that he shouldn’t leave.
  • My point proven that he did ask us who he should go to.
  • And people started commenting who he should visit.
  •  To which he cutely said…
  • Then he chose Jimin to go to

So for all the people spreading mislead information on what happened, stop it. The people who didn’t even watch the v live but assumed things after what they read or easily believed what they read, you need to stop. Go watch it yourself, you shouldn’t be so quick to believe what people write.


They did actually just came back from their concert and were probably really tired. Not even Tae stayed and he usually does.

Jhope telling Jimin that he was going to leave soon.

After Tae left, Jhope said “Then I’ll go off too.”

Jhope said “It’s in my room.” To which Jimin said, “Go and bring them here.” So they could eat and do the v live with together but…

He said this.

And then this beautiful scene happened before Hobi left.

The Hosts as “Going back to school” archetypes.

Ok so this wasn’t a request, but after going back to school today I felt the need for this. Humor me please. (Yes, these are all people that I saw today!) ^.^

Tamaki: “Talks about how excited he is to be back and how great the year is going to be until the teacher hands him the first assignment and basically kills someone.”  

Kyoya: “Literally looks like he never stopped going to school from last year”

Hikaru: “Actual zombie”

Kaoru: “The poor person helping the actual zombie to not fall in the middle of the hallway”

Mori: “Are you sure they didn’t move?!” “I’m right here.” “OH.”

Hani: “Was so excited about going back to school that they got no sleep and is now asleep on their desk”

Haruhi: “Done with everyone and its only first hour.” (See also “No I did NOT stop by Subway before coming here! *Takes bite of Subway sandwich*)

so my thoughts about the updATE

Kanaya has probably a lot of cat hairs on herself rn

Jasprosesprite^2 is SO weird man

Dave stop staring at Dirk’s legs

everyone needs to stop calling Jake any variation of stupid I mean seriously

also now I’m just thinking both he and Dirk panicked so much when they saw each other they just ran off and Tavrosprite and Dave had to go after them and I mean Jake is literally hiding jfc

also I don’t think Dave and Dirk have talked yet

I love that John is being a nerd about ghostbusters lmao

and that Rose goes back to her pillow when Jasperose shows up

that line about Nepeta shipping to feel less lonely makes me sad because I hadn’t thought of it that way, although maybe it’s not even true idk

cheshire cat refs for some reason??

Lapis:Why don’t you try one thing at a time?” …“We can try it together!

Peridot: “Uh, Amethyst? I, uh, try not to use the J-word so loosely around here.”

Peridot: “Hey Lapis, are you okay?”…“Are you sure?”…“I’m leaving, but I’ll be back”…“Do you need anything?”

Amethyst: “Oh, hey! You guys wanna be prisoners too?”

💙 💚 “Beta” & “Back To The Moon” 💚 💙

Peridot and Lapis are so supportive of each other in these two episodes.

Lapis offers to help Peridot to play her musical instruments when her “one Gem band” goes completely wrong in Beta, and puts a supportive hand on her shoulder as she’s talking to her.

Peridot also stops to check, repeatedly, if Lapis is OK before leaving the barn in Beta, as well as reassuring Lapis that she’ll be coming back and checking if Lapis needs anything from her before she leaves.

Peridot is acutely aware of the things that might upset Lapis - mentioning “Jasper” and “prisoners”, in the cases shown above - and is clearly extremely protective of her and wants to make sure that she stays happy and comfortable.  She asks Amethyst to stop mentioning Jasper in Beta and then chooses to stay with Lapis in Back To The Moon (after holding onto Lapis’ arm in support when Amethyst mentions being “prisoners”), rather than joining the other Crystal Gems on their journey to the moon base.

I need to stop:
Cutting………..but it makes me numb
Starving……….but I look pretty
Hiding………….but I can’t speak
Everything hurts but that’s ok because I deserve it

man ok but seriously

@ people who have ace friends (especially allo people)

you really have to stop policing the jokes we make. like if we make a sexual joke there is absolutely no need for you to say stuff like “But I thought you were ace?” or “Dude you’re ace shut up”

Like no shit sherlock, of course we know that. Doesn’t mean we can’t make jokes about sex. It’s not like we’re looking at someone and saying “oh wow I am very sexually attracted to this person” we are making stupid jokes about dicks like fucking calm down

You know, I am continuously getting lectured on here about “health” by thin people who identify as some form of LGBT/queer.

And it just astonishes me. I know so many of y’all are super young- too young to remember the AIDS crisis, but I do. I was pretty young then, but I remember it. 

I remember how the idea of “health” was weaponized against queer people, used to show that we are a group who deserves to live in terror and pain- because we just won’t engage in “healthy” behaviors.  That it was ok to destroy queer people, to discriminate against us, to refuse to fund research to help us– because if we would just stop our terrible “unhealthy” desires and behaviors, well. Then we’d be fine.

Y’all need to start thinking critically about how you talk about “health” and remember that in so many ways, the idea of “health” is used to inflict suffering on other groups.

It sickens me to see the fat hatred in the LGBT/queer communities. That you could feel the pain and terror of being hated and stigmatized, and then turn around and do it to another group?

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. 

Go do better.

  • Lena: We need to talk
  • Kara: Oh, oh no, I don't like this. Did I do something? Are you breaking up with me?
  • Lena: No! of course not! No, I'm not breaking up with you
  • Kara: Okay ok what do you want to talk about?
  • Lena: Do you think, maybe, you can stop bringing Chinese takeout and bring me salads for lunch instead?
  • Kara:
  • Lena: Kara?
  • Kara:
  • Lena: Baby?
  • Kara: Salad
  • Lena: Yes
  • Kara: For lunch
  • Lena: Yes?
  • Kara:
  • Lena: I'm sorry, forget I ever said anything

One of my favorite parts in Hamilton is when Washington says “Hey, I need a favor” and Hamilton instantly goes “YES ok who do you need me to drag I’m there I’ve already got a plan I’ll tell everyone” and Washington is like “No. Please stop talking…” And instead of chilling like Washington CLEARLY WANTED Hamilton immediately went “OMG you’re totally right it’s better for me to just write a bunch of letters about why Jefferson sucks I’m on it” and he literally only shuts up when Washington announces he’s retiring and that’s SO funny to me. Can you imagine Hamilton jumping around George like “Hey. Hey. Who we gonna take down today? Who’s it gonna be?? Let’s go! Let’s do it!!!” While poor George stands there like “Please… Calm down… Please… Stop…. For 30 seconds…” Like honestly I don’t know how George had time to run the country with that child running around

My Favorite Reylo Fanfics Ever

Ok, get ready, buckle up, here we go!!!!!!

I’m a slut for Modern AUs, just letting you know before we begin

He Knows He Needs To Stop

 by Perry_Downing @perrydowning

Rated E

Such glorious Reylo fic. A Kylo Ren remorseful Kylo Ren, broken by murdering his father begins to seek out Rey’s Light through their bond.

Fic is complete


What the Hell is Wrong with Kylo Ren?

by Tuli_Azzameen

Rated M

This story is hilarious. Kylo is captured and (quite thoroughly) restrained by the resistance. He only wants to talk to Rey and no other living beings. Oh, did I mention the glorious chapter where Kylo really has to pee and Threepio has to help him? Nuff said

Fic in progress


Better Lucky

by gallifrey_skies

Rated M

Modern AU where Ben Solo has a champion race horse that ends up finding major competition in the form of his estranged mother’s own horse. He meets one of his mother’s employees, a hot-walker named Rey. Fluff, horses, and one of the cutest slow burns ever! I love this story, definitely one of my top ten favorites.

Fic complete


The Force Arranges a Marriage-Reylo

by terapid @iancantbesaved

Rated E

Fun, funny smut with actual Plot! I’m not going to say too much because I love this story so much and don’t wanna spoil it and you need to read it. Just trust me and read it.

Fic complete


His Brown Eyes

by 13letters

Rated M (I think, might be E)

Fractured timeline Modern AU. This, is by far one of the cutest, most amazing, best plotted stories I have ever read. It tells the story of Ben and Rey from little kids to adults. (it reminds me of the Taylor Swift song “Oh, My, My, My”) Do yourself a favor and read this beautiful story

Fic in progress


In My Head

by Hormonal_Trashbag

Rated E

This is a funny, cute fic in which Kylo Ren begins communicating to Rey through the Force Bond. At first he just wants to seduce her but then Force Ghost Obi Wan steps up and tries his best to help the latest Skywalker mess…

Fic complete



by dilatory

Rated E

READER INSERT!!! YAY! You are the doctor who has to patch up Kylo Ren after Starkiller, you are fascinated by him because well…he’s Kylo Ren, but also because he is a temperamental man-child who wears a lampshade on his head. Oh, yea, this one is good.

Fic in progress


It’s Better If We Just Pretend

by ellensama @ellensama

Rated E

If you know Reylo fic, you already knew this was going to be on  this list. This right here is one of the absolute best reylo fanfics period. So Kylo Ren is working undercover as everyone’s favorite radar technician and he gets paired up with Osira (Rey in disguise on a spying mission!) This is a beautiful slow burn that truly lives up ot all the hype you hear about this story. MUST READ.

Fic in progress



by nerfherderette

Rated E

Modern AU with Doctor!Ben and Rey as an intern (resident? i’m bad with these terms) at the Arkanis Hospital. This is wonderful, sexy fluff with a really great plot. A++ Please read this.

Fic complete


I’m Matt, a Radar Technician

by the_cowgirl_bookworm @the-cowgirl-bookworm

Rated G

Okay, so Matt the Radar Technician is just trying to deal with his new co-workers he is being forced to work with and a certain girl keeps popping up. Well, that girl is Rey, who is also undercover. This story is so freaking funny, and I love it so so much. This is definitely in my top ten! PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS

Fic in progress


City Lights

by TearoomSaloon

Rated E

This. THIS. Is my favorite Reylo of all time. Very, very smutty with some excellent plot. I mean this story has all my favorite things, Modern AU, fractured timeline, fluff, and really really great storyline. I’m going to stop here or I will never stop singing the praises of this beautiful fic. Just promise me you read this.


For @lossofblood, thanks for asking :D