ok i make this and then i go to dennys

things my choir director billy said this year in case you need a laugh today

- *on the phone with someone* what do you not understand about “fuck you”

- *aggressively patting head* iM STRESSED

- sHIT

- *pointing at his own reflection in the mirror* i am DISGUSTED by your BULLSHIT

- sing, my sweet puerto rican angel child

- i don’t care what my doctor said, pasta is good and i’m going to eat all of it. fight me

- *drags a chair across room* *stands on chair and stabs a pair of scissors into the ceiling* art

- ABC, give me the D

- *lays down in the middle of the floor* *covers face with sheet music* I’m ignoring you

- *electrocutes self setting up the sound system* SHHHHHHHH-I MEAN SUGAR SMACKS

- stop touching his nipples, Dennis

- I’m catfishing someone in Russia I told him that if he took care of Putin I’d give him 15 soccer balls

- I’m gonna shove an A2 up your butt

- *bouncing slightly up and down with eyes shut* YAS SING IT

- one time i accidentally cooked my cat in the oven. i thought he was cold i was trying my best ok

- you best not come back here, little twat

-go make me coffee, peasant

- I may be out of shape but- no, there’s not an end to that sentence

Denny’s Surprise

Here is my submission for the fluffy JDM RareChar fic! I hope it helps and I hope any readers enjoy!

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“You ok sweetheart?” Denny asked you, rubbing the back of your hand lightly with his fingers. 

“Of course.” You muttered back, trying to shake off your funk. “Why do you ask?" 

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[SUMMARY: Denny gets to go home on Thanksgiving night after a successful surgery and recovery. His nurse, Chloe is very happy for him although she has come to realize that she has feelings for the man that will now leave.]


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Denny and Chloe.

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asked by anonymous: that last episode made me feel SO many things but like, what got me the most (aside from mac pretty much saying all of his lines to dennis lol) was how, at the end, mac seemed so small and so afraid :( just before dennis gets them all to go back to how they were mac makes this terrified face as he looks at them and you can tell he KNOWS he’s gay but he’s so deep in denial and so scared to deal with it. i want macdennis like crazy but mostly i want mac to be ok. rob is truly a wonderful actor <3


*throws self off cliff*


Dennis Wilson, The Beach Boys drummer (1944 – 1983)

“Dennis had a big heart.” Debbie Holtsclaw knows this. She was 17 and fresh off the bus from Kansas when The Beach Boys hired her to answer fan mail. “One of the managers sent me out on an errand in his car. Well, I cut a corner and bashed in one of the doors. I had no way of paying for the repairs, so I was actually making arrangements to go back with my parents while I raised the money. When Dennis heard this, he took me to the manager, who confirmed the amount I owed him. Dennis said OK, took a big wad of cash out of his jeans and threw it across the desk. ‘Is this enough to take care of it?’ When I worried how I was going to pay him back, he said, ‘Your eyes light up when you do something for us, that’s payment enough.’ I’ve treasured every one of those words, but that’s only one of 10,000 good-hearted Dennis Wilson stories. He was open to everybody.”

youarelle  asked:

omg, ok, so i was reading one of those angel confession blogs because obviously, and this one confession said that they imagined cordelia reunited with dennis in the afterlife and YES. THIS IS MY NEW HEADCANON. like i imagine after she dies the powers that be let her make one more stop so she goes to see dennis and she's like "wow, you've really let this place go!" and at first dennis really excited because cordelia's back! and she can see him! and he can /talk/ to her!! but then he realizes she

died and is expressing his apologoies. then cordy’s like, “it’s ok. it all worked out like it was supposed to. i’ll tell you all about it” and they cross over together, besties forever i’m gonna cry oh god