ok i know you are. dumb question

Ok so you know I’ve only just started getting into Reaper and Soldier and that I’m still learning their back stories and all that

((((This is not a question on white washing. I’m sure Blizzard isn’t saying he’s white and they certainly aren’t saying it’s more desirable or glamorous in this instance. ))))

I want to know if there’s an actual reason Reapers skin looks like it’s gross pastey Bella Swan skin? Like do we know what happened to him? Because I have his black watch skin and this boy definitely a POC so what happened for him to become some chalky vampire?


MFW I try to politely curve a creeper’s equally creepy/rude question by playing dumb and they repeat/rephrase the question.

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@yes-this-is-not-ok do they think we’re naive and innocent or something?

And for the record, since I know someone might ask “Why are you even on Whisper if it’s so horrible then???” The answer is: Because I have some legitimately good conversations. Among these creeps I got someone chatting with me about his plans for the future and travel - we had some tips to share with each other - and another guy who informed me about the Matilda Musical and we traded recipes for Italian food.

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Hi! Sorry I'm going to ask a very dumb question. I'm new you see, so I'm not super familiar with jump names and layouts yet. I just read those terms a lot here on tumblr. And well I love Yuzuru. Anyway, you guys say Yuzu changed his layout for his fs... but I don't really see it... may I know which part it is exactly? And has he done this before in maybe other seasons or competitions? Thanks!

Don’t worry, it’s not a dumb question ;) It’s really long so I’ll put everything under the “read more” thingy xD

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Dating Xero Would Include…

A/N: This is part two of this request! If you have not seen the Hansol version (part 1 of the request) click on Hansol’s name below!

P-Goon, Jenissi, Yano, Hojoon, Hansol

  • This is the beautiful child that got me into TD so this is gonna be fun!
  • Ok so to start off, he is an idiot, that’s mean but ya’ll know it’s true
  • He’s not really dumb so much as really one-track minded and some might say empty headed
  • The reason I’m bringing this up is because he’ll probably ask you stupid questions about random things
  • “Hey babe what’s the capital of Japan?”
  • “Tokyo… why?”
  • “Just cause…” and you’ll probably never learn the reason why because he probably doesn’t have one
  • Anyways, so dates!
  • He’d be super caring when it comes to you, so dates would have to include a bunch of romantic stuff
  • Like it’ll start in a fancy restaurant and then turn into a romantic walk around the nearest park and then it’ll end at home in a bath or something like that
  • He’s secretly a romantic so I can see him doing stuff like this all the time
  • Like don’t be surprised if during the bath I mentioned earlier, whether he’s sitting near the tub while you soak in it and unwind or sitting behind you in the tub unwinding as well, he leans into your ear and starts to rap for you in his low, seductive voice and the rap will probably be one he wrote about you as well
  • As for skinship, he’d like subtle types like a casual arm around the waist or gentle cheek kisses, stuff like that
  • And now finally onto to sleeping positions!
  • He’d probably want to be the big spoon most nights, and if you do decide to switch it up, he’d probably like something like him on his back with your arms and legs around him or something like that
  • He’d be a super cute boyfriend, please cuddle this boy hard for me ok?

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Ok so your probably not the to be asking this but, I wanted to make a Tumblr account, and it said I needed to verify, so I went to my email and verified, but it still says I haven't, do you know what I could do? Sorry if this is a dumb question

That’s weird, actually. I don’t know how to answer that, since I made my own Tumblr back in 2011-12. ^^;

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This is a dumb question but can you explain the pewdiepie thing? I cant stand him but im a hoe for drama

for some fucking reason there’s babadiscourse about the whole thing but it’s giving me literally the worst vibes possible and it makes me feel sick so i’m not gonna talk about it but please google it if you wanna know more about it, involves “”“joking”“” antisemitism and nazism but doesn’t seem too joking to me (it wouldn’t make it ok even if he WAS joking) so be careful

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Ok this might be a dumb question but my friend thinks she saw da-ice on the street but i doubt it.Do you happen to know if they are in japan right now?

They’ve had the past few days off of having official schedules, so I can’t pinpoint where they are for sure, but since they’re going to be starting their SWISH performances soon and Toru/Sota probably have play rehearsals, I’d be surprised if they were out of the country at the moment.

Phan Analysis (Behaviour)

(ok so i don’t know if anyone ever talked about this, so sorry if yes >.<)

so as usual i was rewatching some old phan videos, when i noticed this:

unfortunately i couldn’t add subs because im too dumb for that shit but ok that’s not gonna stop me.

so in that specific moment, phil asked dan a would-you-rather-question. one of the choices which dan also picked was: would you rather have a freaky night with hayley williams but with phil’s face [..]

he then added that “it would still be hayley [..] paperbag- ( meaning putting the paperbag over phil’s face, so that he wouldn’t see him but only her body) and then it’s all good to go.”

after that it was cut into another scene.

I made the “all good to go” into a gif, which you can see above. now look at that gif closely. ( i tried to slow it down, so that it’s more obvious) look especially carefully near the end of that gif. 

do you see it? do you also see that subtle, but still obvious little smirk that dan does after saying “then it’s all good to go”. 

but what does that mean? well for that we need to focus again on the context of that specific moment. 

as i just previously said, dan and phil are talking about how he would have sex with hayley, since he could simply hide phil’s face with a paperbag.
it seems that as soon as he says that it’s “then good to go”, he subtly smiles at phil as if to reassure him that this is simply a joke.
that he actually truly loves phil (and his body) and that all of this is just a game that he wants to tease him(phil) with.

i personally think this is really cute because you notice how unconsciously dan does this, meaning that this “teasing” is  something natural between them (which is quite common in a relationship)

i know i could be overanalysing stuff, but idk i thought it was something quite obvious and adorable.

The “Again” in “Great Again” turns out to mean pre-Civil War Era

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Trump three times to distance himself from former KKK leader David Duke. His first reply was: 

Just so you understand. I don’t know anything about David Duke, OK? 

I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists. So I don’t know. 

I mean, I don’t know – did he endorse me or what’s going on? Because I know nothing about David Duke. 

I know nothing about white supremacists. And so you’re asking me a question that I’m supposed to be talking about people that I know nothing about. 

His other two rambling answers can be found at  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-david-duke_us_56d31097e4b0871f60ebbd35

In Conclusion:

Dumb Donald don’t know.  He just don’t know. 
He don’t know nothing about what you’re even talking about.  

“What’s a supremacist? Is that, like, a type of pizza?
I don’t know. I don’t know. What’s a pizza?”

                      Mmmmmmm.  Pizza.