ok i love this one

Happy Endings

Pairing: Luke & You 

Words: 700+

Warning: sfw

Luke has a bad day and only you can replace his anger with happiness - fluff and playfulness ensues 

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ok so Lance giving this bouquet to Keith and he says “It reminds me of you.”

Keith rolls his eyes, “Let me guess, cheap and fake?”

“Oh no, the flowers are real and fresh, but I’m glad you can admit your flaws.”

Keith proceeds to scour the libraries and the depth of internet to find out what the bouquet means.

ok but i for one love the idea of the stereotypical team personalities now that we know what our leaders look like

candela: passionate, can bench press both the other leaders, lives off of red bull, will kick your ass if you make fun of her or the other two leaders

blanche: quiet, know-it-all, wears fake glasses when they battle just so they can do the anime glasses thing, can hot-wire a car in less that 2 minutes

spark: gentle, friendly, has a hard time controlling his volume, literally the embodiment of pure pokemon enthusiasm

i am all here for this

wickedlilrabbit  asked:

~*anon*~ /touches ur precious face/ UR A LITERAL BALL OF SUNSHINE IN THE WORLD EVER 2 EXIST. LIKE EVER. U BRING SO MUCH JOY 2 MANY PPL OK. thx 4 bein' my vitamin d :') ilysfm!!! u da best.

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        im frickin sunshine.    u heard it right from the Source, ppl.   no one can dispute this.  :’’’) 

Time for our kickass queen (princess/queen both honestly) to get her lovely outfits!!

Ok so I kinda think of this one as a Shallura dress bc it kinda works for both of them and combines their colours.

i gasped when i saw this tbh what a goddess