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Insolence, Pt. 12 [Adam Cole]

Title: Insolence, Part Twelve of Twelve  (The End)

(Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven)

Characters: Adam Cole/OC(Brenna)

Genre: Fluff. Romance.

Length: ~5,000

Warnings: Language/cussing. A little touching but nothing remotely graphic. I’d give it a PG-13.

Summary/Inspo: “We never truly get over a loss, but we can move forward and evolve from it.” - Elizabeth Berrien

“If I ever get the nerve to ask,
What did I get right to deserve somebody like you?
I wasn’t expecting that.” - Jamie Lawson

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Taking In Strays - Chapter 2 - Steve Rogers Fanfic

A/N: Again i dedicate this chapter to my friend that went through this situation in real life. She has been 100% supportive of this story, helping me to write the difficult parts. At some points i have had tears running down my face as she described a past none of us were aware of. 
Summary: Emily Embers is at rock bottom, doing what she can to care for her son after the death of her husband. A fall on an icy street finds her in the arms of Steve Rogers, who offers her some assistance that she gratefully accepts, but little does Steve know just how deep he will have to get himself into someone elses world in order to save them. 

Triggers/Warnings: Graphic description of forced self harm
**** There is one paragraph that is particularly graphic. This is in bold italic text, so if you do not want to read it you can skip past it***

Chapter 1


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Taking In Strays – Chapter 2

Emily stood in the centre of the living area and gazed in wonder at the pile of bags and boxes in front of her. Somehow she had slept through all of her belongs being delivered to Steve’s apartment, though looking at the pile it wasn’t as if there was that much.


The sound of Steve’s voice made her head spring up, smiling as she saw him in the kitchen at the coffee maker;


“Coffee? There’s a fresh pot just finished brewing”

Her stomach rumbled, it had been weeks since she’d had a ‘real’ coffee. A real fresh coffee;

“Yes, please”

Moments later he was passing her a steaming mug, one that smelt a thousand times better than the instant she’d made him not twelve hours earlier. Sipping the dark liquid she closed her eyes and let out a contented sigh; whatever was going to happen with her and Mickey’s life, right now she was in heaven. Again her stomach rumbled and Steve’s quiet laugh made her eyes spring open.

“There are fresh pastries on the counter behind you”

She turned and looked to see where he was pointing; surprised to see a basket almost overflowing with baked treats;

“When did you have time to get these?” she asked, taking a plate from the neat stack next to the basket and helping herself to a croissant.

“The extraction crew dropped your stuff off just after six. I went for a run once they were done then stopped off at the bakery on the corner of Miller and 71st

Emily did the mental calculation, stopping mid bite as she glanced at the clock;

“Its 6.45am”

Steve looked up and smiled;


“You ran around ten miles, stopped off and got baked goods, and then made it back all in the space of less than forty five minutes?”

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ok, i am making this post not as like a ‘i want to lecture all you uneducated people who don’t make original content’ sort of post but rather as a ‘i literally did not know this shit before i started dicking around in photoshop and i feel like it’s something people should know’ sort of post

so take a gif like this

it’s a rejected member of a set i posted a few days ago (i was still trying to decide which size i wanted the set to be)

for those of you who’ve seen jessica jones, you’ll know what scene this is from. even for those of you who haven’t, the same principle that i’m about to explain applies.

i think a lot of the time (especially before i started giffing), i will see a gifset and be like ‘ah, yes, i remember this scene, this was a beautiful scene, this gif/gifset is true to that scene for sure. yes good. nice. awesome.’ but in reality, probably 9/10 times if you see a fuckin good looking gif or gifset, it did not start that way the original video did not look like that. believe it or not. (THIS IS A PARTICULARLY GOOD EXAMPLE THO BECAUSE JJ IS FUCKING DARK AND CYAN AS HELL OK.)

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yes its a sucky graphic but oh well ur lucky i didnt draw it in ms paint y’all know i just wanted to use boob kamui oKAY LETS START i was gonna have longer compliments but that fkin meme on twitter hecked my hand up so thats enough sweetness from me today its under the cut it still tags u rite or else ill kick my own ass NEVER MIND IM TYPING SOME SHIT if u dont read ur thing ur off the list, dot u’ll be the first to go uwu

also this tagging is being a bitch so like oops if nothing works

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