ok i lied yes i did

first full listen through of trench: a list of my incomprehensible thoughts

  • jumpsuit is the perfect first track, still a banger almost 3 months later
  • that transition from jumpsuit to levitate: fuck me up
  • w̟̙͕ͅel͓͚̹̦̬͖co͉̳͉̳̳͖m̭e͍͎͚̼̹ ̦͈̠̲t͉͕̬̥̺o ͇̦t͉̥̟̠̖̦͓re̟͖͈ṉ̫̭͎c̼̩̯͇͚̗̩h̗̱͎͙͉̪͉

  • wtf this groovy beat in morph?????
  • the “i’ll morph to someone else” lines, so GOOD
  • that god damn chorus holy fuck, morph is amazing. the production is A+
  • chlorine has such a good beat, tyler sounds heavenly
  • the pre-chorus “running for my life” oh boy
  • ummmm the outro of chlorine?? self-titled vibes anyone?????
  • “you knew i had to do one on the record for you” TYLER KILL ME ur such a sweetie
  • 8 seconds into neon gravestones and i’m already fucked up
  • more self-titled vibes y’all!!!
  • a very haunting song with beautiful lyrics, a true tyler joseph song. well done.
  • the uke in the hype!!!!!
  • that bridge is going to be so good live, just imagine chanting that
  • good ol’ nico and the niners. much love xx
  • oh im getting slowed down ‘ride’ vibes from cut my lip???
  • bass line bass line bass line bass line
  • build up of vocals during the bridge, amazing
  • soft start to bandito, i love it. is it going to build up to something crazy??
  • ahhhh i love when tyler layers his vocals
  • oh boy here’s josh!! build it!!!
  • what????!?!?! this is not what i expected! THE SYNTHS, SO GROOVY
  • 5mins 31secs of perfection, bandito is so GOOD
  • “i’ve got a pet cheetah down in my basement, i’ve raised him, and bathed him and named him jason statham” ok tyler
  • ok fuck me up with that outro in pet cheetah
  • yes more groovy beats!! i love that they are exploring this style this time round
  • more uke in legend!!
  • ok now i’m sad, legend is about tyler’s grandfather. 
  • “i’m sorry i did not visit, did not know how to take it, when your eyes did not know me, like i know you” anyone who has someone in their life suffering from alzheimer’s or dementia will feel this. thank you tyler.
  • legend is the first song on the album to make me cry. those last lines fucked me up, it really made me think of my grandmother
  • “they know that it’s almost over” sad that i’m already at leave the city, the last song of the album :(
  • they’ll sing this before trees (like they did with goner)
  • layered vocals and build up during the bridge: i’m ready to die
  • “but this year, though i’m far from home, in Trench i’m not alone” i cried, they love us so much

i can’t believe tyler and josh have created something so beautiful, they exceeded every expectation that i had. every song is so damn GOOD (im too on edge to think of a better adjective). now excuse me to listen to this album for the rest of my days.


↳  a headcanon on how jungkook would be like as a werewolf

Originally posted by jjeonguk

pairing : jungkook | reader

genre : fluff / werewolf au

author’s note : this was fun to write :’)

  • boy this is going to be a rollercoaster ride
  • i’m up for it
  • anyways,
  • jeon jungkook is a born wolf alright
  • his father is the alpha of his huge pack
  • and his mother was turned when she and papa jeon fell in love like many many years ago lol
  • basically, jungkook has the ability to change form whenever he wants
  • be it full wolf, human or like half wolf (you know the one.)

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Favourite moment of Larry in 2012




Ok. I think…I’m going to say Louis’ 21st birthday party, because I think it’s really representative of how they were beginning to manage the closet and still be together. 

  • They invited Harry’s friends and family. To LOUIS’ birthday party. Yes, they are close coworkers, etc etc. But Zayn and Niall didn’t show up, nor did their friends and families.
  • They wore matching shirts.
  • Their moms took pictures together.
  • They planned it on a day 10 days before Louis’ actual birthday so that Harry could be there. Bonus points for it being the day after Taylor’s actual birthday and Taylor not getting an invite.
  • It was black tie.
  • Jay supposedly planned it, but Harry’s friends from home ended up on the guest list.
  • Liam came to third wheel so that it wouldn’t look quite so crazy obvious when Niall and Zayn didn’t come.
  • None of Eleanor’s friends or family were there. Eleanor didn’t post pictures like Harry’s friends and family posted pictures. Eleanor barely existed at the party.

They managed their schedules to make it work. They invited Louis’ and Harry’s close personal friends and families. Eleanor’s friends and family did not meet that standard. They tried really hard to pretend it was a very casual thing, but when you read between the lines, it’s like oh hello, they’re married. 

That’s what their Lifetime movie will be called. “Reading Between the Married Lines: the Harry & Louis Story.” 

Ok so I watched Disney’s zombies for a few reasons

  • There was A BOY CHEER CAPTAIN AND A WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER BOYS ON THE CHEER TEAM that’s Disney history I mean not as big as gay Cyrus but still Disney history
  • they were obviously trying to break a lot of gender stereotypes like come on in one scene you had a boy wearing pink and a girl wearing blue sitting right next to each other
  • If you try to tell me that boy with the poofy hair on the cheer team part of Buckys Entourage even though it’s not canon isn’t gay I will fight you
  • I mean ok yes this movie came out in black history month and that was 110% not a coincidence they did make a whole bunch of true points
  • The color sceme is awesome

Like I’m not the biggest Disney fan and I haven’t been since I was like twelve but I do sometimes still find myself on the Disney channel because of nastlgia and boredom reasons and this movie actually wasn’t that bad even though it was super cheesy and I’m still trying to figure out how the hell the zombies are ageing

ok here are the best parts of the bmc boot imo

  • ok More Than Survive was so good and here’s why
  • the choreography, esp the head banging on “is my macbook pro hard drive” and “in how to stay alive”
  • Jeremy’s encounters with the cool kids were so funny
  • Brooke? was just especially great and i can’t pinpoint why but do i really need to?? No
  • Christine doing the Absolute Most for the “Christiiiine” parts
  • Michael
  • the “boyf riends” reveal y'all
  • Michael egging Jeremy on to go sign up for the play
  • the rest of the cast moving all dream-like and then breaking that as soon as Rich says “GAYYYY”
  • the end! was so cool and energetic
  • ok the bit before I Love Play Rehearsal
  • “i’m joking!” “oh!.. well, i’m Jeremy.”
  • Jer hanging his head in shame after that
  • (the virgin jokes. they were funny come on)
  • alright now i liked Play Rehearsal before but seeing the visual has given me So Much More Love for that song
  • Stephanie Hsu is so amazing??? like Wow
  • ((can someone make a video with Play Rehearsal like that one vine with the ted talk but it’s just the guy inhaling))
  • Jeremy just looking dumbfounded and enamored the entire time
  • “there’s also a part of me, that wants to this! *THE THING™* SO I DID!!”
  • she’s literally all over the place i love it
  • and then after when everyone else shows up and the music plays upon their entrance
  • Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake
  • his fist pump when Mr. Reyes mentions the frisbee golf team (and those arms! wow! anyway)
  • Christine Needing A Hug after the Shakespeare thing
  • Jake trying to be all soft and deep when he talks to Christine and doing a Great Job
  • but then, “parting is such sweet…” “…sorrow.” “whatever!”
  • Jeremy’s Lament
  • okokok The Bathroom Encounter
  • Rich’s numerous hip gyrations were a big mood
  • Rich’s Lisp And Voice Cracking!!! idk if the voice cracking was done on purpose or not but either way,, Yes
  • when u heard that “FRESHman year” and u had to restrain urself from singing cause u had to Focus
  • Rich being genuinely sad about how lonely his penis was lol
  • when he was slowly rising from the floor while saying “then then then then then”
  • ((but did anyone else memorize the hand motions for the Squip Explanation part? no one? ok))
  • Jeremy’s high-pitched “what??” after Rich Explains
  • ok but i did not expect Rich to do that knee slide while he said “iiiiIIIT’S FROM JAPAAAAAAN” but honestly i should have
  • the Explanation again but more intense
  • Jer slowly realizing that he wants one of those Better Than Drugs
  • Jeremy repeating the Explanation
  • (i would like to take this moment to state how much i love Will Connolly’s voice!! omg)
  • Michael throwing himself backward/forward when they lost/had to pause
  • “oh. hi Michael.”
  • “will you be too cool for m- … video games?”
  • the Scary Stockboy is my dude tbh
  • “WE’RE SOLD OUT!” “…of shoes?”
  • “right this way, Miss, we just got in a lovely pair of pumps.”
  • what a guy lol
  • Michael getting all excited about crystal pepsi awww
  • Jake getting away with straight-up lying about meeting the rest of the cast bc he’s Jake Dillinger and who can be mad at him? not me, that’s for sure
  • ah, i love The Squip Enters. the way the Squip just *clenches fist* frickin Enters
  • no but fr it’s such a cool sequence man
  • #SaveJeremy
  • the cast going “aah! aah! aah! aah!” really adds to the drama of it all
  • I WAS Afraid the boot would end before the Squip would say “…your Squip.” but it didn’t! Bless
  • that part is so cool cause Jeremy is just like WHAT just happened and the Squip is just standing up there like “hi i’m here to ruin everything”
  • one more Best Part of the boot: ,, its existence. i’m forever grateful omfg

this was so long but feel free to add on!

yukhei » he won’t stop flirting with you

requests: “ok can we consider flirty bff lucas bc im so soft”

genre: fluff (this was not proof read so im sorry for any mistakes lmfao)


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  • yukhei is natural flirt
  • he loves seeing you blush from the things he says
  • but he loves it even more when you flirt right back
  • and carry along a little banter
  • it’s one of his favorite things about y’all’s relationship
  • imagine this

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SPN 13x23 review

So…I’m gonna start by saying that halfway this season I took an emotional step back from Supernatural the show (and the fandom too) and I’m glad I did because it’s made it far easier for me take everything in stride, you know? I am very sure that I would have enjoyed this episode a lot less if I was more emotionally invested in it, and if I hadn’t tempered my expectations A LOT (especially on the destiel front).

This episode was easy to watch. It was like easy listening, but for the eyes. No need to engage your brain. In fact, I think we can sum up the meta/subtext in this episode with one image:

Originally posted by jupiter2

Pretty much everything was surface level and there were zero surprises. But I’m OK with not being surprised, as long as the story actually makes sense, which I thought it did (and ok yes there is some stuff to meta about but still…not a lot).

Quick thoughts:

  • First of all: DING DONG THE DEVIL IS DEAD and it looks to be pretty fucking final. His character arc and purpose in the storyline also got wrapped up, so there’s zero reason to bring him back. It’s done. Over. FINALLY. I am so happy I don’t need to deal with Mark P or Lucifer ever again.

  • CSI: Supernatural (copyright Tink & Saz) was boring and didn’t need to be so loooong. I know it served a purpose in the Jack-Lucifer plot but pffffffffff

  • Gotta say, the two actors who blew me away this episode were Jensen (no surprise there….Give that man a fucking Emmy already) and Alex. That scene where Jack was beating himself up (literally and figuratively) was damned powerful. I almost cried. I’m so glad he survived and interested in finding out how his story will progress next season.

  • The scene between Dean and Jack was wonderful - great lines and well acted - but the moment should have gone to Sam.

  • I like what seems to be blooming between Mary and Bobby….seems very organic since they DID spend a lot of time together in the AU. I hope (for them) it goes somewhere good, but even if it doesn’t, they make a great team. And hey, they survived too - yay!

  • Dean wants to retire on a beach with Sam & Cas, pass it on! Such an improvement from when they were talking about the blaze of glory ending. ‘Course, we were saying this during last year’s finale too, but I’m glad this is still “on track”…gives me hope for a happyish ending one day when the show finally ends for good.

  • I actually quite liked all the scenes between Jack and Lucifer - FOR ONCE the stupid jokes were kept to a minimum and I could actually take Lucifer seriously. I like that he was given the chance to redeem himself, but in the end chose to stay “bad” and threw a silly tantrum when he didn’t get his way. Feels very true to the character. All the Luci stuff was good, tbh. But we deserved that after putting up with so much shit from him.

  • Also, Rowena and Charlie road tripping together? HELL YES! This definitely means we’ll see them again <3

  • I know it’s been talked to death already but whose TERRIBLE decision was it to do the last epic battle in the fucking air with wires? I should’ve been on the edge of my seat but instead I was just trying not to laugh. Completely undercut any tension. I totally blame singer because I’m sure they don’t put stuff like that in the script. Poor Jensen & poor Rob Hayter (stunt coordinator).

  • That final shot of Cas was heartbreaking. Misha killed it with that look. After having Dean pine over Cas (again) at the beginning of S13, I suspect we’ll get another role reversal (à la beginning of S10) next season. I was gonna sum up how many times they’ve had the one pine for/grieve the other and how they alternate, but honestly that’s been EVERY season since S6 so *shrugs* The wheels on the bus go…. :)

  • That final shot…Singer is officially trolling us and has zero fucks left to give. At this point he’s just rubbing it in everyone’s face (ew) how powerful he is on the show. Fuck him.

All in all, this ep had an EXTREMELY low body count, considering how many important characters were in the finale. It doesn’t feel like a depressing episode. Dean’s in trouble, but he isn’t dead. Sam, Cas & Jack will save him, because that’s what they do. They’ve been in worse situations. Honestly it feels a bit like the S11 finale in that respect, though of course there is a clear parallel between demon!dean and michael!dean. But the finales of S9, 10 and 12 were WAY more depressing than this.

There’s SO many things they can do in S14 - I mean, you realize that there’s no way the Michael thing is gonna last all season (or even half a season), right? There’s also no way he’s going to be the ONLY antagonist. They’ll probably do something with heaven and the angels, but their options are still wide open at this point. I hope that whatever they go for is better than the British MoL and Asmodeus, though…

Disappointing but unsurprising shit:

Cas being barely in the ep - they just had nothing for him to do and it showed. But at least he was there? *helpless shrug* *grimaces* Look I’ll take what I can fuckin’ get OK? At least they didn’t have him do any dumb or self-sacrificing stuff. And it just goes to show that he truly is part of the family. Evne if he didn’t have a vital function in the battle, he was there because he belongs there. That matters.

Destiel being barely in the ep: well…many of us suspected this as soon as we heard it got renewed (and probably for at least 2 more seasons, since they said nothing about next season being the last).

Look, they went SO far in the first 5 eps of S13. THEY WENT TOO FAR. Now they’re fucking stuck because if Dean and Cas have one honest convo together it would end with them horizontal doing the dirty (or vertical against a wall, I ain’t picky and neither is Dean).

As a consequence, they need to put the brakes on destiel because (and this is what I personally believe, if you believe differently that’s fine but please don’t come yell at me about queerbaiting because I’m not in the mood) it’s ENDGAME and right now endgame is very far away. But because they went full speed ahead in the beginning of this season, they now find themselves in a situation where they can barely progress Dean and Cas’ relationship because it’s so inherently romantic and they can’t progress that part of it. Which also means that they can’t progress parts of their individual character development because if they did that then there would be no reason for Dean and Cas not to come clean to each other. They HAVE to put on the brakes, but it feels so forced right now. They’ve written themselves into a damned corner. 

I’m still confident they’ll have destiel stuff planned for next season. I just don’t expect a big bang (pun intended) because I know they still need to drag that shit out. See, this is why I wanted it to end with S14. I’m getting real tired of stuff being dragged out…Also I really wanna see that final season because you know it’s gonna be so epic.

TL;DR: finale was unsurprising and kinda shallow but had some nice moments, lack of body count was great, Lucifer dying was the best thing ever, Bob Singer needs to retire to some tropical island and take his wife with him (Buckner can go as their carry-on), and S14 is still wide open in terms of mytharc

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Just IMAGINE! Rich, Bev and Stan walk into taco bell/ gas station at approx. 1:30 in the morning. That's all I got. It was fun while it lasted. ~Xoxo, Bus Friend Anon

  • richie is sleeping over stans house, in a sleeping bag on the hard floor, when he gets a craving for skittles at 1am
  • “psssttt, stan.”
  • “…”
  • “stan. stanny. staniel nathaniel who owns a spaniel named daniel”
  • “oh my god richie what” 
  • “come buy skittles with me”
  • richie watches the long lump that is stan, curled under his covers, roll over on his grand queen-sized bed. and thinks, for a second, that stan’s gonna get up. but all stan does is sleepily mumble “no” “why dont u just look for skittles up ur butt” and then laugh at himself. bc his weird sense of humour is just downright awful when hes tired
  • so richie pulls out his phone and decides to call bev
  • he would call eddie but he knows that eddie was up late studying and has an important test tomorrow morning and would probably kill him if richie woke him up now
  • (he lets himself enjoy the image of a sleepy, messy haired eddie glaring at him for a moment. with his cute nose all scrunched up and his lips in a pout)
  • (then he finds eddies name in his contacts, which is saved as ‘spaghetti😜🍑🍆💦❤️, and sends him a quick little good luck with ur test tomoz. ur gonna kill it. i miss ur cute face bc sometimes hes a good boyfriend. and bc he misses eddie bc of all the studying hes been doing lately. but then he adds also pls come over to mine after. for secks. bc hes richie)
  • anyway. then he calls bev and she picks up on the second ring and he basically goes “hey. im gonna get skittles wanna come” and shes like “do u mind if i stay in my pjs” and hes like “nah” and shes like “cool. see in 5 mins” and he hangs up and thinks that bevs maybe his best friend in the whole world
  • stan, from his little blanket cocoon: was that bev
  • richie, getting to his feet and wondering whether its illegal to not wear shoes in public or just rlly impolite (he can live with the latter): yeah
  • stan: ok im coming
  • richie: top ten anime betrayals
  • and thats how they end up at a gas station at 1:30am. bev in her pyjamas, richie with no shoes on, and stan completely dressed with his hair combed and shirt neatly tucked in
  • (they get kicked out bc the place had a self serve slushie machine and richie and bev stuck their heads under it and instructed stan to pour bright blue slushie into their open mouths)
  • (and stan did it) (complaining the whole time)
  • (but its stans idea to go to taco bell afterwards. which is probably the most chaotic thing that happens all night)
  • (they get kicked out of there too)

Boyfriend!Han (Jisung) 


  • Holy mother of all that’s soft
  • This is gonna be so cute 
  • What else would you expect it’s Jisung ffs
  • Lesgo!

Originally posted by softchangbinnie

  • Squirrel Jisung!
  • The angel of SKZ!
  • Is awkward as fuck with his crush
  • Doesn’t know what to do tbh
  • He’ll talk real quick with you and just blurt the most random ish
  • And then he’ll get embarrassed for saying certain things and cover his very pink face with a laugh
  • All he wants in life is to see you smile and that is it
  • His day had been made
  • Will giggle like a little girl if you laugh because of him
  • Because him being the reason for your happiness makes him go !!!!!!!!!
  • He’s gonna be so stuttery when he confesses to you
  • “Umm… s-so we’ve been uhh… getting really c-close recentl-ly a-and umm… well I guess I w-was just wandering if uhh… you’d like t-to hang out s-some time? Like… as more then friends?”
  • Dies on the inside because holy shit, dude, could you be anymore embarrassing?!
  • But you laugh and immediately say yes so it’s all cool
  • Mentally makes a sound that would be a keyboard smash?
  • And on the outside is like “OH! OK! WOW! COOL! SEE YA LATER THEN!”
  • yes hello, police? Han Jisung has stolen my heart send help please

Originally posted by jisung-i

  • He wanted your first date to e something fun and origninal
  • So he chose go-kart racing
  • Boi
  • You both got so competitive
  • You did multiple rounds because BEST OUT OF THREE
  • You made bets for the loser
  • The last round you to were neck-on-neck
  • And Jisung’s reeeaaalllllyyyy didn’t want to jump into the freezing cold lake if he lost
  • But he wanted to treat you to food so badly
  • So he purposefully lost the last round
  • And gave a very smily you your prize food
  • While dripping and shivering slightly
  • You gave him like half the food and wrapped a bunch of towels around him so he was still a very happy bub by the end of the day

Originally posted by hyyunjinn

  • Your other dates were just as fun
  • You once dared reach other to Rollerblade through a shopping mall
  • It didn’t really end well?
  • But you both left with smiles on your faces so meh
  • Wasn’t nervous at all to hold your hand
  • Because he already knows how much he adores you and he’s so proud to be able to hold your hand like “Ye that’s right, I’m dating the most amazing person on the planet!”
  • Your first kiss surprised tf out of you
  • You literally just walking home from a date
  • Hand in hand with bright smiles
  • You were talking about some random whatever, scaring passers-by but y'all didn’t care
  • And you both ended laughing so hard you doubled over and stopped walking
  • You looked up to be inches apart, staring directly into each other’s eyes
  • And Jisung just thought fuck it and kissed you
  • Making your heart stop like BOI THAT SCARED ME
  • And then he just casually beamed at you and kept walking
  • He smooth af

Originally posted by realstraykids

  • The rest of SKZ are going to be so freaking soft with you awww
  • They’re gonna ask how you can deal with such a loud crackhead and still stay healthy
  • Which will lead Jisung to yell angrily at them
  • Literally the first thing they do when your introduced as Jisung’s s/o, is group hug you to welcome you like they all love you right off the bat
  • And Jisung is close to tears because damn his best friends on the planet love his fav person is awesome

Originally posted by kkamist

  • Man is he ever protective over you
  • Not in a bad way tho no no!
  • It’s a subtle soft protectiveness
  • If someone comes up to you and starts making you feel uncomfortable
  • He’ll gently wrap his arm around you to remind you that he’s there and he’ll keep you safe
  • And he’ll walk away with you and keep you calm until you’re alright
  • If you’re ever feeling down he’ll be there with your favourite food and movies
  • And y'all will binge watch movies through the night
  • And Jisung won’t be satisfied until you smile and/or laugh

Originally posted by rxxkjina

  • He’s also surprisingly in control if you’re sick
  • If you text him that you’re not feeling well or if you sound stuffy when you’re calling him
  • He’ll round up some medicine
  • Cough drops
  • Some good soup
  • And will hightail it to your place
  • With a mask on of course, he can’t get sick too
  • SKZ sometimes get frustrated because “come tf on we have a schedule!”
  • But he’ll just shrug and say “I’ll be half an hour tops”
  • He’s back 2 hours later but at least you feel better afterwards
  • But sometimes he can feel down as well
  • Tired, stressed and angry at pretty much everything
  • He’ll get pretty snappy at you when this happens
  • He’s a bit loud when you argue
  • He’s very vocal anyway so when he’s angry he’s not afraid to let it show
  • He’ll yell during a fight
  • At some point he’ll cross a line, maybe scaring you enough to make you take a step back with wide eyes
  • And he’ll immediately realise he’s gone too far
  • So he’ll slowly walk towards you, so as not to spook you
  • And very carefully wrap his arms around you as if to protect you from what he’s just said
  • And he’ll rest his head against yours
  • “Sorry”, he’ll say. “I know I say retched stuff when I’m grumpy…. please know I’d never want to hurt you”.
  • And you’d both sit together on the couch and cool off watching a Disney movie Disney makes everything better don’t @ me

Originally posted by realstraykids

  • Right back to fluff!
  • Jisung loves doing his Doraemon impression juste to see you smile
  • Even if you roll your eyes at the same time
  • He tries to get you to watch horror movies with him and most of the time you’re like ‘fuck nah’
  • If you actually do watch scary movies he’s gonna fuck with you
  • When there’s a tense bit he’ll suddenly flinch or yell scaring the shit out of you
  • You try to smack his arm as he cries from laughter cause he’s an asshat but you still love him
  • You both try to learn a bunch of songs by Zico
  • He learns the raps so much faster than you so he helps you to learn them too
  • He’ll flip his top of you come over with cheesecake or chocolate
  • You’ll have his heart forever
  • And you’ll make SKZ infinitely jealous heh

Originally posted by strgaykids

  • His wallpaper becomes not only a selca
  • But a selca with you
  • He loves texting little updates of what he’s doing
  • He usually send pictures with his updates
  • A lot of pics are of food
  • Or selcas
  • He’ll sometimes sneak photos of the other members when they don’t expect it too
  • And SKZ can’t stand how in love you two are they always make gagging sounds if you’re too close
  • But they’re low-key happier than Jisung
  • Because they just look at his face
  • And see the huge smile he has whenever his eyes are on you
  • Or the giggle he lets out when he gets a text from you
  • So they’re okay with it

Originally posted by minhomygod

  • You both try to cook lunches for the following days for SKZ
  • You’re both surprisingly gifted when you work together in the kitchen, and you usually successfully have 10 lunches the next morning
  • Sometimes Jisung’s too busy to cook in the evening so you end up trying to make stuff yourself
  • It doesn’t seem to turn out as good as when he helps
  • But at least he and the boys will have a great lunch

Originally posted by taeyomi

  • He’s pretty hesitant at first to meet your parents 
  • But he’s super touched that you wanted to have lunch with them and invite him to join you
  • “Are you sure? I mean I trust you but… I don’t know”.
  • Questions a bit if he’s a good bf
  • Really nervous when you’re supposed to meet up
  • But he quickly relaxes
  • And acts like himself, charming your family
  • Afterwards he’s super excited to introduce you to his own family 
  • Gets you to meet his brother first because he couldn’t wait for you to get along
  • And just fanboyed over how well you both got along
  • He loves his famalam and you so the two together just makes him go !!!!!!!!! 

Originally posted by jisung-i

  • This boy can’t help but squeal when he sees you wearing his clothes
  • He purposely leaves a ton of jumpers at your place so that you can wear them whenever
  • If you walked up wearing one he just bolts towards you and tackles you in a big hug, giggling madly
  • He loves snuggling close to you in the evenings as you eat popcorn and play a random and calm board game
  • He gets you fuzzy blue socks
  • Don’t fight me
  • So now you both wear your fuzzy socks together awww
  • He’ll end up falling asleep on your shoulder because he’s so tired
  • But it’ll be with a faint smile because he’s with his favourite person

Originally posted by bangchan-s

  • It  doesn’t take long for Jisung to say ‘I love you’
  • Just because he’s so so sure of himself
  • There’s no room for doubt in his mind
  • So he shocks you a bit when he suddenly says in the evening
  • “You know I love you so much right? Like, a lot. Just so you know”.
  • And you sit there like wtf that was so casual how even 
  • And he’s over the moon when you say it back, shook as you are
  • He just smiles like the sunshine boy he is and hugs you super tightly, sighing softly with how happy he feels

Originally posted by straykidsgheis

  • He went public about your relationship pretty early on as well
  • Maybe 6 months?
  • Because again, he was sure he wanted to spend his life with you
  • And everyone flipped tf out with happiness
  • Reminder: in this fandom, we support the members and any relationship they could have in the future, there ain’t no room for haters and if you criticise the boys for that shit, y'all can fuck right off
  • So we have a super happy bean
  • Happy SKZ
  • And a happy world
  • It’s so perfect 

Originally posted by realstraykids

  • this GIF ended me 

I know I’ve been so inactive but I’m starting to catch up aND MY NEW LAPTOP ARRIVED TODAY SO I CAN FINALLY WRITE AGAIN HELL YE

Also I’m so pissed that there aren’t enough Jisung GIFs on here >:( MAKE MORE HAN JISUNG GIFS PLEASE AND THANK YOU


I promised didn’t I



  • It happens in Andrew’s (and Aaron’s and Nicky’s and Kevin’s) Junior year AKA Matt’s Senior year (I think?? He only has a year on them??? Isn’t he the year under Dan??? I have no idea??? I’m just making this up now????)
  • Anyway
  • So it happens then
  • It’s after practice and all week (month) Kevin has been ripping Andrew’s throat out more and more for his ice cream addiction addiction nd smoking
  • And now he’s getting really sharp - like unnecessarily sharp considering ITS NOT EVEN THE START OF THE SEASON YET - with the team
  • And everyone is pissed at him
  • And he gets really bitchy and personal
  • “Nicky stop whining about not getting any sex if you put that energy to use we would have a much better defense line”
  • “Aaron stop making such a big deal of the fact you’re doing pre-med ok right now your brain should only be on exy”
  • “Neil stop thinking and worrying about things that happened years ago with your mother she’s dead it doesn’t matter now”
  • “Matt stop thinking about Dan and the last time you got laid if you actually paid attention to your own life instead of hers maybe she would actually get the chance to miss you”
  • “Andrew stop focusing on your nightmares I know you’re having them again but it’s not even November so wtf just forget about it all that matters now is exy and if you would actually put some effort into not letting yourself go manic you might actually improve in goal”
  • And everyone is staring by this point
  • Cause wtf Kevin
  • Andrew automatically reaches for his knives cause fuck this
  • “Don’t bother reaching for your knives ok they’re stupid you never actually use them stop trying to act so big”
  • And everyone is lost cause WHAT THE FUCK
  • And Andrew just stares at Kevin cat-like, blinks, then looks around him to Matt who clearly want to punch Kevin something
  • And the lil kitten just says “Yes, Matt.”
  • Matt blinks at him in surprise cause he so understood that but like did that actually happen
  • But Andrew isn’t looking at him anymore cause he’s already going towards the changing rooms
  • So Matt just goes “fuck it Neil’s here anyway” and punches Kevin (Kevin turned round to follow Andrew but automatically looked at Matt when the taller man walked over)
  • Like a proper right hook
  • Kevin stumbles almost falling over
  • And matt is like fuck yes
  • But he doesn’t push his luck
  • So he puts his hands up and walks to the changing room, calling out “thanks Andrew!”
  • And everyone is staring
  • Neil quickly goes to the changing room to make sure Andrew doesn’t change his mind and stab Matt
  • Cause that wouldn’t be good
  • But when Andrew comes back out and sees the bruise forming on Kevin’s face he just blinks and looks away again
  • And doesn’t stab Matt
  • Kevin glares and gets snappy at practice from then on but doesn’t get personal with his remarks again
  • At least for a while anyway
Moriarty trying to use you to hurt Sherlock would include

James (Jim) Moriarty trying to use you to hurt Sherlock Holmes would include…

Originally posted by damnmuse

Gif not mine

  • Moriarty would find you in a coffee shop or library, somewhere you are alone
  • He would try to act like someone else and talk casually to you
    • like when he was gay boyfriend Jim
  • Obviously you know it’s him right away
    • J: “Hello, is this seat taken? My name is Jim-”
    • Y: “Moriarty. Yeah I know.”
  • He’d be surprised and wouldn’t know what to do next, he wants to follow his plan and the only changes come from him. He is changeable to a fault (His only one)
  • He’s not even subtle anymore
    • J: “How? How did you know who I was?”
    • Y: “Seriously? You did this at Bart’s, pretending to be a civilian. Why else would some stranger named Jim or James approach me, a friend of Sherlock Holmes’s?”
  • He has to stop and regroup because you made him realize that he made an amatuer mistake
    • J: “Okay, come with me and I maybe won’t kill you right away.”
    • Y: “Yeah, ok, sure.”
    • J: “… What? You’re just going to come? You are willingly being my hostage against Sherly?”
    • Y: “Well, yes. It should prove to be interesting, I’m bored, and I had no other plans for the day. Why not?”
  • He ends up being so confused about you, a goldfish as normal as any other, nothing special about you, is ruining his plans so flawlessly
  • He gets angry
  • And pouty
  • He just stands up and walks away
    • Y: “Hey! Where are you going?”
    • J: *Just keeps walking*
    • Y: “C’mon! I’m bored! What about hurting the great Mr. Holmes!?! James~! I thought what we had was special?!?”
  • The rest of the day he’s coming up with a new plan to get you that will actually scare you.
  • The res of the day you wear a smug smile
    • Sherlock asks why you’re so happy
    • You just tell him you met someone interesting
  • This makes Jim even more upset
    • You didn’t find him important enough to tell Sherlock about
    • What did he do wrong?
Fluff Dialogue Prompts

Hey guys! Thanks so much for 500 followers!! I want to do a sort of prompt “marathon” all this week (or until I run out of requests) to celebrate! But I couldn’t find any existing prompt lists that I already wanted to do so I made my own lmao

Send in a number and a ship/character(s)! I tried get a good mix of prompts that could be romantic or non-romantic so that there’s more chance for variety

(Yes, 41-50 are McElroy quotes I’m sorry ok i’m shameless)

  1. “You made this for me?”
  2. “Aw, you’re blushing.”
  3. “Uh oh, I know that look. What do you want?”
  4. “Let me help you with that.”
  5. “I don’t want to forget this moment.”
  6. “Dance with me.”
  7. “Are you really flirting with me right now?”
  8. “You did what?!”
  9. “No way, that’s so lame.”
  10. “What the fuck are you wearing?”
  11. “Well, this is awkward.”
  12. “You’re late.”
  13. “Remind me to kill you later.”
  14. “Stick that in your juice box and suck it.”
  15. “Get down from there!”
  16. “I’ll race you”
  17. “I didn’t know you could do that!”
  18. “When I die I’m gonna haunt the fuck out of you.”
  19. “Wanna grab a bite to eat?”
  20. “Am I dreaming?”
  21. “You’re warm”
  22. “In my defense, it seemed like a good idea at the time.”
  23. “I think we need more glitter.”
  24. “I guess today’s my lucky day.”
  25. “Ugh, don’t remind me.”
  26. “Did you just throw a tree branch at me?”
  27. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
  28. “Oh, that’s because I won.”
  29. “Well, you already know my go-to solution for things like this.”
  30. “What’s that smell?”
  31. “I can’t say I’m surprised.”
  32. “That’s a good look for you.”
  33. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
  34. “Is that my shirt?”
  35. “What did you think of me when we first met?”
  36. “I’m not eating that.”
  37. “Don’t ask questions, just follow me.”
  38. “Since when do you know how to knit?”
  39. “Aw, you missed me.”
  40. “Oooo, you’re in trouble.”
  41. “You wanna sleep? Coward.”
  42. “Here’s a thought: actually, fuck this.”
  43. “Did you know aliens can hear your every thought?”
  44. “This fucking game is garbage from a toilet.”
  45. “Do you know how to curse a Nerf sword?”
  46. “Oh, gross-a-rooney.”
  47. “I know, you fucking wet egg.” 
  48. “I mean, shit dude, I ate the shorts hard on this one.”
  49. “I do love you, I don’t enjoy you.”
  50. “Kids’ll say the shittiest things.”

I’m gonna be writing shorter things for these so send in multiple ones if you want! This is a marathon, I wanna churn out as many as I can!

|Again| A Han Scenario

Okkkkkkkk  so henlo. How is everyone? I hope good. I finally have time to write, I have been super busy. So I have like 5 or 6 request that I’ll be working on in the next couple of weeks.

Word Count: 586

Requested: Yes

Originally posted by realstraykids

Really? Him?

  • OK 
  • So you had been working at JYP for about 6 months
  • You were an assistant to some of the choreographers
  • You helped in classes when needed 
  • Or you did small things for them when needed
  • You had spent the last month helping with the new group Stray Kids
  • They were getting ready for their first comeback
  • And every person available to help was doing just that
  • You had been helping come up with some of the sidetracks choreos
  • They wanted to perform two other songs that weren’t the title
  • And you had been tasked with helping them make those two dances
  • You had grown close to the boys rather quickly
  • They were all upbeat and happy
  • They were all hilarious too
  • But you had taken a liking to the way a certain Han Jisung could make you laugh
  • It could be the dumbest thing ever said
  • But he made it funny
  • And you didn’t know how he did it either
  • You had to admit that you had some kind of feeling for the boy
  • But come on
  • There was no way he would like you back
  • At least that’s what you thought
  • But what you didn’t know was that Jisung had fallen head over heels for you
  • The other boys were starting to get fed up of how much he would talk about you
  • Like he wouldn’t shut up about you
  • So the boys decided to talk to you about it
  • And after spilling your guts to Felix they devised a plan
  • Now they did let you in on the plan
  • They were going to make Jisung jealous
  • Now you were kind of against it
  • You were still positive he didn’t like you
  • So the boys set the plan into motion the next day
  • They came into practice 
  • And the entire time Jeongin was hanging off of you like a baby koala
  • Now you were a couple months older than him
  • And Jisung was ready to throw hands if he heard Jeongin cutely call you noona one more time
  • Jisung had tried to keep cool during practice
  • But he was not having it
  • Jeongin knew how he felt
  • Anyways
  • Practice ends and the boys start to leave
  • But Jisung stayed back claiming he needed help with a move he couldn’t get
  • You had walked over to get a drink from your bag
  • But before you could you were turned around
  • You looked up at Jisung who was a little bit taller than you
  • He looked at you for a moment before leaning in fast and planting a small kiss on your lips
  • Now that caught you very off guard
  • “I’m sorry I couldn’t help it. Jeongin really got my blood boiling earlier and I was so mad and I just didn-”
  • “Jisung, do that again”
  • He looked at you for a moment before placing a longer kiss on your lips
  • It lasted for a while before air became a desperate need
  • You pulled away and you were quiet for a moment
  • “Jisung I don’t like Jeongin. I like you if that wasn’t already obvious”
  • He let out an adorable giggle
  • “Yeah I kinda figured that out


  • Felix pushed Chan as he tried to get a look into the room you and Jisung were in
  • “What do you think they’re doing?”
  • “It could be anything”
  • “Not anything. Jisung is to loud”
  • A collective ‘true’ rang out as the boys continued to push around and try to figure out if their plan had worked

OK so I know it’s really short but I love it a lot. It’s adorable. Love you all- Kenah<3


Jaemin Does Your Vlog’s Voiceover

Title: Jaemin’s My Boyfriend Does My Voiceover Challenge

Author: Admin Kay

Genre: Fluff

Artist: Jaemin (NCT)


A/N: I’m so sorry this is short! It’s just that Jaeminnie is so sweet I couldn’t make it outrageously funny..

Originally posted by kunq

  • Your fans begged
  • begged
  • for Jaemin to do this
  • They love Jaemin so much
  • He was more than happy to tho
  • ok now the video   
  • “hi guys its Jaemin”
  • “ohmygosh she’s so cute how did i land her”
  • “okokokok she’s starting”
  • “shes spreading something on her face”
  • “the bottle says primer??”
  • “ok now that that’s all rubbed in, it’s time for bb cream?”
  • “we use the same kind”
  • “its so nice and thin”
  • “Ok she’s taking a big brush and spreading it all over her face”
  • “Ok now shes taking bronzer and putting it on her bones”
  • “So pretty”
  • “Some glow”
  • “So she’s taking two eyeshadows”
  • “the darker one looks like shes stabbing her eyeball”
  • “Baby did you STAB YOUR EYEBALL”
  • “im gonna tell Jeno how metal my girlfriend is later”
  • “sometimes i ask for y/n to put eyeliner on my so i too can have angel wings”
  • “shut up you do it for ‘couple selcas’ Jaemin”
  • “Ok youre right”
  • “oh my god eyeliner is art”
  • “my gf is an artist”
  • “But she’s also art?”
  • “lipgloss!!”
  • “she looks so kissable in lipgloss”
  • “baby come and give me a lil kiss”
  • “jaEMIN”
  • “pleaseee”
  • “…”
  • “fine”
  • “yaY”
  • “ohmygod look at her”
  • “her eyesmile is better than jeno’s”
  • he texted jeno later to tell him that he’s sorry
  • “Hey look it’s mee”
  • “We’re cute”
  • “Ok guys that’s all! Subscribe to y/n’s channel and if this video gets to 10,000 likes I’ll do her makeup and do ‘shy shy shy’”
  • “Jaemin did you plan this so you can be in more videos”
  • “…maybe”

A/N: I posted this on my personal on accident omg im screaming!!

Spawn of Satan | L.L.

Pairing: Loki x Black!Reader

Warning: Sexual references, that’s it.

Requested by @seven-magic-sins: “OK but 2, 33, and 48 would be hilarious with Loki.”


  • (2) “Is there anything better than pussy? Yes, a really good book.”
  • (33) “Babe, we did it! You’re gonna be a father!” “Babe, I’m reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. What do you want?”
  • (48) “You’re all going to Hell. Goodbye.”


Originally posted by notetoself-justdont

“You know, I sometimes get the feeling that you dread having sex with me.” I whined as I fell face first on to the sofa across from where Loki relaxed in his recliner.

He huffed in what I could describe as annoyance from my constant distractions. “Pet, what on Earth are you talking about?”

“I see that you that you’ve learned a few more Midguardian phrases. That’s progress.” I mumbled into one of the couch pillows. “You can do that but refuse sex from me again and you’re the one who wants a child.” That time, my voice lowered so he wouldn’t hear me. But knowing of Loki’s abilities, he probably heard that remark. I sat back up to look him in the face with an expression that possibly defined my saddened mood. “Honey, I’m talking about our sex life.”


“Is there something wrong with it? With me? Because if there is, just let me know and I can fix it.” I pleaded like a student attempting to search for an easy solution in fixing their plunging grades in college.

“Y/N, there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s just… this book is getting extremely good!” my husband admitted, holding Twilight in the air. “I have passed the chapter where Isabella Swan interrogates Edward Cullen on his traits as a vampire. Now, we move on to where their relationship stands as a future couple.”

I rolled my eyes at his enthusiasm that overlooked my desperate measures in producing a child. Our child. “You make it sound like reading is way better than having sex.”

“Well, is there anything better than pussy? Yes, a really good book.” Loki responded, his eyes now trained on the words of the thick novel again. “Just go masturbate like you normally do when I’m gone.”

“Mastur— when you’re g— who said I did that!” I stuttered out. It was true. When Loki left for missions with his brother, I pleasured myself like the helpless wife I was. I would question his knowledge about my private time to myself but then I remembered that my husband was full of tricks. After all, he was the God of Mischief.

“Don’t act so surprised Love. A husband can’t help but to worry about his wife when he’s away. Luckily for me, I can check up on you whenever I please.” He tore his eyes away from the book to smirk at me before shifting them back to their focus. “And I always seem to catch you at your most vulnerable moments.”

My distraught stare turned into one of annoyance. I stood up from my pathetic position on the couch, placing both hands on my hips. “Fine. If masturbating for the creation of a child is the solution, then so be it. I’ll do it by myself.” I turned on the balls of my feet and marched out of the living room to our bedroom. “Good Lord, I hope our child— excuse me, my child— has my looks and everything.”

It was when I was at least a good two feet away from entering our shared bedroom did Loki speak up again but in a firm tone. “Now, you wait one good minute.” he demanded, “You want to make our baby right now?”

“‘Our’ baby? But I thought it was mine? After all, I’m masturbating to produce it by myself. When was it ever yours?”

I watched as he grasped his bookmark and placed it inside the pages of Twilight before he stood up to make his way towards me. All the while, I held a grin that acknowledged I had won him over.

“Pet, you know masturbation does not produce a child.” he whispered once in front of me.

“I know.” I replied with the same volume.

“Then why be such a child about this?”

“I figured you would remember about my ovulation this week.” I breathed.

His eyes widened in realization. “Oh my God, I forgot.”

“Well,” I shrugged. “What’re you waiting for?”

It’s been at least a month and a half of my period not arriving like it should. It’s also been a month and a half of Loki forgetting our one wish as a married couple. While he sat and read another notorious novel, I ran out of our shared apartment for some more personal items and of course, a pregnancy test.

I arrived back at the apartment and immediately began the process of a pregnancy test. All the while, Loki was oblivious to my obnoxious actions and kept on reading one of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels. Three pregnancy tests later and I wore the biggest Cheshire the Cat grin any human being could muster when finding out ecstatic news. Grabbing all three tests in my hands, I rushed out of the bathroom to where Loki sat.

Babe, we did it! You’re gonna be a father!” I exclaimed once I stood in front of him.

Babe, I’m reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. What do you want?” Loki responded, looking up at me with a pair of reading glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose.

I didn’t repeat myself, only shoving the tests in his face. All seriousness and frustration from my interruption washed itself away and was replaced with pure shock and happiness.

“No.” he whispered.

“Yes baby.” I breathed.

And for the first time, since Loki had begun reading Midguardian books, I watched his hands get rid of a novel by tossing the thick book down to the wooden flooring. He stood up to embrace my figure with his strong arms and spun me around.

“We did it! We did it!” He repeated into my shoulder. All I could do was cry in happiness. He placed me back down so my feet made contact with the cool floor again. “This calls for a celebration

I furrowed my brows. “What? No, Loki. No more sex. We already created one, I don’t wanna—”

“No Love, not sex. A celebration with our friends.”

“Friends?” Before I could ask what he meant by that, I watched him reach for his phone on the coffee table. “Loki?”

He placed the device close to his ear. “One second Pet.”

We waited at least two months after the discovery to reveal the news to the rest of our friends. In other words, our family. Loki reminded me of a child itching to tell their friends what they received for Christmas as the days went by. Me, on the other hand, I was excited to reveal the news but smart about it. If something were to happen to the child, I didn’t want to give everyone’s hopes and dreams up of a new member. So, we visited doctors and were confirmed that I was indeed pregnant and having a baby.

A small get together was held at our apartment, Loki all smiles as everyone congratulated him. I was congratulated as well but my husband received the most praise and I couldn’t be happier for him. Once upon a time, he was the villain people believed would never change and rot in Hell. Oh, how they were proven wrong once I became a prominent figure in his life.

“So, Reindeer games is going to be a father. How surprising.” Tony commented, swishing his drink around in his glass. By now, the room only consisted of Tony, Clint, Thor, Natasha, Bucky, Steve, my husband, and I. Everyone else had dispersed for the evening.

“Oh my Lord, Tony.” I sighed as I rolled my eyes and threw my head back to rest on the back of our sofa. “Don’t start.”

“Don’t start what?” Although I wasn’t looking at him anymore, I could make out the amusement in his tone.

“Yeah, don’t start what?” Loki repeated. He was confused.

“Tony, shut up.” I chuckled as I stood up from my spot and headed to our small kitchen to began cleaning up our mess. Natasha joined in to help.

“Funny how you know exactly where I’m headed with this.” Tony continued, the humor never leaving his casual tone that would most likely aggravate my husband if he proceeded to speak about what was to come.

“I’ve been working with you for ten years now, Tony. I definitely know when you’re gonna fuck shit up.”

“Language. Tony, no.” Steve reprimanded the billionaire and I like we were his children. In a way, we were because for ten years, Tony and I behaved like younger siblings without the supervision of our parents. Now that Steve was in the picture, our antics had toned down a bit.

“We’re not allowed to predict the future of Loki’s children? Not one thing.”

Someone behind Natasha and I nearly choked on the beverage they consumed. Whoever it was had the same idea as Tony. Jokes would’ve been appropriate any other time but if it was anywhere close to Loki’s past, no one even chuckled.

“Last I remembered, the man tried hypnotizing me with his scepter. Who’s to say that his own child won’t do that to me?” Tony spoke.

“Uh, for your information, that already happened. Exhibit A: me.” Clint spoke up. At that statement, I couldn’t help but to laugh at the accuracy of his words. “While I’m happy for the guy, I’m afraid his child’s going to hypnotize me if I refuse to play dress up with them. God so help us all.”

“I’m right here, you know.” Loki spoke up. However, no one acknowledged him because by now, everyone was chipping in to bring back all of the havoc he had caused over the years of his villainous days as our opponent but in a happy manner.

“Let’s not forget his shapeshifting moments either. If the Spawn of Loki inherits his abilities, imagine how stupid we’re gonna look when we think we’re talking to Loki.” Clint laughed, all of us joining in.

“Tea’s gonna be spilled all day everyday.” I guffawed. “Dudes gonna probably break my favorite China set and tell my child not to say a word but watch this snitch come back in my own husbands form and tell me what Loki did!”

The volume in our laughter grew to the point where a couple of us were leaning over our seats and rest were holding their stomach to suffice the pain occurring. All the while, Loki pouted like the big child he was.

“Oh, come on Love,” I cooed as I made my way over to him and placed my hands on his pale cheeks, “we were only joking.”

“Sure you were. I’m certain picking all of my flaws out as predictions for our future children is a joke to you all.”

“Hey, you brought that on yourself buddy.” Clint spoke from behind.

Thor’s hearty chuckle was heard as well. “He’s right Brother. You’ve brought Hell on us in the beginning and look where we are.”

“It’s their way of showing you their love.” I threw him a gentle smile. His eyes pierced into mine, sparkling with the adoration he always held when my presence was near.

I opened my mouth to speak but what quieted by Loki’s dry tone. “You’re all going to Hell. Goodbye.” He tore himself away from me to step behind. “Out with you all, leave. I don’t want you hear anymore. Be gone.”

I giggled at my husbands childish actions as he shoved each and every guest member out of our apartment. Grumbles were heard and sincere apologies (from Steve, of course) were made. As soon as the last person exited and the door was loudly shut, Loki faced me again. My laughter grew in volume as he stalked back to me with a smirk on his face.

“And what do you find so funny you little Minx?” he whispered, placing his hand underneath my chin to gaze up at him.

“You’re adorable when you’re irritated.” was all I said before pecking his lips.

older brother! wonwoo

with a dash of possible boyfriend!mingyu

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best friends with: kim seungmin
  • request: basically just skz as best friends!! i will do a single post for each member
  • genre: fluff
  • pairing: kim seungmin x reader (platonic)
  • type: bulletpoint imagine
  • word count: 432
  • series: chan | woojin | minho | changbin | hyunjin | jisung | felix | seungmin | jeongin

Originally posted by raspberryminho

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Fangs Fogarty Headcanon

» What if Fangs Fogarty Loved Aquariums?

  • Fangs Fogarty, like all Serpents, is a tough guy. There’s no denying it
  • He knows how to handle a knife, he knows how to build a bomb, he knows how to win a fist fight
  • But what a lot of people don’t know is that he ABSOLUTELY LOVES AQUATIC LIFE
  • You guys have been best friends since forever, so you know about his obsession with marine life
  • And because you guys are best friends, he always hits you up when he wants to go to the aquarium
  • “Hello?” “AQUARIUUUMMM!” “Oh hey Fangs.”
  • Fangs just knows everything about aquatic life it’s in sa n e
  • And even if you’ve gone to the same aquarium a million times, and learned so much about an animal, Fangs still has new facts for you to learn. It’s unbelievable really
  • “Hey did you know that a clownfish-” “Can lay up to 1000 eggs? Yes, I know. You told me.” “Actually I was going to say that a male clownfish can change its gender but ok.” “WAIT WHAT?!”
  • Honestly, you still don’t know how it surprises you, he does it all the time
  • Journeys to the aquarium were frequent™
  • Resulting in you guys knowing the place inside and out
  • Even the staff remembers you (and low key ships you)
  • “So have you and Fangs started dating yet?” “He is my FRIEND. And shut up.”
  • Unfortunately, it was the stereotypical ‘I like my bff thing’
  • Not like you were going to act on it anyways
  • Your heart would always race whenever he would take your hand and just drag you through the exhibits.
  • Just casually walking hand in hand around, when suddenly he’s rapidly squeezing your hand as he spots something
  • “Y/N! Y/N! See that fish? That’s a Lionfish! It’s a venomous coral reef fish tha-” “Fangs that’s actually really interesting but CAN YOU EASE UP ON THE HAND?”
  • And the way he pulls you closer to his chest when he points out new animals just makes you stop breathing
  • His eyes are lit up, and he’s smiling like an idiot. He’s just so passionate about this stuff and you don’t think you can ever adore someone as much as him
  • But you can’t - you won’t - go further with this because he’s your friend
  • So you shake you’re head and try to continue on like normal
  • Skipping around singing ‘Just keep swimming,’ along with him
  • People are staring, but neither of you cares
  • Turning things into competitions.
  • “There’s no way in hell that you know every single fish in this tank.” “Say bet.” “BET.” “Well, that one over there is called a Sailfin Tang. They can live in depths of…”
  • At the end of the day, you guys visit the seahorse exhibit. (It’s your favourite one after all)
  • You’re just sitting on the floor staring at them, so entranced. "Aren’t they so beautiful?” “Really beautiful.”
  • Except for one thing. He’s not looking at the seahorses. He’s looking. Right. At. You.
  • And you don’t know it just yet, and he doesn’t know how to say it just yet, but he likes you. A lot.
  • And he’s just hoping that one day he’ll get the courage to tell his aquarium buddy that he likes you.

A/N: I came up with this after I made the moodboard lol