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He isn’t listening. He knows he isn’t. He should be going over these armory stocks more closely with Bobby, trusty Rufus propped up against his leg, but his attention is drawn elsewhere.

Dean sits as he always does in the corner, with his face drawn and his shoulders squared like he’s expecting a fight. He cleans and puts together guns so quickly that you’d know on sight he’s been doing it his whole life.

Castiel narrows his eyes at him, searching beneath the surface.

“Hey. Earth to Castiel?”

Castiel looks up. Bobby is giving him a Look that he doesn’t really appreciate but he bites his tongue, knowing that he’s in the wrong. “Sorry. Go on,” he says.

Bobby rolls his eyes, contorts his mouth a little, and continues what he was saying earlier.

Dean doesn’t look up once. His hands don’t slow or shake.

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Live Stream (Kian Lawley)

(Y/N pov)
I feel a vibration in my pocket and pull out my phone

kianlawley started a live video

I smile and slide over the notification opening my phone with my finger print, just to see my goofball of a boyfriend on the screen.
“Y/N’s on the livestream, heeyyyyyy” his voice comes through my phone.

“Hi kian, why are you live? You never go live.”
I type into the rapidly flowing comment section. I see Kian set his phone down and start to stare at the comments.

“Hi…why are you…” I hear him mumble under his breath, he’s reading my comment.

Since I’m verified and we follow each other, it’s quite easy for him to pick out my comment from the other 191,738.

“Because I want to Y/N, DO SUMMTHIN BOUT IT!” He says in a silly tone making weird hand gestures. I can see him holding back a smile

“Alright guys what should I do on here?” “A challenge, a dareee, read a buuuhhhk, show ya some baybee pictures” kian says in a few of those funny voices he does “ooohh wait actually look at this, it’s a picture of me and my baby” he takes a pause to hold up the picture of us on our one year anniversary “is she still on here?” He questions focusing on the comments

“Aww my love, you look dashing😻”
I type rapidly, a wide smile on my face

“Not as beautiful as you babe” kian says smiling “ALRIGHT WHAT SHOULD I DO??” He says while clapping his hands loudly once.

“Siiiinnngggg” I comment,
I know that’ll get him mad. He hates when people ask him to sing

As he’s reading all the comments he says “No Jc’s not home I can’t do that, no Y/N isn’t here she’s literally watching the live *chuckle*, NO EVERYBODY I cannot pull any pranks I’m home alone right now!” He says once he catches the trend of the comments. Then mine comes across the screen, I can tell he sees it when his eyes widen “Oh geez” he exclaims “why the fuck would you comment that babe” he says rubbing his face with the palms of his hands

Then the comments start rolling in, “sing sing sing”
“omg yesss kian sing”
“we love your voice c'mon :( for us😚??”

“Okay okay okay, I hate Y/N for this. I’m just kidding I love her” he says grabbing the phone and holding the camera so we could see from his face down to his torso.

“Don’t be afraid baby :) I and almost 200,000+ people are cheering you on rn! <3”
I type into the phone, he sees it right away and sighs. I can tell his anxiety is kicking in.

“Ok guys I’m gonna put the camera facing the ceiling because I don’t want y'all to see my face… haha” he says “gosh I can’t believe I’m doing this” he says under his breath
“I’m gonna sing like a quick excerpt of a song because I am leaving in about 10 minutes….” he drags off
He’s coming over to my place.

“Ok guysss,” he starts as he places the camera down so the only view is a snippet of his brown locks. I hear him take a deep breath, so low you had to be reeeeaaalllyyyy listening to hear it. The sound of him gulping water went through the speakers briefly, he clears his throat and starts

“Our friends would all make fun of us and we’ll just laugh along because we know that none of them have felt this way, ooooohhhhhhh it’s what you do to meeeeee. Ooooooohhhh what you do to me….” he drags on the last note
(video here: https://wonderfuldolans.tumblr.com/post/161547385172/fatimateodoro-stockholmsyndromstyles-and)

All positive comments rolling in, “omg I didn’t know he could sing that well!!”

Kian moves the phone back up to its standing position. His cheeks are flushing red.

I decide to text him rather than comment
To, My babykian😍: “Hey baby I just wanted to let you know that your voice is beautiful and you blessed my ears love, ❤️❤️you’re so talented. Love you!! Had to say this NOT in front of 200,000 people lol”

I go back to the live to see that Kian has paused it, right then I get a text back

From, My babykian😍: “thank u baby❤️ that means the most comin from u😚✌🏼, I was so fucking nervous 😂 I don’t sing like that, ever.”

Kian then after a few seconds proceeds with the live, responding to a few fan comments, thanking them, etc.

I decide to comment anyways
“That was amazing my dear, and blush looks good on you ;). NOW COME OVER SO I CAN KISS YOU” I comment

Kian sees my comment and chuckles, “yea guys I do actually have to go now, I hope you liked that because I’m not doing that EVER AGAIN” he exclaims

“It’s alright y'all I’ll make him do it again ;)” I quickly type, all the comments agreeing with me/thanking me.

“Alright I love you all and I’ll try to do this live thing again soon but now I’m gonna go see my baby” kian says

“Love you my sweet boy, drive safe!” I comment lastly

“I will Y/N, alright everyone thanks for watching me be stupid for a few minutes, love you guyssssssssssss…” kian says as he ends the broadcast. Leaving me with the brightest smile on my face, that boy really is something special.

My phone then vibrates, a text from kian.

From, My babykian😍: “I’m expecting a serious reward upon my arrival 😏” I read

Ohhh boy.

anonymous asked:

If it's ok, how about RFA + V + Saeran reacting to MC w narcolepsy? I have it and I've never seen a request for it... lol

A/N: I only know the gist of what narcolepsy is so I had to research a little bit;;; I hope I don’t have a bunch of wrong information;;;; I tried to include all of the symptoms for some variety ^^;;; ~Admin 404


               -He always thought you were just really tired and was afraid you haven’t been getting enough sleep!

               -After a while, he started to think that maybe you were just… bored of him

               -You would agree to play some LOLOL with him but every time he needed you to help him or when the whole guild was in the middle of a huge boss battle, you always seemed afk?

               -But when he looked over to you, you were asleep on your keyboard and he felt bad. Maybe you didn’t want to play but did it just to make him happy? Maybe you haven’t slept recently?

               -Every time he saw you asleep he would just cover you with a blanket or his jacket until one day he couldn’t take it anymore

               -“MC, are you sleeping? Are you bored of me? Are you sick? Are you alright? Are you-”

               -You cut him off asking just what the hell he was talking about and when he told you he was concerned because you were constantly asleep and seemed to be every time he checks up on you

               -You honestly laugh because?? He’s cute??

               -Explaining that you have narcolepsy, which can come with Excessive Daytime Sleepiness(EDS), so you sleep a perfectly fine amount, just like he does, you just can’t control the timing

               -He feels /SO BAD/ because he didn’t know it was an actual… condition…. He’s apologizing /excessively/ and keeps a close eye on you from now on. If he notices you starting to go to sleep, he’s right there next to you, giving anyone who so much as breathes too loud his best death glare. He’ll let you sleep whenever you need to, he has your back


               -You tossed and turned constantly at night and he felt pretty bad

               -Were you uncomfortable? Did he need to move? What was it?

               -Often, he’d cuddle you against him and hope for the best

               -Then he’d see you constantly falling asleep during the day?

               -One time you feel asleep in the middle of helping him with a line from his script and he honest to god thought you had feinted. He was ready to /nyoom/ run straight to the hospital with you in his arms

               -You woke up in a hospital bed and were so confused???? He jumped up and held your hand in his own, dramatically dropping to the floor

               -“MC! I was so worried about you! What happened? What’s wrong? The doctors couldn’t figure it out!”

               -You looked at him with furrowed brows, completely confused

               -“Zen I took a nap what are you talking about???” he explained how you practically passed out in the middle of talking about how you didn’t seem to sleep at night and you had to explain to him that with narcolepsy, you have troubles sleeping at night sometimes and during the day you just… can’t stop yourself from falling asleep

               -He is always watching you from then on and makes sure he’s there  to catch you because!!! What if you fall!!! What if you get hurt!!!! If he’s not there, he’s begging you to watch your surroundings carefully and just lay in a safe spot if you need to sleep. You agreed just give ease his mind


               -She noticed there were quite a few times that you’ve been really excited and your knees would buckle

               -Or sometimes your bright smile would immediately droop

               -The day you kind of just… dropped to the floor and looked up at her was the last straw

               -She sat you down and asked you, very politely of course, what the fuck was going on

               -You explained your condition, how not everyone who has narcolepsy has cataplexy, but it’s still a sign of narcolepsy

               -For weeks after your talk, you would find books strung about the house on the subject of both illnesses, realizing that she wanted to learn every little aspect about your illnesses so she could understand you better

               -And that just??? Melted your heart??? She just wanted to help you???

               -Mother Hen Jaehee™ to the rescue, when the two of you go out anywhere, she’s latched onto your arm

               -Everyone thinks the two of you are absolutely adorable, just showing your love and walking close with one another, but in reality she’s just holding you up in case your knees give out

               -At first you were afraid to fall and potentially drag her down as well, but sure enough, when your knees buckled the moment you heard about Zen’s new role, you expected to hit the floor but you were at the exact height as before? You looked over to find her holding you up- you completely forgot she does judo; of course she can hold you up! And she will from now on <3


               -Often when you wake up, you seem to think there are things there when there aren’t

               -This time, you had hallucinated that there’s a dog next to the bed when /obviously/ there isn’t

               -Why would he let a dog into his penthouse let alone the bedroom, where his dear Elizabeth lives?

               -He wrote it off as you were still dreaming, but it happened… a lot more than seemed normal?

               -It happened when you woke up, when you went to bed, and when you’re tired in general

               -Whatever it was you saw would frighten you to the point that you’d cry, sometimes a scream would leave your lips and it frightened him?

               -Instead of asking you directly, he called multiple doctors and experts hoping to get a clue as to why this would be happening, he didn’t want to ask you straight, just in case it upset you to talk about it

               -Once he got his answer, he sat you down for a talk. He gently explained that he now knew what you were suffering from, and he presented you with a slideshow what a NERD

               -He suggested talking to a professional, trying out some medications (which he had so many slides explaining the benefits and downfalls he had found in each and different kinds), things of the sort

               -But overall, he held you close because he wanted you to know that you were the most important person in his life and he needed to show you that he was there for you, no matter what. You stuck with him through his struggles and he wouldn’t even think about not being there for yours. When you have your hallucinations, he’s there to calmly talk you through it and remind you that he’s there, and that it’s just an illusion, no matter where you are and no matter when it happens to you


               -He worked all through the night every now and then, usually up several days in a row

               -At night he’d put you to bed, watching you fall fast asleep in almost an instant

               -But it seemed as if you would come into the computer room about 10 minutes after?

               -The timing was infrequent, but without a doubt, you would wake up often and come in to sit with him

               -Every single time, he would put you back in bed and watch you fall fast asleep, checking if you were actually asleep. You were but? Why were you waking up?

               -Maybe you couldn’t sleep without him there? He moved his work to a laptop, sitting with you, hoping his presence would calm you enough to sleep through the night

               -You still woke up though? And you were completely fine each time, too. As if you had been awake all along, though he knew you weren’t

               -So with a quick background check of your medical records /thanks saeyoung/ he noticed you suffered from narcolepsy, which is associated with sleep disruption, meaning you’d constantly wake up and would usually have terrible sleep quality

               -Every time you woke up, he woke up. He didn’t want you to have to suffer through it alone!

               -Of course he offered to take you to get medication or something to help, but if you didn’t agree, he would do whatever he could to make sure you weren’t alone! He just wanted to help! And if that meant he missed out on sleep too, then so be it. It’s not like he hasn’t been up for weeks at a time before anyway!


               -The first time he woke you up, he noticed the absolute terror in your eyes and how you struggled to breathe

               -“MC? MC are you alright? Sweetheart, what’s wrong?!” he panicked, trying to get you to say /something/

               -It was an agonizing few minutes until you could take a full breath, sitting up suddenly, almost colliding your forehead with Jihyun’s jaw

               -Your heart was pounding and your breath was ragged, he held you close and whispered comforting words, rubbing your back gently

               -Once you’ve calmed down, he was ready to hear your explanation

               -You have narcolepsy, and sometimes, that meant you would wake up or fall asleep with a burst of sleep paralysis and it was terrifying

               -He felt?? So bad??? He knew he couldn’t do anything to prevent this from happening, but he was still upset for his love!

               -From then on, whenever you fall asleep or whenever you wake up, he’s right there, ready to hold you close and comfort you

               -He’s always making you some tea to help you relax before bed, and he wakes up early just to make you some in the morning

               -Not once does he ever push you to even try talking or moving when this happens. He’s researched many times to understand this phenomenon of yours just so he wouldn’t make the wrong move and make it worse!


               -The first morning you had a hallucination he jumped straight out of bed and was ready to Fight™

               -You scared the hell out of him?? Why the fuck were you screaming??

               -Looking at you like you were crazy, he was attempting to wake you up fully, only to make you scream again


               -Now you were awake, but still screaming because this time your damn boyfriend scared you to death

               -Once the Scream Fest™ was over, the two of you sat in bed, now just staring awkwardly at each other until you spoke up

               -You told him that you get these hallucinations sometimes when you’re exhausted due to your narcolepsy. Not to mention you tend to… fall asleep often during the day because you don’t sleep well at night

               -Which he understood, but it took a very long time for him to get used it. There would be times that you had screamed and he’s almost screaming right with you. But he did get over it and now he just runs his hand through your hair and coos at you softly until you calm down

               -During the day, he makes sure you take some naps throughout the day because he knows you aren’t sleeping at night and he’d rather avoid you passing out on him randomly through the day. He read online that napping could help!

               -He uses it as an excuse to take a nap as well. He says he’s holding you because he wants to make sure you actually take a nap and not just pretend, but in reality he wants to make sure you’re okay and he wants to be there when you wake up so he can comfort you


Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 6- First “I Love You”

Ok so for this one, let’s kind of pretend that s4 never happened. Yeah, I know, that’s hard to do! But honestly, I feel like any first ILY can’t really be believable if s4 happened and it’s set after that. Thank goodness for the non-canon category for this week’s themes lol! And I believe both @elennemigo and @fangirlhani were in favor of me writing the first ILY theme. Hope you guys (and everyone) enjoy what I came up with! Oh and thanks to @artbylexie for not only beta reading but also helping me come up with the setup of this plot. Fun times lol!;))

On Again, Off Again

Molly Hooper stomped up the stairs to 221B. Really stomped. The anger that coursed through her body was intense enough that it felt good to at the very least slam her feet on the steps as she climbed them.

She’d rarely been this angry.


Molly stormed into his flat with fire in her eyes. There he stood, his safety glasses covered eyes looking a bit confused as he stood at his kitchen table holding a beaker with some unidentified fluid in it.

“Molly?” He looked her up and down in an obvious attempt at deduction as she marched in the room and tossed her bag and coat aside in preparation for battle.

“Sherlock, of all the deceitful, unfeeling, and insulting things to do…” she began, pacing back and forth with clenched fists. “How could you think to treat a friend this way?!”

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Idol AU! Jihoon (pt 1)

I just remembered a person requested me to do songwriter aus for all the members of Wanna One, I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN LOL its just taking some time HAHA anyways lets move on to the request which I love bc of what they requested and that they requested my bias >.> 

ok this is also going to be super long since I wanted to make this really good fjdkafl (okay but also i’m not sure if i made the girl actually shy or not so i’m sorry if she isn’t really that shy to you! 

  • you weren’t much of a talker
  • or more specifically speaking you’re SUPER shy 
  • You did like talking to people but when you first meet them you back off a little and you get super quiet since you don’t know them well. 
  • like when you first met your group members you didn’t really talk to them at first bc yknow you’re shy. 
  • which in turned made them think you didn’t like them which made them sad. 
  • but then yall had an intervention and now you guys are super close! You are super close with them now but when your gorup is surrouded by other people you end up sticking close with one of the members. 
  • how does Jihoon fit into this?
  • well gurl lemme tell you 
  • so you and Jihoon actually both go to sopa! great right?
  • well I mean you guys have never talked but you have seen him a couple of times since after pd101 he became one of the huge shinning stars of the school. 
  • you didn’t really talk to people at your school so when you debuted in a group in a fairly known company no one really noticed it was you. 
  • so during a music show recording, you bump in Wanna One! 
  • but mind you are alone trying to get your dressing room 
  • you lock eyes with Jihoon and he just gives you a small smile and you just instantly bow to them.
  • “Hi I’m-” 
  • “You don’t need to introduce yourself we know you already!” 
  • One of the members of Wanna One sent a bright smile towards you which just confused you 
  • “You know me?” 
  • “Yeah-”
  • before the guy could continue talking he started yelling in pain and just bent down to attend to his shin. 
  • “We just monitor a lot of groups!” 
  • Jihoon blurted this out quickly and you just nodded. 
  • wow by this point the awkwardness between you and the boy group was eating you inside and you just wanted to dig a hole a live in it forever 
  • they were also super handsome? like more handsome then you have seen in pictures. wow it made you feel even more awkward because it felt weird just looking at them. 
  • “um” 
  • you shifted around in nervousness since you didn’t know what to say.
  • “Y/N”
  • you looked up from the ground to hear one of your member’s voice which sounded like the voice of a savior to you. 
  • you looked at Wanna One and quickly decided to say one more thing before leaving. 
  • “i uh I really look up t-to you guys since you worked so h-hard on Produce 101 and I-I really like your t-title t-track.” 
  • you quickly mumbled the last of the sentence and bowed once again before scurrying off 

time skipp

  • later at school you’re eating your lunch beside some of your other shy acquaintances when someone puts down their lunch and sits down beside you.  
  • it’s jihoon!!!!!11!
  • you just stare at him in confusion and he just gives you a bright smile and starts to eat. 
  • “aren’t you going to eat?”
  • you snap out of staring at jihoon and just look down at your food
  • “well I mean I’m just wondering why you are sitting next to me when you have your friends..” 
  • you gesture to the table where Jihoon usually sits at and notice his friends high key staring at the two of you. 
  • “see they’re even staring.”
  • you gesture to the table again, 
  • “go sit with them.”
  • he shakes his head and continues to eat. 
  • for you, you’re starting to drown in awkwardness so you decide to just keep on eating your food. 
  • “i like your title track too.” 
  • you hear him say (more like terribly mumble) and you just nod in response 
  • later that day you’re just sitting down at random bench in the quad of your school when jihoon comes to sit down next to you again. 
  • you just look at him and continue doing what you were doing 
  • “are you shy?” 
  • he blurted out of now where.
  • “I thought that was obvious.”
  • he laughed a little and yknow the situation started to feel awkward
  • you got up to go somewhere else when he grabbed your wrist 
  • “wait don’t go. let’s talk”
  • you gave him a look of, ‘this is really awkward i just wanna curl up into a ball and sleep’
  • but nonetheless you sat down again and it was silent for a while. 
  • “do you like biscuits?” 
  • you looked at jihoon again with a “wtf” face but you still nod. he takes something out of his bag and ofc
  • it was the yohi biscuits that they are advertising for. 
  • “sorry it’s just that we have too much at home.” 
  • you smiled a little and accepted it
  • “thanks jihoon.” 
  • okay so the rest of the convo is just you guys getting to know each other and now yall are friends yay! 
  • so your friendship is currently a little like this 
  • *sends jihoon a video of his snow adver*
  • you: ‘why do you look like those manga girls with eyes that take up half of their faces’
  • jihoon: okay look 1. that’s the filter and 2. i am not a girl 
  • and like imagine wanna one having their debut stage on mcountdown 
  • you: wow i didn’t ask for my friend to be so good looking i feel like a potato why can’t i be as talented as you
  • jihoon: we were preforming on the same though and excuse you aren’t a potato bc if you were you wouldn’t be an idol rn 
  • and imagine jihoon sending you a screenshot of you during one of your stages
  • jihoon: *sends an ugly screenshot of you* looks like I paused at the wrong time…
  • you guys talk to each other like 24/7 because like you guys are basically besties now! 
  • sometimes when one of you can’t sleep you guys will call each other and talk until you both fall asleep.
  • the problem is that you guys are talking and stuff all the time that some people have kind of misunderstood the kind of relationship 
  • like while you were texting Jihoon, your manager came up and calmly asked you if you were dating Jihoon and you were like 
  • “lmao no” 
  • and you tell jihoon and he just acts a little weird and you’re like 
  • “jihoon are you okay?” 
  • and he’s says
  • “y-yeah just thinking about some stuff, hey I’ll be right back.” 
  • and after that jihoon would act low key weird but yknow you didn’t really notice since you were also practicing with your group for you next comeback. 

okay so I think i’m gonna make a pt2 because like wow this is getting super long HDJKLFAH 

einzweidreivier  asked:

Hey what part of co are you from I just moved to western slope area, my roommate says it's bear and cougar country so I'm a bit nervous about nighttime lol

I’m living in Durango right now!  And yes, you are in bear/cougar country. So this essay’s going to sound real scary but consider: I’ve lived in CO for… 13 years now, and have seen exactly One(1) bear and evidence of a Cougar Once.  I’ve also never been attacked or even severely harassed by an animal, so this is mostly In Case of Emergency Advice.


1. ALWAYS BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS.  Really, traffic is going to be more dangerous, but being as aware as possible will help you more than anything else.  You know that thing you’re supposed to do when driving where you check all your mirrors every so often?  Do that while walking. Look up, to either side, down and behind you every so often.  Keep your ears open and if you think you hear something, stop and listen for a bit.  Take some deep breaths, and smell the air around you.

This is good for both your safety AND for enjoying the lovely country we have out here.  Once you get used to looking around, its really nice all the cool things you can discover!

2. DON’T PANIC.  Douglas Addams was spot-on with is advice.  if you do encounter something Dangerous, remain calm.  Odds are that if you hold still and just watch, it’ll keep going about its business and leave you alone. 

OK, now for bears and cougars:

1.  Cougars are really shy and almost never confront humans (the last fatal cougar attack was in 1997, so literally 20 years ago), but if you’re hiking in the back country and suddenly smell cat pee, TURN RIGHT THE FUCK AROUND and walk back the way you came.  Fresh piss means it’s in the area, and running makes you look like food.

2.  Bears also, tend to stay away from people, EXCEPT:  in March and September-October, bears get stupid hungry and go looking for food in all kinds of places.  Never leave pet food outside, and if you compost, stop during those months.  The bear that broke into my house did so under extenuating circumstances- there had just been a large wildfire that summer so he got pushed out of his usual foraging area.

3.  In general, you’re MOST likely to encounter bear and cougar in the far back country.  If you plan on doing back country hiking, wear LOTS of bug spray and bear-bells.  as long as you stink and make noise, they’ll sense you coming and leave you alone.  You can also sing!

4. if you DO encounter one either 1. Go back inside and call the Department of Wildlife, or if you’re not near a building, 2. Scream, make yourself look as big as possible and throw rocks or sticks at it.  99.99% of the time, that will scare it shitless and it will run off.


OK, now for the animals you ACTUALLY are likely to encounter:

COYOTES: Urbanized, come out at night and from January-late March, they’re all hyped up on sex hormones and can get super-aggressive, triple especially if you have a dog with you.  Carry mace, and if you see them, follow the Screaming-Shit-Throwing Maniac Model stated above.

TICKS:  we have brown dog ticks here that carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Deer ticks that carry Lyme disease.  if you’re in urban/suburban areas, they’re less of an issue, but if you go into the back country, do not skimp on the DEET (follow instructions carefully tho!) , tuck your pants into your socks and have a friend check you when you get home.  if you find one, make sure you remove the whole thing, keep the body sealed in some tape and get tested ASAP.

MOOSE, ELK AND DEER:  I’m not sure how far north you are, but the most dangerous wild animal in CO is Moose.  Really. Stay on designated trails and out of the back country from October-November to avoid rut, and exercise caution in spring when calving happens.  Do not approach, and if they put their heads down while Facing you, they are going to charge your best bet is to book it sideways and climb up a rock or large tree.

Deer and Elk tend to be less moody, but are still unpredictable, especially if they’ve become acclimated to humans, and during rut October-November.  Keep your distance, and if they’re on the move, give them the right-of-way. DO NOT attempt to feed or pet.

RATTLESNAKES: Mostly an issue in the southern half of the state.  They mostly want to be left alone and come with their own alarm system!  Though they sound less like maraccas and more like a vibrator set on high.  Stay ON the trail and OUT of tall grass from March-October, and you will very probably never see one.  If you DO see one, wait for it to leave or walk a good six feet around it.  they can only strike in a distance of 3-4 feet, so stay away and you’ll be fine!

If you do get bit, stay calm, sit down, call 911 and take off any rings, jewelry etc. that may get stuck if your extremities start to swell.  Let the wound bleed freely for a minute before cleaning.  About 8000 people get bit every year in the US, but only 8 die of it, mostly from not calling for help. 

LIGHTNING: not an animal, but the Most Dangerous Thing in CO after humans and cars.  If you can hear thunder, you are within striking distance and need to take cover.  Get inside a building or car if you can. If you can’t, squat down to keep your head low, and touch the ground as little as possible, and wait for it to pass.  DO NOT try to hide under trees, which tend to explode when struck.

So that probably sounded awful, but I promise that your chances of actually getting in a dangerous situation are very low as long as you stay alert and calm.

Happy hiking!

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“It’s midnight, what do you want?” Nesta (please and thank you)

Hey nonnie, here it is! This is the first time I’ve written Nesta/nessian, so… I hope it turned out ok. (Also thanks for the please and thank you)

I’m tagging a few people here: first, @a-court-of-pain-and-night who also requested this fic.

Also, thanks so much to @hollow-kingdom and @acourtofstarsanddreams for talking to me basically all day about Nesta, it really helped me understand her better. I swear I have a job lol I really liked writing nessian, so there will probably be more of this in the future.


When Cassian wanders into the kitchen of the House of Wind, he is startled to see Nesta sitting on a stool at the island. It is the middle of the night and he hadn’t expected anyone else to be there, let alone her.

She fails to make any sign that she sees him in the doorway, taking another drink from her glass as if he hasn’t just come in, flinching slightly as the liquid makes its way down her throat. A half-empty bottle of bourbon sits on the counter in front of her.

“Nesta.” Her name comes off his lips without his will, an uncertain mixture of pleasant surprise and apprehension. He waits. A small lamp on one counter is the only light in the cavernous room. She has become an odd contrast of shadows and illumination, her profile in relief while the rest of her remains in obscurity. He can make out her shape through the thin cotton nightgown she wears and makes a note to himself to look elsewhere, even as he memorizes the sight. Her hair is in a braid but it has been disturbed, as if she has just woken and gotten out of bed.  

She remains silent so he moves towards a cabinet, grabbing a glass. He turns his back to her and closes his eyes briefly. If she would just say something, call him a name, anything, he could let go of this sense of foreboding. It is rare when she doesn’t have some clever retort ready to snap at him. And now, she hadn’t even bothered saying hello. He finally turns back to her, having no more pretense to give her some semblance of privacy.

“Nesta, what are you doing here? Are you doing alright?” She doesn’t live at the House of Wind. Nesta and Elain live in a townhouse by the Sidra, to have a space that is their own. She and Cassian have barely spoken in the weeks since she came to live in Velaris. He has to keep himself from going to her every day, to keep himself from reaching out to her. The bond that ties them together has been demanding that he find her, touch her, hear her voice. If she feels the same pull, she makes no indication.

He hadn’t planned on seeing her here, now, and while his instinct is to approach her and place a gentle hand on her back, he knows what that would be met with. Hell, if she would let him he’d carry her to his bed, he would let her have it, sleeping on a couch or the floor.

She hasn’t been sleeping well, a fact that she is now chagrined to realize he is aware of. Months of adjustment to this body and nothing has made a difference. There is something humming under her skin, something she realizes is power, but… she isn’t sure what to do with it, yet. Rhys has allowed her to train, to help them in their efforts against the King of Hybern, and yet at the end of the day she still finds herself dissatisfied, lacking something she doesn’t want to name.

He is watching her from the edge of the kitchen while she takes up all the space at the center. She holds her glass at an angle, letting its bottom edges roll over the marble countertop as she watches the liquid swirl, leaving patterns along the sides.

“Stop hovering, Cassian,” she finally says. He bites back a sigh. “It’s midnight. What do you want.” Her voice is so flat that the question has become a statement.

“Well, I wanted a drink of water. But why don’t you tell me, Nesta, why you are here, in the middle of the night. Why aren’t you home?”

To his surprise she responds not with a scoff or a pursing of her lips, but with frankness.

“In the middle of the night, when I wake up, I hear Elain screaming. It has been…” she clears her throat. “I can’t get the sound out of my head.”

She pushes the bottle across the counter towards him. He moves towards her to take it, keeping a wary eye on her. He pours himself a drink and sits at the stool opposite her. It isn’t the kind of thing he would have chosen himself; this is likely Azriel’s bottle, but Cassian figures he can replace it. He takes a drink, the spice and burn coating his throat in a not unpleasant manner.

“She seems ok, doesn’t she? Elain is adjusting, I think. But I…” she trails off, her gaze never leaving her glass. She finishes the last of it before pouring herself another. “She tells me she is fine. How can she be? Feyre is. Feyre is always fine.”

“Elain is doing well,” he replies. He pauses a moment before he adds, “She doesn’t blame you. No one does.”

“Well, that wasn’t my question, was it,” she says sarcastically. “Do you blame yourself? Because you should.” She says the last words with the same dead tone she had begun speaking with.

“Yes,” he says quietly. “I made you a promise. I didn’t uphold my end. It’s quite simple.”

“Cassian.” Something tightens in his chest at hearing her say his name. A minute passes before she continues to speak again. “Once, before our mother died, before we lost everything we had, my father promised me something. Do you want to know what he promised me?”

He nods at her.

“He said that nightmares aren’t real. He said that they are our fears, the things we don’t want to happen. That we have to imagine them at night so they don’t take form during the day. That if I just remembered that the horrible things happening in my nightmares were never true, then I didn’t need to be afraid of them.” She drinks the rest of the bourbon in her glass in a quick swallow, tilting her head to force the burning liquid down her throat.

“He was wrong,” she finishes. Her hand shakes as she reaches to pour herself another, but he covers her hand in his, taking the bottle from her. Pulling her glass towards himself, he makes her another drink, sliding the glass across the counter towards her.

“Promises only count if someone means them. If they aren’t full of shit the minute the words come out of their mouths. You are not full of shit, Cassian.” She sighs, finishing her drink in another swallow.

He would make a sign to her, to tell her he understands, but holds himself back, watching to see what she will say next. He nurses his drink in silence with her, considering her words.

Looking up at him, Nesta wraps her hands around her glass. If she lets it go she will grab his hand, jump over that counter, finally quit ignoring the bond she feels at her core, leading her to him. The thread has steadily become heavy, cumbersome, until she thinks she will go mad from its persistent throbbing reminder. There are things she wants to say, words that live on the tip of her tongue, and when he is around she feels them dangerously close to coming loose and betraying her. She decides that tonight is not the night. One day, she will tell him what she wants. But it won’t be now. Not when she is so close to breaking and she isn’t sure if he can put her back together. If she wants him to.

She moves to stand too quickly and the bottle tips, moments away from falling and shattering. She waits to watch it fall, but before she knows he is there Cassian has moved next to her to grab it, afraid the glass will splinter and cut her. It lands in his hand with a soft clinking sound before he sets it upright on the counter.

They are pressed together now and her hands go to his chest, steadying herself between him and the counter that is behind her. “Is this what you want,” she asks. The teasing note of the words rings false in his ears, the truth of what she is saying and what she wants just below the surface. He grabs her arm to steady her.  

“Nesta, did you drink all of that?” He looks again at the bottle, hoping that its half-empty state is not entirely because of her.

“No. You walked in on my first drink.” She looks up at him and he finally sees a hint of sincerity beneath her nearly expressionless face. What he finds there looks something like pain mingled with trust. Her shield is cracking and he will be damned if he does anything to make her hide from him right now.

“Why did you come here?” He grasps her shoulders, unsure if he will pull her closer.

She feels herself begin to speak before she is aware she has made the decision. “I wanted to see you. To talk to you. I’ve been… I have been having nightmares. And they are real. But so are you.” She searches his face, dragging the tips of her fingers across his jaw. “I don’t know what I want, Cassian. I’m not sure if I want you, or this, or why I’m even telling you this.” She forces her mouth closed, grateful that she hasn’t continued telling him her thoughts. I want to understand why it feels like you can break me, even while I wonder if you are the only one who can put me back together.

“Do you want me to take you home,” he asks, his breath a shuddering in his chest. She shakes her head and begins to lean into him. A slight flush has made its way up her neck, and he tries not to stare at the way the fabric of her nightgown moves on her. “We can sit and talk, if you want. I have a fire going in my room.” He blanches and tries to explain himself when she cuts in.

“Yes. Let’s sit.”

She lets him take her hand from his chest, leading her to his room. He walks in front of her, heart pounding. When they reach his room he gestures to a large, well-worn chair, taking a smaller wooden one himself. Nesta curls her legs under herself, her small form sinking into the cushions. Resting her head on the arm of the chair, she looks at him. He returns her gaze, and they sit like this, taking the measure of each other.

“What do you want to talk about,” he asks finally.

“Tell me… tell me something true,” she replies. The soft and steady tones of his voice take over and she closes her eyes to listen, to learn about him. When he knows that she has fallen asleep, he gathers her in his arms and lays her in his bed, covering her with a blanket. He brushes her hair from her face, watching the furrows disappear and the severe angles of her eyebrows relax. He wishes that he could keep her like this. Not for himself, but for her.

He takes her former place in the chair by the fire, watching her sleep through the rest of the night, barely stirring. While she rests, he makes another promise to himself, to her, and this is one he intends to keep.

Soul Bond -Afterdeath-

Soul bonding was said to be the strongest peek in ones relationship. Though not everyone could have a soul bond, both partners would have to love each Other in equal amounts. If one decided that they the no longer love their partner when their souls are bonded it could leave the others soul to shatter. It could physically bring pain to the other. If the soul bond is forced it could also result in great pain.

Luckily that wasn’t a real problem for Death or Geno. Though nither one of them understood the feeling. Well Geno did but due to some experiences in the past, he never wanted to get to attached to Death. On the other hand, Death had no idea what this feeling was, he felt it once before but it wasn’t this strong. He hates it, it makes him feel all awkward and warm. It also frustrated him, he wasn’t really made to feel a great amounts of emotions, as it could interfere with his job.

  Death tried everything to find out what this emotion was, it only made his frustration worse. He looked around the ruble of the town he was drawn to. Earthquakes oh how fun. He was cautious, awaiting the aftermaths as he went through his book. Geno had helped him fix it after the stupid flood he got caught in because no other god seemed to have felt the need to warn him of the dangers of Monsoon season. The memory of Geno’s laugh, his smile, the fact he called Death cute because the god became frustrated at the hot glue gun, it made that stupid feeling return.

  The god crossed the last name off the list. Groaning as he shoved it in his cloak. He made his way through the town, tragic. He imagined everyone going about their day when a magnitude 7.5 Earthquake came in and destroyed the place. Man was nature merciless, children to adults. But it didn’t really faze Death, he was used to it.

  He was about to open a portal back to Reapertale when the urge to visit Geno hit him. Geno, his best friend, the second person to believe him. And there goes that feeling. Why was it that every time he thought of Geno the feeling would burst like a dam overflowing with water. That’s when Death had an idea, maybe Geno knew what he was feeling and maybe then Geno could help rid of this stupid feeling.

  Death opened a portal and hopped into the void, a smile formed on his face when he saw Geno sleeping peacefully. For once. His face felt warm, did him being in that town somehow get him sick? No that could be it, he didn’t feel sick, just warm. Death made his way toward Geno, he gently shook the other awake.

  “Hey Geno, Geno wake up” Death spoke hushed. Geno’s eyes fluttered open as he sat up, he yawned, there was the feeling Death hates. “Hey Death is everything ok?” Geno turned to face his friend, “Yea, ya’ know when we were talking about this whole ‘developing emotions’ thing?” Geno thought for a moment, “yea why? Did you get angry at your cloak again cuz if so-” “N-No its not that! Besides that was only once and I’ve made adjustments!” Geno smiled at the memory of Death falling face first because the clumsy god tripped on his own cloak, “alright if you say so” Death looked away, hiding his 'Embarrassment’ “look I need help figuring out this slightly new emotion it won’t go away” Geno looked at Death in a concerned manner. Hoping the emotion wasn’t any where near depression, even though Geno was halfway convinced that Death already knew that one well. “Alright, what’s up?” Death gripped the ends of the sleeves “ Lately I’ve been feeling all warm and fuzzy, and I hate it. Its like every time you come to mind it makes itself known. And I can’t keep myself from smiling and thinking of you.” Geno’s conceded look flattened… Death loved him… He didn’t want that. He loved Death too, but that was the issue, he was already so attached to the god. But a relationship with him…. He couldn’t bare to lose Death too. It hurt Geno so much but he had to tell his friend. “ its called love Death” Death tilted his head in confusion “I thought that was Level Of ViolencE, I don’t feel like a murderous type of warmth” Geno did what he could in holding back a smile, “ not that kind of Love Death. You see the love I’m talking about is when you really like someone more then just friends and you feel like they make your world so much better.” Death smiled “Then I guess I love you” Geno’s soul sank. “Geno? Is everything ok?” Death reached his hand out before it was slapped away, Death was taken back as he pulled his hand to his chest. “Did I say something wrong? Is that not how it works?” Geno shook his head “no you did it right, its just… Death I can’t love you back”

  Those words, why did they hurt the god so much, he was used to people telling him how much they hate him. So why did that hurt? Why did he feel hurt? Its not like Geno physically hurt him, why did his soul hurt? Death felt something glide down his face, his had subconsciously moved up, lightly touching his cheek. He moved his hand down. Water? Was Death crying? He never really cried before, he’s seen mortals cry all the time. He tried to speak but the words didn’t form. Instead anger began to rise. Geno hurt him for no reason. It was rude to say the less. “Fine” Death spat before dissapering. Leaving Geno alone… Regreting his every choice.

Y'all thought this was going to be cute huh? Lol think again! Anyways I’ll probably make a part two.


Death- @renrink

Geno- @loverofpiggies

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Light those candles Mod! 💖 Now I love Consumed (my favourite Caryl episode) but I love some of their not so 'obvious' moments together too, Seasons 2 and 3 particularly. We all live for the Terminus reunion (still my favourite hug!), that forehead kiss and brushing his hair out of his eyes, 'Say her damn name!' and every other moment from New Best Friends, but I was wondering what your less obvious but equally as important / touching / beautifully acted favourite Caryl moments have been? 😀

Well since I can’t sleep I figured I’d write this answer now :)

And since you asked my lovely Nomy I do as a matter or fact have several that I’d like to put here. Was thinking I’d do one for each of the first 5 seasons just for a trip down memory lane. And maybe to remind us of some of the reasons why I (and others) started shipping it. Some of them are so far back in time now I think we’ve sort of forgotten or just don’t remember them the way we used to.

Ok so to start, lets go all the way back to Season 1 shall we?

#1The first meeting

I find it interesting to remember that both Daryl and Carol (and Norman and Mel) made their TWD debut in the very same episode “Tell it to the Frogs” (was always amused by that episode title) and then a couple of episodes later had their first scene together and boy it was a doozy.  You understand what Norman meant when he talked about ‘lighting hitting the ground’ because it was just that..

Daryl is about to put an ax in Ed’s head and that’s when Carol walks up, meek and crying and asks him if she can do it. She barely looks like she can pick up the thing, but not only does she manage to, she manages to give several significant whacks to her deceased husbands head while Daryl watches.

It’s not insignificant when you look back at this to think about the fact that it was Daryl who witnessed this liberating act and in a way shared it with her, especially when you consider what you now know about Daryl himself and his background of abuse as well. It would be the first of many things they would share from then on in and even though at the time no one knew how this relationship would develop it was the first moment when you really noticed them both together at the same time. . When that seed was planted so to speak.

putting the rest under a cut because you know me haha

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Home Alone Tonight

Summary: Your relationship failed. So did his. Sometimes all you can do about it is drink.

Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1963

Warnings: Swearing. Drinking. I think that’s it…

A/N: So this is def not the best thing I’ve written, but I’ve had an idea to do a fic like this for a while, so I’m just throwing it out there. While writing it, I got the idea of potentially expanding on this, and doing a series with each installment loosely based on a different country song. (This one was inspired by Home Alone Tonight by Luke Bryan (ft. Karen Fairchild), hence the title. Give it a listen to HERE if you’ve never heard it!) If this is something you’d be interested in reading, let me know–I already have a playlist of songs I’m considering, and I have the epilogue written, since I’m a loser lol. (If not, I’d probs just post the epilogue as a one-shot, and maybe post the playlist too, idk.)

(Also, yes, I did include a dumb jab at my other fic What Happens in Vegas, haha! Sue me. 😉)

Loose follow-up: From the Ground Up


The bar was empty when you got there. It always was.

On days like these you were always the first one there, when it was socially inappropriate to be out drinking, and always the last one to leave, when it was socially inappropriate to be out at all. But on days like these you needed to think. You needed to mope. And most importantly, you needed to drink; social etiquette be damned.

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Falling Into You - Chapter 1 Something Familiar

read on A03


SUMMARY: This is an AU.  Jughead and Betty have never dated and after he moved to Southside High, they eventually lost touch.

Jughead moved to New York when he was 18.  Five years later, Betty moves to New York as well.  She is tired of Riverdale and decides to pursue a career in journalism and enrolls at NYU to study it for a year and sharpen her skills.  She doesn’t have the means to stay on campus and Archie, who still keeps in contact with Jughead, sets it up for her to be his roommate because he needs someone to help with his rent costs.  Both are reluctant as they don’t really know each other anymore but decide to go ahead and become roommates anyway. This will be pure falling in love fluff and both Jughead and Betty are virgins, cause frankly, older virgins are lacking in this fandom :) If there happens to be angst, it will be mild.

This first chapter is a bit of a mess as I can’t seem to switch gears that easily from my last fic and a bit shorter than what I usually post lol I hope you like it and I really hope I don’t disappoint.  The beginnings of fics are always the hardest for me.


Betty Cooper, who always had it together, or so she made everyone think, was completely lost.  She had arrived in New York City, excited for her adventure and now she stood on a crowded street, completely and hopelessly lost.  She had given the cab driver the address and after driving for a while, he had pulled over, demanded his money, threw her bags on the street and had driven off.  By the time she realized she was nowhere near where she was supposed to be, he had long driven off.

She bit her lip, fighting tears, having given up trying to get someone to help her. Most just shuffled past her and the ones that did stop didn’t know the address she showed them.  Getting a cab was impossible as she was neither loud nor pushy enough to compete with everyone else trying to get one.

She had decided, after spending 5 years after graduation getting nowhere in Riverdale, to enrol to study journalism at NYU and just get out of the town that held nothing for her.  She wished now that she hadn’t wasted all that time and had done it right away after school, but she had been too afraid to venture out and now at almost 23, she decided it was now or never.  She couldn’t afford to stay on campus and after trying to figure out where to live; Archie had stepped in and helped.  

He was still in contact with Jughead Jones, who had left Riverdale when he turned 18 and had moved to New York and he happened to need a new roommate since his had left a month prior.  At first Betty had refused, not wanting to live with a guy she barely remembered or to live with a guy at all.  He had moved to Southside high when he was 16 and they had lost touch and she hadn’t seen him in years.

When no other affordable options became available, she had reluctantly agreed. She hadn’t spoken to him, letting Archie take care of all the details.  He had told her that Jughead had been a little reluctant as well, but had eventually agreed because the other people who wanted the room weren’t satisfactory to him and he really needed help with the rent.

Now, here she stood, alone and lost in a huge city, feeling defeated and afraid. She sighed and searched through her purse for her phone and was about to text Archie and then changed her mind.  What the hell could Archie do? He was in Riverdale.  She scrolled through his texts and found the one where he had left Jughead’s number for her.  She chewed her lip nervously for a minute, working up the courage and then hit the call button.

“Hello?”  He answered after a couple rings and his voice sounded familiar, but deeper and warm.

“Hey….Jughead?” Betty said, her voice slipping over the words.

“Yes, who’s this?”

“Hi…its….it’s Betty.  Betty Cooper?” she said quickly, stumbling over the words.

“Oh, hey….” He sounded unsure and paused, waiting for her to speak.  She took a deep breath and it came out shaky.  “Are you ok?’ he asked, the concern evident in his voice.

“Yes…I mean….no, I’m not.  I’m kind of lost,” she said, hating how pathetic she sounded.  She quickly told him what happened.

“Shit,” he muttered.  “Fucking cabs.  Probably a new guy.  Do you know where you are exactly?  Any street signs you can read?”  Betty looked around and read the signs and added a few business names as well.

“Well, damn, that’s pretty far from where he should have dropped you,” Jughead said, sounding annoyed.  

“I can’t catch another cab…” she said, the last word coming out in a sob.

“Ok, well shit, I’m at work and that’s nowhere near where you are.  Stay there and I’ll call a cab for you.  What business are you in front of?”  She told him and heard him ask someone for a pen so he could jot it down.  “Ok, I’ll send a cab to you and I’ll tell my boss I need to leave.  I should be home before you and I’ll make sure the cabbie takes you to the right place.  Ok?”

“O..ok…” Betty said tearfully.  “Thanks Jughead.”

“No problem,” he replied gruffly and hung up the phone.  A few minutes later a text appeared on her screen.  It was his number.

-Sit tight.  Cab will be there soon.-

She shot back a ‘thank you’ and entered his name into her contacts.  The cab arrived 15 minutes later and when a rush of people headed towards it, the driver quickly climbed out and informed them it was a call in and he was there for her.  A few shot her an annoyed look and she quickly averted her eyes.

“Thank you,” she whispered to the man as he started putting her bags in the trunk.  

“Thank whoever called it in for you.  He apparently threatened to sue if anyone else took the cab from you,” he said with a laugh.  Betty managed a small smile over that bit of information.

The ride to the apartment building took 20 minutes and Betty was astonished at how far away the other driver had dropped her.  He hadn’t even made an attempt to get her somewhat close.  She paid the driver and he helped her with her bags and drove off.  She looked up and counted 10 stories and knew Jughead lived on the 9th floor.  She hoped there was an elevator.  She managed to attach her purse and two back packs to the two huge suitcases she had and grabbed the handles and pulled them inside.  The door had a security buzzer but for whatever reason was propped open at the moment.  She was happy to find an elevator and with some difficulty managed to get her bags in and hit the 9th floor button.

When she reached the floor she again struggled to get the bags off and then mentally kicked herself for not texting Jughead that she had arrived.  Hopefully he had made it home because she didn’t have a key.  Then she remembered Jughead had told Archie if he wasn’t home when she arrived, that there was a key in the floor pot that the neighbour across the hall kept by her front door.  She walked slowly down the hall, looking for his apartment number.  Sure enough, apartment 16 was across the hall from a flower pot.  She decided to see if he was home before rummaging for a key.

She knocked and a few moments later, the door swung open.  Despite looking slightly older, a little taller and more filled out, it was still the same Jughead. Right down to the flannel, beanie and suspenders.  She was exhausted, frazzled and still slightly scared and even though she hadn’t seen him in a few years, he looked like and reminded her of home and she promptly burst into tears.  She decided to further embarrass herself by throwing her arms around his middle and hugging him, while sobbing all over his t-shirt.

“Hey….” He said in surprise, and stood there stiffly for a second before he put an arm awkwardly around her shoulders and patted her head.

“I’m sorry,” she sobbed, as she tried to collect herself.  “I’m just tired…..and the cab….and I was lost…and people are so rude!…..im extremely frazzled right now….” She finished with a hiccup and quickly backed away from him.  Jughead still looked surprised and she thought there was a faint blush on his cheeks.  

“Ummm….well, let’s get you inside,” he said slowly, looking at her like he was waiting for another spurt of crazy.  She managed a wobbly smile and grabbed one of her bags.  “Let me get those,” he said gently and stepped aside so she could go in.  

It was smaller than she had expected, which she guessed for New York was normal, but cozy and comfortable.  There was a closet directly to her left and a small kitchen to her right.  It had a small island which served as an eating area as there was no room for a kitchen table.  The living room was big enough for a couch, chair and TV and some end tables and a small chest that served as a coffee table.  There was a large bookshelf that was filled to overflowing with books, the shelves bowing under the weight and she smiled.  Jughead had always liked to read back in school, it seemed like he still did.  There was a large window that one could climb through to get to the fire escape balcony of sorts.  The walls were exposed brick and she thought the place oozed with old world charm.  

“It’s not much but its rent controlled and with two people it’s very affordable,” Jughead said with a slight smile as he put down her bags and closed the door.  

“It’s really nice,” she said quietly.  

“Here, let me show you your room,” he said quickly, when she held his gaze for a moment.  The hallway was on the left, just past the closet and it was narrow and a bit dark.  “Bulb burned out, haven’t replaced it yet,” he said, pointing to the light.  There was two doors on either side of the hall and on the right was the bathroom and his room, and on the left was a small storage area and her room.  He opened the door and she blinked in surprise.  It was small, but had a double bed and was quite pretty.  She took in the lavender floral bedspread and pillow and looked at him.

“Your last roommate was a girl as well or a guy who likes flowers?” she asked.

“Umm…no.  Mrs. Reynolds across the hall insisted on cleaning the room for you and making it more comfortable when I told her a girl was moving in,” he said with a slight smile.   “She spoils me with a lasagna every week and wouldn’t take no for an answer so I just let her make it nice for you.”

“Oh,” Betty breathed, suddenly very thankful for Mrs. Reynolds thoughtfulness.  There was even fresh flowers on the bedside table.  A dresser sat against the wall and with those three pieces of furniture, the room was near full.  She opened the closet and was surprised and pleased that it was a walk-in.  With this she had more than enough room.  There was another small dresser in there.

“Small place but has great closet space,” Jughead said with a chuckle.  He wheeled in her bags and she sat on the edge of the bed, looking around again.  He turned to go and paused, his hand on the door knob. “Welcome to New York, Betty,” he said with a smile, and closed the door after him.  Betty kicked off her shoes and lay back on the bed.  She felt so overwhelmed and anxious she couldn’t help but cry again.  What the hell was she doing here?  In a tiny room in the middle of New York.  With Jughead Jones.  She had to admit though, she was glad she had agreed to stay with him.  She may not know anything about him anymore, but he was from home and he was familiar and maybe it wouldn’t be so terrible after all.

Jughead sat on the couch and stared at the blank screen of his laptop.  He had meant to do some writing but couldn’t seem to get his brain to think.  The only thing he had in his head at the moment was Betty Cooper.  A very frazzled and anxious Betty Cooper.  Her hug and tears had shocked the hell out of him and dam, she had smelled like lilacs and vanilla.  She was still as pretty as she had ever been, even more so.  He had been picturing the 15 year old he remembered and all though she looked basically the same, Betty Cooper had turned into a beautiful woman.

He heard her soft crying in her room and wondered if he should go see if she was alright.  New York scared the hell out of him too when he had first arrived 5 years earlier and he had spent a month sleeping in shelters until he found a job and a place to live.  He knew how intimidating it could be, even for just a couple hours of being lost.  After a few more minutes he sighed and put his laptop aside.  He went to her door and knocked softly.  

“Are you ok?” he asked gently through the door.

“Yea…yeah…” she answered through hiccups.  He sighed and leaned his forehead against the door.  

“Would you like some tea or coffee?  It might make you feel better,” he said.  He heard her get up and straightened.  The door opened and her red rimmed eyes, and tear stained face made his stomach clench in concern.

“Tea sounds nice,” she whispered.  He smiled and she followed him to the kitchen.  She went over to the window while he put on a pot of water to boil.  The view wasn’t bad.  There was a park to the left and the busy street to the right.  She walked back to the island and sat down on the stool there.  He glanced at her as he got the cups and put an assortment of tea bags in front of her to choose.  She picked green lemon and he smiled.  That was his favorite.

“Have you lived here long?” she asked, trying to break the awkward silence.

“About 3 years.  Before that I lived in what can only be described as a shoe box.  Believe me, this is a palace compared to that,” he said with a laugh.  He handed her the cup of tea.  “Sugar or honey?”  

“Honey, if you really have some,” she said quickly.  He got the honey and she smiled her thanks.  “I’m sorry about before….when I…when I cried all over you,” Betty said, her face flushed with embarrassment.  

“Don’t worry about it,” he said softly.  “This city is scary at first, I understand if you felt overwhelmed.  Having an idiot cab driver dump you in the middle of nowhere I’m sure didn’t help either.”

“Yeah, I’m not exactly sure what happened there,” she said frowning.

“When do your classes start?” he asked, sitting down across from her.

“They started on Monday but I told my professors I was going to be a week late and they just gave me this week’s work.  It’s certainly not like high school, is it?  They just dump the homework immediately.”

“I wouldn’t know,” Jughead said with a smile.  “Do you know how to get there?” he asked.  She sighed and shook her head.  “Well, it’s Saturday tomorrow and I’ll show you if you’d like.  The subway is a block from here and I think it’s probably about 35 minutes on the train to get there.  We can map you a route and ride it a few times to get your comfortable.”

“Thank you Jug, that would be great,” she said, feeling relieved at his helpfulness.  His phone suddenly rang and he answered it and wandered the few feet into the living room.

She studied him and had to admit, Jughead Jones looked great.  Back in the day he had been a bit awkward and cute and pretty much kept to himself but grown up Jughead was seriously good looking.  From his olive skin, to the lines of his face and eyes that were bluer than she remembered.  He had always been a bit scrawny but he seemed pretty fit now, his arms muscular and his shoulders broad.  He smiled as he listened to whoever was on the other end and his whole face seemed to light up.  He looked happier than he had been back in Riverdale.  Back then he had always worn a scowl and always seemed tense and his eyes had always been sad, now he looked relaxed and happy.  He ended the call and came back to the kitchen.

“Girlfriend?” she blurted out before she could stop herself.  He seemed surprised and then shook his head.

“Umm, no, I don’t have….” He trailed off, his cheeks a bit flushed.  “Just a guy I work with.  Wanted to know if I wanted to go see a movie later.”

“Oh, well have fun,” she said, sipping her tea and wondering why the fact that Jughead Jones had now blushed twice in her presence made her stomach flutter.

“I turned him down,” Jughead said, taking his tea to the couch and sitting down.  “I figured you probably wouldn’t want to be alone.”

“You didn’t have to do that,” she said softly, feeling bad suddenly.

“It’s ok, I don’t feel much like going out anyway,” Jughead assured her.  She wandered over to the chair and sat down, tucking her feet under her.  

“What made you decide to leave Riverdale and come here?” he asked after a while.  Betty shrugged and thought for a while.

“There was nothing for me there.  You can’t really go anywhere in a small town and I felt like I was suffocating.  I just needed a change and I’ve always wanted to take journalism, so I figured, why not?”  Jughead nodded, understanding her need to get out.  His had come years earlier and it was the best decision he’d ever made.  As hard as it had been at first, he had never regretted it.  His phone rang again and he answered with a sigh.

Betty could hear enough to get that whoever wanted him to go to a movie was asking again and Jughead was trying to let him down nicely.

“Jughead?” she said softly.  He paused and looked at her.  “It’s ok, I’m just going to take a bath and go to sleep I think.  I’m very tired.”  He studied her for a moment and then got back to his friend, telling him he would go.  

After Jughead left, Betty wandered around the small apartment, looking at everything.  He had a wide variety of books from autobiographies to fiction to travel to cooking to graphic novels.  It was clear Jughead spent a lot of time reading.  His laptop sat closed on the chest in the living room and she remembered he had always sat with back in Riverdale as well.  She wondered if he still liked to write.  The kitchen was pretty well stocked and so was the fridge.  It didn’t seem like he ordered in food a lot.  Most likely cause it was cheaper to buy groceries and cook.

She wandered into the bathroom and found it small but clean and comfortable.  She especially loved the old claw foot tub.  It was actually quite large and she went into her room to dig out her bubble bath and started the water to fill it.  She peeked into the storage area and found a bike and other items like winter gear and such.  Her curiosity got the better of her and she peeked into his room as well.  It was tidy and sparse with a double bed and dresser.  There was a small desk in the corner with a desk top computer and some books and magazines.  A couple articles of clothing hung over the desk chair and the bed was unmade, the dark sheets rumpled.  It was all much like the man who occupied it to sleep.  Tidy and not a lot of fuss.

Betty spent a good hour in the tub, letting the hot water ease the tension in her body.  She could hear the noises of the city out the small window and she wondered how long it would take for her to get used to it.  In Riverdale it was always so quiet at night and she had always liked it that way.  She guessed she would have to deal with the noise or invest in some ear plugs.

She finally got out and dried off and got into a pair of pajama pants and a tshirt and went out into the living room to watch some TV.  She curled up with the blanket she found on the end and watched old re-runs of Friends.  She held the blanket to her face and realized it smelled much like he had smelled when she had embarrassingly cried all over him earlier.  She smiled slightly and snuggled in deeper.

Jughead got home around midnight, having been talked into having a drink at the tavern bar down the street and had spent the entire time wondering if Betty was doing alright.  He quietly let himself into the apartment and saw the lamp in the living room was lit.  He stepped forward a bit and saw Betty sleeping on the couch.  He walked over and turned the TV off and knowing from past experience of having fallen asleep on the couch, he knew it wasn’t going to be comfortable by morning and he crouched down beside her.  

“Hey, Betty,” he said softly, putting his hand on her arm and giving her a gentle shake.  She mumbled something and burrowed deeper under the blanket and he gave her another shake.  She opened her eyes slowly and squinted at him.  “You fell asleep and you bed is probably more comfortable than this old couch,” he said with a smile.  She smiled, half asleep and suddenly her hand reached up and brushed back the curl off his forehead.  Jughead froze, knowing she was barely awake and probably unaware of what she was doing.  

“Your eyes are pretty,” she said softly and then she was sleeping again. Jughead bit back a smile and nudged her again.  This time her eyes flew open and she sat up so fast he fell back against the chest.  He steadied himself and stood.  “What’s going on?” she exclaimed, her eyes wide.

“I was just trying to wake you.  You fell asleep on the couch, and your bed will be more comfortable,” he explained.

“Oh,” she said, blinking the sleep from her eyes.  She got up and stumbled a bit but made her way to her room.  He swallowed a laugh when she almost walked into the wall and as he watched her disappear through her door, he noticed she was still carrying the blanket.  He chuckled and headed to his own room.  

He stripped down to his boxers and pulled on some pajama pants and got under his covers.  He crossed his hands behind his head and stared at the ceiling, watching the city lights play across room.  His forehead still felt warm from where she had brushed it and a smile played on his lips.  She thought his eyes were pretty?  Ok, so she had been half asleep, but from his experience, people who were half asleep usually had all their guards down and revealed things they otherwise wouldn’t.  He decided she meant it, half asleep or not.  Betty Cooper thought his eyes were pretty.  Maybe one day he’d tell her that they didn’t hold a candle to her beautiful brilliant green ones.


ahhhhh, that’s the beginning….hopefully you find it worth continuing lol 


Hello Hiroshima! (02/13)

Thanks to Sophia (@aseria) for editing 。・゚・(ノ∀`)・゚・。

Visual Board Tour Event:

Sendai | Sapporo | Hiroshima

Mitsuki: Let’s begin todays IDOLISH7’s web program…

All: Kimi to ‘Ai'dolish Nai to~!

Sougo: This web program is presented by the seven members of IDOLISH7. It takes place the same time as our tour to seven different cities, “Visual Board Tour.”

Yamato: People of Sapporo, did you have fun~? This might be sudden but, make a promise to Onii-san. Please be sure to choose how spicy you would like your curry soup to be. (Don’t order it like Sou bc it’s inedible.)

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goodbyes & hellos

on ao3

im so so so late but hey this is for first day of prompt week for @thinkoutsidethelovesquare​!!!! day one: wrong number

this was a lot of fun tbh and ive been dying to write this ship. alyas texts are italicized, adriens are underlined on ao3, just bold here bc tumblrs a butt. shoutout to @reyxa​ for the title <3


Alya narrows her eyes at the new message that lights up her phone. It’s an unknown number that she doesn’t recognize — not that she’s given her number to anyone recently — and it’s also seven in the morning . Anyone how knows her at all should know that she doesn’t wake up before at least nine on the weekends. (And that has nothing to do with the fact that she doesn’t sleep during the week and tends to go to bed after two in the morning.)

She groans as another message shows up on the screen. She squints and lets the messages flow in, figuring she can tell the person they’ve got the wrong number after they’ve finished whatever they have to say. Or she can decide that it’s unimportant and ignore it and go back to sleep.

She likes her second plan the best.

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Bad Boy With Feelings *Part III*

Teen Wolf - Theo Raekan

Note: okay wow this definitely took like a million years to write and I apologize! Hopefully I’m forgiven. Okay so this is kinda a soft mushy filler chapter cause I’m gonna have some heartbreak and betrayal just some bad stuff happening to Y/n and theo. you’re welcome.
Also I had a couple people send me ideas and things they want in BBWF and I’m completely open to that so if you want something let me know, shoot me a message :)

lol Theo our bad boy


Oh god, what had you done? Of course in the moment everything was rainbows and butterflies, but now you had pulled away and everything has registered in your brain. You just kissed him. He just kissed you! Oh crap your dead meat now.

You abruptly stood up from your chair, almost tripping in the process. The look on Theo’s face, hurt you. The look of pleasant surprise washing away to be painted with sorrow.

“I- uh I have to go” you said sounding so unsure of yourself, you pushed your hair back and out of your face, the stress of your actions catching up to you.

“Wait, Y/n I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have… I shouldn’t have kissed you. I’m sorry” Theo said, standing up ready to chase after you.

Yeah, no kidding you thought to yourself. “No no it’s just uh Theo… um can we do this tomorrow I don’t feel good” you lied. No longer able to look at Theo’s sad, hurt face you turned away and ran.

Theo couldn’t stop replaying the kiss in his head, the way you intriguingly looked at him, your strong concern for that girl. You hadn’t only broken his barrier, oh no you broke it so badly that it can’t be rebuilt. Theo Raekan will forever be stuck with a soft spot for you.

You had so many questions, as you ran home. Why did he do what he did? Was this all part of his evil master plan that Stiles is always rambling about? Does he actually have feelings? Of course he doesn’t have feelings especially not for you, you scoffed at yourself. He’s just messing with you. Getting angry at how beautiful that freaking kiss was, but you so badly want to know what his intentions are.

Of course good things only last awhile before being demolished by the bad, speaking of bad the little devil on Theo’s right shoulder had a lightbulb go off, he could use this to his advantage. His figurative horns were poking at his halo.

The next morning you came to school, with a new mindset trying to believe that Theo was not up to something and you two really did have a moment. You got to your locker and saw a single rose taped to it. You smiled slightly to yourself and turned around to spot anyone waiting for a reaction, and there he was.

A little further down the hall from your locker, Theo was watching you, and inevitably he was with a flock of his Instagram models, who did not hesitate to touch him and he even responds to their touch. You ripped the rose from your locker accidentally pricking your finger on a thorn. How ironic you thought.

“Ouch” you mumbled to yourself, immediately putting your finger in your mouth, the salty taste of blood made you cringe slightly. You dropped the rose as a cheerful Stiles made his way over to you.

“Good morning” he cooed, with a big grin

“Isn’t it too early to be that happy?” you asked more to yourself than him.

“Hey, with our messed up lives, I say the more happy we can make it, the better” Stiles said

“Are you on drugs, Stilinski?” You asked out of genuine curiosity.

“No, he was with Lydia last night so he’s on cloud nine” Scott said, overhearing your conversation.

“Ah, that makes sense” you said with a giggle.

“Your finger is bleeding by the way” Scott pointed out.

“Ugh, still” you complained

The bell ringing telling students to head to their classes, quickly grabbing your textbook from your locker, and walking to your class with Scott, crushing the rose in the process. You watched Theo as you passed by and he did the same.

“Oops” you muttered, knowing full well that he could hear you in this crowded mess. Looking him straight in the eyes, his expression hard to read, furious maybe, that his little wooing technique did not work on you, and to think you were going to be soft on him.

“What?” Scott said, knowing what you said but not knowing why.

“I stepped on something, someone’s garbage” you said, still eyeing Theo and he doing the same, his jaw clinched together.

You smiled sweetly noticing how you’ve brought him slight anger or frustration. Who does he think he is? Taping a rose to your locker but hanging out with girls who only want his physical form. Disgusting you thought.

You’re so naive, thinking any interaction with him would be genuine, just finish the damn project this isn’t a high school movie, you continued to rant in your head.

A hand wrapped itself around your wrist, thinking it’s Scott, you looked up at him and raised a brow.

“Are you feeling better, Y/n” Theo’s voice trailed behind you.

Scott nodded in acknowledgment and Theo did the same. You pulled your hand back and glared at him, Scott looked at you, you could see confusion in his eyes.

“Are you okay, Y/n?” Scott asked, real concern clear in his voice.

“Of course I’m fine, we talked last night remember?” You reassured Scott.

“Y/n, can we talk?” Theo interrupted.

“Sorry, Theo I have to get to class” you said before turning away from him and making your way to class.

“Sure okay…” Theo mumbled before he too left. Leaving poor Scott alone and confused.

Most of class your class you had earphones in, listening to 2000’s breakup songs, songs that are not even close to relevant to your situation, from Ashley Tisdale’s “Its Alright, Its OK” to Sam Smith’s “I’m Not The Only One”. Why? You’re not too sure but it feels right.

You looked up from your notebook, and from the corner of your eye you could see Theo standing outside. Which only angered you, you changed the current song playing “Battlefield” by Jordin Sparks to “Power” by Little Mix.

He gestured for you to come out, you turned away from him and continued doodling in your notebook. Jerk you thought. Next song “New Rules” by Dua Lipa. You heard the old creaky classroom door open, keeping your head down and praying it wasn’t Theo.

“Yes? Can I help you?” The teacher spoke to the person who disrupted the class.

“The guidance counsellor sent me to get, Y/n” He spoke.

“Oh, very well. Y/n” the teacher called on you.

God dammit Theo, you wanted to slam your fist down on the desk, but you stayed content. You collected your things and left with Theo.

“What are you doing” you whispered loudly.

“I wanted to talk to you” he simply said.

“And that couldn’t wait till after class?” You squinted at him, like he couldn’t make an logical decision, which he clearly couldn’t.

“No, it cannot wait, Y/n that is why I pulled you from class” Theo sighed slightly annoyed.

“Okay, listen I get it you’re a cool big bad boy, and all the chicks love you and you can have anyone you want and you can have your way all the time, but not with me I’m not just one of your toys” you rambled, uncensored, pure, without thinking, you blurted everything out and he listened.

“And I don’t appreciate you, when you do things like kiss me and then go back to your douchebag self the next day, I don’t want roses, and I don’t want to see you with other girls, while you’re staring me down in the hallways” you continued to ramble, and with the more you spoke the more you realized how much you’re going to regret opening your mouth.

Theo smirked, taking in every word, every displeased sigh, every movement of your hands. He turned to look at you.

“Y/n Y/l/n are you by any chance… jealous?” He carefully placed those words out for you.

“Jealous?” You said, a small fit of laughter escaped your lips.

“Oh Theo, please don’t flatter yourself” you sighed, catching your breath.

Theo was having a hard keeping in control, he felt the need to be close to you all the time. Thankfully getting close to you was part of his plan, unfortunately having an emotional attachment to you was not. He slowly and carefully taking small steps closers, not breaking eye contact, you backed away with every step he took. Until you stopped, and placed a firm hand on his chest.

“Stop, Theo” you barely whispered. Not trusting yourself, your mind had to make a move, which was a whisper of words. Thankfully he stopped, but he did not move from his spot.

Uncertainty clouding your judgement, it was always like this when he got near and you of course hated it. Breathing became ever so slightly difficult, almost as if you were drowning in his eyes.

The conscious thing to do was to look away, which you did. Theo placed a hand on top of yours, where it was still on his chest.

“Y/n…” he said very softly “look at me” he continued.

Your mind racing with endless possibilities as to what will happen in the next couple seconds. Slowly you look up at him, his features soft almost vulnerable.

Subconsciously he pushed some hair away from your face, he leaned down, closing the limited space that was left. Knees weak, palms slightly sweaty from nervousness, you closed your eyes for something inevitable. You felt he’s lips on your face, a small butterfly kiss on the corner of your mouth, moving lower to your jawline. You felt his arm come around to your waist, pulling you in closer, as if you weren’t close enough.

“Theo…” you sighed

So many emotions, he just makes you feel so many damn emotions. Infuriated, loved, disconcerted, suspicious, happy, betrayed, exhilarated, regretful, uncertain and certain all at the same time, how is he so capable of your feelings.

“I’m not sorry that I kissed you yesterday” Theo said in a hushed voice. “In fact I’ve been thinking about since you left” he said, slight cockiness could be heard in his voice.

The bell ringing, almost immediately filling the quiet halls with tired teenage bodies that routinely made there way to their next class.

A shy smile stuck on your face, you just couldn’t shake it, you detached yourself from Theo and melded into the rush of students in the hallway. No longer in sight of Theo, you took your phone out of your back pocket and sent Theo a text.

‘I’m not sorry either’.

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who wants part 4? ;D


Brother/sibling AU Suggested by anonymous (I actually like this idea and think its cute :3) ALSO I’M TRYING TO CATCH UP ON IMAGINES BEAR WITH ME -Mod kiiiiiiiiiib


-the one person who he’s not afraid to talk to is you
-It’s more of you teasing him then him teasing you
-Calls you Rose because your forever his brother untill you last petal drops
-You love embarrassing him so much
-Always finds a way to bring him up in conversation to embarrass him
-Very lenient with your love life but not with his
-S a v e H i m
-He really annoys you but not in the way about like teasing or such
-It’s the fact that he likes all these people but he dosesnt know who to choose
-tbh you were totally okay with helping him but he is so naive
-He thinks that none of them like him back
-*C H O K E S*
-you show him a meme every time you bring it up it’s the -ArE YoU SuRE AbOUt ThAT!- meme
-so confused
-please help your brother and his love life


-“short stack”
-“grape juice”
-always fighting and teasing each other because they are both short dorks
-both will prank each other and have prank wars that last over a week
-longest was at least half of the school year
-always needs some else to shut them up
-probably Tenko or Toujo
-Even though they mostly fight, they do get along on rare occasions  
-they both bother Kiibo about his maybe robo dong
-Ouma is very protective of you even when your simply taking with anyone
-the “ you must be at least 3ft away from all guys except me because I’m your older brother and thats that” dude
-basically is the annoying short dork over protective brother


-Always tries to tell people about embarrassing stories about you when you were younger
-he’s like the mom who has embarrassing photos but instead of a album they are his phone
-he loves holding you and it honestly makes you feel safe in his arms
-your very open with each other and don’t hide it often
-He always calls you nicknames of beautiful things because he thinks he has the prettiest/handsomest younger sibling
-sometimes you call him amomi because he’s basically your mom but in your brothers body
-if you think ouma is bad
-you have not seen Amami
-he will literally drag you away and ask is they are your s/o
-E V E R Y T I M E
-the only thing that annoys you about your brother
-basically the embarrassing momma brother


-He likes to pull few subtle pranks on you
-You don’t get back at him because well
-You don’t know how
-So you ask Ouma…. and well
-Let’s just say he stopped
-For good
-He loves seeing you happy and you love his cooking
-He just looks at you and just saysss awww
-It’s creepy sometimes but you know it’s not meant to be taken in the wrong way
-“ Hey you wanna piggy back ride? ”
-“ were in high school plus I can walk ”
-“ buuuuttttt rocket~”
-Did I forget to mention he likes to call you rocket as you nick name
-“… fine”
-He’s also super lenient when it comes to talking with guys but does get a little anxious when they start getting a little too close
-Lenient star brother


-Adores you
-He calls you ladybug a lot because he feels like he’s lucky to have you in his life
-Loves doing your hair if it’s long enough and you do the same
-You get him lots of ancient folk lore stories to read to him
-Does not let anyone near you in fright they will ruin your innocence like they did to him
-One day he lets you do his make up
-You had fun
-He honestly secretly likes it
-One day though
-He tries to do his own makeup
-He’s actually god with makeup but is super bad with eyliner
-Oh dear
-He stabs him self with the eyeliner at least three times
-For now on he’s not allowed to do his eyeliner on his own


-Petty puns are a must in this bond
-Everyone hates them but you love them
-He’s protective but not as bad as Ouma or Amami
-A L S O
-Doesn’t call you nicknames often, but when he does its mostly muffin or cupcake
-He will cook you meals and omg
-He makes the B E S T  sweets
-Loves to See you happy and gushing over food
-Silly but adorable
-Even if it means to get messy making food
-though they do have their cooking moments
-Only Kiibo was allowed to cook cupcakes for now on now…
-B E S T C O O K B R O A P R O N he wears sometimes
-Most likely a gift You had made for him
-I will fight anyone who says he doesn’t wear a best cook bro apron


-Most people would think he’s the nicest brother
-hah lol no
-Doesn’t call you nicknames because he thinks your name is easy enough to say
-Protective but like Kiibo not as much and little to no effort put into protecting them.
-He actually finds you extremely annoying
-especially when he’s doing his ‘work’
-Only likes you when you leave the poor innocent boy alone
-Will fight you
-You win most times
-He always says he lets you win because he’s a gentleman
-T R I G G E R E D B A B S
-Will fight for hours on ends
-Rant about how much you hate each other
-Everyone thinks you guys fake it when you really don’t
-Totally do pranks on him and make him super embarrassed
-He doesn’t do pranks but he does embarrass the fuck out of you if you piss him off enough
-Rarely bond like Ouma but when they do they don’t talk much
-Just help these two babs
- s a v e t h e m


-“short stack”
-“ L I S T E N H E R E B U K K O “
-Calls you ‘bukko’ a lot
-Hates your short jokes because they are just so C R I N G Y
-Still loves you though
-Likes to see you happy and smiling
-If you’re lucky he’ll joke back
-You love to play tennis with him
-If you’re lucky you’ll win
-B u t
-Having to deal with a sore loser brother is s a d
-They are v e r y open with each other
-Don’t care if its really gross or not
-“ I have to take a shit i’ll be right back”
-“ok but make sure to wipe your ass”
-Okay maybe they can be a little too personal
-H O S H I
-I S
-V e r y P r o t e c t i v e
-He doesn’t like it when people hit on you
-At all
-Will fight anyone who dare toughest his sis
-He is a secret Tiger Mom

Hope you enjoy! ^^ 


Fandon: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader//Liam Dunbar x Reader
Warnings: funerals, death, sadness
Request: “Could you please do an issac lahey one shot where the reader begs him not to go after Allison death because they were together. Then she gets with Liam but season 6 when issac returns he wants her back thanks.” (by @anomonous2)

Word Count: 1,780

A/N: this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo saddddddddddddddddddddd,,,,,,,,,,,,, and i’ll split this one shot in two bc that’s like my thing ya know


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Allison Argent’s funeral was heartbreaking.

Her delicate lifeless body was wrapped in a beautiful white lace dress, her hair was curled and face was pale as usual. Though this time her cheeks didn’t have that rosy color they used to have, that was the only sign of her not having a beating heart. All her friends were there, except from Scott; the pack hadn’t heard from him in all week. They were worried, of course, but they decided to give him some space and time for him to cope with Alli’s death.

Chris Argent sat in front row, he wasn’t a very religious man but since his wife’s suicide he prayed and hoped her should was finally resting in peace. Yes, sometimes she wasn’t the most understanding woman, but she was loyal, she was a great mother and a great partner; but most importantly, she loved him. She loved him as much as he loved her. So then, sitting in front of the casket that held her daughter’s lifeless body, he prayed. He prayed that her soul finally found peace, he prayed that her spirit could always be around him. He prayed that she’s proud of him.

Lydia Martin and Isaac Lahey were sitting next to him, she had her head rested against his shoulder and she cried. She cried for her best friend, she cried for her sister. Isaac could not believe this was happening, ever since the night Allison died everything seemed like a blur and things were happening so fast. One day Isaac and his girlfriend Y/N were dreaming about moving together, the next day they were mourning over their best friend’s death.

Truth is Isaac wanted to leave Beacon Hills, ever since his father died there was a small voice in his head whispering that he didn’t need any of that. All those nights they spent worrying if they’d be alive the next morning. He wanted to leave, but there was something holding him back. 

Y/N and Isaac’s relationship had an odd start. At first he didn’t trust her, a normal human who just knew too much and always tagged along with the rest of the pack. It wasn’t until they were fighting a sea creature that Y/N discovered that she could control water. Not just oceans or seas, but the water inside a person’s body, that lit up a spark of curiosity in Isaac, after that they’d spend more time together trying to figure out exactly what she was and how to use her powers.

Those were the good days, when the worst thing that had happened to pack members was getting hurt, dying was a whole different level of crazy, that’s what triggered Isaac to leave.

After the funeral was over Isaac, Y/N, Lydia and Stiles went with Chris to his loft to keep an eye on him; everyone sat down on the couches in the living room, silence fell upon them.

“I’m leaving” was the first thing Mr. Argent said, the teenagers looked at him with worry eyes

“What? Where?” Stiles was the first to ask

“I don’t know yet, but I know that I can’t stay here any longer. This town has brought nothing but chaos to my life. I don’t blame you, kids, but I need to get out of here; I have family left in France, maybe I’ll go with them” Chris explained and the teenagers were silent again. A few seconds passed before another voice echoed in the room.

“I’ll go with you” Y/N’s eyes widen in surprise and horror all at once, she looked to the boy beside her, her boyfriend Isaac. He didn’t look at her but instead kept her sight on Mr. Argent.

“Isaac…” was all Y/N said

“I need to leave, Y/N. My life is a mess right now, my father is dead, my best friend is dead. I don’t want to be next”

“Isaac, please. Think this through, you’re not okay right now, let’s talk about it” Y/N tried to reason with him

“Son, listen to your friends. I’m leaving in a week, think about it and then let me know” Chris said before getting up from the couch and walking to his room, he closed the door behind him and Y/N released a breath she didn’t know was holding.


Isaac and I were in my room, he was sitting on my bed and I was pacing around my room

“Why do you want to leave?” I asked while I stopped walking.

“I already told you, I don’t feel safe anymore. It’s like one day I’m completely fine and the next one there’s something evil chasing us”

“Isaac you are a werewolf, you can protect yourself. This is what you wanted when Derek bit you. You can’t just turn your back on the pack. You can’t abandon us.”

“I’ve sacrificed so much for the pack, the least they can do for me it’s accept my decision”

“So you’re just gonna leave… and what about me? What about us?”

I was on the verge of tears, he was my boyfriend, he couldn’t just leave me like that. Did he not care about me? Did I mean nothing to him?

“Y/N… it’s my decision, you can come with me if you want to, we can look for a place together, we can be happy. Just the two of us” he said standing up and cupping my face with his hands, I looked at him and shook my head

“I can’t. I’m sorry, Isaac, I can’t. I owe my whole life to the pack, I can’t just abandon them like that”

“Please, darling. Think about it, we can be happy, together.” I shook my head again.

“Could you leave me alone for a second? I need to think” I asked closing my eyes, suddenly I felt a pain in my chest, I looked at Isaac and he nodded before leaving my room.

One week later

“Isaac please don’t leave. You can’t do this to me! I thought you loved me!” I cried as I hugged him one last time, I knew I wasn’t going to make him change his mind, but I just had to keep on trying.

“Y/N we’ve talked about this, everything will be fine, okay?” he said grabbing my face with one of his hands and removing the tears falling from my eyes with his other one.

“Please don’t go. Don’t do it” I was a crying mess and I knew I was catching some judging stared from the people at the airport.

It was finally the day Chris and Isaac were leaving, and I just couldn’t accept it. He couldn’t leave, he was my best friend, my everything.

“Baby, please. Don’t make this any harder than it already is”

“Then don’t leave, and everything will be just fine” I said grabbing both of his hands in mine. He was about to say something when a voice came through the speakers.

“All passengers from flight #5834 to Paris, France please board the plane through gate #5” I closed my eyes, reality finally sinking in. This was happening. Isaac was leaving and God knows when I’ll see him again

“I have to leave, baby girl” he said and started rubbing my cheek

“No, please don’t leave me” I said crying harder. His eyes started watering, too. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me towards him, I rested my head on his shoulder with my face in the crook of his neck.

“Y/N, listen to me. You’ll be fine, we’ll see each other again, soon. You have to be strong for me, sweetheart, okay?” he said and I nodded. After denial, comes acceptance. I had to accept that this was what he wanted.

“I’ll come back. Beacon Hills just isn’t the right place for me right now, I have to find somewhere I belong to” he said and he pulled himself away from me.

“You belong with me” I said and again, that stupid voice came through the speakers and Isaac grabbed his suitcase from the ground

“It’s time” Chris said walking towards Isaac and I, I nodded and hugged him goodbye

“Have a safe trip, Mr. Argent. I’m sure Allison’s very proud of you. And I’m sure she’s with us, she’ll always be with us”

“Thank you, Y/N. Take care of yourself. And I’ll take care of your boy, right here”

“Make sure to come back soon, who knows when Beacon Hills will need its bravest hunter” He smiled once more and started walking towards the gate

“Promise me you’ll never forget me” I said before kissing Isaac on the cheek

“I won’t forget about you” he repeated my actions

“Promise me you won’t do anything stupid, or I swear to God, Isaac, I’ll find you and kick your ass” I kissed his forehead

“I won’t do anything stupid”

“Promise me you’ll come back”

“Y/N…” he started but I interrupted him

“Promise me, please… I need to hear it” I closed my eyes, feeling tears burning in my eyes

“I promise I’ll come back” he said kissing me on the lips. It was short and sweet, his lips tasted salty because of my tears. I enjoyed the kiss, because somewhere deep inside I knew that it would be the last one for a long time.



I smiled in the middle of the kiss, he moved his hands from my neck to my hips, and gripped tightly. I let out a soft moan and he laughed.

“Eager, aren’t you, baby?” he said mocking a sexy voice and I started laughing while I ran my hands through his hair.

“Gosh, Liam, you totally killed the mood” I looked at my boyfriend and got up from where I was laying on top of him.

“No I did not, Y/N, you just can’t handle this level of sexy” he said and winked at me, he was such a dork. But he was my dork

“Is that so?” I asked wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him towards me. I opened my lips slightly and closed my eyes, we both started leaning in and our lips were just about to touch when the bell from my house rang loudly. We both jumped scared and I walked towards the door.

“I swear to God if that’s Scott I’ll kill him” Liam said and I chuckled

“Shut up, you won’t do anything, and if Scott’s here it’s because he needs… us.” I opened the door


“Babe, who is that?” I head Liam calling me from the kitchen


“Is that Scott?” Liam asked again, this time his voice sounded closer



There you gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, i dont know when ill post part two but hopefully it’ll be this week!!!! alsoooooo, this is my first time writing Isaac and i think i did pretty good

First Impressions Pt.3

First Impressions Pt. 3


On previous chapters:  On a normal day, Amy found Shadow hurt in the woods after battling some robots that were under Lyric’s command. They soon after became good friends and both having an emerald each, decided to embarked on a mission to find the last remaining of the Chaos Emerald and stop Lyric’s evil plan.  Will this mission cause love to bloom between them?

A/N:This chapter contains a bit more of SonAmy, but of course this is Shadamy!

“Was that really necessary?”- Sticks said as she tiredly walked along with Knuckles, Tails and Sonic. It was already dark  they knew that it must of being sometime already in the morning, but at the moment they didn’t seem to care. They lost count of how many times they got lost in the woods.

“I didn’t think Dave was capable of doing that with the Meh Burger’s chairs”- Tails was already falling asleep and really didn’t have time to figure out how in the world he was able to put propellants in their sits.

“Glad Amy made it out of this”- Sonic said and notice that they were already in the village.

“It’s already late, I am going to sleep”-  Said Knuckles  while looking at the Village’s main clock that indicated 5:32 AM,and with that Knuckles went off to his home.

“Yeah same”

“Me too, you wanna crash for today at my house Sonic?”-Tails asked, looking at the blue fur.

“Yeah sure”- After that being said, everyone parted their own ways.

While Sonic was sleeping on the hammock and Tails in the bed close to it, they both tried to get some sleep,which Tails could easily get. However he notices that his best-friend was still looking up to the ceiling, thinking. Even for Tails, this was a weird sight to be looking at.

“hey Sonic, are you alright?”


“Are you hungry?”


“Did you break anything?”


“…is it because of Amy’s student?”

“I mean, she was obviously lying! that ‘student’ of her it’s her boyfriend! What does he have that I don’t? Why is Amy dating him when she has me? am I not good enough? Why is she keeping it a secret? May be she is in danger and her boyfriend is actually evil and-”

“Sonic chill out!”- Tails almost screamed at the paranoid hedgehog.

“Sorry Tails, its just, I don’t know. Even is she does have a boyfriend, that’s not of my business. But I can’t really stop thinking about it”- Sonic said still looking up at the ceiling.

“… Sonic, have you ever thought that may be, in fact, you like Amy?”

“Amy is my childhood friend,I can’t”

“And why not?”


“There’s nothing wrong with liking her, she can be a bit intense, but that’s just how Amy is, she is a nice-hearted person. And I think that’s why you like her”

“ I am afraid Tails…”

“Of what?”

“Of not knowing my feelings and end up hurting her.”

“You know Sonic, I am not really good with relationship stuff, but I know that keeping your feelings to yourself is not good.”


“If you don’t say anything, its going to be too late and you will regret it. I really don’t want  to see my best-friend suffer that way.”

“…Tails… Thank you”- Sonic said as he stood up, he could see from the window that the sun began to show, and this somehow reminded him of a past memory.

“Where are you going?”- Tails was surprised by his sudden action.

“Come on Tails, a super genius like you can’t figure out where a simple hedgehog is going?”- Sonic smiled at him while heading for the door.

“Wait, are you serious? You are going? Right now?!”

“That’s right”- And with that, Sonic left running. By the distance he could hear Tails scream “Good luck” to him.

He wasn’t running at his normal speed, in a way he wanted to get it over with, but he also wanted sometime to himself to think about what he was about to do. For a moment, he could feel how everything was going faster than him. He began to think about Amy and how for many years he had left her behind. Of course this was when they were younger, and his attitude towards her had changed. He thought that the main reason why he left so many times was to save her from danger. But now that he thinks about it, in the back of his head, he knew that Amy would be there for him. He knew that no matter in what part of the Universe he was, Amy would always find a way to come to see him and he trusted her to do so.

As Sonic was passing through the village he could remember all the moments they shared, sometimes stupid, others embarrassing and others surprising, but at the end of the day, he will always cherish those moments. He knew that there will be a day when Amy would not longer be there, she would want to make a family of her own and he understood that. It was selfish for him to say, but in a way he just wanted Amy to stay by his side with the rest of the gang, always together. That’s was when he realized, his true feelings for Amy.

“Well it seems we are ready to go”- Shadow looked at Amy, who seemed a bit down.

“Its just that leaving a note without saying anything to my friends feels kinda wrong”-Amy was looking down at the floor while still sitting down on the sofa.

“You can still back up, Rose”

“Absolutely not, I am coming with you”- Amy stood up and went near by Shadow who was already on the door.

“Let’s go then”- Shadow opened up the door for Amy and she reluctantly made her way out of her house follow by Shadow.

Shadow and Amy just took a few steps out of her house and Amy was already wishing she could see one of her friends again.


She was even hearing Sonic’s voice already.


She was honestly getting scared now.


That’s when Amy turned around and she notice her blue fur coming towards her at his super sonic speed. Sonic finally got close enough to her, close enough to see her black companion.

“Amy, what are you doing with Shadow?”- Sonic said in such a soft voice, he didn’t look mad, he just felt like he was too late.  This sight hurt Amy and she knew she just couldn’t lie to him anymore.

“Shadow is my “student”- Amy smiled at him, giggling a bit. Shadow didn’t want to turn, he was listening of course and wonder why Amy said he was her “student”.However, he knew it wasn’t the time to be asking questions. He did not turn around in order to give them some privacy.

“So.. is he, your boyfriend?”- Sonic asked prepared for the worst.

“Oh no, no. Shadow and I are just friends… friends who are going together in a mission.”

“Rose… Your promise.”- Shadow really didn’t want to interrupt, but he didn’t also want a blue hedgehog going around and ruining their plan.

“Yeah, right…Sorry, Sonic. I made a promise to Shadow and I want to keep it.”- Amy said as she looked at Shadow to comfort him.

“It’s ok if you can’t tell me, I respect your decision, but…When are you coming back?” -Sonic asked.

“We don’t know.. But I promise to come back”

“You don’t need to promise me anything, I know you will be back”- Sonic smiled at her, and Amy knew that was all she needed.

“Take care Amy… and Shadow…”- Shadow turned around and looked at Sonic straight in the eyes.

“Please, protect her.”

“With my own life.”-

“Hey, I can take care of myself!”- Amy interrupted, pouting for a bit.

“I know Ames, but you can’t never be too careful.” Sonic said as she gave Amy a hug. Shadow pretended to be looking at them, for a strange reason he was bother by the scene.

Sonic still had his hands on Amy’s shoulders and just looked at her with loving eyes, something that Amy was not used to it.

“Its time to go Rose.”- Shadow said and he began to walk away.

“I’ll be back, take care of everyone for me.”- Amy said and she also began to walk away.

“I will.”- Sonic said as he watched Amy catching up to Shadow and began to walk together. In that moment Sonic thought… everything can go to hell.

Amy took one last glimpse of Sonic and so she felt how he was still looking at her. Amy and Shadow were already entering the woods when Amy heard him.


Amy suddenly stopped her tracks, even Shadow was surprised at the moment.


Amy turned around and indeed confirmed that it was Sonic who told her that he loves her. Amy was in shock, she couldn’t find the right words to say in the moment.

“You don’t have to say anything right now! Just come back safely, and we can talk later!”

Amy was so surprised, the only thing she could do was smile at him and nod her head enthusiastically, taking one final glimpse of Sonic, she finally made her way to the woods where Shadow was waiting for her.

It was already late and Amy and Shadow decided to call it a night and stay at a near by cave. They really haven’t said a word, Shadow turn on a bonfire and Amy pull put the snacks she made last night and gave one to Shadow. They both ate quietly, just looking at the fire, Amy still confused about her feelings.

“You can still go back, we are not too far away.”- Shadow said, interrupting Amy’s thoughts.

“I already said this Shadow, this emerald is my responsibility and I won’t leave you alone in this.”- Amy looked straight into Shadow’s eye. Never in his life, Shadow felt intimidated by someone’s eyes. Amy’s determination could really break anyone down.

“I thought that you would want to go back and be with your blue boyfriend now.”

“He is not my boyfriend”

“Don’t you feel something for him.”

“…I need time to think.”

Shadow kept looking at Amy and he moved closer to her. Amy noticed this and instead of looking at the bonfire, she decided to look at Shadow. He was really close and for a moment she was hypnotized by his crimson eyes. They were both getting closer and closer and in that moment Amy didn’t think about Sonic at all. Shadow began to caress her hair and slowly going down her cheek. As they were getting closer, they eyes closed as well, oh so close…

“If you still think about Sonic after this, then it must mean that you are in love, Amy.”- Shadow stop suddenly and he went back to his original position, leaving a very embarrassed Amy staying still on her place.

“I hope you make the right decision”

End of Pt.3

A/N: This was filled with a lot of SonAmy, but hey, I need to keep the drama going. Of course this a Shadamy fic lol. If there’s a good amount of support, I’ll upload Pt.4 this Wednesday!

ishqbaaz 20.09.17 lb

sorry for the mega late lb. i had to come back home and put myself into a mini coma to feel better. this episode is called “shivika get cozy”, so i have my hopes up. GIVE ME ALL THE THARAK AND MAKE ME FORGET THE HELLSCAPE THAT WAS MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 😫😫😫

  • shakti’s back with a smile. does that mean he has a real flower for pinky or is this whole situation gonna be blown to bits? 😬😬😬
  • knew it. knewwwwwwww it. i don’t likeeee such humour. fwding the upcoming dhamaka. 😣😣😣
  • omki’s turnnnnnnnnn. 🙃🙃🙃
  • sad puppy is like “but gauriiiii isn’t hereeee.” 😞😞😞
    • wrong! bulbul is hereeeeeee! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
  • did you see the way everyone’s eyes just lit the fuck up, seeing her???? god, she’s such sunshine. 😍😍😍😍
  • omggggg the way his eyes keep flickering towards her face as she reads the chit! 😯😯😯😯💘💘💘
  • omki like THIS IS SO LAAAAAAAME (me. me as fuuuuuuck.) 😆😆😆
  • chubby’s a rikara shipper too! how cute! 😊😊😊
    • also he calls om “om bhaiyya”. i love itttttt. i miss someone calling om “bhaiyya” after sumo left. (not counting prinku, coz lol who gives a fuck about her. and i’ve never heard bhavya address om directly? besides they’re the same age.) 
  • ok what’s this weird version of “lafzon ka yeh rishta…”?? 🤔🤔🤔
  • anyway, fwding through the jolly jolly till something substantial comes up. 
  • he’s secretly hoping with all his heart that her Awareness™ will kick in and she’ll find him. 😙😙😙
    • haaaaaaye. i’m such a sucker for this shit. 😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • shivika’s ear to ear smiles. the couple that ships together, stays together! 😏😏😏 
  • omki’s turnnnnnnn. 
  • shayari! right up your alley. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
    • lol i love his THIS IS HELLA LAME AND I AM SO EMBARRASSED PLEASE LET ME GO reactions. because honestly, #me. 
  • “O cheenkta hai toh bhi uske naak se teen chaar sher toh nikal hi jaate hai.” lolololol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • shivaay’s not even TRYING to PRETEND to be fair anymore. he might as well just be wearing a tshirt with her face on it, and waving a banner with TEAM GAURI!!!!!!!!! in glitter letters. 😆😆😆😆
  • gauri is giving om an out, but he just straight away launches into the poem like NO IMMA DO THIS IMMA IMPRESS THE FUCK OUTTA YOU GIRL YOU READY?????// 😘😘😘😘😘

“tere mere beech judaa tha ek rishta anjaana,
jaane ek chota sa kissa kab badal gaya afsaane mein. 
waqt ki gullak ki sab lamhe,
tere naam pe kharch hue. 
aadhe tujhe sataane mein, 
aadhe tujhe maanane mein. 
ab dil se tujhko kaam hai kya, 
is rishte ka naam hai kya, 
main aur dil, dono uljhe hai, 
is masle ko suljhaane mein.” 


  • uske beech mein shivika looking hecking proud of their stupid lovestruck babies. 😁😁😁
    • behind her, anika probably spontaneously exploded into flames like the baby from the incredibles. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • omki picking up on the changeeeee in “thankoo”! 😯😯😯
  • billu aur anika ki baari! lord aboveeeeee. what does this extra fucker have planned this time? 😣😣😣
  • phir se thank you?? 🤔🤔🤔
    • pft. function toh ab daily event ho gaya hai. iske liye thank you bologi toh bas isi ke liye fursat hogi. 🙄🙄🙄
  • pfffffft, sirf giiiiift? was this what billu was looking all heart eyed for??? 
  • … they seem empty handed? 😶😶😶
  • are their gifts to each other THEMSELVES????? coz honestly, that would be me. bitch, i’m marrying you, what more do you need? 😒😒😒
  • literally everyone is like a mix of tharki eyebrow wriggles and “uh should we leave them alone” faces 😆😆😆😆
  • yeah methinks you two need to fuck already coz this be getting outta control. KUCH TOH SHARAM KARO. YOUR DAD AND GRANDMA ARE HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 😫😫😫😫😫😫
  • called it. also, #confidenceGoals. (i’m just big talk.)
  • omki be impressed. he wishes he had some of bhaabi’s game. 😆😆😆
  • lol rudraaaa gift wrapping themmmmmmm together. 😂😂😂
  • ok now get a damn room. such mushy you two areeeee. 🙄🙄🙄
    • snort. 😆😆😆
  • lmao dadi suddenly remembered her DO FEET DOOR rule lololol 
  • billu’s serving up sexxxxxxxxxx eyes. is his gift orgasms??? 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
  • wait, why is she surprised at the papers??? she literally discovered them and they had this whole scene 1 hour ago???? 🤔🤔🤔
    • idgi? what are we supposed to make of yesterday’s scene then???? what kinda shoddy ass writing????????  😒😒😒
  • waise toh khanna se sab kaam karwaate ho, yeh photo kheenchne ka kaam bhi usko hi delegate kardo? 😐😐😐
  • ok fwding coz honestly, i’ve been watching this episode for more than 1.5 hours now. 😣😣😣
  • god tej you suck at this. 🙄🙄🙄
  • ok, i’m sure goans have more than just the ONE SONG, tej. honestly. 😑😑😑
  • svetlana, just kill these two na. they’re so annoying. 😤😤😤
  • ok mr. officer/dad dude wtf do you mean “iska kya matlab hai?” she’s allowed to take time to think about whether she wants to marry a dude. 😕😕😕
  • the lady doth protest too much methinks. 😗😗😗
  • wow, bhavya just shut that shit down real quick. 😐😐😐
  • chubby i think you need to make new friends. honestly. 😶😶😶
  • oooooooooh officer dad cut the call. 😯😯😯
  • yet another family conference nonsense. 
  • ok billu’s lost all sense of propriety. he’s like let’s feel up our wives as we wait for dadi!!!!  😆😆😆😆
  • oneeeeeee weeek. counting down! (god knows how long this one week will last in this damn show though. yaar october mein mere birthday tak toh karwa do??? all i want is for you two to bang already. 😌😌😌) 
  • oh suddenly shakti is like STOP FLIRTING. he practically made out with her in front of you 2 minutes ago, tab aapke mooh mein kya dahi jami hui thi? 😒😒😒
  • lol aw omki bulbul ka “catering” waala ishaara. so cute. 😊😊😊
  • oh god now who????
  • sapna tha. pfffffffffft. 😑😑😑
  • hein? aadhi raat ke beech mein officer dad is at some shaadi?? 🤔🤔🤔
  • oh, it’s not aadhi raat. rudra’s just taking a depression nap at a randomass time. i know that feel bro. carry on. 😔😔😔
  • who dis bansi now???? 
  • shaadi AAJ hai, aur invite karne ab aaye ho? what nonsense. 😒😒😒
  • rudra’s gonna be sent for this shaadi isn’t he? and it’s gonna be the same shaadi bhavya’s at? 
  • BHAIYYA MAIN CHOPPER LEKE JAA RAHA HOON (as if its just a bike or some shit. god, rich ppl.) 🙄🙄🙄🙄
  • ok, we’re outta brothers to send. it falls to the bahuein now. 
  • um gauri, you’re literally going for a few hours, yeh boriya bistar kyun baandh rahi ho? 🤔🤔🤔
  • lmao gauri what a lameeeee place to hide the books. isn’t he gonna get under the covers to go to bed at night? 😒😒😒
  • omki busting into the room all tadaktaaa bhadaktaaa 😆😆😆
  • ok back to angsty tension between these two! 😐😐😐
  • oooooooooooh he saw the messageeeee, son gonna get jelllllyyyyyy 😏😏😏😏
  • no really, these girl are going for a shaadi for one day and emptying their whole damn wardrobes, matlab… maana ki tum logon ka private jet hoga, lekin there’s still weight restrictions to how much a plane can carry ya’know???? 😕😕😕😕
  • billu’s up to his chaand-stealing tricks again to chance maarofy 😏😏😏
  • ouff so cheeeeeeeeeeeeesy. 
  • “shehad lagaakar chaat lijiye!”
    • ok, that’s been added to the list of things he wants to do to you in bed. 😏😏😏😏😏
  • meanwhile all the angsty eyes from omki here. 🙃🙃🙃
  • bulbul aankh chura rahi hai, but look at his unwavering gaze. yowwwwwwwza! 😯😯😯😯
  • subtlyyyy trying to get her other “plans” out. 😗😗😗
  • uh huh uh huh, omki, your pure motives are nottttt at allll transparent. 😊😊😊
  • “tumne bhi toh mujhe kabhi nahi samjha.”
    • dude, she’s not a damn mind reader. tumhe apni baatein khud samajh mein nahi aati, woh kya samajhti?? 😒😒😒
  • wow, he’s accusing HER of not speaking what’s on her mind. helllo kettle, this is pot; you’re black! 😑😑😑
  • “aapko humse break mil jayega.”
    • oh my heart. the angst. and his face. he doesn’t want a breakkkkkkkkkk. 😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭
  • “have a safe trip.”
    • uh son, i believe what you wanna say is I LOVE YOU. 😙😙😙
  • idhar in logon ka abhi bhi chal raha hai. 🙄🙄🙄
  • anika’s upstairs brain be saying NO, but her DOWNSTAIRS BRAIN BE SCREAMING YES. 😏😏😏
  • “jaana zaroori hai???” 
    • or you know, you could cancel your meeting and go WITH her. 😕😕😕