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heyy since it’s no shame november does this mean i can post my incredibly self indulgent au…….. ok good

ok so in all honesty wild times always reminded me of tiana’s palace and at first it was just for fun but then i got reeeally invested heheeee,,,, (also yes judy is naveen in case you were wondering bppt) hope you enjoy because i might draw more of this

also trish drew this au too so you guys should check that out because it’s a really good drawing


joshua birthday countdown: d-1

joshua’s lines through the eras [ cr 1. 2. 3. ]

Alright but moana introduces maui to her people and after the inital “wow it’s really him!” He becomes almost like just another villager, minutes the whole being a demigod thing, and has what’s like a big family for the first time and one day moanas dad/mom congratulates him by saying “good job, son” and he has to take a minute because………son???? He’s someone’s son now??? He starts to tear up and moana is like “hey you ok?” And he just nods, replying “I finally have a family”

And he’s so happy that Moana decides that she’s gonna tell her parents to call maui son as much as possible and they’re cool with it so they start calling him son and maui loves it but Moana decides to go above and beyond so she tells all the grownups in the village “hey call him son he’s never been part of a family” and they’re like ok yeah sure we all like the guy so all the grown ups in the tribe start calling him son and the kids catch on and start calling him brother and mauis just so overwhelmed with happiness.

And after Maui is “adopted” by the tribe, he gets a new tattoo that’s directly over his heart of him being part of the tribe as family.

But in this tat he’s not the center of attention like all his other ones. He’s just a little part of the whole village, next to everyone else.

Needless to say, it’s his favorite tattoo he has

BONUS: one day some kids see the tattoo on his back and they’re like u don’t need that cuz ur real family wouldn’t just throw you away like that plus we’re your family now and they use body paint to paint over it. And since he does have a family now, when the paint dries and washes away the tattoo changes. Some of it stays the same, his human parents casting him away, but instead of the ocean being down there, it’s the village of motonui with their arms raised to receive him

Wow I can’t believe @therealjacksepticeye turns 14 million today. Congrats buddy!

In all seriousness though congrats! Whenever the channel hits a milestone you always say we should be congratulating each other instead of you, but we wouldn’t all be here if not for you, so I think some congratulations are in order. I feel like I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me and the other 13,999,999+ of us just by being the wonderful ball of sunshine that you are, so my silly art will have to do.

Ok then. I was gonna wait until the channel actually hit 14 million to post this but its 4am here and I’m super tired (if you couldn’t tell by how sappy I’m getting) so I’m gonna post this now and go to sleep.


Hi! Just making a post to say that updates - of a polished nature - may be a bit sparse over the next few months as I’m working on my comic, Pelican Post! I’m planning to have the first book printed by mid-2017. Until then, I’ll be posting related concept stuff like this every now and then on twitter/tumblr :)


An AU where young Keith, a Filipino-Korean, moves to the USA; on his first day at school, he refuses to talk, partly because he’s not exactly very sociable but mostly because he’s incredibly embarrassed about his English and lack of proficiency in it. O and shiro walks in

TRIPS OVER MY OWN FEET oh my god this was supposed to be black and white but then i wanted to paint but then gave up andCHRIST. my art style changes 600 times during this comic its dISGUSTIGN. THEN AGAIN it was rly rushed i just wanted to get this idea outta my head before school starts.

Kissing You

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Request:  Ok, I’m just putting this out there right now, you might wanna open ur ask box, just in case some people don’t feel comfortable w the messages,, but maybe a story where newt and the reader best friends and they’re like joking around and whatnot and it ensues in tickle fights and then kisses?? Sorry this was so long TYSM

Notes: I might post requests out of order a bit and I’m sorry about that but if I have inspiration to write a certain thing I will.

“Newt?” You asked.

“Yes? Do you need something?” Newt asked gently.

“No, I just wanted to know, wanna cuddle?” You asked shyly.

“Oh! Well if you want to, I don’t mind, maybe you don’t, maybe, that was a joke.” He rambled.

“No, I meant it! Come over here!” You called, reaching out to him. He reddened and let out a soft laugh which melted your heart.

“Okay. I’ll just join you right here, I’ll just prop you here, that okay?” He said as he laid you against his chest.

“It’s great.” You replied.

“Okay.” Newt said. You snuggled in to his chest and he got an idea. He subtly moved his fingers to your waist and pressed slightly and he knew you were quite ticklish and you sat up.

“You don’t know what you’ve started.” You said monotonously.

“You’re on.” He replied. You started a tickle fight and your hands started in fairly innocent places, but as you grew closer your hands slowly stopped moving. After a long time, of giggles and laughs, you were staring at each other in silence. You moved slightly closer to Newt as his face reddened considerably. You smiled and placed your hand on his cheek. He looked down at it and put his hand on yours. He started to move his thumb softly over the back of your hand. You put your other hand is his and time stopped. He tugged on your hand slightly and you moved even closer, if that was even possible. You pressed your noses together and met his eyes with yours. He gave you look, questioning almost, if it was okay to kiss you.

“Kiss me.” You whispered.

“Positive?” He asked.

“I’m completely and utterly smitten.” You answered. He took that as a yes and placed his lips very gently, hardly even touching yours. You pushed back so that your lips were fully connected.

“I think I love you.” He whispered, pulling away.

“I think I love you too.” You replied, watching his face light up, like a Christmas tree. He pulled you in for another sweet kiss.

“I really like kissing you, I’d like to do it in public if that’s okay.” He said awkwardly.

“Please do.” You simply replied.


December 30 is a day that should be celebrated because it’s when these 2 love birds got married. Happy 5th Anniversary!

I want Oswald to want to know more about Season 1 Ed. I want Oswald to as him what his life was life and I want him to ask him about his family. I want Ed to trust Oswald enough to open up about his father and home life, and I want Ed to tell Oswald about how much of a nerd he was when he first started working at the GCPD. I want Oswald to tease him about it and I want Ed to get all blushy and puppy like like he used to be and for Oswald to see that. 


Last night I came across this post about a beautiful young lady who posted her prom pictures and received so many negative comments from bullies. So much that she posted that she wish she had never went to prom or posted her pictures. It made me so upset to think about how cruel people could be and how messed up someone could really be to purposely try and bring down another person. But, I was happy to see how many people reached out to her with so much positivity and encouragement to her. Posting her pictures and reminding her of how beautiful she is. Although I don’t know her personally, I really wanted to contribute to the uplifting of this beautiful queen by drawing this picture of her. Not only to let her know how beautiful and amazing she is, but, to raise awareness about bullying. It is never ok. Not only did this girl have to deal with it in her environment, she has to now deal with it on social media. I just hope for anyone who sees this if they could go to Facebook and let Tayja Jones-Banks know she is beautiful and she is loved!! Lets continue to lift each other up!

i was going to do something for my last follower milestone, and then i was going to do something for this most recent one – and i didn’t !! so i’m just going to take a second to say some nice things about some people who mean a lot to me – you guys !! honestly, i was so terrified to make a jack blog. i mainly roleplay with original characters after having a Bad Time with canon involving duplicates or fleeting muses. but jack has been such an – experience! and honestly, i’ve met. so many amazing people? i could tear up ( i am tearing up ) thinking about what amazing friends i’ve made here. i still have anxiety about being here and doubts about my jack and worries about things – but living in the moment right now, i’m so happy to have met you guys. it’s three a.m as i’m writing this ( and i’m going to queue it up !! ) but i just felt a lot of love for my friends who are hopefully tucked away in their beds safe and asleep. ( or at work. ) anyway – here it goes ! ( art cred. ) 

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EXO Reaction ~ Accidentally Moaning While They’re Giving You A Back Massage

Request: Ok, so this is pretty much the opposite of my previous request. XD May I please have EXO react to massaging your back to get all the knots out after hard day when you unexpectedly moan REALLY erotically? XD Thanks!

A/N: Ok we gunna post a few things, I’m gunna update the masterlist and clear out any requests we aint gunna do then requests MIGHT or MIGHT NOT reopen (depends)


“Well, well… I wasn’t expecting that but I’m certainly not complaining…” *feels overly achieved for turning you on with just his hands on your bare back*


“That… What the hell was that…” *Litro takes a few moments to realize that you moaned out of sexual pleasure* “…Can I have a turn?”


“Well I don’t have that good good for nothing, now how about I show you how to blow it like a flute?” *Very badly suggests sex through his songs*


“How about we fix those knots later, I got some other ideas in mind” *Internal scream for adorable and innocent Kim Jongin*


“Just when I thought we were going to have a relaxing evening, you woke the SuDaddy in me” *Goes down on you heavier than his money on bank scales*


“Oh my goodness why, Jagi…” *Both of you young horny fuckers get turned up like a furnace*


“I’m going down in the history books for what I’m about to do to you, just you watch y/n…” *almost tears his gucci off his body in one quick motion*


“After that little stunt you’ll be seeing the stars of the galaxy tonight… My style” wink wonk


“Oh damn, you legit thinking what I’m thinking… Because I’m thinking of Netflix and Chill” *Smirk smirk*


*You don’t get anything but constant eyebrow wiggle from this kid and a sudden background music of ‘What U Want’ and ‘Lose Control’ playing from his phone*


“I knew I was good with my hands Jagi but I didn’t know I could make you shake the whole building with one moan by giving you a back massage” *Will tease you all the fucking time for this*


“Honestly, I just wanted to treat her to a normal and relaxing night in but no. What does she do? Moan as sexually frustrated as the beagle line is, I can’t fucking deal with this shit. One relaxing night, just one and she gave me the most noticing boner ever.” *Is ashamed, pissed and just generally doesn’t know what the fuck and how the fuck to feel*


What do you mean it isn’t Halloween yet?

He’s a perfect pumpkin child

Appearance vs Reality on Langblr

After scrolling through the most recent posts in the ‘langblr’ tag, and also seeing the posts that come up on my dash or my inbox all the time, I thought I should address this when it comes to langblr and ‘bigger’ langblrs, ie. those with thousands of followers.

Ok so maybe some of you have seen articles, videos, whatever, about the truth of instagram. It’s no secret now that those girls flaunting “perfect” bodies on their “perfect” instagrams, took hundreds of pictures in order to get the perfect shot and lighting. You don’t see them on a bad hair day, or from a bad angle, or just after they’ve eaten and they’re bloated, or when they’ve taken their makeup off. All you see is the good sides of them and none of the bad, so you think that’s how they are all the time; that they’re perfect.

“You big langblrs are always posting vocabulary lists and I’m not good enough at my target language to do that”
Do you realise how long it takes me to make a vocab list? I have to whip out the dictionary and check the definition of each word like 5 times. Do you know how many times I then still make mistakes and have to be corrected after I’ve already published the post?

“You big langblrs always make posts in your target languages”
I know ‘big’ langblrs that won’t publicly post a single word in their target language until they get it checked by a native speaker first. Or have to look up a few words in the dictionary, or double-check they’ve used the correct gender. Sometimes it can take me 10 minutes to make a post in another language that would’ve taken 1 minute to make in my native language.

“You big langblrs know so many resources, you must have such extensive knowledge of the culture”
You know where I found my resources? Google.

“You big langblrs study languages all day and make so much progress”
I’ve gone weeks at a time not speaking, hearing, reading or writing a word of German. Yep. I go days on end where the only Norwegian I’ve been exposed to is listening to a song. When I make a post that says “tips for practicing your target languages: watch a movie in the language, read a book in the language, exercise listening to that language” it doesn’t mean I do all three of those things every single day. It means that once a week I’ll read 2 pages of a German book, and a month later I’ll watch a movie in Norwegian.

You don’t see me making my mistakes. You don’t see me when all I do is watch my Friends box set for a week. You don’t see me looking up every single word in the dictionary before I make a post. I’m not perfect and you’re not inferior to me and what you’re doing is good enough. Hey, it’s probably more than I’m doing.

All I ask is that you be aware of false perceptions of people and their ‘perfection’. We all tend to only show the best of ourselves on social media, and langblr is included in that.

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do you have a favourite tweet of Gerard's?

ok there are FAR too many but basically all of them? lol especially the ones to and about Lindsey or Bandit. also the really important ones yknow when he talks about important stuff but also 

^this one he tweeted after i tweeted about watching my friend throw up all night what a stalker

thats just the ones i can think of right now lmao

“I know the winter’s getting colder
But why, just ‘cause we’re a little older do
I relive it, I relive it
I’m peddling backwards
Even if I’m peddling alone
Can’t help it
I relive it, I relive it, oh”

Winter of Our Youth - Bastille [x]


Really quick Batman comic I call “Days after Release of Pokemon Go:Gotham City crime rate at all time low”