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Ok literally I check your blog everyday it gives me life I love you so much you have so much talent!!!❤ I don't know if you are still do the random/small au, but if you are could you do one for namjoon??

  • scientist!namjoon 
  • is too long for his lab coat,,,,but keeps forgetting to buy a new one in a bigger size
  • keeps really messy notes. like horribly messy none of the other scientists can ever understand his data but somehow namjoon reads it just fine
  • would rather spend a summer afternoon in the lab running tests on dna and solving math problems than going to like idk an amusement park
  • refers to animals by their scientific names out of habit,,,really it’s not even that he’s showing off when he points at an sea otter and goes “what a cute enhydra lutris!!” everyone is like a encyclopedia nutrients??? what’s he talking about
  • you’re a fellow scientist who works with namjoon and you’re more of a mathematical science person, you like doing equations
  • so you and namjoon get along great because you’ll stay hours and hours in the lab trying to figure out new ways to solve unanswered theoretical problems and debating on your data
  • everyone teases and calls you the couple of the lab because you’re stuck together, huddled over your notebooks so it looks like your faces are close together 
  • but you and namjoon are both too shy so every time you’re teased you both just hide in your lab coats collar like hUH,,,what,,, no ,,,,
  • one night namjoon is really rEALLY excited because he shows you a whiteboard full of numbers and letters and he’s like “i think i solved one of those theories!!!” and you’re like  NO WAY
  • and he’s like ,,,,,,i honestly think i did i might scream,,,,im so happy,,,,,
  • and you’ve never seen namjoon so excited about anything. sure he can be hardworking and serious but the smile,,,,,,,,,,,,,on his face,,,,,,wow,,,,,are those dimples??? those are cut- NOT THE POINT
  • and so you go over his math, making sure to not miss a thing and namjoon keeps pacing back and forth in excitement because this is a BREAKTHROUGH
  • but then,,,,you find it,,,,,,he missed one decimal point and adding it,,,,basically makes the whole equation useless
  • and when you turn to namjoon with a grim look on your face his big shoulders drop and the dimples disappear
  • and he’s like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it was too good to be true wasn’t it?
  • and you don’t want to completely crush his mood but you can’t lie so you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,namjoon don’t be sad,,,,um,,,,scientifically it’s proven that physical contact is good comfort so im going to hug you now???? is that ok????
  • and namjoon blinks and you open your eyes, trying hard to suppress the heat in your face
  • and namjoon is like,,,,,,,,,,,,,o,,,,ok,,,,,okay
  • and he moves toward you and you wrap your arms around his torso and,,,,ok he’s so big and warm,,,,,,,,,maybe,,,,maybe he’s ,,,,,way cuter than you ever thought?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • and namjoons hand rests on your lower back and it’s like,,,,,a little awkward but also,,,,,,,you know??? baby steps
  • and when you pull back you’re like “!!!! do you feel better?”
  • and namjoon is like yes,,, thank you but science also says there’s something that’ll comfort someone even more,,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like omg what is it tell me
  • and namjoon is scratching his neck and murmuring ,,,, “A….kiss,,,,,,”
  • and you jump a bit because a????? kiss?????? well,,,,,ok,,,,you’ll do it because of science!!!!!!!!! obviously not because namjoon is adorable and when you kiss him his lips are soft and you are secretly super thankful he didn’t solve the theory because if he did you’d probably not be kissing right now - oh his hand is pulling you closer,,,,,, 

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How about the RFA (+ Saeran and V) reacting to their S/O having a dream that they cheated and waking up angry? Love your blog!!

Ok if I understood this correctly, MC had the dream and MC wakes up angry? 
If I messed it up just message me! 


  • Waking up holding to MC is just the best way to start the day
  • but when he wakes up and MC is sitting at the end of the bed 
  • he’s confused 
  • “Hey.. MC?” 
  • “What?” 
  • Their tone sounded really annoyed 
  • “Hey, Is something wrong?” 
  • MC sighed and ignored his question 
  • he scooched closer to them 
  • “You can tell me if somethings bothering you” 
  • MC sighed again 
  • “You cheated on me..” 
  • “WHAT?” 
  • “I don’t know what you’re talking about? I never did that!” 
    “You did!….In my dream” 

  • Yoosung was already tearing up from the accusation 
  • now he was confused and almost crying 
  • “I’m.. I’m sorry” 
  • MC looked over at him since they heard his voice crack 
  • then MC realized it was sort of ridiculous to get mad at him over a dream 
  • They hugged him and apologized for getting mad 
  • They went back to cuddling 


  • He woke up to hear MC crying 
  • he right away went to over to hug MC 
  • “MC! What’s wrong?” 
  • MC pushed him away from them which got him really confused 
  • were they.. Upset with him? 
  • “Hey, Tell me what’s up” 
  • MC looked over at him 
  • “I.. Had a dream” 
  • Zen nodded as a sign that he’s listening 
  • “You.. Cheated on me” 
  • Zen takes dreams seriously 
  • I mean he has psychic dreams 
  • but even he laughed  at this 
  • he moved closer to MC and attempted to hug them again 
  • they let him this time 
  • “That would never happen, MC. I love you more than anything. Don’t worry about it~” 
  • “It just felt so real” 
  • “Hey, It will never happen. I’l show you how much I love you, Okay?~” 
  • He made sure that MC knows that they are the only one for him. 


  • Jaehee woke up before MC 
  • she made breakfast for them 
  • and when she woke MC up 
  • she lightly nudged them and told them it was time to wake up and eat 
  • MC grumbled and rolled over to the other side 
  • Jaehee nudged them again 
  • “go away” mc mumbled 
  • Jaehee was really confused 
  • MC sounded pretty angry 
  • “MC, Is something wrong?” 
  • “No.” 
  • “MC tell me” 
  • “uuuggghhh” 
  • “MC” 
  • “..I dreamt you were cheating on me and it felt really real and now when I woke up I wasn’t completely sure if it was a dream or a memory and-” 
  • “MC” 
  • “Yeah?” 
  • Jaehee leaned to MC and gave them a quick kiss 
  • “You have done so much for me, I’m so grateful for having you in my life and I would never betray you like that. I love you” 
  • MC could hear Jaehee was sincere 
  • they apologized to Jaehee and they enjoyed breakfast together
  • MC thought this day was gonna be bad but after hearing that they knew it was gonna be better 


  • it took him a little bit to notice that MC was mad at him 
  • but when he did he asked MC what was bothering them 
  • MC avoided the question at first 
  • but Jumin wouldn’t let them ignore his question
  •  “Would you ever cheat on me?” 
  • “What?” 
  • “Would you?” 
  • “Why would you ask that?” 
  • “..I had a dream where you cheated on me” 
  • “And?” 
  • “And it felt like you actually did” 
  • Jumin shook his head and held on to MC’s waist and kissed them 
  • “It’s irrational to believe a dream. I don’t want anyone else when I have you” 


  • He woke up before MC and was holding on to them cuddling
  • but when MC  woke up and pushed him away right away
  • he was confused
  • pls don’t push him away, he doesn’t deserve that 
  • “Hey… Mc?” 
  • MC ignored him and got out of bed 
  • Seven followed MC 
  • “Hey, What’s wrong?” 
  • MC looked at him 
  • “I dreamt you cheated on me.” 
  • Seven looked at them for a second
  • is that why they are mad? 
  • He dropped to his knees and grabbed on to MC’s hands 
  • “Oh! I’m so sorry!~ I can never forgive my dream self for doing this to you! How can I ever make you forgive me?~” 
  • ok Seven you don’t need to be so dramatic 
  • MC giggled at this 
  • “Hmm, Maybe a kiss will help~” 
  • “Of course! Anything for you!” 
  • It ended up being more than a kiss tbh 


  • He woke up MC with a kiss on the forehead 
  • MC opened their eyes and as soon as they saw V they grumbled 
  • “What do you want?” 
  • He was confused by the tone of their voice 
  • “I wanted to greet the person I love” 
  • “Yeah. Sure” 
  • Please don’t be mad at V. He doesn’t deserve this
  •  He asks MC what’s wrong
  • It takes a while until MC tells him about their dream 
  • after they explain he’s not sure what he should say 
  • he apologizes though because he does feel guilty over this 
  • then MC apologizes because really they shouldn’t be mad over this 
  • They will probably laugh about this later tbh
  • probably 


  • They have both been awake for a while 
  • and he still hasn’t noticed that MC is angry 
  • So MC has to straight up tell him 
  • “I’m a bit annoyed..” 
  • “Why.” 
  • “Because I had a dream” 
  • “Okay..” 
  • “And you cheated on me” 
  • “That’s stupid” 
  • “What?” 
  • “I wouldn’t do that. So it’s stupid to get mad over a dream” 
  • “I..Guess” 
  • He sighs and with a little hesitation he holds on to MC 
  • “Forget about that dream. Okay?” 
  • MC nods 
  • He’s not the best at showing emotions but MC can tell he does care about them 

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hey sorry to bother you & idk if this is stupid but i recently watched a kxk proof thing and feel like shit about kaisoo?? kinda like when their scandal came out. i was wondering if you had tips to feel better :/ if not its ok too :) i love your blog 💞💞 and i hope you are doing well

hi anon!

I totally understand what you’re feeling :/ Sometimes even things we ourselves feel are true can be doubted on when something poses a new idea in our head (even if it isn’t completely logical). So here are my personal tips that have always reassured me about how true kaisoo are <3 (which only one time but reassuring yourself never hurts).

1. Read Kadi Analysis

I think this is quite obvious on why it helps. Having other people reassure you instead of you yourself is always helpful. This is because we all like when people agree with us, it makes us feel more right; when these opinions are supported with facts and not other opinions by other people they create a stronger reassurement. So here are some kadi analysis blogs (or at least that are known for them apart from mine):



cckaisoo (currently private though)


if anyone know more please tell me and i’ll add them in 

2. Look At Kadi Photos/Blogs

I think this in general makes everyone feel better because you get to see the way they react to each other in a fun way. This personally makes me feel better because I love seeing people’s comments or creations of kadi. To see other people love and enjoy kadi (even creating things that take lots of time) as much as you /[want] is a great feeling. Here are some of my favs:


magiclitchii (she makes fanart!)

kaisooficrec - this is more general because this blog showcases other people who create things kadi based so instead of creating another bullet point for reading fanfics to help, just look through this blog and read some kadi fics as a bonus!



I’m sure there’s many more (feel free to comment more) but these were the blogs on my “your favorite tumblrs” thing lol

3. Watch Kadi Videos

What better way to feel assured than to actually see them interact with each other fully? Videos are a great way to see their moments, people’s ideas, and getting to find moments  you may not have seen before. Sure pictures and gifs are great but videos give you the full experience that may sink you back into the ship lol. Here are some of my personal favs:

[Moments] KaiSoo - We’re the Perfect Two

[Moments] Kaisoo | They Don’t Know About Us

[Moments/FMV] Kaisoo; Kai & Kyungsoo ✖ Right Now

[FMV] || Kaisoo || Impossible

Everything on Kaisooism’s youtube

4. Recall Why You Started Shipping Kadi

Honestly I think this is what really drives your motive (or at least mine) whenever a small piece of doubt starts to form. Recalling the first time of pretty much anything can be a blessing or a curse, it can heal or it can burn and in this case it’s always a heal and blessing for me (and I dear hope for you too haha). So think:

Was there a specific moment that you got you to ship them? If so look for that moment again, watch/look at it. Sometimes a little visual will bring all the nostalgia back.

Was it something someone said? If so try to recall what it was or try to find it.

Was it something else? Try and find that specific thing or things or try to find the closest thing to it. 


And finally if all else fails, try and separate yourself from kadi a little bit. Sometimes separation makes us realize how much we really care about things :) Maybe being away from them will make you realise you love/belief for them again …or it won’t but that’s okay too. 

I hope that regardless of the outcome, the nostalgia brings back happy moments/memories for you! Thanks for loving my blog and for asking about my well being: I am doing really well actually! I hope you are doing well too and please tell me if the kadi love has reached you once more!

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take care anon!

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I have a slight problem. I'm in kind of a "Nico having a crush on Percy" situation. I'm a queer girl and I have a huge crush on my best friend. She and I spend a lot of time together, hand-holding and cuddling included. The problem is, the has a boyfriend and every time I see them together I break a little inside. I don't want to feel this way, and because of it, I'm depressed all the time. I don't know what to do.

Oh hello. This was on anon so I can’t reply privately. I’ve been in that situation (obviously) and I can tell you that it sucks like no tomorrow. It’s going to hurt and it may be the worst now but you’ll heal alright? Have you talked to her about these feelings yet? If not that’s something you may want to do just to get it off your chest. If she makes no moves towards dating you in the short term future you may want to consider trying to move on from these feelings. Do what’s best for you in the short and long term. Your happiness and well being is the most important. I hope some of my words helped but please remember I’m just a simple camper and not quite qualified to help with all this. I don’t mind trying to give some helpful death boy advice but if you really do need help reach out to a head camper or safe adult for you in the area. And may the gods help you and bring you happiness (even if they are jerks sometimes)

@marcstjamestwin: Ok. I love your blog and I was hoping to have any one shot of a Steve imagine where Tony is trying to make him admit his true feelings to you? Making him jealous kind of thing? Luv you!

TITLE: Jealous Steve
NOTES/WARNINGS: Besides Tony and Steve, the Avengers are very… fan fictionie. But hey, this is a fan fiction so fuck it.

Steve sat in the living room, watching you like you were the only one left of your kind. As if you were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. All you were doing was reading a book whilst being curled up on the arm chair but Steve still thought you looked lovely.

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You didn’t notice the way Steve looked at you but Tony had. Tony noticed how whenever you were all in a briefing, Steve would always take your opinion as gospel. How when you and Steve had a conversation, he would stutter slightly or his cheeks would turn a little red. His body may be a super soldier, but he still behaved like the skinny dork Steve around woman.

“Y/N, I need to talk to you about something.” Tony said after knocking on your bedroom door and walking in. You got uncomfortable on the arm chair and moved to your room.

“What’s wrong?” You asked worriedly, putting your book to the side. He sat down on the end of your bed and looked at you seriously.

“It’s about Steve.” You sat up straight, worried at what could have happened to your best friend. “He likes you.”

“I should hope so.” You laughed, not understanding what he meant. “He’s one of my best friends.”

“No, I mean… like like.” He said, rolling his eyes at the childish phrase. You raised your eyebrows and did a nervous chuckle. “I have a plan.”

“Go on…” You said cautiously.

“We are going to make that old man jealous.”

“Good morning.” Tony said as he walked into the kitchen wearing only pyjama bottoms. He walked up to you who was sitting at the breakfast bar with Steve and Natasha and kissed you on the cheek. You bit your cheek to stop yourself smirking as you watched Steve look anywhere but at the two of you. Thankfully everyone in the Tower knew yours and Tony’s plan so there were no weird looks from Natasha.  Tony grabbed himself a croissant and sat down beside you at the bar, with Natasha and Steve opposite you.

“What are your plans for today?” Natasha said, quickly taking a bite from her food to stop her smiling.

“Got some work to do but then I’m taking this,” Tony nudged your shoulder. “out for romantic meal.” Steve dropped his spoon into his bowl and leant back in his chair, an annoyed look on his face but he said nothing.

“I’ll see you guys later.” You said, throwing your plate into the sink. You had to admit, you were a little disappointed Steve said nothing.

You were in the training room, hitting the punching bag when you heard an awkward cough from behind you. Turning around, you saw Steve wearing his workout clothes.

“So, how long have you and Tony been a couple?” Steve asked, looking anywhere besides at you.

“He asked me out last night.” You turned away so Steve wouldn’t see your smirk. Was he already jealous?

“Ah.” Was all he managed to say before Tony and Thor walked in.

“There she is.” Tony beamed, holding you around the waist and giving you a quick kiss. You glanced quickly at Steve and noticed his death glare towards Tony. “I’ve booked us a table for eight. Then I was thinking tomorrow we go out for lunch then catch a movie?”

Originally posted by fanfic-natic

“Actually I was thinking me and Y/N could do some training together tomorrow.” Steve blurted out. Tony, Thor and you looked over and you nodded at him in agreement.

“Say ah.” Tony laughed as he tried to feed you a slice of water melon. You two were always close and you weren’t even trying to make Steve jealous at this moment – it just happened to be the point that Steve lost it. He walked in as Tony managed to squash watermelon on your cheek and, upon seeing Steve enter, licked it off.

“Do you have to do that out here.” Steve snapped.

“Someone’s a little touchy today.” You laughed. Tony winked at you before getting up and leaving without another word. “What’s wrong with my Steve?” You said in a childish voice.”

“Nothing.” He replied blankly whilst leaning against the wall.

“You can tell me.” You said. You joined him against the wall and you both stood in silence. You got bored of waiting so pushed the topic. “You weren’t like this until me and Tony got together.” Steve snorted at this. He looked at you and for the first time in your life, you saw it. You saw how lovingly he looked at you. But he did nor said anything. Instead, his eyes just stayed locked onto yours. You were bored of waiting. “Oh for goodness sake. Kiss me already!” You groaned. Steve looked shocked and began stuttering, his cheeks turning red.

“But Tony-“

“Tony and I were trying to make you jealous. Which worked.” Steve looked taken back but after opening and closing his mouth a couple times, he finally stuttered.

“Does that mean I can take you out tomorrow night?”


Bits dancing bc of a video and also a comment by @sarchengseys here 

and also for a friend who this wouldn’t exist if not for her constant support of my neverending and shitty fanart thx babe ily

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you actually made the blog omF ITS SO CUTE HOW DARE YOU- ok no i love all your blogs because me make cute little buggers

/lmao yeah I couldn’t resist the idea, but I’m rly glad you like my blogs!

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❛Remember, your mind is the best weapon you have.❜


            HER  only response is a soft hum of agreement at first. The subtle upturn of deep red lips suggests an understanding has passed between them — something like a secret. Her mind has been a weapon she’s utilized well over the years, even if it’s often slipped the notice of her critics — or, as was the case with her mother, only invited scorn. While others partook in brutal raids and pointless wars, she’s worked tirelessly on more  broad  pursuits — and from what she can tell, she’s certainly having  the last laugh  . 

                  ❝   I will be sure to keep that in mind . … Pun intended.   ❞     

Rough day

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: UNPROTECTED SEX. Guys, wrap it before you tap it, really.

HIII!!! I saw you were taking requests and I would love a Bucky fluff/ smut were the reader is playful and funny and loves teasing Bucky, they have recently started dating and it was a surprise for the Avengers bc Buck is shy and reserved and the reader is all out going and fun. But one day Buck comes home from a difficult mission and she gets in his nerves and they end up having rough sex? Thank you! I love your blog!!!

A/N: Ok so, I apoogize to the person who requested for taking so fucking long. I just had no inspiration, and when I did, it was just a few days ago.

@orangepenguin5 @shelvesandwhelves @john-benderr @muffinz323@justcallmecinammon@sexyvixen7 @that1awkwardfangirl@sammiesamness @shamvictoria11

Steve, Natasha, Bucky and (Y/N) were at the platform where the quinjet was about to leave. Bucky was going on a mission. It wasn’t that dangerous, it wasn’t even hard, but for some reason, among the avengers there was a strange feeling.

“Take care, ok?” (Y/N) said as she tenderly caressed Bucky’s cheek trying to sooth him and shake off the soldier’s feelings. “Remember that I want you in one piece” Bucky leaned forward to capture her lips in his, eliciting an audible gasp from Steve and Natasha, his mates during the mission they were getting ready for. “Oh god, Natasha, and you call yourself a spy?” the (Y/H/C) haired teased.

“Barnes has never been good at demonstrating feelings, so I couldn’t really tell” Natasha pointed out with a shrug. “Anyway, I’m happy for you two. Barnes could definitely use some of your personality”

“Thanks, Natalia” Bucky sneered and rolled his eyes. “Take care you too, ok?” he looked at (Y/N) with concern. “I know you’ll be staying here, but still. Take care”

“Of course I will, Sergeant Barnes” (Y/N) replied happily as she stepped on her tippy toes to kiss James one last time.

“Don’t be so boring, baby” (Y/N) said with a childish voice as she pulled from Bucky’s hoodie.

She had been trying to get on Bucky’s nerves for quite a while. He had been home for a few hours only and all he wanted to do was sleep, not because he was tired, but because there was something about the job that kept him uneasy. The job was finished, but the way it had been was not right for him, and so he needed to rest, to think, to be alone for a few hours.

For the last 30 minutes she had been teasing him, but all the answers she got were plain “no” and groans of discomfort. Bucky was already sick of her, and he made it very clear.

“I already said no!” His voice was loud, and his eyes were shinning. (Y/N) knew she could take advantage of this situation; her eyes lit up and a mischievous smile spread across her lips. “You don’t wanna piss me off, (Y/N)”

“Oh really?” she asked back with the sexiest voice she could find. Bucky had her against the wall, and his nostrils moved as the air came out of his lungs quickly. (Y/N) bit her lip in anticipation as she looked up to him.

“Yeah, doll” Bucky’s voice changed, it was still very strong, but it was not angry, not even annoyed. His eyes had darkened, and his hot breath hit (Y/N)’s face. It was her doom, or at least, really close to it.

The hallway was silent, empty. Maybe the only thing that could see them were the surveillance cameras that Tony thought were never enough. Both Bucky’s arms were on each side of (Y/N)’s head, she could feel her heart trying to escape from her chest as it grew bigger each time she took in some air. The wall of muscles she had in front of her slowly came closer, leaning in to reach her lips, so close, but yet so far away.

Swiftly taking (Y/N) in his arms and over his shoulder, Bucky kept his way back to their dorm. After closing the door with his foot, he threw her over the mattress.


(Y/N) started to do as she was told. She lifted her hips to make her pants go down. Her bottom lip trembled, and her hands were shaking in pure nervousness. 9 out of 10 times, Bucky was all sweet, loving and caring when it came to love-making; that’s what they did most of the time. But that day everything was different. There was little love, if any at all. The way he stood so calmed, just like a storm before it raged. Soon after her pants were spread on the hardwood floor, her underwear and top followed. She was completely naked and anxious before the lustful eyes of Bucky Barnes.

“Good girl. Now open up for me.”

Her weak legs were spread wide on the bed. Bucky smiled devilishly and took his human hand to his mouth as if to think and ponder about life while (Y/N) was giving him the full view of her already throbbing pussy. He turned the lock without taking his animalistic eyes from (Y/N)’s. She felt like a deer that’s been dazzled by some bright lights, and Bucky was the predator ready to jump up on her and probably eat her alive.

In a matter of seconds, Bucky was already naked and hovering over (Y/N) and devouring her lips impatiently. His hands gently took hers, and not-so-gently instead, he placed them over her head, allowing no move from her at all, and as much as she tried to resist his tight hold, his metal hand that now held her wrists only gripped tighter.

With his free hand, he didn’t need to tease her at all, he didn’t want to either. He was so angry at everything that happened during the mission that the only thing he could think of was letting it all out with her, in her. And so he did.

Burying himself in her warmth and groaning at the tightness that hugged him so perfectly, he stayed motionless for a minute or two, allowing the both to adjust to one another. (Y/N) kept her eyes shut tight and toes curled while she tried to catch her breath. But it was useless. Bucky slowly started to pick up a pace that went faster each passing second. She wrapped her legs around Bucky’s waist and dug her ankles on Bucky’s buttocks to make him go deeper. Once in a while, Bucky would squeeze and knead her breasts as he pleased, making her moan and curse even louder.

He leaned in again to crash his lips against hers, roughly biting everything that his teeth could get to. His mouth moved down her jawline, continuing the harsh kisses and leaving marks all the way down her neck. Those would look awful the morning after.

The air of the room was thick, and besides from skin slapping against each other and the creaking bed, only moans and curses could be heard. Each huff Buck let out was his way of saying how hard the job was, how incredibly exhausted he was of avenging, and how frustrating everything seemed. He was just done for the night. Probably, the next morning he would be as if nothing ever happened.

Bucky let go of (Y/N)’s wrists and placed both his hands behind her neck to start thrusting faster and harder as she pleaded for more. Bucky felt indulgent that night, and he conceded every wish she had. (Y/N) felt far away from the earth. As he was usually sweet and tender, this roughness was new to her, and it felt beyond amazing, and she wondered why they hadn’t tried going a little rough sometimes.

She tried to announce her orgasm, but it came before she could possibly get the ideas straight. It was loud, it was glorious, it was dizzying, it was a hundred times better than any other time. Bucky pressed his sweaty forehead against her own sweaty as he kept pounding to finally release his warm cum just moments after her.

Their hot skins met when they breathed, and due to exhaustion, they decided to call it quits for the day really early. Bucky timidly asked if he could be the little spoon just for one night; after letting everything out at sex and being the one in charge, he needed some comfort and the safety that he didn’t have the control anymore. (Y/N) accepted happily, and when they slid under the covers, she crossed her arm over his side, and pulled his back closer to her chest.  She kissed his shoulder and dozed off in the hot air of the room and the strong smell of sex and manhood that Bucky expelled.

The next morning, as (Y/N) got out of the bedroom still a little sore, she got to the kitchen to get something to grab and take upstairs to eat with Bucky. She didn’t really see the people there until she heard a fake coughing that was most probably Steve.

“Didn’t see you guys” (Y/N) said carelessly as she placed things on a wooden tray. She took a look at the group and saw Clint and Tony holding back their laughter and Steve smacking them. “Whoa, you all look like shit, you didn’t sleep well?”

“I don’t think someone had a good sleep in this whole freaking town last night, (Y/N)” Tony said with a slight smile, obviously teasing her. The sight of her being in nothing but a huge hoodie that belonged to Bucky and having love marks on her neck was enough evidence of a long night awake for the three superheroes and probably, the whole city of New York. “You and Terminator are the loudest people on Earth. You’re gonna have to do something about the sound on that room of yours”

“What can I say?” (Y/N) shrugged with a sly smile on her face. “My man needed to let it out, and I was more than happy to help.”

“Yeah, no shit” Clint said in between teeth.