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a fool’s yoi movie wishlist

  • Victor “im gonna burn that tie” Nikiforov Wearing Too Much Denim And Crop Tops And Buffalo Shoes And Butterfly Hair Clips And Soft Scarves He Disappears Into And Overusing Rollerball Glitter On His Cheeks And -
  • teen victor sassing people left and right à la that picture of him looking disinterestedly at his chocolate bar at a press conference
  • victor witnessing chris grow out of being a pure and beautiful angel and into being a nasty and beautiful angel
  • im gonna be praying to the good gay gods from now until the release date that we have at least one (1) domestic scene between victor n yuuri
  • why ???? did ???? he ???? cut ???? his ???? hair ????
  • im a simple gal,,,, i just,,,, wanna hear him say “wow! amazing!” one more time,,, wearing that dorky heart shaped smile,,,, nerding out over sth,,,,,
  • baby makkachin baby makkachin baBY MAKKACHIN BABY MAKKA-
  • i know that There Will Be Angst ok i know but i gave my heart to yoi a long time ago and i trust that the team knows how to break it in the best possible way
  • (and i wish that u do too)
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ask-split-sextuplets  asked:

Hi I just want to say I really love your art (sorry if I spammed your notifications a bit) especially your doodles! I'm only really starting out with drawing but I want to work (slowly, knowing me) towards being able to draw kind of like you someday :)

aH its ok my dude! :’D ahh but thank you, im glad you like my art!! <3 i wish you good luck with drawing!