ok i look too happy

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Thank you for remembering Kinoshita and Narita in your karasuno art!!!

thank you for noticing them!!! 


Gongmyung always being supportive of NCT 127 and his small brother


Kihyun singing “Amen” to Wonho while holding his hands :’)


Anonymous asked: what do you ship yoona with the most?

Yoona x Food, of course! (I think you meant ‘who’ but 'what’ is okay too)


Harry Styles & Lily Collins [manips] + selfies

Patterns shirt boyfriends for reasons.
Quick draw because there’s not enough Ziall in the ‘ziall tag’ recently. : C
No song lyrics or story quotes today, but I do wanna say, that all you Ziall fans are lovely.  I may not be um..social with everyone, but I do love seeing you all active and creating for these two adorable boys. : ]


There’s so much that you gave to me, I know. Thank you. For you, who stayed by my side… I thought about it every night, but the only thing I can do is to sing for you, baby. 

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