ok i might ship it a bit now

mamasynth  asked:

So, this might be a silly question, and idk if you can actually do this or if I can afford it, but I figured I'd ask. Is there anywhere to buy a print of the 11th hour movie poster deal? Because I would hang that shit on my wall.

You’re not the first to ask, don’t worry!

The McElroys have said that selling fanart of any of their properties, including TAZ should be refrained. So even if there’s interest, unfortunately I can’t sell the print ;v; 

anonymous asked:

Oh my it really takes me courage to jump into your inbox for this request idea. It was lucky timing that I saw you are accepting suggestions no matter the kind and that you are comfy with the Fraxus pairing. I feel so weird proposing this but how about some Fraxus lovin that has Freed taking Laxus? I've seen a bit more of this around and like them switching up their positions so why not just some tender and passionate nsfw. Sorry if this is out of your comfort zone and you may ignore this!

Haha It’s ok. Fraxus is cute but I lowkey ship them. This might be my last Fraxus doodle for now so, congrats! Hope you like this